Subject: Crushed By Tim: Chapter 2 Tim was physically off me but I soon realized I was still trapped between his legs. It wasn’t just the headache, nagging pain, bruising, it was his power and my defeat. Tim had restrained me all night and taken control of my bed, my room. Jack knocked on my door. ‘ Hey you look rough, you sick or something’ . ‘ Nah didn’t sleep well’. ‘ I’m away tonight at that barbeque so it just you and Tim, he can use the sitting room to sleep if he wants but not mine?’ ‘ Yeah no bother Jack, have a good one’. Tim arrived back that evening. I had fallen asleep and was still healing. ‘ Did I go too hard on you last night? he smirked. I didn’t answer but he wasn’t having it. ‘ off the bed, don’t make me have to force you’ . ‘ ‘Tim, Jack’s away tonight you can have the sitting room’. Tim just stared at me. He pulled off his jeans and shirt and started flexing his thighs. He was on me again. I was pinned under his knees, his crotch was above my face. I tried to grab his head with my legs but he pushed down on me , bending my legs down to my ears. His balls were on my face now. I felt Tim’s legs close in around my head. I was smothered under him. Tufts of pubic hair pierced the sides of his jocks. His crotch smell was all over me. Part sweat, part urine, old cum too. His smell alone turned me on, but the sensation of being smothered under his balls was a new level of bliss. Tim was working me over: smothering, kneeling on me, bending my wrists and fingers to inflict pain. The heat was my greatest enemy. Tim’s sweaty body heat rained down on me. I felt I was fading under him. The last smell before I might pass out, could be of his cock. Tim was relentless. I’m sure he was working his pin for almost an hour. He didn’t speak at all. I could hear him grunting and feel his breathe close to me. He targeted every part of me to maximize the pain. At one point he grabbed my ankles and forced them down beside my ears. To add punishment he forced my arms in under my ankles and used his thighs and knees to lock me in hard. I was flat on my back, hamstrings stretched to agony, my calves, ankles feet, arms and head were all under his crotch, all bent and twisted. Tim paused for a second to study Hatay Escort his art. I realized I was dealing with a submission master. What more could he do with me? That’s when the nose plugging and gouging started. He seemed to relish this part as he repeated it over and over. Plugging my nostrils shut with his fingers and twisting them forcefully. He was experimenting on me, testing my weakest points, developing his mastery. At this stage submission didn’t matter to Tim. He could easily have ordered it, but his focus was on sustained, slow burn, punishment. Every so often he would rest for a minute and crack his knuckles. Like he was taking a break from hard work. I could feel the rhythm of his balls on my face. It felt like they were charging him with alpha power. I saw him reach into his jocks and adjust his cock, so it wouldn’t burst out. I couldn’t see it all, but enough to know, it was thick and hard. He twisted and contorted me. I felt like he wanted my whole body in his crotch, between his legs. He must of weighed 80 or 90 kilos and for his height (5 8 ‘ or maybe 9’) that was heavy. His body fat was very low all I could see was solid, sculpted muscle. It was no effort for Tim to sit on me and keep me captive. It was clear he relished the task of punishing me. He could have kept me like that for hours. Tim’s submission holds were lengthy and torturous. The transition from one to another was: aggressive, savage, instantaneous and devastating. In an instant he had flipped me over. I found myself face down on his crotch, in a headscissors. Tim locked his thighs into my neck. I screamed. I’d never felt such pressure. ‘ Submit’ ‘yes..Yes’ . Relief with Tim was never instant. There was always a gap between submitting to him and receiving mercy. Before that mercy he always inflicted more pain. My face was stretched over Tim’s left adductor and wedged deep into his left quad muscle. It was so tight I couldn’t raise my face or neck. I was breathing into his thigh and tasting his salt. His right quad completed the clamp on my neck. I could feel his legs over my shoulders and back and his heels over the back of my balls. I couldn’t hear much, just his muscles flexing, his pulse and Hatay Escort Bayan my groans. His legs weren’t just wide but deep too. From my angle, I was buried into a mountain. Before me and higher, slabs of muscle, covered with light coloured body hair. Just to my right and upwards was his crotch. Tim was bursting out of his grey trunk jocks and they were stained with the sweat we had exchanged, while he pinned me. My breathing was shallow, I was exhausted. Tim was active above me and I could feel his thighs and crotch vibrate. About ten minutes later his hand covered my mouth shut. It tasted of cum. He was grinning over me, watching me struggle. He powered into my neck again. I was in survival mode. Trying to recover, trying to manage pain, trying to breathe, trying to meet his submission demands and trying to control my cock. Face down, between Tim’s flexed thighs, staring at his crotch, pain and pleasure combined. Right in front of me, the engine of his manhood, this was testosterone central. Those grey sweaty trunks could hardly contain his loaded beefy balls or his thick imposing cock. The more he dominated me, the more I was drawn to his virility. It felt like we fitted together like this, my place was between his legs. Tim felt that too. It was confirmed when he grabbed my ears and forced me as deep into his crotch, as physically possible. It was an aggressive, sudden jolt, like all of his attacks. I was flat on his crotch, I tasted his jocks and felt the base of his cock in my mouth. Above me, Tim bragged: ‘Ive got you exactly where I want you’. I braced myself for another attack. This one was the most ferocious yet. Tim’s thigh grip on my neck, was vigorous and solid. ‘Submit’. I was desperate but my mouth was wedged open by the base of his bulky cock. My muffled submission was rejected by Tim, he demanded I ‘get it right’. Every second brought increasing pressure and weakned me. It must have been on the fifth attempt he was satisfied and permitted my submission. I’m not sure that fifth verbal submission was any clearer than my previous efforts, but it was Tim who had to be satisfied, obeyed. If he wasn’t, I would feel it. The relief when Tim relaxed his muscles Escort Hatay was instant. Still a tightness there, he left no wriggle room and he delivered ongoing jolts of pressure, to remind me of his dominance. I drew deep breaths into his crotch. My nose was buried over the top of his testicles. Hard pubic hair spiked into my eye. Tims smell was: strong, leathery, sightly bitter. There was sweaty crotch smell too. It was addictive. I didn’t expect to feel so aroused. It was that place I was in, his physical perfection, sculpted hard muscle surrounding me, a voice of authority commanding me and a towering cock to admire. I felt him grab my ears and pull me up, to face him. He stared at me grinning, submitted me, and forced me back down onto his crotch. My cock couldn’t hold back the flood. Cum filled my jocks and track bottoms. I was shaking with pleasure. Tim piled on the pressure. I felt his cock harden under my mouth. Time seemed to move swiftly, it was dark, I must have been there for hours. I felt him grab my nose, forcing me to breathe though my mouth. His cock wrestled past my tongue and forced it’s way deep down into me. It filled every inch of my mouth, I was helpless. He started drilling me aggressively. I felt the thick veins nourishing his cock, pass over my tongue. With each pass, I became more familiar with each groove and edge. I was flooded with saliva and a taste of his precum. My mouth, tongue and throat wrestled to satisfy him. I was completely overwhelmed by him. He controlled my breath, plugged my nose, gagged me with his cock, crushed me with his thighs. Submission to Tim was total, he controlled me utterly. I didn’t even need to touch my cock it was pumping like a cum factory. Tim spat on me and rubbed his saliva into my face. He plugged my nose tightly, pulled his cock ninety percent out of my mouth and plunged in hard again. Deep inside my mouth, he flooded me with his cum. I felt it at the back of my throat. It filled my mouth and ran into my nose. It was warm, pungent, overwhelming. My body shook with pleasure. Tim was masterful working me over, delivering a barrage of pleasure and pain. I worked hard to satisfy his needs and desires. He blasted me with load after load. His cock never seemed to soften, even after he unloaded. When he was finally satisfied, he pulled out of my mouth, lay back on my bed and flexed his muscles. His cock was hard in front of me, I was still in Tim’s headscissors. He wasn’t ready to let me go.

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