Dad and Son Dialogues Ch. 06


Both men stepped onto the old pier extending from the shore over the shimmering blue lake. Around the shore, pine trees stood tall waving gently in the Spring breeze. The younger man spoke, “Hey Granddad,” “how great does it feel to be back up here, yes?”

“Sure does, Bobby,” the older man replied with a grin. He paused and looked back toward the cabin saying, “Leave it to your father to insist on inspecting the place before coming down here with us.”

His grandson replied, “You know Daddy is a stickler for preparation. I guess he wants to make sure everything is working and our stuff is put away before coming down.”

“That’s true to form, Bobby,” the older man said while unbuttoning his shirt. As he let it drop on the pier he said to the boy, “In the meanwhile, how about you and me hitting the water?” He had already begun unzipping his trousers and with one downward sweep stepped from his shoes and out of the trousers, then his underwear.

His grandson said, “Wow Granddad, you’re going skinny dipping.”

“Only way son, only way,” the stocky, older man responded yelling “Come join me” as he ran naked down the dock and dove into the lake.

In the excitement of being naked with his grandfather, Bobby struggled to get his own clothes off. Once undressed, the feel of fresh air on his skin and thrill of being naked had his cock standing upward by the time he left the dock with a leap and a loud yell.

Then he emerged shooting upward from the water splashing and laughing loudly.

“Granddad, this feels awesome,” he shouted. “I’m finally free from high school and out here with both you and Dad.” The boy began swimming backward in a circle, pausing every few feet to converse at his nearby grandfather.

The older man joined in his grandson’s laughter. He dog paddled closer to him. At the sight of his grandson’s naked body on the dock, his penis had responded and was now hard under the water. “Have you ever skinny dipped, Bobby?”

“No,” was the reply. “I didn’t know it would be this awesome. My balls are actually floating,” he said laughing.

The two men approached each other and begin paddling side by side, their legs brushing under the water. As they paddled, Robert placed one arm over his grandson’s shoulders pulling them together until their hips touched.

As he also paddled with one arm, Bobby’s free hand brushed his grandfather’s cock. “Pops,” he said, “what’s going on under there?” he laughed aloud.

“Exactly what you think is going under there,” the older man responded with a grin reaching down to grab his grandson’s now soft dick. After giving it a squeeze, he said, “Come on Bobby, let’s swim over to the pier and grab hold of the stairs, I want to talk with you for a few minutes.”

“Okay, I’m right behind you,” said the young man as both men stretched out in the water swimming toward the pier and the attached ladder.

Both of them grasped the ladder with one hand and placed a foot on a step. Their lower torso’s pressed together. Moved by a slight current, their bodies bobbed in the water. Robert took his free hand and started lightly rubbing his grandson’s back. Then he reached then down to the boy’s round butt while he spoke.

“What I wanted to tell you son was, first of all, how proud I am of you doing as well in school as you have and graduating with honors. The whole family is proud,” adding, “especially your Dad.”

Bobby relaxed to the older man’s touch on his naked skin. It was impossible for the boy found it impossible to not become aroused brushed up against his grandfather.

“The second thing I wanted to say was to tell you something about your father and me.” The man paused with his hand gently cupping one of Bobby’s butt cheeks. “I don’t know how much your dad has told you about us, but,” here it comes the man thought, “we have enjoyed being physically intimate together since he was about your age.”

Underwater, Bobby continued pressing his left leg against his grandfather’s while he held onto one of the ladder steps with his right hand. While the older man was speaking, Bobby let his free hand rest on his grandfather’s thigh. He squeezed the muscular leg.

Robert remained silent letting his grandson absorb this information. Then he continued, “When your father spoke to me last night about what you two did Thursday, it seemed natural to me.” Robert felt his grandson’s palm begin to rub the soft skin inside his thigh causing the back of the boy’s hand to brush against his balls as they floated in the water.

After another period of silence, it was Bobby who spoke. “I’m glad he told you Granddad.” The boy paused, thinking of what to say next. “I think I’ve always wanted something like this, with you and my dad I mean,” he said reaching out to take hold of the man’s hard prick. “I never suspected anything between you and Dad, but I’m glad to know.”

Bobby felt his grandfather’s hand slide down his ass crack and between his legs to touch the back of his balls. Escort “Wow Granddad,” the boy reacted quickly, “that really feels good.”

With his middle finger, Robert began rubbing around the young man’s ass hole. His grandson squeezed his hole when the older man’s finger began prodding the puckered opening.

Bobby leaned his shoulder into his grandfather’s chest trying to cope with the new sensations. He felt the finger begin gently prodding upward. “I’ve never felt anything like this before,” the boy spoke softly as he wrapped his legs around the older man’s hips.

The older man’s finger pressed further inside the boy. “Does that hurt, Bobby?” he asked.

Floating in the water as he clung to his grandfather, Bobby had begun breathing harder. His body bobbed in the water from the push of his grandfather’s finger up him. “I don’t know Granddad,” he said clinging to the man’s shoulders, “it feels sort of good, but really weird. I’ve never had anything up there before.”

His grandfather withdrew his finger slowly. “Then we’ll have to practice that a little more. It can be something enjoyable, but takes getting used to.” Looking toward the shore he said, “I wonder where your dad is. He’s certainly taking his time.”

“Maybe he doesn’t know where we are,” Bobby answered.

“Oh he does,” said the older man. “I saw him watching us from the porch earlier.” With his grandson’s legs still wrapped around him he said, “This sure feels good, Bobby. You can stay like this while you tell me how much experience you have had sexually.” Then he added, “Have you ever fucked someone?”

Reaching to grab hold of his grandfather’s swollen prick again he answered, “No I haven’t.” Then he whispered into the man’s ear, “But I really want to. Does it feel as good as getting a blow job,” he asked.

“It’s different, but at least as good,” the older man replied. “I’ve enjoyed all kinds of sex in my life, but screwing a good man in the ass is the best in my opinion.” He paused letting his words sink in with Bobby. Then he revealed a secret as he nodded towards the cabin, “And I know someone who loves getting fucked more than anything else.”

“What?” Bobby exclaimed surprise leaning away from the man. “Do you mean my Dad?’ he said incredulously, “You mean Daddy likes getting fucked?” Looking upward towards the cabin, “But he’s such a stud,” he exclaimed back at his grandfather. “I thought he’d be the one fucking someone.”

“You never know boy. You can’t assume what a man likes until you know him. And I assure you,” pausing for effect, “your father likes a big dick up his ass,” then reaching over he squeezed his grandson’s still hard rod, “just like this one.”

The boy released his grandfather’s prick and clung wide-eyed to the ladder at this new revelation. He hesitated before speaking to the man softly, “Do you think he would let me,” he paused then licked his lips, “really fuck him?”

“I think with a little subtle encouragement from his father,” the man winked at his grandson, “he just might.”

The men, let their bodies float while holding to the ladder, both considering what had just been exchanged.

Suddenly from the shore Alex’s voice boomed, “Hey have you two drowned out here?”

They quickly separated as Robert spoke from the water, “Yeah, we’re just coming in.” Then he said, “Why don’t you go up first Bobby.” Bobby began climbing the ladder with the feel of his grandfather’s hand on his ass.

Standing spread legged on the pier, Alex he watched as his son, with his cock engorged, emerge from the lake.

“Dad,” Alex said leaning over the pier upon seeing his boy’s erection, “what have you been doing with my son? Did you get this boy’s dick hard?” Addressing the young man like he was still ten years old, he said, “Pick up your clothes Bobby, we’re going inside.”

Emerging from the water, the older man said to his son, “Oh quiet Alex, I’ve just been showing my grandson some new strokes.” He winked at the young man who grinned back at him.

“Yeah, well I can only imagine what strokes you’ve been up to.” Turning toward his son he said in a slightly more humorous tone, “Watch that grandfather of yours, Bobby, he’s a dirty old man.” Then with a grin, he reached out and slapped his son’s butt.

Robert followed along behind his son and grandson has they raced each other to the nearby cabin. He watched the muscles of their round butts shake as they ran. His son was more heavily muscled than Bobby, but the boy’s lithe body had the tone of an athlete as well as the sheen of youth.

He had originally purchased the place when his son was young. Since his wife hated the place, it had become a refuge where he could indulge in activities free of the fairer sex.

Stepping through the doorway, he found his son and grandson locked in an embrace in the center of the large main room. Pausing at the sight, he watched the two and slowly began pleasuring himself.

After a short while he approached and Escort Bayan placed his hand on Alex’s back saying, “Say Bobby, how about helping me in getting these clothes off of your old man. He’s missing all of the fun.”

He started pulling Alex’s polo shirt up his torso and over his head. At the grandfather’s invitation to undress his father, Bobby dropped to his knees and quickly removed the man’s shoes and socks before he reached to undo his father’s belt and then lower his trousers.

Looking up at his father, Bobby said, “Let’s get these pants off you, Dad.” Alex stepped free of his pants when his son held them open. His cock was already raging in his shorts when he felt his father pulling the jockey briefs off him. Once free from the confines of underwear, his hard cock sprung upward like it was released by a coil. Looking down he watched his son reach for the distended pole. “You can take that big thing in your mouth Bobby, and give me a big sucking.”

Without a word Bobby’s mouth seemed to swallow his father’s cock entirely. Pressing it into his mouth the big rod slid past his lips and palate probing deep within the young man’s oral cavity. At the rear of his throat Bobby experienced a momentary gag reflex, but instinctively relaxed to have the engorged tool completely fill his mouth. Then he began to suck.

Robert stood watching his grandson slide his father’s cock in and out of his mouth. Spit in the form of slobber formed around the young man’s lips. The older man began kneading his own cock head at the sight. Standing naked with his son and grandson his cock was enflamed beyond everything he had known before.

A low moan rolled through Alex’s chest from the feel of his son’s mouth on him. His hips rolled forward causing Bobby to lean back gaging from the thrust.

“Wow, that’s a lot to take, Dad,” as the boy swallowed to control the spasm in his throat. Looking upward at his father he asked, “Was that good, Dad?”

“You know it was son, but just take your time; you don’t have to swallow all at once.” Before his son could resume sucking, Alex took his own father’s cock in hand and said “Here’s another son. Let’s see if you can take on two of us.”

Father and son now watched Bobby grasp each of their hard pole’s, pulling them together in an attempt to envelope both of the swollen heads into his mouth. The boy became frustrated trying to press them between his open lips. Their combined size made it impossible. “God man, your cocks are big ones, I can’t get them both in,” he said joking as he leaned backward and looked up at the men.

His grandfather said, “Take your father’s Bobby, I want to watch you suck him.”

With no further encouragement, the boy resumed swallowing his father’s throbbing prick.

Robert stroked himself as his watched his grandson plunge his mouth over his father’s shaft all the way to the wiry pubic hair, only to withdraw and lick the tip. Then he repeated again. Alex slowly rocked his hips in unison with his son’s thrusts.

Robert probed his middle finger between his son’s butt cheeks. When he reached Alex’s ass hole he began circling it the finger. Slowly he pressed the finger deep inside to touch the prostate.

The muscular man shuddered and bent over slightly from the stimulation from pressure on the small gland. In unison with the pressure inside of him, he moved his hips side to side. Coupled with the sensations of his son’s lips around his cock, it was becoming nearly impossible for him to stand, let alone stand in one place.

Sensing his son’s dilemma, Robert said, “Let’s go over on that bed, boys. I have an idea I think we should try.”

On one side of the room, the guest bed stood invitingly for the men to climb onto its comforts.

“Alex, lay down on your back,” Robert instructed, assuming command of the situation. Turning to Bobby, he pointed for his grandson to also get into the bed near his father’s feet. “Now you get down here boy.”

With both father and son now in the bed, Robert began lifting Alex’s legs upward and back, bending at the knee, and giving him instructions of how to grab his legs keeping them bent at the knees. The man’s ass hole was there for all to see. Small curly hairs laced around the crumpled opening.

Spotting a tube of lubricant on a nearby table Robert grabbed it and at the same time nodded toward his son’s direction. “I see you came prepared, Alex,” saluting the tube towards his son.”

“Always be prepared,” the muscular man responded faintly, not entirely sure of what his father had in mind, though the position in which he had been arranged suggested that fun was ahead.

“Now your turn, Bobby,” Robert spoke to the younger man. “I want you to lubricate your finger and then rub the lubricant around your father’s ass hole, like this.” With his own finger he began encircling Alex’s hole.

Bobby scooted on his knees up near his father’s exposed ass. He squeezed an amount of lube onto his finger and reached Bayan Escort down to touch the puckered hole. His excitement rose as his finger touched his dad’s hole.

“Now slowly poke your finger inside, Bobby,” said his grandfather.

Bobby’s eyes grew wide as his finger pushed inside of his father lubricating the entrance. The feeling of the warmth inside his father surpassed anything he had experienced, leaving his cock jerking with excitement. “Dad,” he asked while peering between his father’s legs, “can I put my cock in here.”

Alex had closed his eyes at the feeling of vulnerability as his father began arranging them into positions. The prospect of being fucked by his son now a reality, excitement had taken over and he replied while stroking his own prick, “Yes Bobby. You can fuck me son.”

Robert took hold of his grandson’s cock and pressed it down to Alex’s hole. “Now you just push in here boy, but push in slowly so he can relax the muscle as you go.”

Alex gave a start with the first probe of his son’s cock. Bobby paused until his father indicated that he should press in further. “I’m ready son, now go on in,” he said.

Once the outer ring had loosened, Bobby felt his prick slide easily down into his father’s dark tunnel. The welcoming warmth from inside surprised him. “Wow Dad, you’re warm in here,” he said to his father. “And it feels really good,” he added looking at his grinning grandfather standing beside the bed.

His father shifted his legs upward saying, “Let me put my legs on your shoulders son. It’ll be easier for you to drive your cock into me.”

Robert whispered to his grandson, “Now go for it boy, your dad is ready for you to ride him.”

Bobby began rocking his hips and thrusting his cock forward and back out of his father’s tight ass hole and mumbling in excitement.

Robert began feeling Bobby’s butt. Climbing on the bed behind the boy he said, “Just keep doing what you’re doing, Bobby, I’ll be busy back here.” Spreading his grandson’s ass cheeks he leaned down to begin licking the crack between.

Bobby looked backward to see his grandfather press his face into his ass. “Granddad, that’s a really wild feeling.” Turning to his father he mouthed, “Granddad’s licking my ass hole.”

Alex nodded and grinned back at his son and giving him thumbs up. The man was continuing to stroke his own cock.

Robert’s tongue pressed around the boy’s ass hole. The scent of the cavity filled his nostrils with the smell of musk and sweat. Encouraged that his grandson had resumed pumping his father, the older man’s made his tongue in a roll to push it inside the boy.

Bobby leaned forward groaning loudly at the unfamiliar sensation in his ass. “Wow, lick me Pop; lick that hole,” he shouted.

Thrusting his hips with the rocking of the bed, Alex shouted encouragement to his son, “Drill me boy, fuck your father good Bobby. Pound me son.”

Bobby pounded his cock into the muscular man’s wet canal. “Take my cock, Dad, take my prick up inside you,” he began yelling. The sensation from his grandfather’s tongue was causing him to lose what little control he had. “I’m going to cum, Dad, I’m going to shoot it,” he shouted at his father.

Alex yelled back, “Go ahead Bobby, fill me up. Fill your Dad up with your hot boy cum.”

Bobby cried aloud that he was shooting as cum shot through the shaft, “Here it is, Dad, here it comes!” he cried.

Hot squirts of young man sperm jolted up Alex’s as he closed his eyes enjoying the sensation of his son’s jiz inside him.

They rocked together until Bobby was spent as his depleted cock slipped from his father’s wet hole. On that release, he stretched out beside his father on the bed.

Laying still on his back, Alex looked between his legs up at his father and said, “I guess it’s your turn now Dad.” He was still stroking his prick as he lifted his legs once again exposing his dark hole.

Robert lifted his son’s legs to his shoulders and pressed his cock to his son’s ass hole. “Get ready Alex,” his father said then suddenly jammed his hard prick down into his son.

“God, Dad,” Alex cried jolting backward on the bed, “that was brutal.”

“Sucking your son’s ass has got me really turned on, so get ready for a hard ride.” He began pounding the man, shifting his weight as he plunged downward and then pulled out.

Lying beside them on the bed, Bobby watched the older men fuck as he fingered his own cock. He was getting another hard on.

Robert suddenly pulled out of his son and gave him an order to Alex roll over and get on his knees. Alex responded quickly and lifted his rear end up high. Robert pulled the muscled ass closer to him aligned his prick with the exposed ass hole. “Now, I’m going to ride you this way Alex, hold on.”

The older man pounded his son with piston-like motions. He noticed that his grandson was hard again and said, “Let’s get you in on this Bobby, get under your father and start sucking cock.

Bobby scrambled to get in the space under his dad’s belly. As he had done earlier, he took the swollen prick in his mouth. His father lifted up slightly as Bobby’s mouth enclosed the big rod, then pushed downward into his son’s eager mouth.

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