Daddy’s Little Girl Ch. 03


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Part 1: Mr. Smith’s Daring Move

He is close enough that he can smell the sex emanating from between Daddy’s legs. This aroma gives Mr. Smith all the motivation he needs, pushing him over the edge from inaction to action. With each hand on each of his own knees, he leans forward and kisses Daddy’s resting cock. He gently licks the head of his cock, and then down the length of it toward a pool of cum at the base. Mr. Smith can already taste the mixture on his tongue. His passion is at an all-time high, adrenaline flowing like never before. What is Daddy going to say when he opens his eyes? How will he react? Mr. Smith’s passion outweighs his fear, as he trails his tongue to the base of his cock and starts to lick at the pool of cum. He pulls his tongue in, collecting some into his mouth. With that, Daddy begins to stir from his light snooze.

“Oh, yes little girl, that feels nice. Clean Daddy’s cock,” he moans, sending shock waves through Mr. Smith’s body.

Without opening his eyes, Daddy maintains his resting position to enjoy the moment. Mr. Smith, still not touching Daddy with his hands, moves to the head of his cock and slurps it slowly into his mouth. Daddy groans slightly and lets out a little sigh. Mr. Smith gently swirls his tongue around the head of his cock and then brings it in a little deeper. Holding for just a moment, Mr. Smith pulls back up only leaving the head inside his mouth. Daddy is getting increasingly hard. Little girl is still watching with a smile on her face as she enjoys the scene. Mr. Smith has never sucked a cock before, but finds that it is far more erotic than he had imagined. His own cock is still rock hard, sticking straight out with the tip touching the floor as he kneels over Daddy. After a couple more bobbing motions, Mr. Smith takes Daddy’s cock out of his mouth, leaving it fully erect and pointing toward the ceiling. Daddy just sighs and groans a little before turning his head to the other side without opening his eyes. Mr. Smith notices there is another glob of sticky cum resting on the inside of Daddy’s thigh. He is tempted to lap this up as well. The opportunity to have done this in secret, not at all way he expected, is too exciting to risk being found out. Instead, he slowly and quietly rises and sneaks back over near little girl.

Mr. Smith slowly and carefully helps pull little girl from the broken arm of the couch. Now standing facing each other, completely naked, with Mr. Smith’s erect nine inches poking her in the stomach, she reaches both arms around his neck and pulls him close. She puts her lips on his and drives her tongue into his unsuspecting mouth. She can taste the salty film left behind, letting out a quiet and passionate whimper. Mr. Smith’s cock swells and twitches slightly, pressing even harder into little girl’s stomach. He kisses her back firmly and passionately. After swirling their tongues for a few seconds they part from their kiss.

Little girl pulls Mr. Smith’s head down to her mouth, and whispers into his ear, “Your secret is safe with me. I won’t tell.”

They disengage from their embrace simultaneously but stand close facing each other without moving. Mr. Smith notices a sly, devilish smirk on her face. She is really loving this. Little girl observes a relaxing resignation in him that indicates he is relieved and thankful. Just at that moment, Daddy opens his eyes and stands up. He walks over to the both of them, entering the same personal space the other two previously occupied by themselves. Daddy bends slightly toward little girl and places a sweet, gently kiss on her forehead. They both smile at each other lovingly. No words need to be spoken because they both know they love each other deeply.

“I’m going to jump in the shower,” says Daddy.

As he turns to walk away, he shoots Mr. Smith a glance and allows a slight smile in the corner of one side of his mouth as he make eye contact with Mr. Smith. Without breaking stride, Daddy releases eye contact and keeps walking toward the bathroom without looking back. Thoughts now race through Mr. Smith’s mind. Does he know? Did he peak? Oh my god!

As anxiety builds inside of him, little girl looks at Mr. Smith and says, “Mr. Smith, don’t Muğla Escort worry, it’s oaky. Even if he knows it was you, he has enjoyed oral sex with men before.”

With that Mr. Smith relaxes and his anxiety lessens. As much as it could considering the circumstances.

“Oh my god Mr. Smith, watching you suck Daddy’s cock was such an incredible turn on.”

With that, little girl immediately drops to her knees and takes his cock, still rock hard from excitement, into her eager mouth. She slowly, gently, and skillfully works the head and shaft with her mouth as she holds it at the base with her left hand. Mr. Smith looks down to watch. What an amazing feeling, what an amazing experience I had tonight, he thinks to himself. He soon notices little girl’s right hand down between her legs, fingers rubbing circles while her hand remains anchored. Groaning and moaning can be heard from little girl, and the vibrations add to his pleasure. As he recalls all he has experienced today, this was easily the most incredible sexual experience he has encountered, ever. His mind is swirling with wonder and excitement. His thoughts then land on Daddy. Some anxiety again rises up from within. His recollection of sucking Daddy’s cock and cleaning up cum increases his current pleasure all the more. What does this all mean? As his balls begin to tingle and his cock swells, he realizes he is about to explode in little girls mouth. Again, so soon? As his focus is brought to the incredible warmth and sensations of yet another orgasm, the questions and anxiety about him desiring to suck cock disappear.

With the imminent explosion commencing, Mr. Smith announces, “I’m going to cum little girl. That’s it, yes. Oh god!” as his entire body stiffens.

Little girl takes this warning as the opportunity to take all of his nine inches deep into her throat holding it there, bracing for his explosion.

“Ah god! Oh shit!”

Mr. Smith lets out one long and extremely loud groan, as his he erupts deep into little girl’s throat. Wave after wave of cum shoot from the end of his cock. She clamps her fingers into his ass, refusing to free him from the hold she has on his entire nine inches. He has never before experienced this kind of pleasure. As he feels the incredible sensation of her throat swallowing around his cock to accommodates each blast, a euphoric vision flashes into his consciousness. As his cock stops blasting cum down her throat and she releases him from her mouth, Mr. Smith is left with a picture in his mind. He sees himself on his knees in front of Daddy sucking his cock. He notices the absence of anxiety in this picture, and they are both enjoying themselves. He snaps back into focus when little girl is smacking her lips with enjoyment.

“That was so fucking hot,” she says, out of breath.

Little girl looks up at him with a mischievous smile. Mr. Smith believes it is as a result of what she had just done to him.

With that, she looks up at him and says through a series of chuckles, “Well that was something new. I have never been called Daddy before.”


Part 2: The Next Encounter

Tonight might be the night. He certainly hopes so. Mr. Smith has been fantasizing about this since their last encounter. He stills feels conflicted about his desires, but knows what he wants without question. He is worried about what Daddy will think and does not want to risk losing what they currently have. Even though little girl has assured him Daddy has enjoyed sucking cock before, this is not enough to dispel Mr. Smith’s anxiety. As he stands staring at the door, he contemplates returning back home and calling to say he is not feeling well. Moving past the point of no return, Mr. Smith reaches out with his right index finger and presses the doorbell. Shit, he mutters to himself. As he battles the waves of fear coursing through his body, the door opens.

“Come on in,” says Daddy with excitement. “It’s great to see you. How have you been?”

“Well, I’ve been busy with remodeling the basement since we last met,” explains Mr. Smith. “Can you show me how to secure those rings to the concrete wall again? I know you talked me through it, but I’d hate to make a fucked up crater in my wall.”

“Yeah Muğla Escort Bayan sure. I am free tomorrow. That good for you?”

“Sweet. Yes, absolutely,” says Mr. Smith. “Maybe you call also help me with the pulley on the ceiling? My ladder is a bit shaky and I could use another set of eyeballs to line it all up.”

“Daddy, are you in here?” says little girl as she emerges from the hallway. “Oh, there you are. Hi Mr. Smith.”

Mr. Smith is pleasantly surprised to see that little girl is topless and wearing only panties and shoes. Something is different tonight, he thinks to himself as the excitement quickly builds. There is something in the air tonight. Something that causes Mr. Smith’s stomach flutter with anticipation. Her beautiful little tits sway slightly and jiggle with each step. Her light brown hair is pulled into pigtails, and she is wearing dark-rimmed glasses. Her panties are a deep shade of red, lacy, and partially see-through. The outline and surface of her bald pussy lips are clearly visible as they press against the thin red fabric, and a noticeable wet spot that causes his balls to tingle and his cock to twitch. She is wearing dark eye makeup with lines trailing out from the corner of her eyes and the sexiest red lipstick. Completing the outfit, if you can call it that, little girl is wearing a pair of red Chuck Taylor’s. Mr. Smith’s cock is quickly becoming hard, causing discomfort and forcing him to adjust. There is no hiding it. He just reaches down and grabs his crotch, re-configuring his stuff into a more comfortable position.

“Hi little girl,” says Mr. Smith. Thinking to himself that, for a petite adult in her early twenties, she actually does look like a little sweet, innocent, high school-aged schoolgirl. This is so fucking naughty he says to himself, and then out loud, “You look fucking amazing. Shit!”

Not saying a word, she tilts her head down slightly, cocks up her shoulder to her chin, locks her eyes on his, and gives her best seductive smile. Not a word spoken. Super fucking hot!

“What’s up little girl?” says Daddy.

Breaking her eye contact with Mr. Smith, then briefly down to his crotch and the huge bulge, she then looks in Daddy’s direction saying in a shy girlish manner, “I just wanted to tell you I believe everything is ready just the way you instructed. Will you come and inspect it to make double sure it’s okay, Daddy? I want to make you happy.”

“Sure, let’s go.” Make yourself at home Mr. Smith. I’ll be right back.”

“Sure thing take your time.” Just the way he instructed? Inspect it? What the hell, he thinks to himself?

Mr. Smith indulges his eyes on little girl’s sweet little ass as she walks away, noticing her panties are actually a thong as the thin strip of red has disappeared in between her ass cheeks. Fuck, what a sweet little ass! As Daddy and little girl disappear down the hall, Mr. Smith scans the room for a good place to sit down. The arm of the couch where Daddy fucked the shit out of little girl last week is still bent inward toward the center, completely fucked up for good. Mr. Smith decides the couch is the perfect place to wait. He walks over and sits in the center of the couch, exactly where Daddy was sitting when he sucked his cock for the first time. He can feel his own cock swell even more, now becoming very uncomfortable in his pants. Mr. Smith leans back on the couch and closes his eyes. He sees himself knelt down on the floor with each of his own hands on each of his knees while he bends forward to take Daddy’s cock in his mouth. As his passion continues to peak even more, his cock is beginning to experience more pain pressing against his zipper. He has come to accept the fact the thought of sucking cock turns him on. Though not completely gone, the shame has subsided significantly. He knows he shouldn’t fell shame. He is not normally one to pass judgement. This is just so new. Why he only desires this when he is aroused and not at any other time is confusing. He thought that only gay men desired such things.

Daddy emerges from the hallway wearing only a robe loosely tied at the waste, he is clearly not wearing underwear as something is pushing out against the fabric, moving side to side with each step. Mr. Smith feels Escort Muğla his mouth start to water.

“Everything is set. You like a drink?”

“Yeah sure. You have a beer?”

“I’ve got many. Stay here, I’ll be right back.”

Something is definitely different tonight. The anticipation is building and feels it in his stomach, not to mention his crotch. What did Daddy instruct little girl to do, wonders Mr. Smith? Does it have anything to do with tonight’s visit? His excitement is off the charts, as his heart pounds, sweat is beading on his forehead. His skin is flush and his crotch is aching. What could it be?

“Here ya go.”


“Hope you like it cold, because it’s about as cold as it can be before it freezes,” says Daddy.

Mr. Smith takes a good long pull on the long neck and gives that classic groaning sigh of approval every guy exhales after hitting that first beer, “Ahhhh, that’s good.”

Mr. Smith instantly relaxes. There is no sign of little girl and the rest of the house is silent. As he takes a seat on the chair across from Mr. Smith, Daddy is unaware his cock is peaking through the opening in his robe. He doesn’t care.

“Well, I’ll get right to it Smith. You remember a while back soon after we first got together, the three of us? We discussed some freaky fantasies and you said you were about up for anything?”

“Well, yes. Yes, I do. Why do you ask?”

“Do you remember the safe word we discussed? The word we agreed we would never say in any other context, ever?”

“I do.”

“You may need to use it tonight,” says Daddy flatly.

Mr. Smith’s attention is then drawn to the hallway where little girl is now standing. Her appearance is the same, except for the wet spot, which has expanded significantly. He can see an area on the inside of both her thighs near her crotch that is glistening with her moisture. She’s leaking through her panties. A lot. When he makes eye contact with her she holds up her hand, and with just her index finger, she motions for him to come without saying a word. He gets up and makes his way toward her. She does not wait for him and disappears down the dark hallway. Mr. Smith hears a faint creak of the door open but does not hear it close. As he slows his pace so as not to trip in the darkness, he looks for the open door. There is only silence. His level of anticipation is peaking again, his breathing rapid and heavy. He is starting to feel funny, almost a little weak.

“Little girl? Where are you? Where’d you go?”

Mr. Smith proceeds cautiously down the hall, noticing a faint light through a crack in a slightly open door down to the right. He slowly approaches and slowly begins to open the door further, peaking through the opening. He is starting to feel slightly dizzy. The dimly lit room reveals a table in the center of the room. It’s an unusual table. One he has not seen before. It’s rectangular in shape and appears to have a thin layer of padding covered by black leather. It looks like a kind of massage table, but different. Mr. Smith is now feeling really tired and the dizziness is increasing. The room feels like it’s tilting to the left a little. This table is much larger and looks sturdy. More curious, he slowly enters through the doorway steadying himself the best he can. Why do I feel this way, he thinks? As he moves just past the open door, he senses movement behind him. It happened too fast. He had no chance to see what was happening before a dark hood was placed over his head and tightened around his throat. At the same time, he felt a second presence behind him much stronger that the first. The second presence grabs one arm and yanks it behind Mr. Smith’s back, the other arm of the second presence around his neck. With the shock of the moment, his weakening condition, the hood, and the second presence handling him, Mr. Smith falls to the floor unconscious.

Screams in the shadows can be hear surrounding him. He cannot see. He cannot speak. He cannot move. He recognizes nothing. All he hears is screams. Terrible screams. Some are shrieking. All are desperate. Fear is erupting though his entire body. The screams, combined with his lack of sight and lack of ability to move and not knowing where he is and what is going on, Mr. Smith enters full panic mode. He can’t breathe. A massive, dark-filled presence seems to be moving in on him. He feels this presence approaching. It is starting to envelope him. This ominous dark presence imposes an incredible terror he has not ever experience. Oh my god, he thinks to himself. Help me!

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