Daddy’s Little Helpers Ch. 02

For Women

Two – Second Daughter’s Friend

It had been just about 6 weeks since I got the cast for my broken arm. I had fallen getting into the shower after answering a phone call. My daughters were the ones who found me when they had arrived for me to take them out for a family dinner that evening.

It was rather embarrassing that they had seen me naked, but it was good in that it was the catalyst that got me back out in circulation for the first time in the two years since my wife had died. I had adopted a plan of just hanging on to life to be there if my daughters needed their father; I had no real thought of actually living a life. But since they had seen me naked, my daughters had hatched a plan to take advantage of my respectable equipment and my fairly even temperament, to help out some of their friends and co-workers just as my wife had done for about 20 years until shortly before her death, although my daughters didn’t know of my wife’s more recent actions.

About 3 weeks ago, my oldest daughter, Barb, had set me up with one of her co-workers, an assistant named Janet, to help her get back into a productive life after her recent relationship, a real disaster, had ended. I had been with her to provide an expanded sexual education and as a big boost to her self-esteem. Although I had only provided that service at my wife’s insistence previously, it indeed felt right and very comfortable to be back in that role even if it was at my daughters’ instigations.

Well, like I said, I had been wearing that cast for about 6 weeks, and I was sure fed up with it. Luckily, or unluckily for me, my second daughter, Lexie, short for Alexandria, is an orthopedic nurse and she asked if I could participate in a training class so her newest nursing staff members could see the correct way to remove a cast. She knew I wouldn’t turn her down; I just never could resist doing anything my daughters asked of me.

So Tuesday, after the doctor had reviewed the x-ray to make sure that everything was as it should be, and after he had offered to go ahead and remove the cast, I had told him that I was going to help out the nursing staff be being their guinea pig in the class on Thursday.

“Ah, so I guess your daughter talked you into that job? Be careful, and if they start asking for more practice, don’t let them get your pants off. They talked me into helping when I first started my residency here and I ended up in a full body cast. It took them three hours to cut it off piece by piece so each could have a turn with the cast saw.”

“Thanks for the warning, doc… I’ll keep that in mind.”

On Thursday, when I arrived at the hospital a few minutes before the class which was scheduled to start at 1:00, I discovered that they had two other people there as well. One had a cast from knee to toes, the other had a cast covering most of his upper body and with an arm rest contraption holding the shoulder immobile with the arm straight out to the side and the elbow bent at about a 45 degree angle to the front. Looking at that, I was so glad I hadn’t had that on for 6 weeks, or more…

“Hey, Dad; thanks for showing up and letting my nurses practice getting the casts off. I don’t know what the doctor said to the other two people that agreed to be available for the class, but they backed out after they saw that doctor for a final review. I guess I need to have a chat with him about scaring off our guinea pigs; ha, ha.”

“Well, I can tell you that he told me to be careful to not let you talk me into putting on any extra casts so your nurses could get extra practice, and he mentioned an incident with a full body cast…”

“Oh, so he pulled that joke on you too, huh? Well, now I really need to have a talk to him about that. He really did scare off two people from coming around for our training. Why don’t you throw your cap and jacket on those hooks over there? We’ll be starting in just a minute, so if you’ll go over to that table and chair on the left…

“Okay, everyone, I think we should get started about now. I hope that you two with the simple casts don’t mind, and I’m sure you have a hint as to why we are going in this order. I believe that we will start with the more complex shoulder/arm cast to get that off as soon as possible. The doctor did report to me just after his review this morning that it could be removed. And I bet that Mr. Jackson will be a little more careful about playing tackle football with his two sons in the future.”

There was a light round of giggles from several of the nursing students and even from both of us who would be waiting a little longer for our turn. Lexie had the first student cut from the end on the raised arm across to the neck opening along the top. Then had a second student cut from slightly below straight to the front, parallel until she reached the shoulder and then start angling slightly up to reach the neck about 4 inches in front of the first cut. The third did a cut mirroring the second but on the back side of the ucuz escort arm. They then peeled back the cast sections to release the arm for movement. The fourth cut was across the opposite shoulder to the neck. Then they had a final cut up the opposite side from the waist to just below the arm. And the rest of the cast was peeled off. The relief was visible in Mr. Jackson’s face even when they put a sling on and told him to build up to using his arm gradually.

By the time that they had cut off Mrs. Davis’ leg cast, all of the student nurses had had two tries with the cast saw except for the last girl who had only had the short cut on the off shoulder of Mr. Jackson. Lexie had told the students that after their second try, they could stay and watch the rest or they could leave since this was the last class session for the day. Naturally, only Lexie, and Gail, the last nursing student to make her second cut, and I were left still in the room.

“Okay Gail, I noticed that you were a little anxious about making the saw cuts in front of the whole crowd. That’s why I thought you may feel better being last since I knew that they’d all take off as soon as they could. So only we three are here now and you can do this with just the one needed cut, or you can make an extra cut opposite to the normal cut also for a little extra practice. This gentleman happens to be my father so you don’t have to worry about anything being said if you do want to do the extra cut.

“By the way, Gail, yes, this is my father, Jason Stroker, and Dad, this is Gail Townsend, our newest nursing student transferee to orthopedics. Please excuse me; I see someone I need to speak to for a moment. I’ll be right back.”

“Good afternoon, Ms. Townsend, it’s nice to meet you.”

“Thank you, Mr. Stroker, it’s nice to meet you too, and what Nurse Stroker failed to say is that I have been a nurse for less than 6 months and in orthopedics barely over 1 month. So I have helped put on just 2 casts and this is the first time that I have helped in removing a cast. So please stop me if it starts to hurt at all or you feel any discomfort.”

“Very tactfully stated, Gail… Oh, may I call you Gail? And, with just we two here, please call me Jason. Mr. Stroker, was my father and although I am old enough to be your father, I feel a little younger than he would be. We can go back to being more formal, as may be required, when others are around.

“I know that Lexie wouldn’t let you do anything that you weren’t ready for or that she felt you might hurt anyone, so I’m sure she has complete confidence in you and your ability. And since I saw that neither of the other two guinea pigs had any discomfort or injuries from the equipment, I have no fear whatsoever.”

“Thank you, Jason. I would go ahead and start cutting this for you, but since this is a class setting, I probably need to wait for the instructor to be present. She should return momentarily and then we can set you free. I know the feeling of having a cast on and how limiting it can be.”

“This is the first time that I have ever had a cast on and I will be so happy to get it off after 6 weeks. It made it very nearly impossible to do any of the things that I normally do. I’m just really glad that I didn’t have a cast like Mr. Jackson; now that would have been really bad.”

“Oh, yes that kind of cast is so inconvenient, it really does stop you from doing almost everything. I know. I had a fairly serious auto accident just before I turned 16 and had casts over and over again until I had the final operation and recovery period which ended just 7 months ago. Out of that 4 year period, I guess I was in a cast about…, three years, four months and 12 days, give or take an hour or two…

“Lexie became my nurse about 20 months ago when my dad got transferred here in his job. With no family left where we had been, I had to come with dad. I didn’t know it then, but along with a new caring nurse; I got a new special friend. And when I saw how good she was to all of her patients, as soon as I was out of the last cast, that’s when I got to start checking into making nursing my career.”

“I’ve always known that Lexie would be a nurse or maybe even a doctor, but it’s always good to hear that she has stayed a warm caring person, a good friend, even with all the problems she has to deal with to keep the unit going strong. Thank you for sharing your story with me and reminding me how sweet she is.”

Just then, I saw Lexie round the door frame on her way back to us…

“… so then when she turned 14, she had this idea…”

“Op, op, op… Dad, you aren’t telling her stories about me when I was young, are you? Remember, I have to work with her. How am I going to get her to behave if she knows about… Oh no, no you aren’t getting me to tell anything. Now I don’t know if I should ask you a favor or not.”

“Now Honey, you know I wouldn’t say anything to embarrass you or cause you ümraniye escort trouble. What did you want to ask?”

“Well, I just found out that I am going to be stuck here for an extra hour or two for a meeting. Since I gave Gail a ride in this morning, I was going to ask you to give her a lift home rather than for her to have to stay or to make some other arrangements.”

“Well, if you let her get this cast off of me, I would be very willing to provide transportation home for this fine woman. And I even promise that I won’t tell her anything more that she could use to besmirch your reputation.”

For the next ten minutes, Lexie shifted back into teaching mode and allowed Gail to cut the cast off. Once it hit the waste can, I couldn’t help but swing my arms around and ended up giving both Lexie and Gail a hug. While I was heading across the room to grab my cap and jacket, I just barely heard Lexie whisper to Gail that she should feel free to ask me any questions that needed a man’s perspective but that she didn’t want to ask her dad.

Once we were in the car and on our way, Gail asked if Lexie and I always teased so much or if it was just that I was so happy to be getting that cast off. I told her that I had the same kind of relationship with all three of my girls; we could be parent and child if the situation called for it, but we were all friends too and could tease back and forth when we didn’t have to be serious. I told her that my wife had insisted that we have a warm personal relationship with our daughters just as we had a warm personal relationship with each other and our parents.

“My dad is kind of formal, kind of stiff. I don’t remember ever teasing with my dad; he just would have none of it. My mom passed when I was 10 years old and if it weren’t for the friends that I had then, I don’t know what would have happened. They got me through even without much help or encouragement from my dad. It has been eleven years now, but I think he still hasn’t gotten past the grieving.

“But when I was hit by the drunk driver, even though several of my friends tried to stick to me, we started getting pulled apart since I couldn’t do most of the normal things that teenage girls do. I spent so much time in the hospital and had so many operations to fix my legs and arms and back that I just lost the contact with them. They kept on living and I got stuck for several years.

“Lexie has spent so much time with me, not just at the hospital and not just related to my medical difficulties. She has brought me back to life. I feel like I might be almost normal. The main thing that I don’t have, that I feel that I need, is a real relationship with a man. I’m not trying to get you to have a long term relationship with me, but I don’t have any understanding of what it is to have a mature relationship with a man, I just don’t know how they think.

“Lexie said that you would be willing to give me a bit of information on how men think. She also said that you could show me how a real man should treat a lady, not the ‘wham-bam thank you ma’am’ that I got as an introduction to sex.

“I hate to admit it, but I’m not a virgin any more, I kind of jumped ahead of where Lexie was leading me. One of the guys living in the apartment complex where I live was thinking ‘hit-it and quit-it’ while I was thinking ‘white picket fences and forever’. I’m sure that I won’t make that mistake again, but hopefully, with the proper information, I won’t make mistakes to the other extreme either or too many of the whole lot of other mistakes I could make.

“Oh, I just thought… Lexie did ask you if it was alright for me to ask you questions; didn’t she? She didn’t tell me not to ask directly, and I thought she had asked for your help even though she didn’t say that right in front of you. I figured that she didn’t want to embarrass me in front of you or say anything out loud in the hospital where it might become part of the gossip.”

“Well, Gail, although there hasn’t been any formal request for this kind of help, I have served in the capacity of surrogate therapist many more times than my daughters think. Usually, it was just a case of the need for some sort of help came out in either conversation or the context of a situation that arose. I am not even sure that my daughters know that I am aware that they plan to use my desire to help as they do.

“Don’t worry about it at all. It will be my pleasure, to help you have a good experience and I am most willing to provide any insight that you may require. I haven’t had any complaints so far.

“So, do you want to go to your apartment, or should we stop off and get some dinner, or do you want to go to my place for a while? It’s your choice.”

“Can we go to my place first? I need to get out of this uniform and we can take a walk on the bike trail/walking path that runs along the river past my apartment complex. Maybe we could stop along there somewhere and eat üsküdar escort some dinner before we go back to my place.”

We continued to her apartment so she could change into some walking shorts and a light button up blouse and some tennis shoes. Then we set off down the trail talking about many different subjects as we proceeded several miles until we spotted a restaurant that I had heard of that served a quite good burger and fries platter meal. I am sure that when we walked in, some people thought it was cute that a father and daughter were walking the trail.

Since I didn’t know if we would be seen by anyone else from the hospital, I thought it best to keep it innocent to any casual observer. The conversation though, was anything but innocent by the time that we were about finished with our meal. I was careful though to hold the volume down so no one could overhear what we said.

As we started back, Gail grabbed my hand while we talked. Soon she was hugging my arm, and by the time we got off the path, she had to remove her arm from around my waist in order to get her door key out of her belt pouch.

Her apartment was an end unit in a row-house complex that had a very high class reputation. She said her dad had insisted that she have a safe place to live since she insisted on moving out of his home. She said that she wasn’t sure if the unit next to her was occupied or not because she never heard a sound from that side even when she did see a car parked in the reserved spot for that unit.

As we moved to her couch, she offered me coffee, tea or bottled water, and said she didn’t keep any alcohol in her home. I asked for a bottle of water since we had walked back from the restaurant in the heat and she got one for herself also. I wanted to be sure she was relaxed as much as possible.

“Since you were on your feet all day working, and we took that walk, I bet you would like a foot massage. I am told that I do that fairly well.”

“Oh would you mind? I love a foot massage after a day at work, but I usually have to do it for myself.”

“Well, if you have any massage oil or cream that you prefer, if you will get it we can let you relax while I pamper you a little.”

She walked into the hallway and I heard her open what sounded like a cabinet door, and then a closet door. She returned barefoot, with the cream and a couple towels. I had moved over close to the center of the couch so she could sit up against the arm and still put her feet in my lap.

Since she sat on my left side, I took her left foot and put it on the towel on my lap to start. That way I could tuck her right foot under her left thigh until I wanted to work on it. Then when I did work on it, I wouldn’t have to reach over her right foot or put it down on the couch and get the cream all over the furniture, although I intended to rub all the cream in thoroughly so it shouldn’t smear off.

By the time that I finished her left foot and leg up to her knee, she was moaning lightly. I shifted her right foot up onto my lap and applied some cream and started the massage there. She started moaning almost immediately and by the time that I finished up to her knee she asked me if I could keep going higher. I told her I couldn’t do that here on the couch but if she wanted to move to her bed she could lay on it and I could go higher.

When we headed off toward the bed I suggested that she put a beach towel on the bed to protect her sheets from the cream while I applied it. We stopped at her bathroom to get a couple of beach towels and as we approached her bed, I stopped her. I reached out and began unbuttoning her blouse.

“We don’t want to get the cream on your clothes any more than we want it on your sheets. Let me get these out of the way and I will do your shoulders and back also. I’m sure that you haven’t been able to do that for yourself and I’m sure that you will love the feeling.”

“I’m sure we don’t want the cream on your clothes either. So when we have my clothes off, maybe we better get yours off also.”

When we were both naked, I reached out and laid a beach towel out and had her lay on her belly. I told her I needed to do this right, so I started out working on her hand and arm up to her shoulder. I then shifted over to her other side so I could do that hand and arm, again to her shoulder. I then took the cream and started to work on her shoulders and back until I got down to her waist.

She was moaning the whole time, but I skipped down then to the back of her knees and started working up from there. She tried so hard to keep still, but her butt kept arching up a little and her knees slid apart as I worked up her thighs. She wanted that full contact; she wanted that touch between her legs. I put more cream on my hands and placed my hands at her waist and rubbed down over her ass. First on the outer sides and then down over her crack and all the way down and over her, by then, dripping pussy.

She came as my fingers slid under and covered her mound. I hadn’t pushed in between her labia yet, nor had I actually applied any pressure on her clit, but merely slid my right palm over her mound. My hand was not wet from the cream any more but from her fluids that were gushing out of her. I put my left hand down on the bed to hold myself up.

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