Cruisin’ for Sex Pt. 02


So, I get out of the first guy’s car and as I do, I realize that I am flashing the guy in the next car, so I very carefully get up (by carefully, I mean that I was careful to flash him my naked cunt) and stroll over to his car. The guy is sitting in a lawn chair next to his car. I sat in the lawn chair next to him, and crossed my legs, being sure to continue my exhibitionist show.

“So, you went for a ride in Bob’s car?” (He actually said the make, but who cares?)

“Oh, is that his name? Yeah, it was really stimulating… but I think that YOU have the best equipment on the lot,” I replied, at the same time reaching over and grabbing his thigh. He jumped when I did that and seemed to stiffen, and not in the good way, so I withdrew my hand. This guy was a lot older than “Bob” and not in such good shape, but hey, as long as his dick worked, I was game. He probably had not had a piece of ass like me in years. He was older, mostly gray, with a lot of bald. He had a droopy mustache and wore jeans and a tee shirt that did little to hide his paunch. “Why don’t you tell me all about your equipment?”

i leaned forward in my lawn chair and let my blouse fall open, knowing full well that I had not pulled my tube top up high enough when I finished with “Bob”. By the way the new guy, who had not introduced himself kept glancing down at my chest and then back up, blushing, I’m pretty sure I had at least one nipple exposed. I had my back to most of the lot. He started to stammer a description of his car, not a word of which I heard, even though I pretended to listen intently and nod knowingly from time to time. He was stammering and stuttering and stealing glances at my tits. I looked down and feigned surprise that I was exposed. I yanked my tube top first down, fully exposing both breasts to him, then up over my tits, explaining, “Oh, i’m so sorry! I didn’t know that damn thing had slipped down. It is so hard to keep them in place, not sure why I wear the damn things!”

With that, guy2 looked over my shoulder toward the rest of the lot, blanched and mumbled “Gladys”. I turned around and immediately saw what he was looking at. An older woman, rather rotund, was storming in my direction. She was on me before I could even react.

“Just what in tarnation do you think you’re doing, you hussy? Get the hell out of my chair. I seen you sashaying your half naked ass all over this lot, so just sashay it on your way and leave Walter alone. Walter, put your dang tongue back in your mouth. She’d give you a heart attack!”

i did the best I could to extricate myself from the situation, because her yelling at Walter silivri escort was attracting attention. I hurried up the row of cars, glancing over my shoulder repeatedly. Gladys was now venting her anger on Walter, but I did not want to risk attracting her wrath.

About that time a friendly voice called to me from between two cars. “Don’t let Gladys scare you, her bark is worse than her bite. What did you do to set her off?”

“Oh, nothing really, just talked to Walter for a minute.”

The man chuckled. “Yeah, they’re a fixture around here. Charter members of the club. He hasn’t done a thing to that car in ten years, but they are really a sweet old couple.” I took my first good look at this guy. He was in his early forties, a very average looking guy. Average height, average build, average looks, perfect for what I needed.

“Listen, I really need to get out of here for a few minutes. Need to get away until the dust settles. Do you think you could take me for a ride in your car?”

He paused to look at me for a few seconds and then a slight smile moved across his face. “Sure, hop in.”

i opened the passenger door of his coupe or four door, or whatever it was, and climbed in. I made no effort to pull my skirt down and it rode up nicely, exposing my legs almost to my pussy.

The guy looked at me, and offered a handshake, “Don.” I gave him a fingertip shake and replied, “Kristen.” Introductions complete, Don started the car and drove out of his space and up the aisle of the lot. There were a number of catcalls and obscene comments as we drove out of the lot, but neither Don nor I paid a bit of attention to them. When he asked where I wanted to go, I vaguely waved in the general direction of my secret spot, behind the abandoned building, behind the trash dumpster parked there.

Don was a good sport. He wowed me with the acceleration of his car, and drove out toward the country. We didn’t try to talk over the wind through the open windows. Apparently, his type of hot rod did not come with air conditioning. Bummer. We turned around and zoomed back, so fast that I nearly missed telling him to pull into the driveway that led to my secluded spot. When we arrived, I unbuckled my seat belt, and turned in the seat to face him. In doing so, my skirt went right up to my cunt, and exposed my charms to him. He did not miss them.

“Don, what can I do for you to thank you for getting me out of there?”

He just looked at me and raised one eyebrow. “How naive do I look? I sure as hell know why you brought me to this secluded spot. Lots of şirinevler escort privacy here.” He released the seat and pushed it back as far as it would go. “You’d better get to work, little lady.”

i did not need another invitation. We had established that we both knew why we were here, so I just went for it. I unbuckled his pants, and he helped me by lifting his ass off the seat and pushing his pants to his knees. Out popped a very nice average cock. He was an average joe all around.

His car did not have a console, which made it easy for me to lean into his lap. I stroked his cock a few times, and he was immediately fully hard. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed me face first onto his cock. I pursed my lips, and as the head met my lips, I kept them tightly closed around his cock as it entered my mouth. I pulled off slightly and spit on the head. Then I let my mouth and lips slide down his length. My lips stayed tight to the contour, first expanding to slide over the head, then closing more behind the head. I gave his frenulum a quick flick on the way past, and then my lips felt the textures of the shaft, the veins, the urethra on the bottom, the smooth shaft toward the base. I didn’t stop until my face felt his pubic hair.

Don let out a low moan.

i worked my hand between his thighs and cupped his balls. Then I started a slow, sensual face fuck. I brought my lips back up the length of his cock, sucking as I went, until just the head was in my mouth. Then I swirled my tongue around his head, before plunging back down the full length. Then back up, sucking hard, until just the head. This time, I attacked the frenulum before again plunging to the hilt. My mouth was watering and my saliva was providing all the lube necessary. I continued this way for I do not know how long, until the gentle thrusting of his hips and his ragged breathing told me he was getting close.

At that point, I pulled completely off his cock, and squeezed the head. “Don’t you dare cum yet!! I need you to fuck me. Please!”

“Sorry, little lady, no can do. I’ll go down on you if you want, but I’m a married man, and I can’t fuck you.”

“What do you mean you can’t fuck me? You’re doing a pretty good job of fucking my face!”

“Look… Here’s the way it works. Bill Clinton taught us back in the 90’s that oral sex is not real sex. So as long as all we do is oral, I can tell my wife that I didn’t have sex with anyone at the Cruise. But if I fuck you, I have to say I had sex. So, we have to keep it oral.”

i just stared at him in disbelief. I started şişli escort to go back to sucking him off, but he stopped me. “You want me to return the favor?” I figured “what the hell” so I shifted around and knelt with one leg on my seat and the other on the hump on the floor (what IS that hump?). My ass was toward him. Don pushed my skirt up over my ass and pressed his face between my butt cheeks. My face was down near the door, my ass in the air. Don probed and stuck his tongue out, and finally was able to reach my slit. His tongue ran up and down my slit, lapping at my juices, which had been flowing like crazy since the first time his cock hit my tonsils.

His tongue probed my vagina, reaching in as far as he could. Not a substitute for a cock, but i’ll give him A for effort. Then he started as far as he could reach toward the front of my slit, not quite to my clit, dammit, and then licked all the way up to my asshole, which he also probed. His tongue waggled back and forth as it traveled back toward the front, falling just temptingly short of my clit again. Then it was back up to my asshole, with a dip in my vagina along the way… over and over.

i really wanted to cum, and he kept falling short of reaching the nub that I needed licked, so finally I reached between my legs and diddled my finger back and forth across my clit. It did not take long before a shudder coursed through my body and I experienced my first orgasm. Being a greedy slut, I continued diddling until I came again. He kept slowly licking me from stem to stern while I recovered from my orgasms. Then I turned again in the seat and leaned over, taking his now slightly soft cock into my tender mouth.

Leaning on my elbows, I was able to wrap my left hand around his cock, and get my right hand back between his legs, where I gently massaged his precious eggs. As my head bobbed on the upper half of his cock, my left hand stroked the shaft, and my right hand continued to massage his nuts.

This time, it did not take long for him to begin moaning and lifting his hips to meet my lips. In just a few moments, my efforts were rewarded with a nice mouthful of warm semen. Baby batter. Cum. Which I savored in my mouth while I sat up. As he recovered from his orgasm, I opened my mouth to show him his load on my tongue. Then I reached into my mouth with my fingers, picked up the ropey mess and pulled some out of my mouth. I tilted my head back and pulled cum out and let it drop back in, playing with it. Then I ate it. Swallowed it down like the finest caviar.

He took me back to the Cruise, but said he had to get going, so he dropped me at the entrance to the lot and then drove off into the proverbial sunset. I bought a bottle of water and rinsed my mouth. The cars had thinned considerably, but I was not ready to give up. I came here to get fucked, and I was determined not to go back with an empty cunt. I started walking into the lot, scanning for my next conquest.

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