Cuddling with Mommy Ch. 02

Public Sex

I woke up in the morning with my arm strung across my mother’s tits and my morning wood snuggled in her behind. It seemed like a dream that I had fucked my milf of a mother. While I was sitting there thinking of the night before, she woke up and turned around, facing me.

“Good morning, honey. I see someone’s up.”

She looked down at my dick and giggled.

“Good morning mommy.” and we kissed. After a few seconds we began to make out and I grabbed her ass.

“Mmmm mommy likes her baby grabbing her like that, but we need to get outta bed. I’m going to go make coffee.”

Of course, I let her get out first so I could watch her. She knows I’m watching her, so she turns around, smiles and struts her nice ass to her closet and puts on a silk robe.

I had a feeling it would be a GOOD day.

About 10 minutes later I get up and head to the bathroom to take a shower. I turn the water on and get in.

Brrr, that’s cold.

After about 30 seconds, it warms up and is just right. After I finish rinsing my hair I hear my mom come in. I look through the glass shower door, and there she is, stark naked. My jaw drops, and I look her up and down, taking in her big tits on her small body, and cleanly shaven pussy surrounded by her wide hips. I soaked her in Beylikdüzü escort for a good twenty seconds. Ya know, I can never get tired of admiring her body. I start to grow and she just smiles and bites her lip.

“Can I come in?”


She slides open the door and steps in. As soon as she steps in we begin to kiss.

“Oh my god Sam, I love you so much.”

“I love you too, mommy.”

“All morning I’ve thought of last night, and I’m so horny! I want my baby again!”

I push her against the glass and suck her nipples, with one hand on the other tit, and my other hand playing with her pussy.

“Awwww Sam, you know how to make mommy feel good.”

My mouth pops off her tit and I say

“That’s what sons are for.”

“Mmmmmm, it feels so wrong but so damn good!”

I finger her for a few minutes and she progressively opens her legs. She grabs ahold of my dick and starts to bring it towards her pussy.

“Baby, make mommy feel good. Make me SCREAM!”

She puts my head to her cunt lips, and I easily slide in her. She lets out a deep sigh, as I push more and more in her. She’s still leaning against the glass, with the water falling over me. I slowly push in until my 6 inch cock is fully inside her. I start to give Beylikdüzü escort her slow, long strokes. Her tits bounce around as she tweaks her nipples. She keeps sliding up and down on the glass, wiping the glass door of fog. I had to make her feel good like a good son, so I kissed her and gave her hickies.

“Ahhh shit Sam.”

She was loving it, but I wanted to switch things up a bit.

I slam into her, lifting her off the ground and onto her toes, and pick her up. She wraps her toned legs around me, and I take a step back, off the glass.

“Ooo my baby’s so strong! Fuck meeee!”

I put my hands under her ass and lift her up and down along my dick.

“I love your cock! Keep fucking me with it, don’t stop, AHH AHH AHH!”

She screamed on every bounce.

“I told you I’d make you scream.”

“Shut up and fuck me, we’re not done yet.”

My mother had her arms around my neck, with her nails digging into my back. She put her head in my neck, sucking and biting me, and screaming . The pain kept me going. She whispered in my ear,

“Oh yeah baby, FUCK your milf mommy. Cum in my pussy.”

She had gone crazy. She rarely demanded anything, or even ask for something. Knowing I did this to her made me feel great… I was about to Escort Beylikdüzü burst so I had to slow down.

“Get off me and turn around.”

Before she could turn around, I grabbed her hips and faced her towards the shower-head. She opened her legs and I went right back in. I couldn’t completely feel the water, but I think it started to get cold. Perfect timing, she was moaning louder and I was close to finishing. I started slamming into her pussy. Every time, it made a loud ‘CLAP’ noise.

“Ahhhhh honey I’m cumming! Keep fucking me baby, oh YES! My son, keep fucking me, oh it’s so good, ahhhhh!”

She started to shake and her pussy was contracting around me, like she was trying to milk me. Her orgasm went on for almost a minute. I could feel that euphoric feeling beginning in my balls,

“Mom I’m about to cum!”

Still in her from behind, she turns around so I can look in her green eyes as she demands me,

“Cum in your mommy’s pussy! Put your seed back in where you came from! CUM HOME!”

And I came. It was the most intense orgasm I ever had in my life. I kept pumping into her as I erupted. When I finished, I pulled out, still hard, and she shut off the shower. She stands and faces me,

“Thank you baby, mommy loves you,” and gives me a kiss,

“After that Sam, I think I need to take a real shower, I’ll see you in a bit.”

We both walk out of the bathroom, so before we turned our separate ways I had to slap her ass. My mind was running wild with what was next in the day.

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