Cure for a Sore Throat


Friday night my wife Dawn came home with a cold. Saturday, I woke up already feeling ill, stuffy head, scratchy throat, etc. Needless to say, we weren’t in the mood for sex!

Fast foreword to Tuesday when we were a bit better, though the cold was a stubborn one. The sore throats were hanging on. At dinner my wife was eating olives, and mentioned how good the saltiness felt on her throat. Later that night my coughing got out of hand and suddenly I found myself with hiccups. Mean ones, that hurt! I had a hard time talking, as I would always hiccup harshly. Since I was having such a bad day, I decided to turn in early, and Dawn said she would too. We were soon laying in bed (naked, of course!), with my lovely wife exposing her gorgeous bare breasts to me. I was sure she was looking for some action, but I just wasn’t in the mood.

Dawn rolled over onto me, pushing her large naked breasts into me, and said “I bet I can get rid of those hiccups.” And proceeded to lick down my body, over my nipples, her hot breath making my nipples harden, pausing just enough to suck each one for a moment, and continued down my Etlik escort body to suck my soft dick into her mouth. She bathed my cock a bit, then wandered down to my nut sack and slowly sucked one into her mouth, knowing that this always gets me really hot. She then sucked the other nut, swirling her tongue around and giving a good amount of suction. Then she abandoned the balls, and went back to her main focal point, my poor neglected cock.

My cock rapidly grew to it’s full state of 8″ and throbbing into her warm wet lips. She tongued the underside as she applied a good suction to the head, swirling that adventurous tongue all around. Of course the hiccups were long forgotten and I said to her, “Don’t stop, I have just the thing for your throat.” I knew that after 4 days, I would have enough cum to drown her. She continued to suck my cock, bobbing her head vigorously until she could sense my imminent orgasm. She slowly slid my throbbing pole from her salivating lips and gripped me with her tight fist, keeping a tight hold on my trembling member to keep me from shooting off before she was ready.

Then she bounded ankara olgun escort up my body to stab my pointed shaft straight into her soaking pussy. I reached down and grabbed her ass, moving her up and down on my engorged stick, letting my fingers reach down to play with her shaved cunt, and felt her copious juices. My fingers wet with her juices, slid around my pecker to find her waiting asshole, which I playfully tickled. I slipped it around her tight hole, getting it really wet with her juice. I couldn’t take any more, after days of no sex, I let go with 4 days worth of hot cum deep into her steaming snatch.

I said to her, “Too bad, that was enough cough syrup to cure you for sure.” She smiled down at me and said “Well, you have a sore throat too, so enjoy!”

With that, she quickly spun around, my softening cock slipping out of her, and a trail of hot sperm dripped up my body, and before I knew it, I was watching her dripping twat being lowered onto my face!

I couldn’t protest, because she also took my flaccid, sticky cock into her mouth and was doing her ankara ucuz escort best to revive it. She sucked on my soft cock until I could feel it coming back to life, jabbing the back of her throat. I kept my lips closed, even though her sticky, oozing cunt was plastered to my mouth. I could feel lots of thick, sticky cum flowing over my face. It was hot and VERY slick, like a lubricant. It was dripping across my nose, and basically coating my face.

Her mouth was doing a very good job of keeping me hard. I could feel her saliva mixed with my cum dripping down my shaft, and over my balls. She was frantically fucking my face with her sloppy pussy, and the cum was going in my nose and mouth anyway, I could really taste it, so I relented and started eating her sloppy pussy out.

The blow job I was receiving made me so hot anyway, I jabbed my tongue as far in as it would go, feeling my thick semen crawl down my throat.

And you know what? It felt really good on the damn throat! Soon we were both cumming again, I bathed her tonsils with a fresh load, and she added her own to what I was already enjoying. I could feel her pulsing pussy push more of my load from deep within her and onto my searching tongue.

So, there you have it. If you get a sore throat, not only does this work, it’s also fun!!!

E-mail me if this works for you! I’d love to hear your results.

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