Cross Country Ch. 05


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Sebastian stared out of the car window, not really seeing the harsh brown landscape slipping by as they sped towards Adelaide. He was lost in thought, consumed with worry, and a tinge of guilt. That morning, he had been forced to face the harsh reality of his actions, and he was unsure what the future now held for him and his twin sister, Sasha.

Awaking to find Nicky had gone out; the twins had tentatively continued their exploration of each other’s young bodies. In each youngster’s mind, they had convinced themselves that Nicky was out arranging to pick up the car, and would probably be gone for some time. The confidence and urgency of the previous night was gone though, in the harsh light of day, so they had proceeded by ‘accidentally’ touching each other while pretending to be asleep. Finally, they were openly staring into each other’s eyes and caressing one another’s bodies with increasing urgency.

Sebastian winced anew as he recalled eventually scooting down the bed to softly lap at Sasha’s moist folds, only to hear the loud gasp of shock behind him just as his tongue made the first intimate contact. He had sat bolt upright in alarm, his heart almost exploding at the terror of being caught, and saw Nicky disappearing back through the door she had just entered. The door had slammed behind her, so loudly that it probably woke half of the motel’s other guests.

Neither he, nor Sasha, had spoken as they hurriedly washed and dressed, then stuffed their scattered belongings into their suitcases. Nicky eventually returned, but not a word was exchanged as the three siblings quietly packed their suitcases into the Land Cruiser which was now waiting out the front of their motel room. They all avoided eye contact with each other completely.

It was now nearly two hours since they’d left the small town of Keith behind, and the continued silence made the air in the car more stifling that the oppressive heat outside.

Sebastian struggled to suppress the rising anxiety in his chest as he wondered what his older sister was thinking. He wondered if she had phoned their mum after catching her twin brother and sister in an intimate embrace. His heart sank further at the thought. Surely she wouldn’t have called, he tried to convince himself. Surely not while Mum was still grieving from the death of their grandmother.

Sebastian and Sasha jumped in unison as Nicky eventually spoke. Sasha’s head made a loud thump as she connected with the window beside her.

“Do you guys…?” Nicky started, and then glanced over her sister in concern. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah, I’m alright.” Sasha muttered, rubbing her head.

“Um, ok.” Nicky answered, her eyes flicking between the road ahead and her sister’s subdued face. “I was going to ask if either of you minded if we stop at Hahndorf for a late breakfast. I read about it and I want to see what it’s like.”

“Fine with me.” Sebastian mumbled, while his twin simply nodded in acquiescence.

“Ok, well it’s only about 10 minutes away.” Nicky added, shooting quick glances at them both. Neither twin responded and soon they were exiting the freeway.

All three siblings stared in amazement as they drove slowly down the street of a tiny town amid green leafy trees. A pair of white horses in full harness pulled a small carriage down the street, cars patiently following at a crawl, and a man stood on the footpath in traditional German attire with a piano accordion in hand. Two “frauleins”, also in traditional dresses, danced around him as he played.

“Wow…” Nicky murmured. “This looks nice.”

Nicky slowly pulled into a spare parking space along the main street, directly opposite a large building called “The Hahndorf Inn”. Diners filled the large tables out the front, clearly enjoying a hearty breakfast, and the street bustled with all many of people.

“Shall we?” she asked.

“Sure.” Sebastian answered, climbing out of the car. He was a little confused by the sudden conversation, after hours of complete silence. The fact that Nicky was talking almost normally was equally confusing. He wondered if she was going to do the same as Sasha had at first, and completely ignore the problem.

They crossed the road and, eyes wide to absorb the unusual sights, entered the restaurant. It was more than just a restaurant though. A long bar filled the front room and snooker tables stood in the clear istanbul escort area to their left. The entire right hand side of the establishment was filled with tables, many of them occupied. The interior of the inn featured heavy, dark timber beams and solid timber tables. Traditional German artifacts and trinkets adorned the shelves and were even nailed to the heavy beams and columns of the bar. German folk music played through a hidden sound system, and the babble of voices was quite loud.

A young man approached and guided them to an empty table where he took their breakfast orders, before disappearing to prepare their drinks.

Sebastian watched both of his sisters as they took in the unusual sights and sounds of the place. He was still nervous because of this morning’s events, but a part of his mind continued to admire the girl’s beauty.

Sasha stood up, smoothing her skirt around her legs.

“I’m just going to the ladies.” she said, and walked toward the back of the restaurant where a sign pointed toward the restrooms.

“Me too.” Nicky said, as Sasha disappeared around the corner, “Be right back.”

Sebastian watched as his older sister disappeared around the same corner, and then sighed. He didn’t think he could cope with much more of this tension between them. Resigning himself to accepting the consequences of his actions though, he watched the happy faces of the other patrons and eyed their meals with increasing hunger.

After a long wait, a pretty girl approached dressed in the same uniform as the other staff Sebastian had seen. She deposited three plates piled with bacon, eggs, mushrooms and fried tomatoes on the table and smiled as Sebastian as she worked.

“Hi.” Sebastian said with a smile, “Thanks for that.”

“You’re welcome!” The girl said cheerfully. “Are you just visiting, or do you live around here?”

Sebastian eyed her name tag which read ‘Anne’, and met her eyes. Anne’s smile widened and he laughed.

“No, we’re just passing through from Melbourne. I think we might be staying overnight in Adelaide, but then we’re heading for Perth.” Sebastian told her. He briefly wondered where Nicky and Sasha had disappeared to. They had been gone for ages.

“Ohhhh” Anne said, pursing her lips thoughtfully. “Well, if you are planning on overnighting in Adelaide, let me know before you go ok?”

“What?” Sebastian asked, feeling a little dumb.

“Oh!” Anne chuckled softly. “No, it’s just that there’s a huge, international cycling thing going on in the city and you’ll be extremely lucky if you can find a hotel with rooms available. I just thought if you’re staying overnight, then you should probably stay somewhere up here in the Hills instead.”

“Oh, I see.” Sebastian told her gratefully, “Thanks, I’ll definitely find out before we go.”

Anne grinned and turned away, shifting sideways to let Sasha and Nicky through first. The girls seated themselves at the table and Sebastian eyed them both closely. Sasha seemed a lot more relaxed and Nicky beamed a radiant smile at him.

“Already on the prowl for girls hey?” Nicky asked him, her eyes flickering toward the departing waitress. Sasha giggled on Sebastian’s other side.

“No.” Sebastian answered, smiling tentatively. “She was telling me about some bike race in Adelaide. Apparently there’s no chance of getting a hotel room in Adelaide because of some big international bike race. Were we even planning on staying in Adelaide now?”

“I don’t know.” Nicky mused. “I might give Mum a call now that the car’s all sorted.”

As Nicky pulled out her phone and scrolled through her address book, Sebastian glanced at his twin in worry. Sasha met his eyes calmly, smiled and nodded. He wondered suddenly whether they had talked about this morning during their long toilet break.

“Hi Mum!” Nicky said into the phone. “We’re in Adelaide and I just wanted to touch base to let you know about something. There’s no problem though, so don’t worry!”

She paused, listening, before continuing.

“Well, we had a problem with the car but it’s fixed now so there’s nothing to worry about.”

Sebastian listened to Nicky’s half of the conversation as he ate. She gave an accurate description of the problem and seemed to be deflecting Tracy’s gratitude. Probably her gratitude for dealing with the problem without worrying her.

“Oh ok.” Nicky said, with a hint of surprise in her voice. “Ok, well that makes things easier then.” She listened. “No Mum, I’ll let you go so you’re not late. Don’t worry, we’re fine.”

“You didn’t tell her how much it cost.” Sasha said after Nicky had disconnected the call.

“No, she was running late for a meeting with Grandma’s lawyer.” Nicky answered, putting her phone away.

“So?” Sebastian asked her, his eyebrows rising questioningly.

“The funeral won’t be happening until Saturday at 11.00am, so we’ve got plenty of time to get there.” Nicky said, sipping at her coffee. “I’m actually pretty keen to şişli escort stop here today, especially after last night.”

Sebastian and Sasha exchanged glances, but Nicky didn’t appear to notice as she put her cup down to finish breakfast. Sebastian suddenly registered what she meant and drew a relieved breath.

“Are you feeling really hung over?” He asked with a touch of concern.

“No, not really. Maybe a bit.” Nicky answered.

“Ok, so if we stay overnight, we can’t go down to the city so maybe we should ask that waitress where would be good to stay.”

“Sure, ok.” Nicky agreed.

Sebastian pushed back his chair and stood. “I’ll go ask her.”

Sasha giggled again and Nicky’s eyes glinted with amusement as he turned away and approached the cashier area. Anne was accepting money from another customer with a smile, so he waited until she had finished before stepping forward.

“Hi Anne.” He said, smiling politely. “Looks like we’re going to stay overnight, so can you suggest anywhere good around this area?”

Anne grinned at him for a moment and then laughed. “I’m sorry, I am so blatant sometimes. The reason I mentioned it is because we have a nice motel here. It is part of the Hahnforf Inn but it’s around the back, across a little creek.”

“Oh ok.” Sebastian said with a soft laugh. “Why do you call that blatant?”

“Well, my parents run the Inn.” She told him conspiratorially.

“I see. Well that’s ok. No harm in drumming up business.” Sebastian smiled but felt a tinge of regret.

He had started thinking that she was being ‘blatant’ about wanting him to stay. Then he remembered Sasha and Nicky, and confusion replaced disappointment. He felt like a perpetually randy goat!

“Once you’re finished, I’ll take you guys through to the motel area and show you around.” Anne told him, “Just let me know when you’re ready.” She turned to face an elderly couple as they approached to settle their bill.

Sebastian returned to the table and sat down with his sisters. He explained about the motel and they agreed it sounded like a good idea, even though they teased him mercilessly about Anne having the hots for him. Sasha joined in good-naturedly, without a hint of whether it worried her that he might be attracted to the waitress. He wondered if Sasha’s demeanor was simply for show. If she was interested in another guy, he would definitely be feeling jealous.

After they finished breakfast, Sasha and Sebastian followed Anne through the car park where a large red and gold sign announced ‘The Hahndorf Inn Motor Lodge’. Nicky headed out to the street to bring the car around. It was a quaint little motel set amidst green, leafy trees and looked very well looked after.

Anne chatted amiably, asking them about their trip so far and exclaiming in delight at their recent birthday. It turned out she was 19, and not too keen on studying at university. Rather she wanted to work in the family business and eventually run it herself. Walking behind Anne and Sasha as they talked, Sebastian surreptitiously checked her out.

Anne was a fair bit taller than Sasha, probably the same height as Nicky, with long blonde hair in a neat ponytail. Her uniform fit snugly, and his gaze kept swinging back and forth between Sasha’s small, rounded bottom and Anne’s slightly muscular one. He smiled as he walked, envisioning the events of last night again before the memory of this morning returned. Even that couldn’t stop him completely from eyeing Anne other attributes. A pleasant roundness showed through the shirt she was wearing, indicative of her ample breasts.

Anne came to a halt at the front door and then produced a key to unlock it. As she did so, Nicky parked beside them and climbed out to join her siblings as they followed Anne inside.

The small reception area was exactly as one would expect from a small motel, and without the German influence or decorations. Anne bustled around behind the counter and produced a short form which she passed to Nicky to fill out.

“We only have two rooms available but one of them isn’t very good.” Anne confided to Nicky as she wrote. “I’ll put you in 32. It’s one of our Indulgence Spa rooms.”

“Oh, um.” Nicky hesitated. “How much is that per night?”

“Normally $205, but I’ll give it to you for the standard room cost so only $125.”

“Wow, thank you.” Nicky exclaimed with an excited glance at Sasha.

“You’re welcome.” Anne told her sincerely. “I’m in charge today because my parents are away. Fortunately, I had to help out with the brunch crowd so I was there to save you from driving down to Adelaide!”

Sebastian followed all three girls as they walked around the motel to number 32. Anne unlocked the door and ushered all three inside, her manner that of the perfect small town proprietor. She showed them the air conditioner, the spa, complimentary mini bar and so on, until Sebastian wondered why she was taking so long. Not that he minded, of course. All three girls were a mecidiyeköy escort pleasure to look at, but what he really wanted was a moment alone with Sasha to find out what had transpired with Nicky.

Eventually Anne left them alone, with a final reminder to simply call her at the front desk if they needed anything at all.

Almost as soon as the door closed, Nicky collapsed on the bed with a sigh and stretched.

“Seb, could you bring the car around? I’m too hot.”

“Ok.” Sebastian answered, and picked up the keys from the bench where she had left them.

After parking the car out the front of their room, Sebastian dragged their small suitcases out of the back and lugged them to the front door. Opening the door, he deposited the baggage just inside the door and closed it. Turning around, he stopped dead in his tracks.

Nicky was lying on the large, queen-sized bed, her arms stretched out to her sides and her eyes closed. The small air conditioner hummed quietly on one wall, and running water hissed behind the closed bathroom door. His shock though, was from the fact that Nicky wore a small pair of deep pink underwear and not a stitch else! Her nipples were hard and pointing directly at the ceiling overhead.

“Uhhhh.” Sebastian tried to manage more, but words escaped him.

As he stared in a mixture of confusion and sudden arousal, Nicky sat up on the bed and looked back at him with a smile.

“What’s wrong Seb?” She asked, her manner that of pure innocence.

“Uhhhh.” He responded.

Nicky laughed softly and looked at him, waiting patiently. Sebastian tried to work some saliva into his mouth. It took three more attempts before he managed to speak in a somewhat strangled voice.

“You’re not dressed.”

“Oh, I know.” Nicky answered, rather flippantly. “It’s much too hot for clothes.”

“Did… did Sasha tell you about…” he faltered.

“About last night?” Nicky finished, her gaze intense. “Yes, she did.”


“I figured, since you’ve seen me quite naked already, I might as well be comfortable. After all this is nothing new to you, is it Sebastian?”

Sebastian swallowed hard, unsure what to make of his sister’s tone. Was she mad? Or was she intending to tease him mercilessly with her nudity? He didn’t know how to answer, so he held his peace, mind racing.

“Sasha also told me what you both did together last night.” Nicky continued, her gaze unwavering.

“Yeah, um. Ok.”

“And what you did to me.” This was said in a much harder tone of voice and Sebastian flushed even deeper. Meeting her eyes was suddenly impossible, even for a moment. Furiously trying to think of something to say as the silence stretched, Sebastian fidgeted on the spot at a complete loss.

Seizing hold of his courage, he took a deep breath and looked Nicky directly in the eyes.

“I’m sorry Nicky. That was so wrong and I’m really sorry. We got carried away.”

“You did indeed.” Nicky answered, her tone still cool. “I figure I deserve a chance to actually know when it’s happening, don’t you?”

It took a moment before Sebastian realised the implication of her words. He blinked.

“That’s right!” Nicky continued, “The least I deserve is the chance to enjoy it properly.”

Nicky’s face broke into a sudden quick grin and she stood, approaching Sebastian slowly as she spoke.

“I watched you, you know. Yesterday, after I came back for the sunscreen. I watched you jerk off all over yourself.”

Nicky stopped directly in front of her brother, their eyes locked onto each others.

“I masturbated four times since then because it turned me on so much.”

Sebastian dropped the bags and threw his arms around his older sister. She pulled back slightly and kissed him softly on the lips, her tongue entering his mouth briefly before she pulled away.


“Yes Nicky?”

“Please show me what I missed out on?”

Without needing to be asked twice, Sebastian lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bed. Nicky giggled as she was laid on top of the bedcovers and her brother began to slide her underwear down her thighs. She writhed as he did so, eyeing the large bulge in his shorts eagerly. As soon as she was naked, Sebastian tore off his own clothing and climbed onto the bed beside her, his cock standing out proudly from his body.

Nicky gasped at the sight. The beauty of it was exactly as she remembered and she ached to touch him, to hold him inside of her. Sebastian was having none of it yet though. Instead, he kissed her softly, then more urgently, his tongue swirling around hers as he gave in to the almost constant arousal he had felt since this trip began. Nicky jumped as she felt his hand gliding up her thigh and could have wailed as his fingers bypassed her sex and continued up her body to cup a firm breast in his palm.

Sebastian’s kisses trailed across her jaw line and he nibbled softly on her ear as she moaned in anticipation. Writhing below him, Nicky managed not to scream at the intensity of her need, but only just. His soft, slow kisses progressed along her collarbone and between her breasts before he finally took a throbbing nipple between his lips and sucked gently.

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