Subject: CrossFit Competitors – Chapter 6 Athletics, Authoritarian, Beginnings Guys, I’m getting a lot of feedback from you about how much you’re enjoying this story. If you are, thank Nifty too by donating so they can keep these great stories coming. Donate by going to: fty/. Thanks and enjoy. Chapter 6 Here’s my dirty little secret. There was no question in my mind I could’ve fucked Pook’s brains out and he would’ve cum in a matter of minutes. I edged him intentionally because I wanted him to be packed with testosterone and revenge when it was his turn. I let him believe he survived my torture. Now he was breathing fire and I couldn’t fathom what he would do to me. Everything was going according to plan. I freed Pook. No restraints, no tit clamps, no cock ring. But the look on his face didn’t convey relief, it signaled vengeance. His cock was still rock hard, and he was careful not to even touch it, he was still that close to cumming. He needed time to calm it (and him) down a bit so he could punish me the way I deserved. After a few minutes of deep breathing, without warning he grabbed me by my shoulder-length hair, forced me to my knees facing the wall and pushed my head into the headboard. Behind me, I heard him reach into the bedside table where I keep my toys, rummage around apparently finding something to which he uttered, “Perfect.” I could only imagine what he had found. I felt his hands around my head and then he ordered, “Close your eyes.” while he wrapped a blindfold tightly around my eyes. Losing control like that made my cock even harder, if it were possible. Being manhandled is hot enough, but not knowing what abuse was coming was electrifying. He then promptly moved the restraints from the bedposts to the top of the headboard and fastened them to my wrists. Unlike my relatively gentle restraint of him, he tied them as tight as I could take. Then he said, “Don’t fucking move.” What had I gotten myself into? What had I unleashed? I knew firsthand from our CrossFit workouts what power this guy wielded. How much had I fueled in him? But he was already fulfilling my fantasy of being bound, blindfolded and (hopefully) fucked. Damn! I’m kneeling on my bed, wrists bound the headboard with my ass in the air. I hear him rummaging around my beside table again and after he had apparently assessed everything I had, he said, “This one looks like fun.” I could hear him open a bottle of lube I keep handy and apply it to something. I didn’t know what was coming but I thanked god he was using lube for it. I could take just about anything if it’s lubed. But then I heard the clicking noises of some controls. Some sort of gadget. I knew exactly what he had found. After a few moments when he apparently was examining how it worked, he said, “Alright stud, now it’s your turn. I have a lot planned for you so don’t you dare fucking cum until I tell you.” With that, he grabbed my cock from behind and applied two adhesive pads onto it, one the full length along the bottom of my rock hard cock, and a shorter one along the top, both with wires dangling from them. Immediately after that I felt his lubed finger rubbing my hole and quickly inserting it. He pulled out, got more lube on, inserted again and then pulled out. I knew what was coming. It was a huge electric butt plug that I bought and had been too timid to try. I’d never had anything that size up my ass before, much less one that shoots electricity into your hole. I took a deep breath to await my fate. Finally I could feel the cold steel tip of it touch my hole and I gasped. Knowing this would be painful, I croaked out, “Pook, I have a request” Pook responded, “Call me sir.” “Sir, Didim Escort I have a request.” I replied. He said, “What?” I thought, no harm in asking, “Sir, there is a fresh bottle of poppers in the drawer. Could I please have a hit to help me take the plug?” He didn’t respond but I heard him rummage through the drawer and it sounded like he found it. The next thing I heard was him uncapping it when I felt him tug my hair backward to get to my nose. He expertly shoved the poppers under one nostril, then the other. After I exhaled he asked if I wanted a final hit and I happily said yes. We both knew I’d need it. I kept it in as long as I could and finally had to exhale. I needed my brain fucked up for what I was about to endure. After three lengthy hits, I was so fucking horny I could’ve taken a horse’s cock up my ass. I felt the tip of the electric butt plug on my hole again and he pushed. The poppers had nicely loosened me up and my head was spinning. He got to the wide part but kept pushing. I knew what I had put him through and I had no choice but to take it. I pushed down hard, he kept up the pressure, it hurt like hell (in a good way) and it finally popped through. FUCK. I had never, ever had anything that size in my hole before. Between the hits of poppers that were still in my brain and a butt plug the size of Rhode Island in my hole, I was almost delirious. I went to a place I had never been before. I was in a state of bliss that I can’t find words to describe, I just know that I never wanted it to stop. I stayed in that wonderful state of rapture for what seemed like an eternity until I could finally feel the popper buzz dissipate. I think Pook sensed that I was coming off my high and now it was his time to retaliate. I heard a click and knew what was coming. I hadn’t experienced either the electric cock stimulator or butt plug yet, so I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but I steeled myself. Almost immediately I felt a tingle in my hole and around my entire cock. I shuddered and groaned, It felt insanely good, but more would be a challenge. I heard another click and felt it again, now more intense. My hands were tied to the headboard, so I had little control over my body. But I instinctively pressed my ass in the air and tried to rub my cock against anything. ANYTHING. He did it a third time and it was even more pronounced. I gasped. “Argh,” I moaned. “Oh, fuck sir, FUCK. It makes me want to cum so bad.” He moved his lips to my ear and said forcefully, “Don’t you DARE fucking cum. If you do, you will pay dearly.” How could I not cum? He set it up another notch and now it was almost unbearable. My ass felt like it had lightning bolts massaging my prostate and my cock felt it was being jerked by angels. I heaved and gyrated and bucked my hips like a mad man. Physically I needed to cum so badly, but I knew what I had put Pook through and we weren’t even close to that yet. He notched it up again, and again. I had to put myself in mental state in which I couldn’t feel the pleasure any longer. I forced myself into a of trance that would allow me to endure this. He notched it up over and over and the sensation was unimaginably pleasurable and painful simultaneously. But my overriding motivation was to not cum. I was determined. Finally he started to lower the level of electricity until finally there was none. I was at once deliriously happy it was near its end and disappointed my sexual euphoria was almost over. Still tied to the headboard, I was physically and mentally exhausted. I think he knew that if he touched my cock I’d explode, but I could feel him fingering the tip of my cock and rubbing it gently. Didim Escort Bayan He’d remove his finger and I’d hear an audible “Mmmmm….”. He did it several times. There was no question he was now feasting on my pre-cum. I felt the tip of his finger one more time and it seemed to almost dig into my piss slit to retrieve the last of my juice. But then I felt that same finger at my lips with his voice in my ear saying, “For you, stud. You earned it.” I took his finger into my mouth like the starving slut I was and took every drop of it into my mouth. I hadn’t cum yet, but I didn’t know how I’d have the energy to go on when he said, “Good start.” What goes in must come out, but pulling the plug out was a delight. It was huge, but I love getting my hole stretched and I knew now that I could take the size of the plug. He worked my hole with it for a few minutes to get to get me revved up, and out it came. He wasn’t as tender with the adhesive pads however. I could feel him reach around my waist, when he held my cock with one hand and peeled off the long one first, the shorter one second. They stung like hell, but nothing like those tit clamps I used on him. Blindfolded, I couldn’t see a clock, but my guess was he had used up about 30 of his 90 minutes. I had made it this far; what next I thought. It didn’t take me long to find out. It shouldn’t have been a surprise as there I was, tied to the headboard, ass in the air, with a rock hard cock. Without warning, I felt Pook’s firm warm hand grip my manhood from between my legs. I moaned my approval. His hand was lubed hand so it slid up and down my cock making it–if it was possible–even harder. He knew this was making me crazy so he just kept up the slow and steady rhythm. Up and down, around, thumb on taint, fingering my piss slit. Rinse and repeat. I could feel him doing something else with his “free” hand and knew trouble was coming. Once it seemed like he found what he was looking for, he stopped jerking my steel hard cock. It was just in time…I needed the relief. Then he leaned up and whispered in my ear, “Time for payback.” With that, I could feel his lubed up left hand thumb drive up my ass, but not to finger fuck me, but rather to grip my ass. His thumb was as far up my hole as it could go with his four fingers atop it, gripping my ass. He had a tight grip on my backside to ensure I wasn’t going anywhere. I could feel and hear his right hand reaching for something. What I heard sounded like he had found my stash of clothes pins. With my backside being gripped in place by him, I felt him lean into me and clip a pin onto the side of one of my balls. The pain was exquisite. I’ve tried clips down there before myself, but I’d never been this jacked up before. In the state I was in, it sent me over the moon. He repeated with pin 2 on the exact opposite side of my balls. More pleasure. He reached to the top right of my balls: clip 3. Top left balls: clip 4. I was in heaven. The pinching on my ball sack was sending me into the stratosphere, and then he started massaging the inside of my hole with his thumb. For his next maneuver, he’d need two hands, so he slowly withdrew his thumb and wiped off the excess lube. Still from behind, he reached between my legs with his left hand, took ahold of my rock hard cock and held it so the right side was full exposed. Then I could feel his fingers pinching skin on the right side and, ouch, clip 5 directly on the right side of my cock, half way up.. Amazingly he was able to find enough loose skin to pinch as my cock was so engorged and stiff I would’ve thought there wasn’t a millimeter of spare skin to pinch. He not Escort Didim only found that, but he repeated the process on the left side of my cock with clip 6. I thought to myself, he’s gotta be done, there’s nothing left to clip and I don’t think I could take another one. I was wrong. He reached through, grabbed my cock at the base and painfully pushed it straight down. (When I get hard, my dick get parallel with my body, not straight out. So when it’s pulled down, I can feel it. And that’s what he was doing now). I was squirming now, Pook drew his face to my ear and whispered forcefully, “Stay the fuck still or you’ll be sorry.” I followed his orders and took several deep breaths to regain my composure. He gripped the base of my cock a little harder and then it hit: Clip 7 on the tip of my cock. Just enough to grab, but not enough to deny an ejaculation. I thought I’d experienced everything, but the sensation of seven clothes pins on my balls, cock, and tip of my cock was unimaginable. The pain/pleasure ratio was exponential. My mind couldn’t comprehend the sensation I was experiencing. Again, I had to force myself into a trance to endure it. Part of me wanted to black out while the other part wanted it to never stop. My hands still tied to the headboard, and me still blindfolded, I didn’t dare move too much as that would intensify the wiggling, hence my suffering. But Pook did it for me. Without warning, I felt his lubed cock enter my hole and without mercy, he plunged it into me. I yelped for mercy and as soon as he got it all the way in, he stopped and held it there. He gave me a minute to let my hole expand to take his massive 10+ inch cock, at least he gave me that. But then he pulled out slightly, pulled in, out, in and began a slow fuck. I was in complete ecstasy. Pook’s cock in my hole was something I could only dream about before tonight. Now, not only was I enjoying the full length and breadth of Pook stretching my insides, but it was exponentially intensified by the clips on my cock and balls and the humiliation that I was helpless. Pook then picked up the pace, Mr. Nice Guy no more. He pushed in harder, and harder, and was, withing minutes pounding my hole unmercifully. Typically, I’d be begging to get pounded like that, but that movement made the clips bounce and pull on the skin of my cock and balls. And the sensation on the tip of my cock was indescribable. I was near my limit of endurance when he started to reduce his tempo. He finally slowed to a stop but stayed behind me with his still rock hard cock up my hole. I didn’t know if he was finished or just taking a break. I was praying he was done. I wanted to cum so badly, but fortunately, the pain from the clips help keep my mind from going there. Finally he slowly withdrew his cock and carefully unclipped each of the clothespins. Each stung like hell as the blood flowed back to the pinched area, but I knew it was temporary. He saved the pin on the tip of my cock for last. Just before he grabbed it, he asked, “You ready?” I replied, “Yes, sir”. And he (as gently as possibly) opened it up and pulled it off. The sting on my cockhead was sublime. Blood pouring into one of the most sensitive spots on my body. I screamed but he quickly muffled it with his hand. Now, with the clips off, my wrists still bound to the headboard and him muffling my scream with his right hand, he crept up closer behind me and pressed his body to mine. He wrapped his left arm aournd the front of me, pulled me close to him, and held me. He whispered in my ear, “Pete, you did good. I’m proud of you. But you’re not done yet.” Again, pleasure was mixed with pain. I was relieved to have what just happen behind me, but no matter what would happen, I didn’t want this evening to end. End of Chapter 6 Guys, I welcome your feedback, good or bad. It’ll make the next chapters even hotter. Please feel free to reach out to me ail. with your comments. Thanks.

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