“Crete” – Chapter 17:- “Our Holiday Game”


In a way, that storm seemed to of sucked the life out of the resort. Although the sun returned, the sultriness of the night didn’t. There seemed to be a chill in the air. Maybe it was a sign that the onset of autumn was not so far away.With the weather cooler, yesterday evening Sarah wore more clothes, jeans, a blouse, a jacket, even panties, though no bra. To reinforce that last fact, my girlfriend had wobbled her boobs like an erotic dancer, to bring a smile back to my face before doing up the buttons on her blouse.I felt as if Sarah had sensed I was feeling a little melancholy. Maybe that was too stronger a word, but I felt strange. My mind trying to process all that we had said and done earlier that day, whilst knowing it couldn’t happen again; because our neighbours were leaving tomorrow morning.Last night, after eating in the restaurant, we went and watched the hotel show, just like any young couple in love would do. But for us, it was different. We both were now carrying our secrets, our private and still developing thoughts. We were waiting until the right time to share them.I looked at Sarah; today she had experienced sex with three different people and had happily serviced each of them like a woman possessed. It was a new sexual experience for her, one that she wanted, acting like she was a total slut.The experience had been fuelled by memories of what she had done with her first boyfriend; an older married man called Jerry, but also encouraged by me, the man that she loved.I had accepted that I was guilty of coaxing Sarah, especially when it came to her being with Ashley; and I had never once asked myself, was that a mistake?I had wanted Sarah to have full sex with another woman as she had previously admitted to me about her strong sexual attraction towards other women; it was in her psyche.I also knew that if I was going to have a chance of keeping both Sarah and Clare as my girlfriends, I needed to treat them both equally. I didn’t see I had any choice, as my second girlfriend was openly bisexual and currently experimenting sexually with other women.Sarah knew that.That meant I needed to let my number one girlfriend, Sarah, live out her sexual fantasies before there was any chance of a monogamous life with me. It was a life which I hoped would include Clare.Sarah might not be a lesbian, but we both knew those desires to be with another woman had always been there, deep within her. I felt that was also true, about what she did earlier in the week and then yesterday, when she took it further, a lot further, and became a total slut.I had triggered the desires by using the anklet, in our now officially open relationship, but Clare also played her part, though unknowingly. It was her previous sexual experiences confession, ones that were no doubt currently being added to, that had got Sarah thinking; then realising that she was missing out.Sarah had told me that when the three of us went through our sexual history, she realised that she was way behind in sexual partners and experience. That it was almost embarrassing how few she had.“That needs to discretely change!” being Sarah’s very words to me.With Clare, it was different, as she had always slept around. She even would sometimes call herself a slut, though I preferred the word sensual. I thought a lot of Clare’s actions had happened because she had not met the right man and I hoped that might change now that we were together, but we needed time.For me, what we were going through was all part of growing up, in an unorthodox relationship. However, if anything, it had been me and not Sarah who had been more affected by our holiday sexual experimentation, though I felt there were plenty of positives within the negatives.These were…There was no doubt over the last few weeks Sarah and I had moved closer together. We were more in love with each other than ever as Clare’s arrival seemed to give us the jolt our relationship needed; that newfound closeness, love, and desire for sexual adventure. But with that, I had found something new, and I was not sure if I liked it, and it had dominated my recent thoughts.It was the increased realisation that was a part of me that liked sharing Sarah, and not just with other women, but also with other men.So far, it had been only one man, our married holiday neighbour, Don. But the more we swapped, played, and, above all, watched; the more I enjoyed the experience. Perhaps I should have known that feeling and that emotion had always been there. After all, my history told me, my sexual attraction had always been to sensual women.I needed to process it, try to understand and then, at the right time, talk in depth with Sarah.I might have been the captain of the football team and the manager of a growing engineering company; with an ego that sometimes told me that I was the master of the universe. Çukurambar Escort But the hard truth was, I ended up enjoying my experience of sharing Sarah with Don and Ashley.Before Don, I had always thought, I would never have a problem sharing a girlfriend with other women. It had never happened until Clare, and now Sarah. I still didn’t see it as a problem. What now troubled me was, I now knew if the circumstances were right, I would be happy to share Sarah not only with other women but also with other men.That thought had been dominating my mind, and I knew I needed to tell Sarah. Without explaining it to her, I knew it would continue to consume me and worry me.I wanted still to be the alpha man.This is where we were on Thursday morning, the sun out once again as a naked Sarah snuggled up to me. She was still with me, and not in Don’s bed. Since we left our pool yesterday, that conversation never came up, and I didn’t want to mention it and I sensed neither did Sarah.She seemed happy to be just with me, and I liked that. I needed time with her, and Don was going to be part of our past. We needed to look to the future and, most importantly; we needed to talk!With no morning sex and the sun now restored to the sky, Thursday morning saw us saying goodbye to our neighbours Don and Ashley. There wasn’t anything sexual, just hugs and a few kisses, even the odd tear plus the promises to stay in touch and to send a few naughty photos.Don confirmed that they had tried to stay on until Monday, but the apartment was already taken. He went on to tell me there will be new guests from tomorrow, and there had also been the complication of a meeting he needed to attend. This was all confirmation of what Ashley had whispered in my ear yesterday.“Don is besotted with Sarah,” and then later, she whispered, “He tried to extend our holiday. He wants to fuck her, morning, noon, and night. We both want to.”They were words that had been going through my mind. They had haunted me ever since I had heard them. It was because I knew I would have carried on sharing Sarah with Don and Ashley.Our neighbours left us calling their stay at the hotel “a unique experience, which they had thoroughly enjoyed.” It was a term that made both Sarah and I laugh, as it had been a unique experience, though I wondered if, for us, it would remain that way.With the weather now returned to something close to how it had been, hot, we spent the day in a world of pirates, at the nude pool; topping up our sun tans. It was as we lay there, naked, on sun loungers I brought up Don and Ashley.We needed to start talking about it. I had learnt that much!“Do you think we ever see our neighbours again?” I remarked. It was a gentle way into the conversation and I was also thinking they lived over two hundred miles away from us; so I thought it was unlikely.Sarah glanced at me.“Didn’t you know they have invited us to stay with them?”I didn’t.“Maybe they only invited you,” I whispered, my mind once again overthinking.“Maybe!” Sarah exclaimed and then added. “I should start making the arrangements for me to travel to Manchester as soon as we get back.”I sat up and looked at my girlfriend, my mind suddenly unsure. She turned onto her front and started giggling, her hand trying to muffle the sound.“I haven’t forgotten yesterday, and I not talking about Don or Ashley.”She was talking about how I left her hanging, and fully aroused; ready for Don. Sarah had been teasing me, and then she switched to something that happened right at the start of our holiday.“I also have the best bottom, and don’t ever forget that, mister,” Sarah giggled.She was right; it was right there in front of me. It was perfect, now with a golden brown tan. I had to turn onto my front and join Sarah, as I hadn’t forgotten yesterday; sticking my cock between those beautiful cheeks. Though, of course, I was not the only male to do that as Don had that pleasure too; and that thought did little to stop my growing erection.“David, seriously, we are both invited to stay with them if we are in the area. Ashley just said give them a call first; their house has five bedrooms.”I nodded; my eyes still on my girlfriend’s bottom and my cock looking forward to that pleasure once again.“Do you want to visit them?” I questioned, unsure what answer I wanted to hear.Sarah looked at me, then kissed me on the cheek and smiled.“No, it is too soon, and I am not sure what happens here, I want to happen in England. Isn’t there a saying, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Well, I think that should apply to Crete, too.” I smiled, as I realised that was the answer I wanted to hear. I put my arm around my girlfriend and pulled her close. We snuggled, my cock erect and still probing the sun lounger.“You are so beautiful,” I said without even thinking; they were words from my Çukurambar Escort Bayan heart.“That is more like it, mister,” Sarah giggled, and then pecked me on the lips, as we had a little moment. Our eyes were staring into each other’s, as my cock, now painful, reminded me that we must stop abstaining from morning sex.“Don suggested,” I whispered. “If we wanted to carry on in this lifestyle, we should consider using contact magazines. I not saying we should, but I would prefer it to casual hook-ups.”I did not know if I wanted to share Sarah again, but that decision was now mainly down to my girlfriend, as technically, we now had an open relationship.If Sarah wanted sex with someone else, then what could I do? I had to treat her in the same way as Clare.But from experience, I now knew that I didn’t want to fuck a lot of older women. Ashley proved that while I may have enjoyed the act, I also needed physical attraction to get the most out of the sex. I preferred younger girls, and yet Sarah preferred older men, like Don and Jerry.Was that compatible if we looked to swap partners again?Sarah was looking at me. She knew that I had gone into my own little world once again.As my eyes came back to hers, she said, “As I have already told you, let’s get home and talk about it there. We both know it is different when I am in my village.” Then Sarah reminded me, “David, as far as I am concerned at the moment, this stops when we get home.”“Wasn’t that one of your rules?”It was. I was pleased she had remembered it.“David, I want you just to be with me, and Clare, no one else, and remember… You have got a new flat, and I got to think about a new career and sort out my college course. There will be a lot going on, and sex may need to take a back seat.”“Well, if you can cope with that, no sex, then fine… I always have Clare.” I jested, knowing the serious conversation needed to wait for another time.Sarah nudged me, and then giggled, “Maybe, so have I.”The rest of the afternoon it was just us, enjoying each other’s company and reconnecting without the need for sex.Later, Sarah suggested that after we phoned Clare, we should go into town, have a meal there, and get away from the hotel complex for an evening.“Let’s just enjoy each other’s company,” her closing words.I readily agreed as I thought it was a good idea, but I wasn’t quite ready to give up our game. I wanted one more night of showing Sarah off.“How about when we have the meal in town, we play the waiter game?” I asked as I gave my best boyish grin. “You know, you tease me and the waiter with your hot, sexy body.”Sarah looked at me and grinned. She was up for it too, a bit of exhibitionism, and maybe a wind-down from all the sex she had been having.I grinned. It seemed that I was not the only one that didn’t want to give up our holiday game. ***** For the Thursday evening, Sarah wore a just above-the-knee, red button-up summer dress. It was new, and it was very provocative; perfect for wearing and doing a little bit of exhibitionism during our meal.“Wow,” I said as Sarah applied her lipstick. My three-letter comment earned me a gentle nudge, and then a beautiful smile.She looked hot, and she knew it. My girlfriend didn’t stop smiling as I took in her beauty while she adjusted her dress in the apartment’s full-length mirror.Sarah’s dress was a vibrant red with a scattering of little white flowers to break up the colour. Though not short, the provoking part came from the plunging Vee-neckline. It ran well into the valley between her breasts and below. There was a line of plain red buttons that ran down the dress’s front, from the bottom of that Vee to the hem.Sarah was currently fiddling with the dress’s ribbon, which pulled the vee gap together for modesty. She had just tied the ribbon together in a loose bow at the top; it was the position that showed the most cleavage.Below the vee were four red buttons. If undone, each one would show a little more of my girlfriend’s breasts. It was clear that she was not wearing a bra, as her nipples were poking two well-defined indentations in the thin red material.The middle four buttons were fake and only there to keep the line symmetrical. Beneath these came another ten buttons, the highest one just below Sarah’s belly button, running down to the dress’s hem. Each button represented a stepping stone to heaven, but at the moment, only the bottom two were undone.“I will undo a few more later,” Sarah said. She must have noticed me staring. “But I am wearing these.”She held up a red lace micro G-string. It was one of the ones we had purchased during the shopping trip we had in the city with Clare.“Last week you were sans panties,” I pointed out, a little disappointed.“David, we are going out of the resort and the holiday is nearly over. So we need to start adjusting back Escort Çukurambar into the real world.”Then Sarah giggled, “And anyway, they can always come off.”I grinned. I was looking forward to the waiter teasing game, which we had played once before, at home. It was a game I was hoping might continue once again when we got back to England.Sarah pulled the G-string into place. As she did so, I noticed she had freshly shaved and then the glint of the thin gold chain around her right ankle. That reminded me of what had happened only yesterday, during the storm.On her feet, Sarah chose her red stilettos, the ones she wore with her red chiffon dress when she went on her date with Don; it was a date where she didn’t wear panties. ***** At the telephone box, Sarah and I joined the queue. We were early and had plenty of loose change to feed the phone. What we did not appreciate was the fact that we would have to queue to use the only working telephone box.When we phoned Clare, we were a little late, but on the second ring, we heard her voice. It was good to hear her, as it felt as though it had been too long.Sarah and I both smiled. “Hi there,” we both said and then giggled in unison.“Are you both tipsy?” Clare questioned. It sounded like her voice was coming from another world.“No! Just happy to be talking to you Clare,” I quickly replied.Sarah agreed and added, “I wish you were here too!”Clare laughed, and then jokingly said, “You must be tipsy!”We all giggled and then started talking about our holiday, our all-over suntan, the accommodation and, of course, Don and Ashley; though we did not have time to go into details. That would come later when we were home and preferably when we were all in bed together.For me, I was more interested in Clare and how she was. We had both missed her and though unsaid, there was a big part of me wishing she was on this holiday with us.A little later, I found myself apologising to Clare for fucking another woman other than Sarah, but Clare just laughed it off.Her exact words were. “I let you off, as actually, I have been with another woman other than Brenda and Paula since you left. So let’s call it even.”“Who?” we both enquired; thinking it must be Karen.“Tina,” Clare replied. “I tell you all about it on your return.”I thought, at this rate, Clare will have been with more women than men by the end of the year. But I knew she was promiscuous when we got together. It was something she had never denied. So perhaps it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that she had already been with another woman outside the two we had known she was going to be with.Clare also knew I never had any issues with her having sex with other women. I just needed her to stay safe and, above all… to love me.In my head, I made a note to check Brenda was looking after her the next time we saw each other. It was only after I had let that thought go I realised Sarah was saying something.“Clare, David will have a pleasant surprise to show you on Monday evening.”Sarah was giggling, she seemed pleased with herself and I then realised she was talking about my now completely hair-free cock.“What is it?” Clare asked; it was the obvious question.“You have to wait until Monday,” Sarah replied.I chuckled in the background, though I was still not sure I wanted to keep my cock hair-free.“Well,” said Clare, “Maybe I should tell Brenda to lose your studio photos.”Now it was Clare’s turn to laugh.“Have you seen them?” Sarah quickly replied, and in doing so, she rather gave away her interest.“Maybe I have,” said Clare, now openly laughing. “But… you have to wait until Monday.”Sarah and I started laughing too, and I guessed Monday was going to be an interesting show all day.We signed off with Clare telling us about college, though she had only been there, so far, for one orientation day. Her real college lessons started also on Monday. It was the same day that we returned home.After that, we just confirmed meeting up on Monday evening. All three of us, as Sarah wanted to see Clare, as well as me, though my predominant feeling was…Above all else, Sarah wanted to see her modelling photos! ***** In town, we once again visited the tourist shops, with me on the lookout for flashing, farting backscratchers. It was a present that I had already purchased for Clare and one that Sarah had been completely unimpressed by. But when we didn’t see any, she was quick to point out, and then tell me they were nothing more than a gimmick.I had a different opinion; that they were so popular, they had all sold out.Though warm, tonight the town felt a lot quieter than it did a week ago. The storm had led to some of the local people going home to the north of the island. But it was also true to say it was now nearly mid-September, and with the children back at school, we were coming to the end of the summer holiday season.Sarah and I were both in a playful mood, my earlier funk now long gone. After a romantic meal in a restaurant that gave us a scenic view of the valley, but no chance for any discrete flashing. This was because there were families dining, and disappointingly, our waiter turned out to be female.

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