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cuckold lifestyle 52My wife has never had to work, I own my own business and we get by rather well. This has enabled her to explorer her love for sex as well as meeting new people in the “cuckolding community” . My wife told me that Tammy a lady she has lunch with from time to time was telling her about one of her husband’s coworkers was having a bachelor party. She told my wife that the guy throwing the party was looking for a few ” party” ladies to add to the fun. She said he was willing to pay each lady five hundred dollars for the evenings work plus any tips. I said wow, five hundred dollars for one night , what would they have to do for that money? My wife said Tammy wasn’t sure but that she wanted in on it . I said who, you? Yes, me she answered. Why ? You have never needed money I told her. She said I’d never tell Tammy this but she said I’d do it for free. FREE ! Why? I asked. You know I love to fuck she said and what whould be a better place to get fucked all night but a bachelor party ? Wait, no one said anything about fucking I told her. She gave that ” you are so stupid” look. Do you think this man is going to pay that kind of money for ladies to set and chitty chat with his guest , she said in a stern voice. I threw up both hands in a “I surrender jester”. Then she said I’ll find out the details , I’ll call Tammy tomorrow while you are at work. The next day at work all I could think about was what if she does do that party. At lunch time I tried to call her to see what she had found out but the house phone went to voice mail. So I called her cell , it rang and rang I was just about to hang up when she answered in what sounded like a pissy voice. What do you want ? was how she answered the phone. I was stuned or a second. Are you busy I asked her? Yes I am ,what do you want? Did you talk to Tammy yet I asked. She said yes and that’s why I’m busy. I’ll tell you about it tonight. She started to hang up, Wait I shouted. What now she spat back. You are not with some guy are you? That pissed her off, If I where busy with a guy friend I would not have answered this GD phone. now leave me alone! She hung up. Five o clock couldn’t get there fast enough for me that day. I closed up the shop and hauled ass home. I walked in the house and it was quiet , no smell of supper cooking or any thing. I started to call out to my wife but remembered how she was mad at lunch so I just looked for her. I walked into our bed room and there setting on the bed all dressed up in a very sexy dress was my wife , she was just fastening her last garter to her stocking. Oh , that was perfect timming I thought, or did she wait till she heard me to do that? She flipped the hem down on her dress and stood Escort up. How do I look , she asked as she started a slow turn around. I started at the shoes, they where five inch spike black strappy hills.. very sexy. Her legs where covered in taupe colored stockings with a wide lacy band at the top, ( I remembered that from my entrance). The dress it’s self was red and sparkley, like a party dress. It was mid thigh length and low cut in the front, this showed the tops of her perfect thirty four b tits. They seemed very round and nice looking . She had on a string of white pearls around her neck and her hair was down and she had cut the front into bangs. Well what do you think she asked again. Hang on a second I need to allow the blood to get back up to my brain I said. She slapped at me and she you pervert. Me? a pervert? I laughed, who’s getting all dolled up so she can have sex with multiple partners? She said my hair looks like shit don’t it? I love your hair in bangs I told her. No the color, it needs to be lighter. It is true blonds get more cock she said, I answered I thought they had more fun. She said what’s more fun than lots of cocks?Is that party tonight I asked? She said no it’s next weekend but I just had to see what you thought my outfit looked like. I love it I said ..are we going out to eat ? I’m starving I told her. She said yes ,let me change and we’ll go. I said just change the dress , I am real hungry and don’t want to wait for you to get dressed again. ( I really didn’t want her to get out of that sexy stuff under it ). She said OK unzip me and I’ll grab something else. I unzipped the dress and she let it fall down. She stepped out of it and my eyes where glued on her sexy body. As she walked toward her closet she said be a doll and pick that up it cost four hundred dollars. What? there goes all your profit you’ll make at the party. She said I’m not doing it for the money I told you, I doing it for the fucking . She pulled a dress out that looked like a granny would wear it…it was plain and long. Oh baby you don’t want to wear that do you I asked. What’s wrong with it she said. Look at it, it’ll hide those beautiful round titties and cover up your sexy legs. She just stood there , in her matching red underware. Red push up bra , red garter belt with eight garters and a red lacy see through thong. Oh and those wonderful stockings… What do you think I should wear then she said. Hell you know me you look just fine like that. OK wise guy where can I go dressed like this? I smiled and said here let me pick something out. I reached in and got a nice black cotton skirt and said put this on while I look for a top. She pulled the skirt up and I handed her Escort Bayan a white button up blouse. I can’t wear a white cotton blouse over a red bra , it’ll show. Oh well take it off. OK she unsnaped the clasp and tossed it on the bed. She buttoned the blouse leaving the top two undone. She looked like a secretary. She tucked in the top and put a black belt around her waist. Let me change shoes , these send a mixed signal with this outfit she told me. What do they send I asked her? She laughed and said “look at me I’m a nine to five office worker that wants to be fucked”. I said that sounds clear to me not mixed. She grabbed a pair or shorter hills and then she reached up under the skirt and pulled her panties off. I asked why did you do that? She said those are for looking at, not wearing..they aren’t comfortable.So you are going without I said. Yep lets go she said. When ever I know she isn’t wearing panties I’m always the gentelman and open her door for her. I helped her in and yes I saw the shaved pussy and also while she was getting in I was treated to a down the blouse nipple shot. The evening when smooth.. for some reason she was being extra nice to me. Maybe I’ll get lucky tonight. Well I didn’t she ate to much she said and sex was out . The following Saturday I was in the yard working when she called me to the garage, she was leaving to go get her hair lightened she said. She was wearing a pair of tight white shorts and a pink tank top. She was braless and she had on tan stacked hill sandals. I told her she looked wonderful as always, She never gets tired of hearing that. Just before she opened her car door I said no VPL…she said I’m not wearing any. See she turned and she had a slight “camel toe”. Don’t that hurt I asked? She said no it feels rather good as a mater of fact as she ran a red polished finger nail right up the seam. this made it even deeper. Stop it, I told her I have yard work to do and you have to go get even more sexy for your evening of hard fucking. She said you think it will be hard fucking? I said baby I know when they see you it’ll be hard fucking. She kissed me and left. I yard working shorts had a big lump in front after that . I had gone down to the shop to let a customer pick up , I usally don’t do that on saturday but this is a good customer. Since my wife was bust I stayed and straightened out the office and started sweeping the bay area. Time got away from me and when my cell phone rang I looked at the time. It was after six already. I answered it , it was my beautiful bride wanting to know where I was. I told her and said I’m leaving right now, please don’t leave till I get to see you I asked her. I came in the house and Bayan Escort smelled wonderful..Her ” I’m here for the sex” perfume was haging in the air. I heard her hills coming down the hall , I closed my eyes and waited for them to stop. She laughted and asked what are you doing goofy? I said I want to open my eyes and see all of you at once, I opened my eyes and fell in love all over again. Her hair was very very light blonde, her makeup was perfect, the titties where round and sexy it was just so perfect. OH sweetheart I said…you look to beautiful to go have strange men fuck you all night. She smiled and said I know , but I’m doing it anyway..she told me her pussy was already wet enough to fuck just from thinking about the evening. Oh gee thanks for sharing that I joked. I kissed her cheek and helped her into her car. What time will you be home I asked…no later than eight she said. Eight? that’s in an hour I said ( I knew what she ment , I just wanted to hear her say it) she smiled and backed out. It was a restless night, I surfed the net, and being that she didn’t lock my cock up in the CB3000..I jacked off a few times. The next morning I was looking at the clock it was eight eighteen… when I heard the garage door opener. I opened the door and she said will you come help me get out of the car…I said whats wrong? She said I’m tired , I helped her out, when we got in the house I did a once over on her. hair, messed up a little ,lipstick, gone, makeup rubbed off I said let me unzip you. I took her dress and laid it on the dryer . she still had everything on underneath but the thong. Her ass cheeks where red and so was the tops of her tits. I said you want to go to bed and rest? yeah she said. I walked her down the hall and she just fell into the bed. I covered her up and kissed her. It wasn’t till around seven that evening when she woke up. She came in the den where I was watching TV still in all her sexy stuff. She had her shorty robe on over it but it didn’t cover her stocking tops. She plopped down in my recliner and let her legs fall apart a little. You want to tell me about it I asked? She said yeah, there where tree other girls. I was the hottest… Of course I said. No really the other girls looked like soccer moms. Pretty faces and thick asses. They got some action but I got it all. I know I fucked evey man there at least once last night. I fucked so much I had to go into the bathroom and wash my self with a cold wash cloth, twice. I thought my pusst was going to catch fire. She smiled. She said sweety does it bother you that I acted like a whore last night? I said no baby as long as you had a good time. I told her today I’d pamper her. I undressed her, bathed her and, fed her…. she came in the den about eleven wearing a little Teddy…pantyless. I said what are you doing? She said last night at eleven is when I got my first cock of the evening, you want to be mine tonight? I said Hell yes, Life is good

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