Daddy… Rub My Neck


After Don Peterson lost his wife in a car accident, he was left with the daunting task of being cast in the roles of both mother and father to his daughter Nancy, who had survived that fateful night when a drunk t-boned the car the two were riding in.

Nancy had lived through it, but not without damage that went beyond the trauma of a girl who had lost her mother. The little waif’s right leg was badly damaged, so much so that she would never again play soccer like she had back in junior high school and was lucky to be doing well to be able to walk with only the limp she would probably carry for life.

Nancy’s neck was also injured in the crash and while the doctors had told them that she was lucky not to be stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of her life, Don knew that wasn’t something a teenage girl wanted to hear. Not when the other girls in school were playing soccer and going out on dates.

Nancy was not going out on any dates, and while part of that was due to the injuries she had suffered that left her less desirable to teenage boys with raging hormones, part was also due to the fact that Nancy wasn’t exactly a raging beauty.

Cute as the dickens, Don thought, but he was her Dad. The fact was that she was very plain looking and as for her body, it looked little different that it had five years ago before she left the house with her Mom that fateful night. It was as if when the car hit, it froze Nancy in time.

Tonight, Don thought, was the worst. Not only was it the anniversary of the accident, an event that went unmentioned but was not forgotten by either, but it was the night of Nancy’s Prom.

She told her Dad that she didn’t care about it, and it was stupid to waste money they didn’t have on a gown, but Don knew better. What girl didn’t want to go to their Prom, and who deserved it more than Nancy after all she had been through. No one asked, and although Don was tempted to ask Nancy if she wanted her to take her, he chickened out. How corny would that be, having your old man go to the Prom with you?

So after Nancy had gone to bed Don got into his pajamas and sat at the kitchen table and had a cocktail, and then another while thinking of all they had lost since that night. It was amusing in a sick way that while Nancy couldn’t find anybody, he was doing no better. The only relationship Don had in the last five years was with his hand.


Don heard Nancy’s voice from her bedroom down at the end of the hall, and that woke him up from the daze he was in. More than once Nancy had gone through episodes after the accident and he had been forced to rush her to the hospital, and while it had been a while Don took no chances.

“Honey?” Don gasped as he opened the door and saw his daughter sitting up on the bed. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry Daddy. It’s nothing bad except that my neck – I can’t get to sleep,” Nancy said as she squinted from the sudden light.

“Want me to rub it for you honey?” Don asked, knowing that sometimes eased the tension and the pain.

“Would you Daddy? I’m sorry…’

“Nothing to be sorry about precious,” Don said, and after he looked around he saw a bottle of some kind of lotion on her make-up table.

“Uh…” Don said as he wondered how he would do this because when he did it in the past his daughter would be sitting at the kitchen table and the one time he had done in with her in bed – well – nothing had happened but what had gone through his mind that night was scary and furthermore it seemed like Nancy sensed it too.

“I can sit there,” Nancy offered, pointing to the chair in front of the make-up table that she had gotten as a birthday present years ago.

It had been a present from Mom and Dad and although it was juvenile now that Nancy was eighteen, Don knew that it was in the room to stay.

“Okay,” Don said, and as Nancy worked her way out of bed he looked away, and not only because of the scar on his daughter’s leg but for the fact that Nancy seemed to be only wearing a baggy tank-top that used to be her Mom’s.

It was a faded yellow thing from a concert Don had taken his then future wife too as a first date, and although it wasn’t likely that Nancy knew who Motorhead was, she liked to wear the shirt to bed.

“Okay then,” Don said as he worked some lotion between his hands, smiling when he saw Nancy looking at him in the mirror. “Let’s see if these magic fingers can still do the trick.”

“They always do,” Nancy chirped, and then jumped when Don’s oiled hands landed on her neck. “Oooh!”

“Hurt honey?” Don asked, stopping for a moment, but Nancy shook her head.

“Feels good. I try to do it but it isn’t the same,” Nancy declared, shrugging her shoulder to get her reddish-brown hair out of the way.

Don was sweating almost right away because although he tried not keep his eyes elsewhere, perched behind Nancy like he was it was difficult not to look either down the baggy tank-top or from the sides through the gaping armholes.

She’s your daughter, Don told himself, just like Ankara escort he had told himself before, and he was grateful that Nancy wasn’t the voluptuous and teasing type like many girls her age were.

Still and all he was a man and it wasn’t like he hadn’t already seen much of Nancy before, and while she was certainly not shapely, her Mom hadn’t been either when she was 18 although nowhere near the waif Nancy was now.

Boyish. That was the word that described his daughter, and as he tried and failed to not look down the tank-top at the tiny swells that were Nancy’s breasts with the little pink nipples no bigger than his own he felt himself getting hard despite himself.

“Want me to get my hair out of the way?” Nancy offered, and before Don could stop her – because he was about to stop – Nancy was already reaching up and pulling her hair up and out of the way. “Now you can do my shoulders too. Everything aches today.”

“Glad to,” Don said, although this only made things worse because not only did this make the shirt bow out farther but the raising of his daughter’s arms exposed her underarms and the scent of the Teen Spirit deodorant Nancy used.

“So uh,” Don said as he forced his eyes upward, focusing on the faded letters on the top right hand corner of the mirror that had been removed years ago although the image was still readable. “Is that Sean still in your class?”

“Gosh no Daddy,” Nancy said with a giggle. “His family moved away years ago back when we were in 8th grade. He was my first boyfriend – just about my last too.”

“That’s not true honey,” Don said as his fingers massaged this daughter’s lightly freckled shoulders, another thing she got from her Mom. “There was – there was a Brian wasn’t there?”

“Only in my dreams. That was a one-way love affair. Sean was my true love. He showed me his thing in the playground,” Nancy admitted.

“He did? I’ll murder the bum,” I chuckled in mock outrage, remembering goofy stuff I did in my youth.

“Don’t you want to know if I showed him mine?” Nancy said as our eyes met in the mirror.

“Oh no – that’s your business honey,” I said, and Nancy lowered her eyes after nodding.

Nancy’s underarms – they were beautiful in his eyes. The pale gentle hollows under her skinny arms had usually been as smooth as butter but recently Nancy had started getting a little lax in that regard. Now the centers of her armpits were coated with a narrow strip of burnt orange-hued growth that was somewhere between peach fuzz and hair, and it had been a little over two weeks since she had shaved last.

And why do I know that? Don was scolding himself for being that aware of his daughter’s body and routine, and as he mentally berated himself his hands had slipped off of his daughter’s bony shoulders and the tips of his fingers were rubbing against the fur.

“Sorry,” Don mumbled. “Daydreaming and not paying attention to what I was doing.”

“Oh,” Nancy said, looking crestfallen as the hands went back up where they were. “I was hoping you meant it. It felt real nice.”

“Um – I – was…” Don mumbled.

“Did you stop because I haven’t shaved in a while?” Nancy asked. “If that’s the reason I can shave them now real quick – I just thought that maybe you liked me this way. I’ve seen you looking under my arms a lot lately.”

“I’m…” Don said, looking at his red face in the mirror and wishing he could die.

“T was hoping maybe I was starting to look like Mom. I mean I know I’m not as pretty, but I saw that old picture of Mom in this shirt and saw she didn’t shave back when she was my age. She looked so awesome.” Nancy said.

“I know honey,” Don said.

“Do you ever look at me like I’m not your little girl, Daddy?” Nancy asked. “Sometimes I see you looking at me – looking at me like a man would look at a woman he wants – and makes me feel tingly all over. Be honest. Do you Daddy?”

“Yes honey,” Don said after a moment of silence, continuing to rub her shoulders and neck while his eyes welled up.

“I like to dream about stuff. You know what today is?”


“I remember when Mom was alive and sometimes I would wake up to go to the bathroom or something,” Nancy recalled. “I would hear all those noises and the bed squeaking and although I didn’t really understand it then I do now.”

“I didn’t realize we were that loud,” Don said in a cracking voice. “Sorry.”

“Gosh no Daddy. I’m glad I got to hear something like that, because I don’t think I’ll ever experience it myself.”

“Nancy, that’s crazy. Somebody nice is going to come along and find out what I already know – that you’re a cute, bright and adorable girl with a lot of love in her heart,” Don declared.

“Not sexy though,” Nancy interjected. “You didn’t say sexy.”

“Sexy too,” Don heard himself saying. “I think you’re beautiful.”

“That’s because you’re my Dad and you love me. You’ve always taken care of me and you’re a handsome man who could have found somebody else easy if you weren’t stuck with me,” Nancy said.

“Don’t Ankara escort bayan say that. Stuck is definitely not what I am. I’m blessed.”

“If soccer practice didn’t run late that night…”

“Don’t go there honey,” Don said as he gripped his daughter’s lightly freckled shoulders instead of rubbing them. “We’ve already discussed that many times. It was a freak accident all the way around.”

“Right before the deadline for prom tickets there was this guy who was sort of friendly to me,” Nancy confessed. “He sort of hinted around about it and somebody else in class said it too.”


“Yeah. This one day he tells me to stay after school so he could talk with me, so I stayed around.”

“Was that the day you caught the late bus?”

“Yeah. So he starts talking to me and brings me back to the patch of woods behind the football field. Telling me stuff that I knew he didn’t mean, and while I knew he was lying I loved hearing it so much, so I kept following him and then he gets me to go down on my knees and takes out his dick.”

“Honey – why are you telling me this?” Don said, trying not to think of his baby getting put through this.

“Just so you know that I’m not a little girl anymore. I sucked his dick – never did it before but I saw stuff on the Internet,” Nancy continued. “His thing shot in my mouth and I spat it out because it was yucky. We’re walking back towards the school and he whistles over at some of the guys playing soccer and gives them a thumbs up and they all laughed.”

“The prom is tonight so I guess I didn’t do it very good,” Nancy concluded. “Are you mad at me Daddy? That’s the kind of thing slutty girls do.”

“No honey. I love you even more. I just wish there was something…”

“Go ahead Daddy,” Nancy said as she leaned back in the chair while reaching up and grabbed her father’s hips. “Rub me like you want to.”

The hiss that filled the air came from the air being sucked through Nancy’s teeth as Don’s slick fingers came around and started massaging Nancy’s armpits, gently rubbing the moist fur that extended up to the insides of his daughter’s biceps.

“I do that myself sometimes but this is nicer. Feels so good when you touch me Daddy,” Nancy sighed, and then she lowered his arms for a minute, only to let the baggy tank-top fall to her waist before raising her arms back up and lifting her hair along with her hands. “I keep praying that they’ll grow so boys would look at me. I know they’re pitiful – so little…”

“Ssh,” Don whispered as he looked at Nancy’s chest, almost completely flat because she was reaching up like that, and then his hands stopped stroking Nancy’s furry armpits and went over to her breast buds.

“Ooh,” Nancy sighed as her nipples popped out when her father’s palms slid over them, and she squirmed in the chair as Don began to gently knead the little swells. “I can’t believe how good this feels. How many times I’ve dreamed about this happening.”

“I can’t,” Don said, but his daughter’s arms came down quickly and her hands clamped down over his and pressed them back onto her chest, and although he could have – should have easily overpowered her weak grip he didn’t.

“Honey,” Nancy’s father sobbed as bent down and kissed Nancy’s neck. “This…”

“It’s okay Daddy,” Nancy interrupted. “Really. I’ve seen the way you sometimes take peeks at me. You look down my blouse sometimes and I get all goosebumps thinking about you doing this to me. I know daddies always think of their daughters as little girls.”

“You’ll always be my little angel,” Don sniffed as her daughter’s pointy nipples poked his palms.

“I know Daddy. I know in a lot of ways I look like a little kid too. Sure as heck not like most 18 year old girls, but I am a woman,” Nancy continued. “I’ve got a lot of hair between my legs – a whole lot – but you knew that already don’t you Daddy?”

Don looked up at the mirror where Nancy’s image was watching him, and she gave him a brave little smile and a nod.

“I kept trying to show you – you usually turn away but sometimes you look,” Nancy explained. “Guess I got that from Mom didn’t I?”

“Yes,” Don said, and when he lowered his eyes he saw that the tank top had ridden up so that along with the angry looking scar on her leg her lush reddish-brown bush was visible, and when he inhaled a chill flew down his spine.

“Don’t stop Daddy,” Nancy said when his hands stopped kneading her breast buds for a moment. “Feels so great – they’re little but I think they’re sensitive. If I did get to go to the Prom some boy might be doing this to me in the back seat of a car or somewhere.”

“I was going to offer to take you to the Prom,” Don admitted. “Chickened out because I figured we would get laughed at.”

“Really?” Nancy asked, and when her father nodded her eyes got misty. “I wish you did because I would have said yes in a heartbeat.”

“Maybe next year,” Don suggested, because Nancy still had a year of school to make up for.

“I’m not going to let you Escort Ankara forget that next year you know,” Nancy replied.

“By then some guy…”

“No guy will Daddy, you know that as well as I do,” Nancy said as she leaned into the hands rubbing her tiny bosom. “Just think if we did go this year. I would be with the most handsome guy there. We could have a dance together. A slow one.”

“Nice,” Don said as he pressed his lips on the back of his daughter’s head.

“And then we could leave – you could take me up to lovers lane if there is one that is – or maybe you could take me to a motel,” Nancy suggested. “That’s what I’ve heard some of the kids do.”


“We could go into the room, and there would be champagne there in a bucket, but we would too excited,” Nancy imagined. “We undress each other and when we’re naked I see you like I’ve never seen you before. I mean, I’ve seen you naked plenty of times when you weren’t aware, but now that big scary thing that usually hangs straight down is now pointing straight out and looking angry. You want me.”

“Please don’t honey,” Don begged as he buried his face in his daughter’s neck. “I’m way too weak for this.”

“No you’re not Daddy. You’re the rock I’ve always leaned on,” Nancy insisted. “Don’t tell me how wrong it would be. You’re all I have. We’re all each other has. Please Daddy. Pick me up and carry me to your bedroom. Make love to me. Make me a woman.”

“You’re already a woman honey,” Don said, but he was rising as he said it, and while he had scooped up the little waif countless times and brought her to bed, it was never like this.

Don set Nancy gently down next to the bed and after his daughter sat on the edge and raised her arms up, he lifted the tank top up and over her head and now she was naked.

Don unbuttoned his pajama top, trying to make the room stop spinning around in his head while Nancy sat inches from the obscene bulge in the front of the pajama bottoms, her hand gently touching the wet sticky spot that had formed.

The only light in the room came from the hallway, and although it was dim Don could see very well although when his gaze went to the picture of him with his wife he looked away while praying that he could find the nerve to stop this.

“Let me Daddy,” Nancy was saying as her trembling hands went to the snap, and after it clicked open and she eased the garment down past the bulge, her father’s cock sprang up wildly after being freed from the confinement and made her recoil a little to avoid being hit by the vein-riddled erection.

“Wow!” Nancy whispered as she tentatively lifted her hands to hold the second erect phallus she had ever seen, and as her fingers held the throbbing beige organ she was stunned at how much different this one was.

This wasn’t like being in the woods with Dirk Manning, whose pink dick was not much bigger than her thumb. This was a man’s penis – the very same one that had helped create her almost 19 years ago. Nancy’s hands slid a little up and down the pulsating manhood which seemed as big as her arm, and as the skin moved the foreskin slid back a bit to expose the tip of the bulbous knob.

Nancy leaned forward, her lips pressing against the tender tip which was leaking pre-cum, and unlike the vile brackish goo she had been introduced to, her Daddy’s seed was sweet. Nancy kissed the tip again before opening her mouth and sliding her lips down over the rippled and rough skin, her jaws straining to avoid nicking him with her teeth.

Don ran his hands through Nancy’s hair as he looked down at something that both excited and revolted him, his daughter holding his cock with both hands while her mouth strained to take in as much of him as she could. Up and down she went, with her doe-like eyes glancing up for approval.

“No good Daddy?” Nancy asked when he pulled his cock away from her.

“TOO good,” her father said, and then he was picking Nancy up as gingerly as he could to get her onto the center of the bed, and although he was gentle he knew that it probably hurt her but she didn’t let on.

Carefully parting his daughter’s thighs and looking down, Don was stunned at how familiar this looked, the lush wide triangle of burnt-orange hair that filled the delta was so much like her mother’s was that it was chilling.

Soft too, Don discovered as he cheeks were buffeted by the dense fur, and when his tongue found the opening he found it already wet but he made it wetter.

While Don went down on his daughter he kept telling himself to stop but there was something that wouldn’t let him. In addition to being just as furry Nancy’s pussy smelled and tasted just like her Mom’s, and as his daughter writhed and moaned he found himself scrambling up to his knees between Nancy’s skinny thighs.

He wasn’t completely deranged because he made sure than Nancy’s bad leg was out of harm’s way as best he could, but he was rubbing the head of his manhood up and down the length of the hairy fold like an animal.


Nancy’s voice woke him out of the daze he was in, but then he realized that he had not done the unthinkable yet. Nancy’s eyes were just as glazed as his own were, but then as she repeated herself Don realized that his daughter hadn’t said stop.

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