Crew Loyalty Ch. 01


Zarinah wiped the sweat from hands onto her thighs. The liquid formed droplets on the waterproof fabric of her uniform which ran down her leg and onto the floor where it disappeared into the self cleaning floor of the space station. She gulped and played with the wisps of hair which slipped out of the bun at the nape of her neck.

“Computer” she said “Ensign Zarinah Jones requesting permission to enter.”

There was a long pause as she listened to the computer relay her request to the captain through the door. Then the door slid open and she stepped inside. Her uniform felt too tight all of a sudden – even though she knew that wasn’t possible – the nanotech fabric would adjust to any slight changes in her body shape.

The captain was leaning back in her chair, looking at some document on a tablet and tapping a stylus on her desk. Her hair was dark and short, her grey eyes had small crows feet beside them and her forehead had the beginnings of lines on it and her body was slender, with a round ass and small, pert breasts which had been known to distract the enseign from time to time. But she was too nervous to notice any of that just now. The captain put down the tablet görükle escort bayan and leaned forward a little with a smile.

“Ensign” she said, her slight liverpudlian accent showing in her voice. “What can I do for you?”

“Well…captain…” Zarinhas voice trailed off slightly “The thing is…I know the annual promotions list is coming up and I’d like to be on it…you know…because it’s just…I’ve been an engineer with this crew for five years and I’ve lead repairs teams on and off the station this year…and i’ve made recommendations for projects like the…lighting on the hydroponics bay for instance… I…I…I designed that myself…well mostly myself…and I just think if I had the opportunity to…to…to” She gulped and looked at the floor. She felt her cheeks burn as her faced flushed reed

“If you had the opportunity to lead your own team you’d be able to do so much more” the captain finished her sentence. Zarinhah breathed a sigh of relief. Although there was something a bit odd about the way the captain’s expression had changed. She was leaning forward, with her elbows on her desk and resting her chin on her interlaced bursa otele gelen escort hands. She looked the ensign up and down. Her eyes rested on the young engineer’s large breasts.

“You have potential you know but I wonder if you have…commitment” her voice slowed on that last word.

“Captain…I am committed, I’ve worked here five years and I regularly work extra hours when the crew is stretched.”

The captain stood up slowly and began slowly walking towards Zarinahra “I am well aware of that Ensign, and that commitment is very good as a non commissioned officer who leads small teams. But the next step for you would be your own commission as a deputy chief of engineering. And on a space station with a very elite crew at that. You’d either be third in command in the engine room crew or you’d be essentially running your own department somewhere else on my station with barely any oversight.”

She was inches away from the enseign now, and she gently rested her hand on the younger woman’s hip. Her voice lowered “I’d need you to be completely loyal, not just to Thinly Veiled Starfleet, not just to this ship, but to me. bursa escort bayan Completely loyal, and completely obedient.”

Zarinha inhaled, the captain’s perfume smelled of cedarwood, but she also smelled slightly of sweat and electronics. Her heart was racing. She couldn’t quite tell if she was more nervous or excited. She placed one hand on her captain’s shoulder and used the other to move the superior officers hand from her hip to her ass. “Captain” she said smiling “I’d do anything for you.”

“Good” The captain grinned and squeezed her ass, then closed the distance between their faces with a rough kiss. Her hand cupped the enseignes breast and a soft moan of both pleasure and surprise escaped the younger officer’s mouth. She began to slowly guide the enseign across the wall until she had the younger woman’s soft curvy body trapped against the metal wall of the office and her own. She pulled the younger woman’s bun loose and long auburn curls fell down past her shoulders. The captain grinned.

“You are a beautiful young woman” she said – as though she were only just now noticing.

The ensignes arms wrapped around her captain and she put one hand in the superior officer’s hair and gently scratched her scalp.

“So how is it you want me to show my loyalty?” She asked with a smirk.

“Well…” the captain paused, pretending to ponder the ensign’s question. “Why don’t you start by taking off your shirt.”

“Computer” the enseign said.

“No” the captain interrupted. “By hand.”

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