Daddy’s New Experience


I was a junior in college the night daddy and I become lovers. Neither of us, even in our wildest imagination would have ever conceived of it happening.

Mom divorced daddy a year earlier. I came home from college most weekends to mainly be company for daddy who was in a state of mild depression.

The Friday night daddy and I become lovers started out strange, then turned very bad then ended with me and him making love the rest of the weekend.

When I came home, dad was not there. But that was not that unusual because he would have some brew with his work buddies on the way home occasionally. What was unusual when he arrived home, is that he was slightly intoxicated which never happened before to my knowledge.

I was holding dinner warm in the oven for him so we could have our dinner together but he staggered by me, looked daggers at me and headed to bed. It was around seven in the evening. I assumed he would be out for the night and went about eating and wondering if he was going into a deeper state of depression being he was intoxicated.

I was in bed reading the latest gossip in Hollywood with the TV volume low around one in the morning when daddy opened the bedroom door and said, “Jill I want to know if it is true or not that you are working at Teasers.”

I nearly died hearing the word. Tears rushed to my eyes, I grabbed the covers, pulled them over my face, turned onto my side and bawled.

Teasers’ is a gentlemen’s club in the city where I attended the university, one-hundred miles from home. It offers table dances and private lap dances to its customers.

I knew the rest of the night would be horrible. After my crying stopped I decided to face the wrath of daddy and get it over with not knowing the outcome of the confrontation.

I was wearing a teddy bear nightie and had no panties on as I slipped a mid-thigh length robe on over it to go talk with daddy. A light was on in his bedroom so I headed there but he was not there.

I walked softly down the stairs and the lower level was dark. I stood still thinking of what my next move should be when I heard, “God damn!!” The sound of a chair moving in the kitchen indicated he must have hit it with his foot.

I waited a few minutes before approaching the kitchen. When I was at the entrance I saw daddy staring out into the moon lighted yard through the sliding door, sitting on a kitchen chair backwards.

I knew some clubs offered lap dances where the dancers were free to go nude if they so desired. Guys would offer big tips for me to do that but the rooms were video taped and any girl doing it was out of a job at Teasers.

I took a deep breath and said, “Daddy, I’m sorry I broke the other half of your heart. I will pack and head back to school. If it helps any Teaser’s does not allow touching or nudity. I’m sorry daddy and hope we don’t stay estranged.”

I began to bawl and headed back to pack my things when I heard, “Jill come back and answer some more questions. I don’t want our relationship to end this way but god.”

I turned and stood at the entrance again and said through sniffles, “I don’t either daddy.”

I then heard, “Jill why Teasers?”

“Daddy it was because of money. I know I could have worked many other places, working harder and longer but was afraid of it interfering with my grades. There are many college girls like me doing it daddy. Some girls like me, do it a few hours an evening and sometimes get five hundred dollars in tips. Other students work weekends and Nevşehir Escort have over a thousand dollars a night in tips.”

“Jill, why did you not ask me for more money if you needed it?”

“Daddy, mom showed me the budget when I was a freshman. She showed me why I had to work some and save for college.”

There was a period of dead silence and then, “Jill, how long have you worked at Teasers?”

“Over a year, daddy.”

“And how much money in a week?”

“Depends on the week, daddy but it averages around a thousand.”

“God damn Jill, what the hell are you doing with all of that money when I’m working my ass off to help you in college, God Damn?”

“Daddy, I was hoping to surprise you.”

“You sure have managed to do that you, you…”

“Daddy, I have not used any of your money in over a year. It is in the checking account. Since I was taking care of the check balancing, I wanted it to be a surprise for you when I graduated.”

In the period of silence after that statement, I walked to daddy and stood behind him. I wrapped my arms around him, leaned into his back and cried.

After I stopped crying daddy said, “Damn Jill you are full of surprises just like your mom and that was a thing I loved about her until the last surprise.”

“Daddy, I was hoping to make it a nice surprise for you but that won’t be I guess. I was going to work another six months at Teasers, then quit and before graduation get another job, so when you would get around asking me working where, I could give you another name but Teasers.”

There was another long period of silence and then daddy said, “To ask you if you enjoyed your work would be a stupid question since you have done it for some time. What is teeing me off also is knowing Frank ….. received a lap dance from you and was bragging how good it was to the card playing crowd. I heard him tell them while taking a leak through the furnace vents in his old house. Then I heard the guys say they would drop in next time they got to …… to check you out.”

“Daddy, if I lapped dance Frank, I would remember because I would have recognized him instantly unless he disguised himself with a wig to cover that bald head of his. He may have seen me and was just making the other part up.”

There was another long period of quite and I still had my arms around daddy when it dawned on me he was jealous if I gave lap dances to his friends. Not knowing if daddy had a girlfriend or not and what sexual activity he had since mom left him, I said, “Daddy, let me blind fold you and give you a lap dance like I give to the guys at the club so you know exactly what I am doing there.”

There was dead silence again and then, “Jill, I don’t think that is such a hot of an idea.”

“Why not daddy?”

“Well I’m your father and…”

“You mean that you might react like other men when I am in your lap.”

Another long period of silence I said, “Look, if you let me keep the job because it does pay well and I can keep up my grades as a result then, your friends won’t have anything better on you because I’ve treated you.”

I waited for an answer and then said, “Please daddy let me because you will always be wondering and it will put a wedge between us.”

“Damn Jill you are wrapping me around your fingers like your mom used to do all of the time.”

“Come with me to the sofa. I will grab a kitchen towel on the way and blindfold you. I will get my MP3 and you can listen to the music I play Nevşehir Escort Bayan when dancing.”

“Jill I don’t want the blindfold unless it makes you more comfortable.”

That caught me off guard. I said, “Fine daddy, no blindfold then. I will run upstairs and be back shortly. You get comfortable.” Dad just had on a tee shirt and bottoms from a pair of pajamas. I never have seen the outline of underwear so assumed he never had them on in bed.

When I returned I placed daddy’s arm on the back of the sofa just like at the club, hooked up the player and started my dance in front of him in the dimly lit room from the street lamp.

I then knelt, spread his legs, crawled in close and swished my shoulder length blond hair over his crotch. I then proceeded to get into his lap after several minutes, placed my arms around his neck, lowered my forehead to his, lowered my crotch to his and rotated my hips. I saw daddy close his eyes and felt his manhood expanding and pressing into me.

I was glowing knowing daddy was responding like all the others guys I’ve given lap dances. My heart was pounding in my chest knowing I had made daddy hard.

I then said, “Daddy, please play with my titties. I want to cum when you do.”

I waited for some remark from him when I used the word cum and heard, “Do you cum at the club with the guys?”

“Never daddy and never date customers either. I enjoy it when they cum because generally I will get a good tip then.”

I moved back a little so he could reach them and play with them. His hands cupped my 34D’s through the silk cloth of the teddy and he rolled his finger tips over the rock hard nipples. I wanted skin contact, so I lifted the nightie off and tossed it. Daddy still had his eyes closed and I said, “Please suck them daddy, please.”

He did as I had asked. He then was trying to hump his hips and then after a few minutes I heard, “Baby you are getting to me. I’m going to cum.”

By then I wanted daddy to cum in me. I jumped from the sofa. Daddy’s eyes opened wide and he said, “Baby what’s wrong?”

“Daddy, please let me take your bottoms off and you cum in me. I want to feel what mom felt when you two made me.”

“Jill babe this is wrong but god I have not had a woman since your mom left.”

As he was talking, he lifted his hips and lowered the pajamas. In the dim light my eyes focused on what I had been feeling pressing on my clit. His cock was huge compared to my boyfriends and the guys at the club. After he had kicked the pajamas aside, I hopped back into his lap, grabbed the cock that I could barely enclose with my fingers and placed it at the hot opening and slowly lowered myself onto it. I never had thoughts of my daddy’s cock and here I wanted it in me.

Daddy’s mouth went to a boob and inhaled it. I let out with, “Oh daddy I love you and that feels so good.” I wrapped my arms around his head and was thinking what an awesome pussy pleaser my daddy had as it was stretching the walls of my pussy, waking up nerves that have never been awake, making its journey to the deepest, hottest part of man pleaser.

After a few ups/downs by me and daddy’s small hip movements, my pussy went into convulsions from his meat rubbing ever nerve in my canal, it clamping onto the hard cock as it fired huge quantities of sperm deep into my womb. He broke the hold on the boob, groaned so loud I thought the neighbors would wake up as his hands clamped onto my breast and squeezed them hard.

In the Escort Nevşehir mirror later I saw finger marks on my breasts and seeing them made me leak.

Daddy’s body had stiffened, pushing his meat deep to my womb. I was relishing receiving my daddy’s baby making juices.

Daddy did not soften. Daddy was 43 years old. He said, “Baby get on your knees and let me do you doggie, please.”

“Oh daddy I like it best that way.”

I did as daddy asked. Since every nerve was already taut from the orgasm a few seconds before, they felt every inch of daddy’s cock re-entering my tight canal to make them happy again. I heard daddy say, “God Jill your pussy is awesome. I don’t ever remember my cock being so hard. God babe I’m sorry but I’m not going to last.”

“Me either daddy, I’mmmmm, I’mmmmm, Ohoooooo daddy,” as we both had a horrendous orgasm as he knelt behind me, slapping his balls on my thighs as he was burying his cock into my furnace. He left finger marks on my hip bones as he pulled me back to get the hard shaft deep into me. It made me feel good feeling daddy convulse as he fired more of his nut juice into me. Thank god I was on the pill. I surely would have been impregnated with the copious amount of semen he delivered with the two cums he fired deep into me. Smelling the leaking love juices, and knowing it was daddy’s and mine, kept me horny.

He was still hard when he extracted himself and I heard, “Please babe get on your back so I can eat you.”

I said, “Better yet daddy, let’s sixty-nine with you on your back.”

I heard, “Oh Jill that always gives me the feeling of real intimacy.”

Daddy and I both orgasmed together again as I swallowed the little juice he had left when he fired. I then extracted his wilting cock from my mouth, spun and French kissed him.

He then said, “Lay on your back, lift your legs and locked them in the center of my back babe.”

I did as he suggested. He reached and fed his again hard cock into my steaming cavity. I wrapped my arms and legs around him tight as he banged into me, with sweat dripping from the end of his nose. Between the tonguing and love making I orgasmed but daddy did not. He pounded and pounded and was sweating more and more until I had orgasmed again before he stiffened, shoving his cock all the way in with such force I thought his balls where going into my rectum and growled the loudest growl I have ever heard.

We both woke up mid-morning, on the floor in the living room with a huge stain on the carpeting from our cums

We looked at each other and I placed my hand on daddy’s morning bone and said, “I need that daddy, please.”

I climbed on top, lowered myself onto the hard shaft, which incidentally got harder when in me and rode it until with both enjoyed the first cum of the day with him alternating sucking my breasts as I had lowered them to his mouth.

The rest of the weekend and when daddy’s cock woke up, we did it where ever we where at the time. By the time I left for school Sunday night we had had sex in every room, on top of tables, on the floor and in the shower. Dad was firing blanks but managed to do me often even though the intervals were becoming further apart in time. I found the best position for the most horrendous orgasms was when my breast were pressed flat on the kitchen table, legs over the side and apart and daddy plowing my from behind. He laid on top of me and placed his hands on top of mine as I gripped the tables edge, with his head in the center of my shoulder blades and me hearing, “Give me your cum Jill, feed my cock, cum for daddy.”

We shared the longest hug and kiss without a word as I left for school Sunday evening late. I leaked most of the week every time I thought about daddy and the upcoming weekend. I bet mom is missing daddy.

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