Daddy’s Home Ch. 07

Ava Addams

Ch. 07: The Faithful One

Disclaimer: All characters are 18 or older.

The characters in this story are exceptionally endowed, and if this offends or disturbs you, perhaps you should look elsewhere.


Richard emerged from his daughter’s bedroom, gently pulling the door closed behind him. Through the narrowing crack, he gave one last look to the lewd scene he left behind, two incredible teenaged beauties, splayed out over the bed in a tangle of stocking-clad legs, arms, and massive, heaving, cum-splattered tits, mewling and moaning softly with pleasure as they slowly recuperated. The door closed with a soft click, leaving Rich standing alone in the hallway. He was completely nude, his thickly-muscled body glistening with sweat, his titanic shaft hanging between his thighs, dangling nearly a foot long in front of churning, apple-sized cum-canisters.

Something strange was going on. And while he couldn’t say having teenagers throw themselves at him was exactly ‘normal’, that wasn’t what was bothering him. Or rather, not bothering him. He’d cum countless times in the last 24 hours, infinitely more than he had in years, and often only after ten or twenty minutes of rough, strenuous fucking. He’d out-fucked three teenagers in their peak, his own daughter twice. He should be a wreck by now. He’d been a wreck after rearranging his den last month. But instead of the aches he was becoming unpleasantly familiar with, his muscles were… revitalized. He felt easily ten years younger, and his thick slabs of muscle burned with the exertion, but it was a good burn, like after a satisfying workout. It didn’t weigh him down, instead, it filled him with energy. His mighty cock gave a lurch between his legs. Even that was feeling the benefits of this… vigor. The more he fucked, the faster he seemed to recover. By the fourth time he’d come in Anna, he wasn’t even starting to soften between rounds.

He was still pondering this mysterious, though welcome, development, when he heard a voice from downstairs, an almost-shouted whisper he couldn’t quite make out. Curiously, he padded over to the top of the stairs, looking out over the living room. From this position, he could see diamond’s ponytail of tiny braids swaying behind her as she lounged on the couch, her back against the arm nearest him, and a phone pressed to her ear. He couldn’t see her face, but judging by her angry, almost hissing half-whispers, he could imagine the expression pretty well.

“Are you serious!?” she demanded, incredulously.

“More important that your girlfriend, huh?” She asked, not leaving much option.

“So, you’re going with ‘yes’.” She commented dryly.

Her voice went smoky. “Why don’t you just tell them your girlfriend just begged you to come fuck her like a bitch in heat, that she need your long, thick, chocolate dick inside her right this second.” She purred, lustily.

One hand slid down between her soft, ebony thighs, and she squirmed. “Come on, Martin. I can’t wait… I’m touching myself right now. I need it now, baby, I need something inside me…”

She gave a giggle, a sound Rich had never heard her make before. “Mmm, then all you have to do is come over and let me take care of it. Hurry baby, I need something big, hot, and hard…” She cooed.

She gave a disappointed whimper, her tone suddenly sounding almost… frightened. “No, no, baby, please, don’t go! I need it, I need it now, I won’t be able to stop…” She implored, nearly begging.

“That’s not enough, I- DAMMIT!” She suddenly cursed, her arm suddenly tearing the phone away from her ear and whipping it across the room, where it landed in an armchair with a forceful thump.

She seethed in her seat for a long moment, shoulders stiff with anger. Rich was about to give the girl a wide berth for a few minutes, when he saw one shoulder begin to roll slowly. She shifted on the couch, leaning back a little further against the arm, and he saw one shoe drop off the couch to the floor. Her arm began to move a little more vigorously, rich leaned over the railing a bit, listening closely.

He could hear her muttering softly to herself, anger in her voice. “Fucking idiot… Goddamn… stupid jock… ‘semifinals’…” she spat, shoulder starting to roll faster now. There was a moment of silence before her next outburst. “It’s… It’s his fault.” She said, more quietly, slightly unsure. “His fault for… not taking care of me. I’m his girlfriend. He should be here… ” She continued, still sounding somewhat unconvinced. “I have… needs. If he can’t handle them… It’s his fault. I just… need. Not my fault. It’s natural.” She elaborated, more confidently. “Not my fault… If something happens. His fault. I… I just need it… Natural.” she nodded to herself, her shoulder suddenly moving with even more enthusiasm. “Ohh, fuck , this is all so wrong… God, those moans…” She whimpered softly, her head rolling back against the arm of the couch, eyes squeezed tight as her entire body Escort began to squirm.

Rich’s eyes roamed over the ebony body on the couch below, her new position showing off her figure, her heaving breasts, her tight little abs, the hand desperately stuffed into her short-shorts for relief… His cock throbbed, fully hard once more. It wanted her. He wanted her. But something in the back of his mind held him back. No… not yet. She would be ready for him soon, but he couldn’t make a move just yet. Instead, he pulled back from the top of the stairs, to his den’s door, and opened it, then shut it louder than strictly necessary. He heard a sudden scrambling from down below, and smirked. When he arrived at the top of the stairs once more, Diamond was casually lounging on the couch, watching TV. He grinned.

He was still entirely naked as he descended the stairs, his powerful muscles gleaming with the last of his remaining sweat, his rock-hard monolithic cock jutting proudly from his hips, swaying as he walked down the stairs. He glanced up, seeming noticing Diamond for the first time. “Ah, hello, Diamond.” He greeted with a pleasant tone. “What are you watching?” He asked, casually.

Diamond didn’t look over at first, merely giving a grunt of acknowledgement to the greeting. When he asked what she was watching, she paused for a moment. “Uh, just some stupid sitcom…” She replied, glancing back over her shoulder toward him, her words suddenly dropping off as she saw his nudity in all its splendor. Her eyes gravitated to his pulsing prick instantly, and he saw them widen. There was a long pause before she managed to speak again, tearing her eyes off it to look back to the TV. “…Did you forget something?” She inquired, dryly.

Richard grinned, glancing down to the marble pillar of flesh, miming a brief inspection before straightening up once more to announce. “Nope, looks like it’s all there.” He chuckled.

Diamond couldn’t seem to help herself from glancing over once again. “I just… wasn’t expecting you to start walking around the house naked.” She muttered, eyes lingering on his heavy, low-hanging balls. There was another long moment before she managed to tear her eyes away and put them back on the TV.

He shrugged. “Oh, yeah, sorry about that. I just figured there’s not much point in getting dressed again. Besides, it’s not like this thing’s gonna fit in my boxers like this.” He added with a smirk, stepping closer to the couch.

Diamond seemed to be trying very hard to concentrate on the TV. But as he got closer, her eyes were drawn to the movement, and she found her eyes roaming up and down every last inch of pulsing, ivory cockflesh, from the havy, churning balls to the very tip of his oversized crown, the red-purple tip almost level with his sculpted pecs. She swallowed, subconsciously.

Richard pretended not to notice her gaze, or where his cock was going as he took up position beside the couch, the meaty monster hovering level just inches over her left shoulder, the heat of it tangible on her face. “So. Anything fun happening?” He inquired. There was a moment of silence as she looked puzzled, before he glanced to the TV, indicating the object of his query.

Diamond strained not to turn her head to look at the shaft throbbing just inches away. “Oh… Uh… Not really. Just… sitcom stuff…” She offered weakly, barely able to focus on the TV, let alone concentrate on what was going on. As he looked to the TV for a long moment, he heard her take a breath and bite back a whimper.

He stayed still for a long moment before nodding appreciatively. “Well, alright, I’ll get out of your hair and let you watch the show. Have you seen Rosa?” He inquired.

Diamond blinked, looking up to him with confusion and a hint of… disappointment? “Uh, Rosa? Maybe… downstairs? I think…” She managed, somewhat taken aback by the request.

He grinned. “Thanks, I’ll go look.” He said, then pulled back and away, his might shaft departing her personal airspace. As he headed to the basement door, he paused for a moment on the precipice. “Oh, and for the record… Semifinals or not, a girlfriend should come first.” He commented, leaving diamond gaping in shock and embarrassment at the empty doorframe as he swiftly descended the stairs.


Eight plates. Rosa’s mind swam. That couldn’t be right. Maybe she counted wrong, or the math was off… Silently, she ran her fingers over the dark metal disks weighing down the barbell, counting them in her head. Four on this side. Four on the other. If the massive ’45’ stamped into the steel was to be believed, that meant each side of the bar was loaded with a total of 180 pounds. Together, that was 360, and with the bar itself, which was labeled as 40 pounds, that was… 400 pounds. That was more than three of her put together. She swallowed nervously, bending at the waist to inspect the plates with one finger, thrusting her juicy, thong-clad ass up high, her transparent sarong doing nothing Escort Bayan to conceal her luscious rear. Maybe the middle plates she couldn’t read were just spacers or something…

Movement in a mirror caught her eye, and held it when she realized what she was looking at. Richard had arrived. Her eyes followed his reflection in the mirror, gaping at the powerful figure that strode through the gym with smooth, measured strides. Her eyes traced every crevasse of sculpted muscle as he moved, watching them shift and pump as he moved, before coming to rest on his titanic manhood, her mouth suddenly dry. The thick veins made it look like marble, a meaty monolith, a statue depicting the perfect cock. Her tongue slipped out to wet her plush lips subconsciously as she followed the bulging cum-tube southward, all the way down to his heavy, swaying seed-sacks. He stopped soon, coming to rest on one of the machines, leaning against it, arms crossed over his broad chest as he grinned a gleaming smirk in her direction.

“See something you like?” He inquired.

Rosa blinked, realizing how blatantly she’d been staring, and flushed softly. “S-sorry…” she muttered, averting her gaze from the reflection.

“No need to be sorry, it’s natural to be curious.” She heard him reply, and found herself glancing back up, looking through a few stray locks of dark, curly hair. “Impressed?” He inquired, looking into her eyes.

She bit her lower lips softly as she roamed up and down his muscular body. “…Yes.” She replied, quietly, somewhat ashamed.

He grinned wider. “Well, I’m glad. Took me a long time to get to this point, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to show it off from time to time.” he added, stepping closer. She couldn’t tell if he was talking about his body or the machine at this point.

As he came up behind her, he kept his eyes locked on her reflected face. she watched as the reflection moved, she saw him reaching for her, but she still tensed up when she felt his strong hand come to rest on her hip. Her heartbeat was racing. She could feel the heat and strength of his hand on her skin. She could only look into the reflection of his face and shiver softly. How could he look so damn hot? He was old enough to be her father, older than Uncle Jesse, in fact, and he was bald. But he didn’t look anything like her uncle. He looked his age and he made it look good. He was all… mature, and distinguished, and… experienced… But despite his features, he was simultaneously the most muscular, powerful man she’d ever seen. His muscles were mind-boggling, he looked like a statue of some herculean hero come to life, it was insane… and his COCK! Oh, holy fuck that cock, just thinking about the size of it, the shape, the taste that haunted her mind ever since the very first instant her tongue met the monstrous scepter, it made her depths tighten with uncontrollable need. Even before she’d ever seen it properly, she’d needed to experience it, and now…

She suddenly straightened up, spinning on her heel to face the towering mass of muscle that was her friend’s father. She tried to ignore the blunt tip of the red-hot shaft that was suddenly pressing itself into her smooth, bare midriff as she looked up into his eyes. “I… I want to see.” She managed, stammering it out at first. Shen he looked slightly confused, she shook her head and tried again. “I want to see you use this. Lift this.” She clarified, somewhat, gesturing to the bench press beside them.

He blinked for a moment, seeming taken aback by the request, but he glanced back and forth between the weights and her eyes, and gave a little shrug. “Well.. I supposed I could get a quick set in.” He replied and gave a grin. As he pulled back, Rosa gave a sigh, his overwhelming presence fading slightly as he settled into position on the bench press. She had to admit, it looked a little strange to see him doing so naked. He planted his feet on the floor, his fat goose-egg balls dangling between his thighs, that mouth-watering slab of cockmeat laying in the valley of his eight-pack abs.

She bit her lip as she saw him reach up and wrap his hands around the steel shaft. She shivered as his thick slabs of muscle flexed and tightened, bulging and rippling with immense strength as they began to push. Slowly, four hundred pounds of unyielding steel slowly rose out of the hooks it rested upon. His muscles popped and twitched as he maneuvered the bar off the hooks, and stabilized it carefully, before slowly letting it sink toward his chest until it was just inches away. His pecs strained as he gave a soft grunt, and the massive weight rose once again, back up, muscles twitching as he held it steady. He was so… powerful. And so close…

Rosa didn’t realize her hands had been reaching out until she felt something hard and hot on the pads of her fingertips. Her fingertips had come to perch on one of his rippling pecs, as light and hesitant as a butterfly. He seemed as surprised as her at the unexpected Bayan Escort contact, hesitating for half a second, but seemed to make no move to dissuade her touch as he kept lifting and lowering that massive barbell. His muscles rippled and pulsed beneath her touch, like some incredible machine. Silently, she counted along with each powerful push, the heat and strength from each push readily transmitted to her fingertips.

5 reps. 6 reps. 7.

Her hand roamed across the rippling man-scape with eager curiosity and just a bit of hesitation. Her fingertips slid up to the shoulder, feeling it strain to hold the bar steady, then over and up one tree-trunk limb to savor the sensation of his biceps tightening. She felt her thong grow wet as she marveled at the mind-boggling power contained within his body. Her heartbeat quickened, her breathing coming in panting gasps as her eyes, wide with lust and awe, traced every pulsing, pumping, rippling muscle. She sank to her knees, almost hypnotized by the display of strength before her, as a second hand joined the first exploring his body.

13 reps. 14.

While the first hand continued to examine his powerful upper body, the second took a different route, heading south over his torso, along his side. She felt her fingertips sink into the valleys between his sculpted core muscles. How could one man be so… perfect. The thought had occurred to her before, while she had shared his shaft with her friends, but she’d swiftly felt foolish afterward. Nobody was perfect, after all, he might be very impressive, but humans couldn’t be perfect… Or so she’d thought, but here, kneeling at his side as her fingers slid over the sheen of sweat he now bore, which only served to make his incredible body look even better, the thought returned. Perfect. Humans weren’t perfect, but every look, every touch, told her he was.

22. 23. Twenty…

Her train of thought suddenly slammed on the brakes as her delicate, hesitant touch met with something hard, hot, and pulsing. She swallowed, suddenly nervous. She heard a soft clank as he hesitated a second time in mid-lift. His exertion had started to draw blood from his prodigious pillar, but the moment her fingers met the skin, she could feel the veins thicken as it returned with a vengeance beneath her touch. Her hand was already delicately moving to attempt to encircle his immense girth, and failing, when her gaze turned to marvel at the beefy pillar, and the clank of the barbell in motion began again.

25. 26.

It was almost too big to comprehend. Her fingers couldn’t even wrap a full halfway around its insane girth. She’d thought she might have been exaggerating it in her mind, seeing it as larger than it really was, but no, it was all real. Her slender fingers were insignificant compared to the mighty slab of salami laying on his abs. Her hand moved on its own, cupping as much of its girth as possible, and sliding up and down along the thick cum-channel, her mind desperately memorizing every ridge, bump, vein, and contour of his impossibly huge cock. She stared at it with awe and reverence, like it was some sort of holy relic, or a mighty, dangerous weapon. Her hand reached the base after what felt like an eternity, and felt the skin loosen as her digits quested onward, between his thighs to find his plump, cream-filled orbs.

37. 38.

She could hear him grunting in time with the rhythmic clanks of the barbell, but rosa was lost to the world, her thoughts pulled in by the gravity of his massive meat-pole. The hand from his chest joined its twin in exploring the superior shaft. One slid between his thighs and delicately cupped one spunk-filled goose egg and then the other, hefting their weight in her palms and marveling. The other slid in along his abs and wedged itself between the heavy, burning-hot shaft, and his rippling abs, feeling its weight as it pinned her hand. Slowly, the hand slid down the shaft, pausing as it reached the base to be joined by its sister. Even together, her hands were unable to fully encircle the meaty pole, but they traveled together as they caressed the endless rod up to the very ridge of his throbbing crown, then up onto it, both eagerly swirling over the smooth tip, palms growing slick with copious amounts of clear, sticky precum.

Her hands were just beginning another southern journey over the pillar of cock when she heard a triumphant growl. “Fifty!” Came the cry. She paused, hands going still on his girth as she looked up as if snapped out of a trance. There was a heavy clank as the weights crashed back into their resting place in the heavy-duty hooks over his head, and he relaxed, powerful chest rising and falling as he panted for breath. Something in the back of her mind did the math. Fifty reps, four hundred pounds… twenty thousand pounds, in total, a full ten tons. She shivered. She wanted to see more. She looked around the gym, her eyes falling on the butterfly press. She smiled, looking to him as he raised his head to see why she’d stopped.

Her eyes shimmered with excitement as she gestured to the butterfly press. “Can you show me that one?” She implored him. He looked thoughtful for a moment, then gave her a teasing grin. “I could… If you ask nicely.” He offered.

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