Daddy’s Little Girlfriend Ch. 05


I woke up the next morning thoroughly drained. My two little girls had drained their daddy for every last drop of my cum that they could squeeze from my cock. Heather, my daughter, and her friend Alexis had left for school already this morning. I got up and took a shower reliving the night before in my mind.

The next few weeks went by very happily for all of us. Both Heather and Alexis had moved most of their clothes into my room. Suddenly I had stuffed teddy bears on my bed and frilly panties in my closet. I had two 18 y.o. girls sleeping with me every night, one of them my own daughter.

They had planned a party tonight for some of their friends. An all girl slumber party. I left to do some errands and when I came back home later that day I noticed a few cars in our driveway. “I guess the girls are here.” I said to myself.

I walked into the house and saw sleeping bags and a few purses and bags laying in the livingroom, and screams and laughing coming from the backyard. I walked into the kitchen and looked out the window towards the pool. And there in front of my eyes was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

“Oh my god…” My jaw dropped. Young naked girls swimming and laying out tanning. About seven or eight beautiful teenage girls having fun in the sun, totally nude! I saw Heather and Alexis, they saw me and smiled. Everywhere I looked was a naked butt or a pair of young fleshy breasts. Girls of all colors. Two little black girls and a Latina chick were swimming in the pool. Even a Asian girl that looked way to young, no tits, just nipples and a small body that couldn’t have weighed more then 95 pounds.

Heather came bouncing in to me giving me a big hug as the rest of the girls frolicked outside.

“Hi daddy!” She squealed. “I hope you don’t mind that we are all naked. I told the girls that you wouldn’t mind.” She winked at me.

“Of course I don’t mind babygirl. You are all so beautiful! Especially you.” I squeezed her butt as she grabbed my cock through my pants. She unzipped me and got down on her knees.

“Daddy! You are soooo hard!” She took my hard cock into her young warm mouth and started sucking on me as I looked out the window at all the young naked flesh. I knew I wouldn’t last too long with the visuals in front of my eyes. I had Heather stand up and turned her back to me. We were both facing the window looking out as I slid my hard thick cock into her pussy from behind.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, daddy… oh yes daddy..please.. I love your cock!” She started panting as I fucked my little girl doggie-style. I held onto her hips and pounded my member deep into her wet tight flower. I looked out the window and Alexis staring at us, I don’t think the other girls noticed. I looked into Alexis’s eyes and started cumming deep in my daughter’s pussy. I filled her young twat with a giant cumload. I kept cumming and cumming and cumming until it started squirting out around my cock.

“OH YES! OH YES DADDY! FILL ME WITH YOUR HOT CUM DADDY!” She screamed and moaned as my cum filled her up.

“I love you Heather.” I whispered in her ear as I pulled my dick from her teen pussy. She gave me a kiss and said, “I love you too daddy!” and then she ran back outside and jumped in the pool before any of her friends saw the cum dripping from her freshly fucked pussy.

I turned around and saw Alexis standing behind me. She saw my soft dick hanging and got down on her knees and started sucking on my cock. It was still wet with Heather’s pussy juices as she swallowed me up. She started mecidiyeköy escort humming and moaning as she sucked on my soft limp cock. It didn’t take more then a couple minutes before I was hard again.

She sat on the kitchen floor against the cupboard and pulled me to her. She wanted me to fuck her mouth.

“Oh daddy, I saw you fucking your little girl, I just couldn’t wait to see your cock. I want you to stuff it in my mouth daddy. I want you to rape my mouth daddy…please.” Alexis was sitting on the floor totally naked with her mouth open.

I took a step forward and pushed my dick into her hot little mouth. She moaned her approval. My cock started to pump deeper and deeper into her young virgin mouth. I grabbed a handful of hair and forced my hard cock down her throat. Alexis started to gag as I pushed further into her mouth. My balls resting on her chin as she tried to push my hips away so she could breath.

I thrust one more time as far as I could down her young throat as she struggled against my probing cock. I pulled my cock out to let her breath.

(Cough cough) She was breathing hard and took a deep breath as I started fucking her mouth again. My big balls slapping her chin with every thrust into her tight mouth. Her head was banging against the cabinet as I fucked her face hard and strong. I was staring out the window at the young naked flesh as I felt my balls start to churn. I knew I wouldn’t last long now.

I stuffed my cock all the way down her throat one more time, making her choke. I then took it out and said, “Get up”, “Yes daddy” Alexis stood up with drool on her chin.

“Turn around”, “Yes daddy” She turned around as I grabbed her hips and bent her over the sink. I sunk my dick deep into her warm tight twat balls deep. I started humping her perfect little bottom doggie-style as the girls played in the pool. I spanked her tight butt hard. (SPANK SPANK SPANK) I slapped her young ass as Alexis started cumming on my cock.

Her quivering pussy got super-wet as she came and came and came. Cum was squirting out of her teen pussy as I started to cum.

“Oh baby, oh my god!” I moaned as my cum squirted into her hot pussy.

“Oh Goodness daddy! I can feel your sperm shooting into me! I can feel it!!”

“AHHHH OHHH FUCK” I screamed as her young bald pussy milked my cock.

“That’s it daddy, cum in your little girl, YES! Fill me with your hot sperm daddy!!”

I pumped her full of cum as the girls frolicked just a few feet away. I let my cock slip from her tight pussy. Then she turned around and gave me a wet sloppy kiss on the mouth.

“Thank you daddy, I can feel you’re cum squishing in my hot little pussy.” She leaned down and cleaned my limp dick with her tongue before returning to the pool. She too, jumped in the pool to get rid of the cum that had flowed down her thighs. I saw her red buttcheeks as she jumped. I didn’t know how she was going to hide my handprint on her buttcheeks.

I went to my room and passed out. ‘These girls are going to be the death of me.’ I mused to myself as I fell on the bed.

I woke up a few hours later, nighttime had come. I opened my eyes and saw Heather laying next to me. She smiled as I woke up and then gave me a loving kiss on the cheek.

“I have a surprise for you daddy.” She whispered in my ear. I couldn’t imagine what she had in mind. I got up and started to put on my clothes. I put on some boxers and then Heather came over to me, “That’s good daddy, I want to show your hot body off to the şişli escort girls.”

I felt a little embarrassed going out in front of all these young girls with just a pair of silk boxers on. I walked hand in hand with my daughter into the livingroom, the domain of the young girls, into the lion’s den, with only a pair of boxers.

What I saw was mind numbing. I don’t even know if words can do it justice. But, I will try.

My cock sprang to instant hard-on. I saw 8 young girls all lined up in single file, on their hands and knees. 8 teenage girls with their asses looking at me. 8 young butts, 16 buttcheeks! 8 buttholes. 8 Pussy’s , half of them shaved clean, including Alexis.

Heather was hugging me as she reached in to my boxers and pulled out my raging hard cock. I didn’t know what to do, my mouth was just hanging. Heather took my cock in her hand and guided me to the first little girl in the line. A little black girl with a tight body and a booty to die for.

Heather looked at me and said, “Daddy, this is our initiation into our sorority. If they want to get in, they have to let you fuck them any way you want.” I looked at Heather with glazed eyes. I tried to comprehend my situation.

“This girl and that girl are virgins still, so be gentle on them ok Daddy?” She said pointing to the black girl I was about to fuck and the young lady on the other end of the line of girls.

“Girls,” I said in an introducing manner. “Nice to meet you all.” And with that Heather guided my cock right up to the little black girls virgin twat. I took over from there as she hugged me around the waist, wanting to watch me close as I enter the young fresh body on her knees before me.

I pushed my hard tip slowly into the black girls young virgin cunt, watching her lips spread wide for my thick girth. She was really wet as my cock eased in. Heather reached down and spanked her little bubble butt.

“Spread her cheeks apart for me Heather.” “Ok daddy, ….like this?” She spread this hot little girls ass apart as I humped my cock balls deep into her virgin depths, ripping her cherry as I went in. The black girl screamed as I stuffed my meat inside her body. “AHHHHHH OOOHHHH SHHHIT!!…take it out , take it out please! Your to big!!!” She pleaded with me as my cock throbbed deep inside her body, her young tight , very tight, pussy was squeezing me sooo hard! It was at this point that I realized my dilemma.

How do I fuck all these perfect bodies without cumming? Heather answered my question as I if I asked her.

“You only have 30 minutes daddy, you better hurry up and fuck her good, and then move down the line. Oh daddy, I love you!”

SO that’s what I did. I fucked the little black girl until she collapsed, a little virgin blood trickling out of her virgin pussy. I was pumping into her body with all my might, watching my thick white cock disappear into her black coochie. I pulled out five minutes later as she simultaneously passed out.

I moved over a couple feet and grabbed another pair of hips and stuffed my dick into her pussy doggie-style. She was a little looser, but she was a cute lil blonde with big tits. I reached around and squeezed her boobs and twisted her nipples as my cock plunged in and out. Heather reached over my shoulder and spanked her too as I fucked her with my throbbing cock. I pulled out and moved to the next girl, a little Asian girl.

She was tiny. Tiny teen girl with a bald pussy. Not shaved I figured, just no hair! Naturally bald, too young for hair. I looked taksim escort back at Heather and asked her how old this girl was as my cock slid up her pussy.

“Today is her birthday daddy! Meet Chu-me. She just turned 18 a few hours ago! You better give her a special present daddy.”

My cock looked like it would tear her 95 pound body in half. I could feel the bones in her hips as I fucked her hard from behind. I reached my hand over and started to finger the next girl. Getting her nice and wet, ready for my cock. I got my fingers all wet from her juices and smeared them along the little Asian girls asshole.

I started to pump her pussy hard as my finger rubbed her young virgin anus. I pulled out and thrust my cock into her tight, tight butthole making her scream and moan. “Happy Birthday Chu-me.” I said as my cock buried halfway into her ass. I pumped her butt a couple times before removing my tool and moving on. I wanted to cum in her ass, But I had to finish this line of girls, and time was running out. I had five girls left.

The next four girls went by much the same, I fucked them hard and made them cum and scream. Dripping pussy juice everywhere. The aroma of young girl pussy filled the air. The girls that I fucked were watching me as I fucked the rest. I finally got to the last girl. The other virgin.

I was close to cumming. I had to rest for a few seconds. I only had a minute left. I was sweating as I slipped my cock into her young teen virgin cunt. Freshly shaved, tight, wet, and oh so tasty. Fresh pussy. I held onto her hips and thrust into her, not taking it easy. I broke through her hymen and my balls slapped her clit as I held my cock in her young body.

All the girls moaned as I de-virginized the young girl. Heather sat down like she was next in line, but she was facing me with her mouth open. The other girls got the hint and all gathered closely around my little girl, pushing and shoving in order to get all their faces as close together as possible.

I kept fucking this pretty little girl until they were in position. I spanked the virgin on her bottom and pulled my cock out of her quivering cumming pussy. I stood up and pointed my cock at Heather for the first rope of cum.

A huge blast of cum squirted from my cock and landed across Heather’s face, from her chin up to her forehead. Then I just started spraying cum everywhere, there was a smiling young face everywhere I pointed my cock. Rope after rope of hot cum squirted out across young girl’s faces. I squirted the little Asian girl in the eye and she squinted and moaned as the other girls laughed. My white cum looked so good landing on the black girl’s nose, dripping down her cheeks. I think I sprayed cum on all the girls. I couldn’t tell, but I am pretty sure. My cock was just oozing cum now. I stuffed into heather’s mouth and watched as cleaned my cock with her young tongue. My cock was wet with 8 girl’s pussy juices.

“MMmmmm oh daddddy, Your cock tastes so good!” She moaned as she licked my dick. She squeezed my balls trying to get the last drop of cum from my shrinking cock. One last drop landed on her tongue as she smiled and kissed my balls.

“Thank you daddy, you did a wonderful job!” She smiled along with all the other girls. They all started giving me hugs and kisses and saying thank you. I was surrounded by young tight bodies and wet pussys that I had fucked. My little harem. I sat on the couch and watched the girls have fun and play for the rest of the night. They all snuggled into their sleeping bags and feel asleep before I decided to get up and go to bed with Heather and Alexis.

A couple months later I found out that Heather and Alexis were both pregnant. Heather, my little girl, was going to give me a child.

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