Daddy Does His Slutty Daughter


Ty was home a bit early that day. It was Friday and the weekend couldn’t have came soon enough after a draining work week. He threw his suit coat over the chair in the kitchen as he came in and immediately started to loosen his tie. He quickly kicked his dress shoes off and headed straight for his bedroom upstairs to take a quick shower and unwind.

It was no surprise that his daughter, Lexi, was home too. It was summertime and Lexi had just graduated from high school. It was also no surprise that Lexi’s BFF, Taylor was there too. The two of them were inseparable. Lexi was a spitting image of her mother. Bleach blonde hair that was straight and just above shoulder length, tan as hell, dark blue eyes, a smile that would get any man’s attention, perky C cup tits, perfectly flat stomach, long slender legs that would look amazing in stockings and a garter, and an ass that you could eat for days. She was 5′ 6″ and a 100 pounds. A tiny little thing. She knew she was hot too. She was sassy as hell, liked to show off her body and wear bright colors.

Her friend Taylor was just like her, personality wise, but Taylor was a fiery, curly raven haired beauty. Stood just a bit taller than Lexi, Taylor had dark eyes to go with her black hair, bigger tits, bigger ass but still unbelievably sexy. Taylor wore more darker colors like black and purple. She was the kind of girl that would look amazing on the back of a motorcycle.

As Ty walked up the steps, he could hear the two girls squealing like they were wrestling with each other on Lexi’s bed. Ty had heard them do this for years now. Sure enough, when he walked by Lexi’s room, her door was open just enough so that he could see them giggling and falling on the bed together. Lexi’s room couldn’t have been more girly. It was painted Barbie Pink and her bed’s comforter had floral print. Teddy bears were everywhere, and so were her clothes. Lexi was a bit of a messy person, but it was summer so some of her cleanliness had gone to the way side.

Ty stopped and watched the two of them for a bit. Lexi was just wearing bright orange bra and a sheer, white g-string, outlined in a pastel purple color. Taylor was in a tiny, baby blue t-shirt that didn’t even cover her belly button, and a dark purple, leopard print thong that barely covered her ass or pussy for that matter. It was an amazing sight for anyone to see these two perfect bodies intertwining with each other, playfully wrestling and giggling. Ty would be lying to himself if it didn’t turn him on even a little. Even if it was his daughter, he knew how hot she was and so was Taylor.

Ty went and did exactly what he had planned on doing. He got undressed and took a shower. He couldn’t wait to lay out by the pool and not think of anything else for a while. He figured that Lexi and Taylor would probably go out to the pool as well eventually, but that wasn’t going to bother him.

He couldn’t help thinking about what else his daughter and her best friend do together when he wasn’t home. Lexi and Taylor always talked about boys they liked at school but Lexi never had a steady boyfriend over the years. She was with Taylor wherever they went. The thought of his hot daughter and her hot friend fucking each other made Ty almost lose it in the shower. He shook it off though, got clean and got in his swim trunks, grabbed a towel and headed for the pool.

Before he headed down he grabbed what he assumed to be some headache medicine from the medicine cabinet. His mind still whirling from the thoughts he had in the shower earlier as well as some things from work over the week made him not pay attention to what he was actually putting into his mouth. He was going to have a big surprise later.

Ty walked down the stairs, through the kitchen and slid open the patio door to the pool area. He went right for one of the lawn chairs on the deck and climbed on. The weight of the work week was finally lifted and with that came a massive wave of sleepiness. Ty barely remembers the girls running into the pool as he drifted off into sleep. The girls hadn’t even really noticed him when they jumped in. They were wearing even less then they previously had. Lexi was still in her bright orange bra and sheer whit g-string, but now you could really see through the material and see Lexi’s perfectly shaved pussy, leaving just the tiniest strip Escort of hair right down the middle. Taylor was still wearing her tiny purple leopard thong but instead of the t-shirt, she was now wearing a matching bikini top to her bottoms. It was a string tie top that barely covered her D sized tits.

The girls played like they did earlier on the bed, playfully splashing each other, lightly wrestling and giggling like girls do. This went on for some time before they finally relaxed for a bit. Taylor slowly came up behind Lexi and wrapped her arms around her. Lexi felt Taylor’s touch was still playful but in a different way than earlier. She moaned softly and closed her eyes as she brought herself closer to Taylor and she took on Taylor’s embrace. Lexi turned her head towards her best friend so that Taylor could begin to kiss her on the cheek, eventually kissing her lips. It quickly turned into a makeout session, as Lexi had completely turned to Taylor and to two held each other as their kisses became deeper with more passion. Their legs underneath became intertwined as they began to start grinding each other. The soft moans became louder as the grinding became more intense. Lexi grabbed her friend’s perfect ass and pushed it hard into her as she was nearing orgasm. Now with her eyes opened and focused on her lesbian lover, Taylor grind as hard as she could into Lexi as Lexi began cumming from rubbing clit onto Taylor’s in the pool. Taylor’s mouth was now wide open and her breaths became shorter and faster, cumming just as hard as Lexi.

The two stopped and embraced each other after their intense orgasms. They kissed softly and caressed each other’s faces, staring into each other’s eyes and biting their bottom lip like a seductress. It was only then that Lexi turned her head towards the deck that she saw that her dad was laying on one of the lawn chairs passed out and saw something else she couldn’t believe.

“Oh my god, Taylor. Is that my dad laying there? Is he sleeping…oh my god…he has the biggest fucking boner right now!” said Lexi in amazement.

Sure enough, Ty was passed out on the lawn chair, but had a full on erection from accidentally taking some Viagra instead of the headache medicine that he thought he took. His dick was so hard that it had popped out of his shorts and was sticking straight up. It was a good nine inches long and girthy. He was a fit man and took care of himself down there so he had was completely shaven as well, making him look even larger.

Taylor whipped her head around as soon as she heard what Lexi had said. Her mouth dropped as she saw the massive dick, sticking out of the shorts and also looking on in amazement at what a rock hard body Lexi’s dad had. She was beginning to feel frisky again.

“Babe,” asked Lexi, “Have you EVER seen a dick that fucking big before?”

“Fuck no,” replied Taylor. “That is one gorgeous looking cock. I can’t believe that your dad has such beautiful, hot cock like that.” Taylor began to unconsciously start grinding on Lexi again. Lexi wasn’t about to stop her any.

“I bet you would fuck my dad.”

“Of course I would!” said Taylor as if to say that was an obvious statement. Neither one of them had had sex with any guy at this point because they hated the boys at their high school and didn’t anything to do with the dirty older men in town either. This was something different though. The both of them loved Ty for separate reasons. Ty had always had a great relationship with his daughter and had always been very nice to Taylor throughout the years. He was never a jerk even at the times when maybe it had called for him to be mean about something they had done. But now, here he was on display, on accident, for both of the girls, and they both were thinking very dirty thoughts.

“What would you do if I touched it right now?” asked Lexi.

“You’re fucking crazy,” said Taylor, “but you’re crazy enough to do it.

Lexi let go of Taylor and started making her way towards her passed out dad and his giant cock. Lexi heard Taylor say something but was more focused on her dad’s big dick to really pay attention to what she saying just then. She grabbed the side of the pool and pulled her flawless, perfect, glistening body out the water and walked right up to her dad. She turned and looked back towards Taylor in Escort Bayan the pool, biting her bottom lip. Taylor looked on at her in amazement knowing that her friend was crazy enough to do it.

Lexi started to straddle her dad’s legs by his and slowly slid her perfect butt up over his knees so that she was sitting on his thighs. Ty was still out and was clueless as to what was happening. Lexi was now inches from what her and her friend had determined was a gorgeous, hard, long perfect cock. She reached out slowly, but once her fingers reached her dad’s dick, she quickly wrapped her hand around it. It felt amazing to her. It was the first dick she’d ever touched in her life and it was her dad’s monster cock.

She continued feel it with both of her hands, massaging it, caressing it, rubbing the tip of it with her thumb. It was beginning to precum so she slid her finger across the tip and slowly pulled it away so that it stayed connected. She looked over at Taylor who had noticed what she had just done with her dad’s precum and was looking at her with wide eyes. Lexi opened her lips, stuck her tongue out and licked her daddy’s precum from her thumb. Taylor’s look of complete surprise into a look of pure lust as her fingers began to rub her clit under her thong.

Lexi had noticed out of the corner of her eye that there was bottle of baby oil still sitting at the nearby table that she had out from earlier in the day. She leaned and reached over for it. She immediately opened it up and began pouring it into her hand. She closed the bottle and set it back down and rubbed her hands together so that they were slathered in baby oil. She really began working her dad’s cock now with the baby oil. Her daddy’s giant cock was now covered and shining in the summer sunlight. She removed her hands from her daddy’s cock and rubbed the rest of the oil on her thighs. Taylor continued to look on as she wondered what wonderful thing Lexi was going to do next.

Lexi began to reposition herself as she placed her feet on the ground, still straddling her dad. She pulled her sheer g-string to the side and with still some oil remaining on her fingers, began massaging her tiny, little asshole, rubbing the baby around and in her hole. Taylor couldn’t believe her eyes as she saw her lesbian lover lubing herself up for her daddy’s big cock. Lexi positioned her asshole right above the fully erect dick and with her left hand, she grabbed his dick and slowly started to lower herself onto him. She wasn’t going to take his dick in her pussy with the fear of getting pregnant, so instead, got the idea quickly that she could still take the first cock she ever took, in her ass.

She felt the tip enter and she twitched from the intensity of it. She let out a light gasp but got repositioned to take it again. This time, she could anticipate the feeling. She lowered herself again, this time a little bit faster, easing the big dick in her perfect asshole. She whimpered every time she got a little bit more of it in her. She kept biting her bottom lip harder with every inch going in deeper into her tight ass. Taylor kept watching closely as Ty’s dick went deeper into her lover’s ass.

Lexi fell forward and grabbed onto her dad’s shoulders as his cock was fully inserted into Lexi’s butt. She held her position there for a moment, just taking in the fact that her father’s gigantic, rock hard dick was deep in her ass, and he was still asleep! Lexi began to rock her hips as she grind her ass on her daddy’s cock. She couldn’t hold back her moans any longer and she began to moan like the little slut that she was becoming. She began to ride him harder as her muscles began to relax and she could feel her pussy getting soaking wet from rubbing up and down on him as she rode his cock in her ass.

Ty began to waken as Lexi didn’t notice as her eyes were closed and she was completely lost in the sex. Ty, still coming out of his slumber, felt his cock getting worked like never before. He quickly opened his eyes and saw his daughter, that he had just been fantasizing about, riding his dick, hard! He had no idea what to do and Lexi was still oblivious to the fact that he was now awake.

Completely engulfed in pleasure, Ty wrapped his arm around his daughter’s perfect body and began ferociously fucking her by pushing his hips into Bayan Escort her. It caught Lexi by surprise as she opened her eyes and looked into her father’s eyes. She grabbed his face and they looked at each other as their fucking rhythm was matched as there hips collided at the same time.

“Fuck me, daddy.”

Ty almost blew his load right there with his precious, gorgeous daughter saying the words that he had only dreamt about before. But he stopped his motion with his cock still buried in her, held her tight and said, “Let’s bring this inside so I can really give it to you.”

Lexi wasn’t about to argue with that. She quickly got up and and headed for the patio door into the house. Ty was right behind her and Taylor got out of the pool to follow them. Ty walked slower to the door, showing his male dominance as he walked into his home to fuck his gorgeous daughter. Taylor caught up to him and grabbed his ass tightly as she walked by him. “This is so fucking hot,” she whispered into his ear as her hip knocked into his and as her ass lightly grazed his dick.

Ty gave her a wink and smile as he walked into the house. “Get on the counter,” he said to Lexi as her sexy ass wasted no time and hopped onto the kitchen counter. The height was perfect for Ty to stand and position himself to begin fucking his daughter’s ass once again. He slobbered on his fingers and rubbed them up against Lexi’s exposed asshole on the counter. Lexi licked her lips in anticipation as Taylor climbed up on the other side of the kitchen counter to get a good look of Lexi getting ass fucked by her dad. She put one foot up on the counter and pulled the tiny thong to the side to begin rubbing her clit again.

Once Lexi’s asshole was nice and ready again, Ty shoved his cock right back in her. She held on tight to her daddy as she felt the nine inch dick fill her up again. This moan was the loudest and longest of all the moans to this point as there was nothing to hold back any longer. She nodded her head in approval to her father to let him know that moans were in pleasure and not in pain.

“Fuck your daughter, Ty,” was what Taylor added as if he needed any more encouragement at this point. He began doing long, hard thrusts into the newly, devirginized asshole. He looked dow to see he perfectly trimmed pussy with the tiny strip of hair left. His daughter was the incredibly sexy girl of his dreams in every way. Her flawless young body, the tight asshole, the moans of pure passion, and a friend who was just as hot as she was, looking on and loving every minute of their fucking.

Ty began really fucking her now. He wasn’t about to take things lightly anymore. His thrusts were long, hard, deep and fast. He grabbed the back of Lexi’s head and pulled her hair as her body went limp from losing herself in hot, lusty sex and completely submitting herself to whatever her dad was doing to her. She began ferociously rubbing her clit was her soaking, wet pussy was dripping. The rubbing she was doing was splattering her juices all over herself and her dad’s stomach. Taylor began squirting everywhere because of the lusty, forbidden sight that she was witnessing in front of her. Her screams caught Ty’s attention and the sight of her getting off the most intense way possible for a woman to get off was sending him over the edge.

Ty could feel his balls tighten. He felt the orgasm rising thru his dick. He knew at any second her would cum, and not just cum, but cum hard and deep into his daughter’s ass. He slowed down the thrusts and began hard, controlled thrusts as he felt the first wave of cum shoot deep into her. He screamed. She screamed. He thrusted again, cumming even more. The third thrust sent her completely over the edge as she lost all control of herself down there and squirted all over her dad’s abdomen and also pushed her dad’s cock out of her. Ty wasn’t finished cumming as two more shots rang out of his monster cock onto her tummy and up across her tits.

Taylor hopped off the counter and ran towards Lexi’s lifeless body, laying on the kitchen counter. Taylor quickly started lapping up Lexi’s asshole and licking cum up from there and then to her body, licking every ounce of cum that Ty shot out of his dick. Once Taylor had all of the delicious cum in her mouth, she straddled over Lexi and began kissing her deeply. Lexi kissed back as they shared Ty’s cum in their passionate kiss.

Everyone was exhausted and the two girls just laid there on the counter for a moment as Ty rested on a nearby chair. Ty thought to himself, “This is going to be a crazy summer.”

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