Daddy’s Summer Slave Ch. 05

Big Tits

Readers: This is a continuing saga of daddy domination. Please read the previous chapters in order to get the full effect. Enjoy!


After we had eaten dinner, we all settled down in the living room and relaxed.

“I have to say that today’s experience was completely and totally erotic. I can’t believe some of the things we did and have left to do. Robbie and Mony, you two are a perfect fit here in our home. I think that we can make a lot of erotic memories to share and re-live at any time. I am so glad that you are both here for the summer. Now, let’s see what else we can get into. Ronnie, I would like for you to get your favorite of my porn movies and pop it in the DVD player.”

I tried to look horrified that he knew about me viewing his movies but decided to just get to it. I got up and went to his bedroom and got my favorite movie out. I had snuck this one numerous times and almost had it memorized. It had a lot of girl on girl action and some light bondage with those girls. When I came back downstairs, Robbie was on one end of the couch and daddy was on the other end with Mony in the middle. I was a little confused but let daddy direct me in what I was to do next.

“Which one is it my little whore?” asked daddy.

“Threesomes, Foursomes and Moresomes, daddy,” I said shyly.

“That’s my good little girl. I knew that you had good taste. That is one of your daddy’s favorites as well. Go ahead and get it started. I want you to put on your favorite scene first and we’ll see how close we are on that one as well.” Daddy was playing with Miss Mony’s pussy lightly. She had her legs spread across the couch; one on daddy’s knee and one on Robbie’s knee. Her wet pussy was wide open and glistening. My mouth started watering. Robbie was kneading her tits with a purpose. Miss Mony was leaning her head back and taking in the sensations that were being bestowed upon her. She was moaning with pleasure.

I put the DVD in the player and grabbed the remote control. I glanced over my shoulders to see things getting a little bit on the hot and heavy side on the couch. I was getting jealous again and couldn’t do anything about it. I was the slave here and I had no say in anything that goes on. I turned on my favorite chapter of the DVD and hit play. I turned to daddy and he motioned for me to sit in the recliner. I walked over to the chair with a pouting lip and daddy gave me the look. I knew better than to disobey him in any manner. I wiped the look off of my face and looked to daddy for direction.

Daddy glanced up at the screen to see what scene I had chosen. He smiled with lust in his eyes. “This is also my favorite scene pumpkin. You are so my daughter. Now, what I want you to do is watch the movie and watch us. I want you to sit over there and not touch yourself and just get as hot as you can with visual stimulation. I will let you know when you can join us. If I see you squirm to stimulate any part of that nasty little pussy, I will punish you like you haven’t been punished before. Do you understand little lady?”

“Yes sir, I understand completely. I will be a good little girl, daddy. I promise.”

Daddy turned Miss Mony around and laid her back against Robbie’s chest. Robbie’s hard cock was poking Miss Mony in the back as she lay down. He embraced her underneath her arms and played with her nipples. Daddy spread her moist lips apart and licked her juices from her clit all the way to her asshole and back again. The scene was beginning to unfold on the DVD but I enjoyed watching the scene that was unfolding on our sofa even more. I watched as daddy began to lick her clit like it was an ice cream cone, a lick at a time. He glanced over at me and saw me watching and smiled. He slid two of his long fingers inside her juicy cunt and began fingering her cunt as he licked her clit. I was getting so wet watching daddy devour Mony’s pussy and finger her cunt nice and deep. Robbie was kissing on Miss Mony’s neck and kneading her breasts like they were future loaves of bread. He was pinching her nipples and twisting them and making her moan even louder than the movie.

Miss Mony looked over at me and winked. Then she gave me a sympathetic look that said I would get some relief soon. But for the time being, she was enjoying all of the attention being given her. I glanced over at the movie trying to relieve myself of getting so horny but it was my favorite dominating scene of the whole movie. My pussy was dripping juices all over the recliner seat but I didn’t move. My ass was still sore from the last punishment I received and I wasn’t looking to be punished again like that anytime soon. I saw daddy add another finger to her cunt and begin fucking her and wiggling his fingers against her spot. I knew that feeling all too well and was getting very jealous that I was being left out of this game. I had a good view of daddy’s stiffening cock and I knew that it wouldn’t be long until he had it inside of one of her fuck holes.

Mony was being finger fucked with a purpose now. He was not showing her cunt any Ankara escort mercy and looked like he was going for the heavy, intense first orgasm. He latched onto her clit and began giving her head. She was writhing in pleasure underneath him and Robbie was torturing her nipples with his pinches and twists. Her nipples were hard as rocks and growing underneath Robbie’s touch. She began moaning and egging daddy on.

“Oh god, yes, finger that hot little cunt of mine. I love the feel of your fingers inside of me and your mouth on my clit. I want you to make me cum with those fingers deep inside of me. C’mon, fuck me like a whore! I want to feel that release of orgasmic bliss spray all over your face and fingers. Fuck me!”

Daddy added his last finger inside of her and began thrusting like his life depended on it. Her hips were raised to meet every one of his thrusts and allow him even deeper. I could see that her body was responding well to his stroking the inside of her juicy cunt. Then with little warning, he slipped two fingers out of her cunt and into her ass in one smooth stroke. I almost came at the sight and the reaction from my mistress. My juices were flowing out of my cunt onto the leather seat below me. I was getting so hot watching my daddy eat my mistress and finger her holes. She rather enjoyed having both of her holes filled and being fucked.

Robbie was enjoying fondling her tits and manipulating her nipples to get the best reactions from her. She was moaning with pleasure and writhing all over the couch. She was getting close. Daddy’s face was covered in her pussy juice and glistening underneath the soft lights in the living room. He was watching Miss Mony’s reaction and giving her all he had. When her body started convulsing in orgasm, daddy gave her even more attention. He wanted her to cum as hard as she could. Robbie was watching and learning from daddy. His eyes were focused on daddy in between Miss Mony’s legs making her cum like a little slut. Robbie smiled and glanced over at me. I was focused on daddy, as well, and almost didn’t notice Robbie looking over at me. When he caught my eye, his eyes were filled with lust. He mouthed the words, “I want to fuck you,” to me. My nipples raged hard and my pussy got even wetter. Robbie turned his attention back to daddy and just in time. Daddy was licking up Miss Mony’s juices and gobbling every drop that he could. Her body was still convulsing with orgasm and daddy was not letting up. I could see the emission of her juices hit him in the face. She was squirting in buckets. I was so close that I couldn’t stand it. I needed to be touched and used like she was being fucked.

Then daddy leaned up out of her pussy, removed his fingers from her holes, flipped her over and slid his ten inch cock deep inside of her sopping wet cunt. Miss Mony’s face was now right in front of Robbie’s hard cock. She took advantage of that and filled her awaiting mouth with his hardness. She deep throated him and came all the way back up that wonderfully long shaft. She knew how to suck a hard cock and make him pay mind to her. She manipulated that cock all the way into her mouth with her lips around the base it, right against his balls. His eyes rolled back into his head and he moaned in delight. Daddy’s balls were slapping against her wet cunt and his cock was sliding deep inside of her. He was giving her all that he had and it was getting to her. She was rocking with every one of his hard thrusts. Her tits were swaying beautifully underneath her. She was massaging Robbie’s balls as she sucked him off and to the same rhythm that daddy was fucking her hot cunt.

I could see the muscles in daddy’s legs as he thrust inside of her and I could see his balls bouncing back and forth around her clit. I could see the expression on Robbie’s face that told me that he was about to cum down her throat. Daddy’s strokes were getting faster and deeper with every thrust. Miss Mony’s moans behind Robbie’s cock were making it erotic as hell in this room. She was getting close as well. I could tell that daddy was right on the brink of orgasm and was giving her all that he had. The sounds of her juices building up and the slapping of his balls on her pussy and the sucking of the cock into her mouth made me want to cum so badly I could taste it. The second I started squirming just a hair, daddy caught me.

“Don’t you dare, you little whore. I am always watching you. You will have your turn in a little bit, until then you have to suffer through ours. Now sit still!”

I did as I was told and he went back to being focused on the cunt wrapped around his cock. I am sure that she was feeling every inch of his hard cock thrusting deep inside of her. She was close and all it was going to take was her to start her orgasm to set off a chain of orgasmic proportions. When her body tensed up and stopped moving except for the force behind her, daddy stopped deep inside of her cunt and Robbie was engulfed by her hot mouth. They all came together, right after one another. It was the hottest thing that I had ever Ankara escort bayan witnessed in my life. Better than any porn ever made. Robbie had laid back and closed his eyes when he shot his load inside Miss Mony’s mouth and she sucked up every drop. Daddy was still jerking in orgasm, shooting his last few drops of cum into her hot little cunt. I could see the cum seeping out of her cunt around his cock and was so turned on that I almost came without a touch.

When their orgasms subsided, daddy withdrew his cock from that tight little cunt and Miss Mony got up off of Robbie’s cock and sat on the sofa. Daddy collapsed next to her and they all sighed in contentment. My cunt was so wet that I could feel my juices flowing rapidly. I needed relief badly. I turned to watch the scene that was coming to a climax on the DVD and realized that it was my favorite part of my favorite scene. It was a double penetration scene where she was on top facing forward with a cock in her ass from underneath and a cock in her cunt from on top. Both cocks withdrew from their holes and came all over her stomach. When she rubbed all of their semen all over her stomach and then took her fingers to her mouth to suck off their juices, my cunt started contracting, badly needing something to fill it full. I glanced over at the threesome that had just finished themselves off and were trying to calm down and relax a little bit. I looked at my daddy and then to Robbie and had lust in my eyes. I so wanted to be filled by their cocks once again. But daddy had a different idea for me.

“Okay pumpkin, now we are all going to go upstairs and work on some more disciplines with you. We have talked about it at length and decided that this would be a good time to work on your orgasm deprivation technique. You go on upstairs to your bedroom and lie down on the bed and wait for us. DO NOT touch yourself in any manner, do you understand?”

“Yes daddy, I will not touch myself, I promise.”

I walked past the television just as the next scene was starting and smiled. The next scene was my second favorite and it gave me something to think about while I walked upstairs. I was pouting all the way up the stairs. I didn’t want them to deprive me of any orgasms; I needed them to give me lots of orgasms. I wasn’t sure I was going to like this next training session as much as they were going to enjoy making me hold back. I also wasn’t sure of how long they were going to make me wait up here alone. I climbed up on my four poster bed and spread my arms up towards the corners, as I did my legs to the opposite corners. I was laying there thinking about the scene that was coming up on the DVD and ran it through my head slowly. My cunt was aching so bad that it almost hurt. I had closed my eyes and was really getting into the scene that was playing in my head when I heard footsteps on the stairs. I kept my eyes closed to see what was going to happen and my cunt started flowing with anticipation.

I felt someone grab my wrists and restrain them at the top of the bed. It was one of the guys. I could tell by how rough they were being. Then he grabbed my ankles and hooked them to the opposite corners of the bed. I almost opened my eyes but before I could, he put a blindfold over my eyes and my world went black. Was he going to talk or was it going to remain a mystery on who it was that just restrained me to the bed? He stepped back from the bed and didn’t say a word. It seemed like quite a long time before I heard more footsteps on the stairs, approaching my room. I heard them enter the room and shut the door. I felt their presence all around me. Someone was standing on either side of the bed as well as the foot of the bed.

Daddy spoke first. “I am very proud of you, my little slut. I didn’t think that you could last this long with all of the visual and verbal stimulation. I thought for sure that I was going to get to punish you but you did well.” He was speaking from my left side. “Now, we have all talked about your disciplinary training tonight and are all in agreement that if you cum before we tell you that it is okay to release the pent up orgasms within you, you will have a period of one hour without anyone touching you but while you watch us perform every sexual act in front of you that we can within that time. Now, if you let us control you completely within this training session, you will be free to choose for one hour who and how we touch you. You will be running the show during this time and that will be your reward. So, it’s up to you to determine how the next few hours are going to play out. Do you understand this, my little whore?”

“Yes daddy, I understand.”

“You may say anything that you want to us during this time. In fact, the dirtier you talk to us during this period, the harder you will cum when you are allowed. I want you to learn to be very verbal during sexual acts. I want you to be able to tell your partners what you want in order for them to get what they want. I want you to be able to describe parts of your body and what to do with them and Escort Ankara to describe parts of your partner’s body and what you want to do to them. So, let’s get started, okay?”

“Yes sir, can someone please touch my nipples and make them tingle? I need to feel my nipples protruding out as hard as they can be.”

I felt Miss Mony’s hand reach up and rub my right nipple and daddy reach up and lightly rub my left. Robbie must be at the foot of the bed watching.

“Thank you, that feels good, but you know how I really need to feel them pop out? I need you to pinch and twist them at least 180 degrees. Pinch my nipples like that little whore that I am.”

They listened to me and pinched the shit out my nipples. Robbie then said, “Oh master and mistress, I can see her juices flowing freely from that hot little cunt of hers. Her pussy is glistening. Can I please have a taste of her?”

As daddy continued to pinch and twist my nipple, he said, “Yeah go ahead son, make sure that she doesn’t release all of her juices. Lap her up.”

Robbie climbed onto the bed and spread my lips apart and blew cool air onto my clit. Then he stuck his hot tongue onto my hard little clit and licked it real lightly at first and then a little harder. It felt so good to have his tongue on my little love button. I wanted him to suck it into his mouth. “Robbie, please suck on my clit. Suck it so hard that my insides feel like they’re going to come out. In fact, I would love it if you bit down on my hard little love nub!”

He did. He nibbled lightly but then bit down hard. I almost squirmed but bit my tongue instead. Daddy was watching my every move and I didn’t want to piss him off. Daddy and Mony were still pinching and twisting my nipples and kneading my breasts. Robbie continued to nibble and lick my hard little clit with quick short strokes. “Oh, that’s it; please eat my pussy like it is the last pussy you will ever eat! Pinch my nipples harder; make them so sensitive that I can’t stand it anymore! Treat me like the whore that I am!”

Then I felt the right side of the bed shift and Miss Mony climb up onto the bed. I pulled against the restraints to see how secure they were. Yeah, I couldn’t move. Then I felt Miss Mony climb over top of my head. Daddy had taken control of my right nipple as well and was pinching them both hard. When I smelled cum filled pussy, I knew that Miss Mony was sitting over top of my face. I stuck my tongue out to see if she was close enough to eat. I touched what I thought was her clit and she moaned. I licked all the way down to her cunt and could taste daddy’s cum inside of her. She was amazing tasting and I wanted to taste more of her but I couldn’t reach all of the way into her cunt. Robbie was starting to suck my clit while I was licking Miss Mony’s. I was getting extremely excited while being disappointed as well. I could not bring Miss Mony’s pussy any closer to my face, but she must have sensed that I wanted more because she then sat over top of my face and got me better leverage to stick my tongue in her cunt. I could taste daddy well now. My long hard tongue was deep inside of her licking every inch of her walls that I could reach.

“That’s it my little whore; eat her cunt. Clean my cum out of her cunt. Can you taste your daddy inside of her pumpkin?” I mumbled a positive response and got a leather strap across my nipples. “I want you to eat her until she cums all over your face. I want all of us to have at least one orgasm before you are relieved of your sexual tension. So, the quicker you get her off the sooner you can get me and Robbie off and then you can have one orgasm. C’mon eat her like you mean it and make her squirt all over your face.”

I licked her cunt clean of daddy’s semen and then began working on her clit. I flattened my tongue against her clit and she began moving her hips over my tongue and rubbed her own clit. Robbie was sucking on my clit like it was a little cock and daddy was slapping my nipples with some sort of leather strap. Then Robbie stuck two of his fingers inside my cunt and began massaging my spot. He knew right where to go and just how to do it to build me up at a steady rate. Daddy was giving me no mercy on my nipples and Miss Mony was fucking my face like no one had ever fucked my face before. I was getting so close to orgasm, it was pathetic. I could not cum yet and I wasn’t sure what to do to get over that. The stimulation that was being bestowed upon me at the present moment was driving me crazy.

“That’s it Robbie, eat her pussy well. Mony feed her your pussy. This is so hot!” Daddy got down between Miss Mony’s legs and told me, “You better not cum yet, you little slut. You have to please all of us before you get some relief. So eat her pussy like your life depends on it. Suck on that hot little clit. Isn’t she tasty? I want to see her cum all over your face. Robbie, I want to see you get her as close as you can without taking her over the edge. She must learn to please before she can be truly pleased herself.” Then daddy moved to my nipples and took one in his mouth as he pinched the other one. Miss Mony was getting so wet riding my face, I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to taste her cum and feel it all over my face. Maybe that would take my mind off of wanting to cum myself.

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