Daddy, Take Me Ch. 21-22


Chapter 21


I awoke with a start, thinking I had overslept. After the evening my parents had put me through, I was surprised that I woke up so early. I guessed I was anxious for the day to start, and to get to Maisie. I quickly packed a few clothes, perhaps too many, but knew I could keep any ‘spare’ at hers. I grabbed our toys from my bedside cabinet and secreted them away in my carry-on. I made sure to pack the panties Maisie had left with me. That woman was in trouble tonight! My libido had shifted to an even higher level since she had gone. Our nightly calls, as exhilarating, satisfying and fucking erotic as hell, still had me on edge all week. My parents certainly quenched my little itch last night, though. God, I loved them so much. In the cool light of day, I only hoped I hadn’t opened a proverbial can of worms.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m desperately in love with Maisie. She’s definitely ‘the one,’ but I also felt this renewed tug and bond with my parents. How could I reconcile the two? I wondered.

I knew this would only last ’til Maisie returned, but what then? Could I possibly give up the familial, carnal connection we all had? Would Maisie be enough? I hoped I hadn’t opened an unknown Pandora’s box. I slipped an extra pair of panties into my purse, knowing I would need to change them at some point today. My mind, and body, were aching from last night. If I didn’t keep busy today, my thoughts would wander, and I would daydream of last night, not good for a girl’s underthings!

Breakfast was on, so I headed downstairs, trying to keep a straight face for my sisters’ sake. I bounded down and saw only my parents, each busy putting the finishing touches on the meal. My sisters were still upstairs, late as usual. My mum, Emily, was the closest to me. She turned, embraced me, and her sweet lips touched mine, our tongues touching, our hands firmly around each other’s waist. I rubbed my smaller tits against the fabric of her blouse.

“Hi,” she smirked. “You okay?” she smiled, rubbing hers against mine.

“Absolutely…mum,” I breathlessly said, and smacked her ass.

“Careful, girl,” she laughed, and let me go. I wrapped my arms around my mom, kissing her just as ardently. Her fingers went through my combed hair, tender and soft.

Her hands trailed down my back, and she cupped my bum, gently squeezing it.

“You’re sure you’re okay? It was quite an evening, hmm?” she asked.

“Mom…I’m absolutely fine. What you three did for…and to me was beautiful. I needed that more than words can say. I’m fine, ‘kay?” I smiled, kissed her again and swatted her ass, too. She softly patted mine and I made my way to dad…before my sisters had a chance to interrupt us.

“As for you,” I said, resolutely, and wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders, looked into his brown eyes, and engulfed him with my lips. I pushed myself wantonly against his now-firm cock, imagining it was because of me…but probably not. After all, he had two incredibly sexy women, the loves of his life here. We kissed interminably for too long, our desire rising every second. He picked me up by my ass, his strong hands grasping me, and put me on the island. I heard myself moan, as soon as he lifted me off the ground. If my sisters weren’t here, he could have fucked me there and then. We broke our kiss, somewhat reluctantly, and I laid my head on his shoulder. I lifted it, whispered, “I’m going to fuck you when I get back,” and sucked his earlobe. His hands slowly moved up my legs, fingers pressing into my thighs.

“I look forward to it, Little One,” he smirked, as his hand swept over my covered breasts, and he tenderly touched my neck. Daddy kissed me, then swatted my thigh before going back to pouring juices. Afyon Escort I’d better bring another pair of panties to work, I thought!


As if to reconfirm, I looked over my shoulder and still no sisters, so I told them all I was absolutely fine with last night…and hoped they were, too.

“I love you all…unconditionally, ‘kay?” I smiled. They all grabbed me in a huge group hug.

Maggie and Lily finally made their way down, hugs for everyone, even though Lily was still half asleep. We talked about the day ahead, and I told my sisters I was going to see Maisie for the weekend. They both pouted, as only petulant sisters can.

“So we won’t see you at all?” Lily asked.

“No, sweetheart, not this weekend. I need to help Maisie with her dad who’s doing

poorly. I’ll be back Sunday, though. ‘Kay?” I explained.

Half-heartedly, she accepted it.

Oops. I may have to rethink my weekends seeing Maisie. I could see the disappointment in their small faces. We always did something together on the weekends. It was the time we had to connect and be sisters, away from the ‘prying’ eyes of the parents. I’d have to talk with Maisie. Soon enough I was gone, hugs and ‘be safes’ and ‘enjoy’ all around. I didn’t fail to notice my mom’s smirk. I stuck my tongue out at her, making her convulse in laughter.

Work went well, but I had a lot to do, as I was leaving early. I worked on a design, called a few clients to check the progress, and readied myself for the new appointment. It was then that Martin came out and said it was being rescheduled for next week, not an unusual occurrence. At least that freed up some time. Sean came out at some point and told me he had just gotten off the phone with Maisie and she was looking forward to seeing me. I blushed and thanked him. He laughed at my red face and put his arm around me. “Enjoy yourselves,” he murmured.

I made it to Heathrow in no time, ready with just my carry-on to speed things up. As we boarded, I was directed ‘left’ on the plane. Dad had booked business class for me. I wasn’t too surprised and called him after I found my plush seat.

“Daaad…you shouldn’t have…but, thank you. For everything,” I sighed.

“My pleasure, Little One. Just enjoy yourself, and give our love to Maisie. See you Sunday, sweetheart,” he said, and we hung up.

I got comfortable and settled in for the hour-and-a-half flight, a doddle by any means. A stunning air hostess came by soon after the plane levelled out.

“Good afternoon, Ms Madden. I’m Victoria. I’ll be your hostess today. Would you like a refreshment, or a little something to eat,” she asked, professionally, although I did catch her looking down at my slightly-gaping silk blouse, my virginal-white bralette clearly on view.

I looked up at her stunning blue eyes and was at a loss for any coherent word. We just stared at each other for a few comfortable moments.

“Uhhh…no…thank you, no. Maybe later, though?” I somehow replied, an amusing smile on my lips. I swore she smirked at me. I slowly turned sideways, giving her a better view of my lingerie. I mean, what’s a girl to do when she thinks she has an audience, hmm?

“Absolutely, ma’am. Whenever you’re ready, okay? I’ll be around, as I can’t go too far,” she smiled a killer smile and swayed down the aisle. I couldn’t help but lean over and look at her svelte figure moving cat-like away from me. Fuck!

After a while, she was obviously through serving everyone and made her way back to me. She laid her perfectly manicured fingers on my shoulder and bent over.

“So, do you live in Edinburgh or just taking a weekend break?” she asked inquisitively, her eyes delving into mine.

I was quite taken aback, but her voice was like supple velvet, her lipsticked Afyon Escort Bayan lips perfect, and she had the sweetest smile.

“No, actually. I live in Richmond. I’m just going to visit my…girlfriend. Her father had an accident so she’s caring for him for a while,” I answered. Her eyes seemed to twinkle when I said, ‘girlfriend.’

Her hand lightly stayed on my shoulder, as she said she hoped he would get better soon, and wished me a good weekend. I suddenly felt dizzy. Was she? No, she was just being friendly, I thought. It was just me in my perpetually wound-up, horny state! In no time, we were in the landing pattern and soon touched down. I unbuckled my seatbelt and grabbed my overnight bag from above and headed out. Victoria was thanking everyone for flying and wished us all a good day. Our eyes caught one another’s.

“Thank you for flying BA, Ms Madden. We hope to see again…soon,” she said, her smile making me smile…and my panties dampen. I extended my hand with a courteous, “Thank you, Victoria…and…my name is Chloe, ‘kay?” I smiled. “I’ll be returning Sunday…in case you’re on board?”

“I’ll remember that…Chloe,” she whispered, her eyes piercing mine, and reluctantly let my hand go…or so I thought. “And yes, I am,” she grinned. I swore I could feel her eyes boring into my petite ass as I walked down the gangplank.

I made it to the ‘arrivals’ and looked for my Maisie. And there she was. She came running to me, her arms swung around my shoulders and she pulled me in. There were tears in both our eyes, as we somewhat chastely kissed.

“My…my love. God…I’ve missed you so much. I know, I know…it’s only been a week but it seems like forever!” she sighed.

“And I’ve missed you, mon amour. So much,” I sighed.

“I’m picking up on that, leannan. C’mon. Let’s go home,” she gushed, and we headed out, hand in hand.

I caught up with her dad’s progress, her little walks around Edinburgh, and her catching up with old friends, whom I would meet at some point. When we found her car, we both got in, and virtually attacked each other, kissing and rubbing our hands over each other, as if this was the first time in years we had seen each other, and needed to reacquaint ourselves with each other. Stupid, I know but…

We made it to her dad’s bungalow, after she drove me down Princess Street, the main thoroughfare in Edinburgh. I was enthralled. Okay, it wasn’t London, but it was beautiful. I grabbed my case and followed Maisie in.

“Da? Where are you? Chloe’s here,” she said, with a raised voice.

“Da?” I asked.

“It’s his Irish background. I’ve always called him ‘da,’ not ‘dad.’ It always makes him smile so…” she said, and giggled softly.

Her dad wheeled himself to the front room with a hearty, “Och. There ya are! My…you’re a bonny lass, aren’t you?” he smiled. “So pleased to finally meet my Mae’s hen!”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you at last, too, Mr Ferguson. How are you feeling today?” I asked, leaning down, and hugging him. “I hope your daughter hasn’t been too tough on you?”

“Gettin’ better, lass. My Mae has been wonderful,” he smiled. “And please, it’s Ewan, aye?”

“Ewan, it is then. Ta very much!” I giggled.

“Go on and get yourselves sorted. We’ll eat afterwards. Hopin’ you’re hungry, lassie,” he chuckled. I loved his infectious and deep laugh.

Maisie took me to her room and I threw my case down. She kicked the door shut, and pushed me onto the bed, jumping on me and kissing me, her body jiggling around on top of me.

“Someone’s expectant, hmm?” I chuckled. “Good. So am I!”

“Fingers are okay, but…” she chuckled. “I think we can find something more, uh, fulfilling later?” she giggled.

“Let me just…” I said, and slid Escort Afyon my hand into her loose trousers. My fingers found their way past her panties and down to her almost bare slit. I rubbed a single finger through her furrow, pulled it out, and savoured her taste. “Christ, Maisie. I’ve…missed you! Not only for your wit and conversation…but for this,” I teased.

“Smooth, leanabh-nighean,” she chuckled. “Very smooth. C’mon. Da has made a lovely shepherd’s pie for us. Don’t get too filled up though,” she sniggered.

We brushed our hair, straightened our clothes and went to the kitchen, the smells were homey and welcoming. Her dad opened, what turned out to be, a lovely red to go with the meal. He was so easy to talk with, very engaging and interested in what I was doing. His proverbial silver tongue, I was sure, had gotten him into too much trouble over the years! I caught up on the hows and why and wherefores of his accident.

“Och…I was being an eejit, actually. Wasn’t payin’ attention, so here I am. It’s not too bad…there was far worse in A the tempo was relaxed and simple.

I changed places with her, and she repeated my touches. This was so different from

our usual shared showers, but it felt no less comfortable. When Maisie washed my pussy, with a bit more vigour than I had, I put my finger to her lips and said, “Not now, darling,” and smiled.

We dried each other off, small pecks on the other, as we pampered each other. Naked, we walked from the shower room to her bed. Maisie lit several candles, the soft glow adding to the subdued atmosphere. I grabbed a fresh towel from the bathroom and laid it on the bed.

I went to my bag and grabbed a bottle from within. I placed it next to me, and I sat cross-legged on the bed and held my hand out to hers. She sat in front of me, shimmying her legs over mine, her eyes uncertain about what was happening.

“You still…? You haven’t…?” she asked, hesitantly.

“Shhh,” I whispered, my finger back to her lips. “Let’s just relax and enjoy, ‘kay?” I said.

I grabbed the bottle and opened it, the thick, scented liquid pooling in my cupped hand. Maisie smiled, knowing what I was doing for us.

“You are going to relax tonight, mon amour. Let me take care of you, all right? I can feel how stressed you are. I get it, ‘kay? Let me do this for you,” I sighed, and rubbed my slick hand on her neck, her eyes closing as soon as the warm, thick gel hit her body. With both slippery hands, I massaged and kneaded her neck and shoulders. I brought my fingertips to her face, as I rubbed the healing lotion into her temples. Soft, imperceptible murmurs slid from her mouth, as she shuffled her naked body closer to mine.

“That’s…that’s…so good,” she whispered.

“Shhh,” I said again. “Just let it be, ‘kay?” I whispered, as my fingers drifted over her now-hard nipples, her breath coming in short, sharp gasps. I could feel the wetness weeping from her valley onto my leg, as I played with her breasts, my glassy fingers touched her, moving down and gently swaying across her stomach. I watched, enthralled, as a trickle of the sweet oil slipped into her tuft of pussy hair, matting and sticking to it.

Maisie opened her eyes, as I pressed my fingers into her tight body, her subtle moans telling me all I needed to know. Our eyes were buried in each other, as I pampered this special woman. My thumbs moved up her body, ignoring her rising desire, as I firmly pressed against her throat, a low, guttural sound looming whenever I applied just a bit more pressure, stroking and touching her. Her body glowed in the dim light, coated with the heady mixture of oils, and my breath.

My hands taunted her supple body, running down her stomach, ’til my fingers slid between her excited slit. Our eyes were locked together, as I slid a finger through her gully, gently rubbing her little clit with every upward move. I loved the way her body shivered, her eyes almost pleading for more. On the other hand, my eyes betrayed nothing of my amorous intentions.

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