Daddy’s favourite gurl 5


Daddy’s favourite gurl 5The playroom was very busy. Daddy and his friends had advertised it on fetish sites and the bookings came in thick and fast. Daddy showed me how to do the bookings on line and answer the phone. We had regular prostitutes doing block bookings and our bank balance was very healthy. I was given a wage which I spent on clothes. Daddy was happy for me to be taken out for meals or to clubs by his friends and I never spent a penny on anything other than myself. All the girls would beg Daddy to rent me to them. They wanted me to join in and use the guys who were visiting on the hour every hour but he wouldn’t even allow me down there.I loved the power over men, watched the punters eyes look me up and down as I invited them in and lead them to the play room door after contacting their Mistress on the intercom. When the door opened there were two signs. One in mock gothic saying “Abandon hope all ye who enter here” and another beneath it saying “Ultra soundproofing by Jacobs” I thought it was a lovely touch. I started going out with the Mistresses socially and loved the tales they told over a glass of wine. I learned all about how depraved men are, how the girls loved to take out their bad moods on men paying them for the pleasure.My favourite three Madame’s where Keri, Lou and Traci. Traci was a statuesque punk rock red haired Madame. She looked fantastic in wet look rubber and latex, thigh boots and a basque top. Her breasts were big and spilled out of her tops. Keri was a sexy little blonde with a gorgeous body. She wore stockings and tiny g strings and loved using the whip. Lou was my soul mate. She was wild. Sex held no bounds. We would scream with laughter as she made light of performing in fields with horses, wanking dogs off and fucking with them. And men paid good money to see it. I think it was inevitable I would eventually join them in abusing men for money or letting them use me.I was cleaning up the waiting room we had made from the front room. Tidying the porn Mags and re filling the coffee machine. The front door bell rang. All punters were informed to use the back door to stop nosey neighbours gossiping.I answered the intercom. “Hi it’s Marchin” I opened the door flashing him by biggest smile. With my extra wealth I’d spent money on having veneers fitted to my teeth. I loved my new look and so did Daddy. My wardrobe was full of expensive underwear and sexy clothing.I had my lips plumped to accentuate my pout when sucking cock and the guys loved them in red wet look gloss.Marchin called Daddy and me into the meeting room and showed us a page on a website. Daddy smiled and showed it to me. It was an advertisement for a professional photographer. A smart looking grey haired guy, tanned and fit looked at an array of expensive looking camera equipment with examples of his work overlaying the page. “I think it’s time I had a portfolio of you Princess” said Daddy.”Ooh, I’d love that Daddy” I said smiling.”And I’m looking forward to you seducing the photographer” he said. Marchin and him burst out laughing.i looked confused.“Its mummy’s husband darling” he smiled.I looked again. Seducing this guy would be a pleasure, and now with the added thrill, my clit leaked into my little white g string making them wet.I rang him, explained my business, made out the playroom was mine and told him a needed professional shots of it. He said he’d call round and look.The room has concealed cctv which is for the girls safety but can be used for blackmail if needed. Some of the girls request footage which Daddy sells to them. I wore a new outfit for his first visit. A black layered skirt, short, net which showed off my stockings and suspenders and tiny see through panties and a PVC wet look vest top with no bra. My nipples stood out like studs.Keri did my hair and make up and said l looked fantastic. Just before she did my lipstick she kissed me passionately, slipping her tongue into my mouth. I responded without hesitating and we stroked each other’s bodies. “I’ve wanted to do that for a while “ she smiled as she got the red wet look lipstick out and application brush. “That was fantastic” I smiled. Her eyes were dark brown and so sexy. Her nipples were erect and I stroked them as she applied the gloss to my lips. When you finish with the photographer we can take up where we left off” she smiled. She tweaked my nipples and showed me the outcome of her handiwork. “I love it” I smiled. I looked about 21.Mums husband rang the intercom and I buzzed him in. I pretended I was busy with work but watched his actions on the monitor in front of me. He was looking me up and down and quickly averted his eyes from my long legs as I looked up and smiled..”Adam?” Tüyap Escort I said.”Hi” he said is it……..”Everyone calls me Princess” I grinned”And I can see why” he added.I looked at him sexily. My smokey eye make up made me look even sexier and he was transfixed.I led him into the playroom. He looked amazed.”Wow” he said “I’d love to take the job on, what are you looking for?” He said looking at me directly in the eyes trying to stop himself looking at my breasts and erect nipples.Id walked downstairs first deliberately swinging my hips and we both knew that he’d be looking right up my skirt on the way back out. You could see my panties without any effort.My clit was leaking. He was gorgeous and having him in my bed would hardly be a chore.”Do you work down here?” He asked.”I do” I smiled If he wanted to know anything he was going to work for it.He told me how he could do an expensive classy looking portfolio for me and would I be having my photos taken.I said I had a lot of outfits that different types of guys liked me to wear, PVC, leather, rubber etc. His eyes widened. He was looking at me thinking I hadn’t noticed. He was transfixed with my long legs, and sexy heels. “When are you available?” I asked playing with my hair. “For the photos, I mean “ I smiled looking at him.He laughed. “I’ll put something together and call you, perhaps I could take you out for dinner and show you my ideas” Got him. He was mine.”I’d love that Adam” I smiled. “How about Friday?” I added.”Perfect, leave it to me, I’ll pick you up at seven.” He said excitedly.we swapped numbers and he agreed to call me to finalise the dinner date.Daddy was very happy. This was so easy.Adam left, his cock bulging in his pants. I let him see I’d noticed it and he blushed.”Daddy, can I seduce him in the playroom please?” I said all girly and teased him standing like I was his little girl again.”Brilliant idea Princess” he laughed and kissed me. We put our tongues in each other’s mouths and his hand reached between my legs feeling my wet clit through the panties. He pulled them to one side and bent me over a table and fucked me and cum in minutes he was so turned on.I kissed him again as I fastened his pants for him. “Oh, Keri said to leave my cum in you” he smiled and I turned to see her stood smiling behind me.”Let’s go to your bedroom” she smiled “I’ll clean you up.She was I a micro dress which showed her long tanned legs and breasts off She stripped me down to my underwear and rolled me over and ate Daddy’s seed out of me, driving me wild with her tongue. We used my dildos on each other and I ate her pussy out, making her cum again and again, swapping my tongue for the dildo, vibrator and back to eating her out.She used the dildos on me and we slipped the double ended inside our pussies and slowly writhed on my bed groaning and cumming in ecstasy. “Spend the next few days in the playroom with me” she smiled brushing my hair from my eyes and kissing me. Her long lashes fluttered as I fingered her.”We can use my punters together and I’ll show you how to humiliate your Mothers husband and have him beg you for more” she laughed.She slipped her strap on and I arched my back and raised my pissy and gasped as she slid it deep into me.The following morning I wore my latex cat suit with thigh high boots. The heels are seven inches high and I felt so powerful in them. I had PVC wet look gloves, a collar with spikes and a rubber corset pulled so tight I gasped. Keri said I was going to get another good fucking after we’d dealt with her punter. I was falling in love with her.I took to being a Dom quite easily. A chubby bald man stood with his hands on his head in the ante room outside the playroom and I walked over to him slowly letting him take my body in and see the collar and leash in my hands.”I hope you like pain” I said softly “I’m in a very bad mood” I grinned. I stroked his chest and softly played with his nipples. I then looked down with a disgusted look on my face at his throbbing cock.”I don’t remember saying you could get hard” I sneered.”Oh Mistress, please forgive me” he started a well worn begging routine so I put my finger to his lips”Shhh” I said putting on his collar.”Look at me” I ordered. He looked up. His big sad eyes full of pretend fear. I slapped him as hard as I could and he whimpered and gasped.Keri came into the room laughing.”Take him and tie him to the cross face forward Princess” she giggled.”Let him fasten his ankles himself, your not to stoop in front of this worthless piece of shit” she said kissing me.I yanked the leash. I was loving the power over this poor guy. I sexily strutted in my heels looking back at him. His eyes were wide and his Tüyap Escort Bayan cock dripped pre cum at the excitement of having two Mistresses about to abuse his body.”Do you know Princess that the male can resist pain a lot more than he canid he’s cum?” She smiled”I didn’t Mistress Keri, how interesting”Keri told me to hold out my hand and squirt a large amount of lube on it.The guy turned to lock himself into the ankle restraints.Keri slapped his face hard. And he helped again and held where she had struck him whimpering”Wait you fucking shit” she said angrilyShe dragged him roughly to face me.”it will be absolute torture to go through the next two hours after cumming immediately” she smiled nodding at his erect cock”Do you find me sexy?” I said softly as I slipped my lubed hand around his shaft.”Oh Mistress” he said as I slowly stroked the foreskin back and forth over the cocks purple head.Keri got close as if she was about to kiss him and slowly played with his nipples.”Oh you lucky slave, two gorgeous Mistresses playing with you” she purred. His cum spurt all over my right thigh and onto my boot.”Oh dear” said Keri “Your going to pay dearly for that” she growled.”Lick me clean” I demanded and he dropped to his knees and licked his cum off me.”Now face the cross and lock yourself in” I saidHe trembled as he fumbled with the ankle locks and readily raised his wrists into position.We fastened a wrist each, slowly and deliberately building the tension.”You have over a hundred minutes of your time left “ Said Keri. “A long long time at the end of two vicious whips” she laughed.Keri handed me a thick plaited leather cane. “Hurt him Princess” she smiled. “ The louder he screams the deeper I will fuck you” she smiled and fluttered her eyes in mock seduction.He screamed as the first deep red welt became visible.”Harder darling” she teased. I gave him twelve of the hardest lashes I could deliver. His cries and jerking in the restraints turned me on and I was sweating as I kissed Keri as he sobbed and hung in his restraints. “I hope your not going to pass out bitch” she said softly stroking his face and nuzzling him. “We haven’t even got going yet” she laughed. We unfastened him, turned him around and ordered him to lock his ankles back up. He shivered with fear and pain as I strutted around making the sound of my heels echo around the room. Keri fastened his wrists up and stood hands on hips looking at him. He was shaking, sobbing. I’d really hurt him”Did I hurt you bitch?” I asked “Yes Mistress” he sobbed.Keri brought a cane down on his cock and he screamed out in pain.”Don’t you mean Yes thank you Mistress” she saidHe tried to get loose and was begging her.The cane struck his flaccid cock again. He screamed even louder “I can’t hear you” she said sternly”Thank you Mistress” he said looking at me pleadingly “And thank you Mistress” he said to Keri”Better” she said. She beckoned me over and we kissed passionately as he weeped quietly watching us.”I was frightened you might have rejected me” she said puckering her gorgeous plumped lips “I know you love your father and that you have sex with him and I was scared you wouldn’t like me” she said kissing my left breast “I have always fancied you, I just thought you only liked females” I said gently stroking her breasts and kissing her again. Our floor show had worked and despite his pain, the slaves cock started to fill with blood and swell.”Oh look” grinned Keri. “Shall we torture your pathetic little cock now?” She said to him”Yes please Mistress “ he said looking down.Keri gave me an inflatable gag and I spat on it and pushed it into his mouth and inflated it to its maximum. His face bulged and I burst out laughing at him.Keri joined in and wheeled a stainless silver tray in front of him. On it were sounds, cock and ball restraints with sharp spikes on the inside a blow lamp and bottles of liquids. She slipped on black surgeons disposable gloves and dripped one of the bottles contents onto his balls. Seconds later he was screaming as best as he could with the gag and trying his best to get loose. “It burns” smiled Keri and painted his entire sac with a small brush with the liquid, slowly and deliberately taking her time to make sure not a piece of his ball sac was missed We sat on the leather sofa kissing and stroking each other as his muffled screams and the rattle of the restraints filled the room.”I’m meeting my Mums hubby tomorrow for dinner” I said stroking her face and kissing it.”I know, Ant is really excited at the thought he’s going to be fucking you while he films you.” She giggled.”I’d love you to eat his cum out of me after he’s done” I said licking her mouth.”Fuck your Escort Tüyap so sexy “ she said and we rubbed each other’s groin and groaned softly as our slave pissed himself in fear.“You will be cleaning all that up slave” Keri shouted to him. She strutted over to him and painted his balls again, then she pulled back his foreskin and called me over. “Give that a good coat” she smiled. I dipped the brush into the bottle and slowly painted the head of his cock smiling at him as he begged thru the gag. I inflated it a bit more and then Keri led me away by the hand to the sofa where we stripped each other and licked each other’s pussies as he screamed. Keri cum as soon as my tongue flicked her clitoris and we spent the next two hours making love while our slave sobbed on the cross.We dressed each other and I was lacing my boots as Keri slipped on another pair of surgical gloves. The slave was begging and I rubbed my clit as I watched her slip the large silver rod down the eye of his cock and then gently stroke his red balls. She sucked at his nipples in turn. “ you’ve gone over your time slave” she said softly. “You will pay me for the extra time won’t you?” She asked.She deflated the gag and pulled it out of his mouth”Oh yes Mistress, thank you” he said smiling. She slid the sound out and oiled up his cock and wanked him slowly and sensuously until he cum for a second time. I sat legs crossed as I watched her release him he fell and licked up his piss and then crawled over to us as we kissed on the sofa. He licked our boots in turn and looked up at us. “Thank you Mistresses” he said. He was licking my heels and rubbing his face against my boot.”I’m charging you double slave” said Keri.”Thank you so much Mistress Keri “ he said licking her boot. She kicked him away. “Get my money” she snapped and took my head in her hands and kissed me.He crawled out and she said “ Go to your room and wait for me” and followed him for her payment.As I was walking upstairs Daddy followed me up. “You are a natural” he smiled and helped me out of my girdle and catsuit. I slipped into my white stockings and suspenders and lay on the bed as he stripped and climbed on top of me. Keri joined us and Daddy took turns in fucking us as we sucked and wanked him. I ate his hole as Keri sucked him and he arched and shot his load over her face so we could lick and share it.”Has Adam called yet?” He smiled as Keri and I swapped his cum from our tongues. I swallowed it. “7:30:tomorrow Daddy. He’s taking me to his favourite restaurant” I grinned. “What outfit will you wear?” He saidKeri piped up. “Wear the little black wet look dress” she said. “Sexy but you can get away in public with it” she added.”Yes, teamed with hold ups and a g string” said Daddy.I reached for my phone as Daddy and Keri sucked my nipples.”Can’t wait for tomorrow Adam” I texted.The phone rang. Adams name flashed up. They continued sucking and fondling my breasts as I answered.”Hi Princess”:he breathed, “I must admit, you have been on my mind since we met.” He added. Daddy stroked my clit.”Adam, I’m the same” I said, “I think your a really attractive guy””Wow, thank you” he said. “I think you are stunning”Daddy and Keri where both knelt listening and grinning.”Adam” I said in my little girl voice “Are you married?” Daddy looked at Keri and smiled”No Princess, I’m not babe” he said”Oh that’s good, I’d hate to think I was about to break up a marriage” I giggled.”Oh god, I can’t wAit to see you, you really turn me on Princess” he gushed.“I promise I’m worth the wait sexy” I said “Someone’s coming, see you Friday” and hung up.Daddy was already getting hard again and Keri and me went down on him, kissing each other with his cock between both our mouths.”Save his cum for me baby” said Keri”And let me film it “ said Daddy as he rolled me onto my tummy and I got onto all fours for him.My phone pinged. “I’m outside sexy girl, Adam” said the text. Keri straightened my hair and checked my red gloss lipstick and Daddy tweaked my nipples so they stood proud in my wet look dress.”Be seeing you soon”:said Keri and stroked me between the legs. I was wet as I strut out towards Adam. He. Was waiting opening the passenger door for me.”Wow” he said looking me up and down as I slid into the leather seat. My skirt rode up flashing the silk stockings lace tops. His eyes were all over me. As he closed the door I looked back and saw Daddy stood behind Keri smiling.I smiled at Adam and leant over to kiss him. His cock was bulging as I brushed my hand across it. “Let’s have a drink and a chat and then you can come back here and have me for dinner” i purred.I almost burst out laughing at his dumb excited face. “I’m going to fuck you so good” he said “Not as good as I’m going to fuck you” I thought stroking his hard cock.Back home Daddy and Keri we’re preparing my room, scented candles and a bottle of wine and my sexiest basque and stockings laid out ready. Daddy checked the hidden camera and smiled.

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