Crazy Cassie Ch. 03


I woke up to sunlight bright enough to make my brain hurt, a branching ache through my hips and torso like a tree had rooted itself in me, and a warm, heavy, pillowy pressure all across my front. Memory took its sweet time getting back to me, waiting until I managed to blink my eyes back from the brink of blindness and saw my daughter lying nude on top of me.

“Oh, right,” I muttered under my breath; Cassie and I were doing naked stuff now. That’s the fucked up turn my life took the night before, explaining the furious throbbing hammering through my dick. Speaking of hammers, a glance over Cassie’s shoulder confirmed that my flesh was livid purple, hard enough to dent an anvil with, bubbling precum like a science fair volcano, and casting a shadow like an elephantine sundial. Cassie had me in a deathgrip between her round thighs; again, you’d never suspect how strong some of these chubby girls can be, though to Cassie’s credit she certainly has the DNA for good muscles…mine, I do believe. The pressure was incredible, the texture was heavenly, the heat was radiant, and if my cock could have talked, he’d have cursed me to all the hells for making it suffer all that joyous sensation without release. I used to have consistent, recurring, half-lucid dreams, and enjoyed them immensely…but they had consequences in the waking world, and there’s only so many times a guy can wake up caked in his own jizz with his balls glued to his thighs. Hence, I trained myself to withhold orgasms in my sleep, and a night getting rubbed on by Cassie’s velvety thighs had me ready to dump a titanic batch into the nearest available hole; a cold doughnut, a parakeet, Magic Johnson…well, maybe not.

The pernicious demon hanging off my right ear handily pointed out that Cassie’s tight, clean pussy was mere millimeters from my dick; he’s a bastard, but he had a fantastic point. The angel on my left ear reminded me that sleep-raping Cassie was immoral, rude, and very dangerous; he had a better point, but I resented him for it. Resentful or not, I went with his suggestions. It was only ten o’clock in the morning on a duty-free Saturday, and that meant that I had the whole blissful day to accomplish my goal: have fully penetrative sex with Cassie by midnight, with bonus points for every hour ahead of schedule. My cock heartily agreed.

“Cassiiiiiiie,” I murmured in her ear, my arms coming down from behind my head to press into her back. “Wake up, my little one. It’s a beautiful day, full of opportunity!”

She stirred slightly, but only to snuggle closer to me in her sleep. The movement across my torso lit already-sensitive nerves on fire, feeling her enormous breasts squeezing against me, her tummy spreading over my abs, her thighs rubbing my cock and sliding over my bloated testicles…pretty sure my eyes crossed. Much more of that and I’d be painting the ceiling. Actually, much more of that and I’d be installing a skylight…possibly putting a section of tin roofing into low orbit, considering how swollen and taut my balls felt.

“Cassie,” I grunted louder, drumming my hands firmly across her back. “Wake up, sugar-tits, Daddy’s pent up and needs to let one go.” Nothing; dead to the world, snoring quietly into my chest fur, drooling a little in her sleep. Cassie’s always been a bit of a heavy sleeper (like me), but damn…

Figuring that it was the best of my limited options, I reached down her back, slid a thick finger between her butt cheeks and slicked it handily with the precum I’d apparently been leaking over her all night. A little squeeze, a little squish, and I suddenly pushed just the first half-inch of my fingertip into her ass, not even enough to cover my fingernail. “Cassie!” I grunted in her ear, tweaking at the inside edge of her pucker.

THAT woke her up…and made her clench her thighs together tightly enough to make me consider autoerotic asphyxiation as a lifestyle choice. David Carradine’s kink of choice was certainly doing wonders for my throbbing hard-on; I could see my cockhead and the top of my shaft protruding over the tightly-squeezed flesh of Cassie’s round thighs, and the dark color gradually spreading over my length was accompanied by a familiar, very exciting tingling throughout my groin.

Mostly, however, I was concentrating on how her ass felt. Even the tiny bit of her bottom stretching around my fingertip felt amazing, her flesh tight, textured like living silk, hot as a furnace and thick with twitching, squeezing muscles, more than seemed normal. Cassie was part cow, after all…it stood to reason that she would have excellent muscles beneath all that juicy jiggle. I swirled my fingertip around and she flicked her hips up against my hand, her tail whipping against my wrist as a moan worked from her mouth. “Daddy?” She mooed, head turning up, rapidly blinking the sleep out of her eyes, body stilling on top of mine as she got her bearings. “What…ahhh,” she moaned as I gently pulled my finger back, smoothing my hand over her cheeks with firm, soothing strokes.

“Sorry Niğde Escort about that, babygirl,” I murmured, smiling at her. “You weren’t waking up, and I’m just a little bit too horny to lie here much longer.”

She mooed again in confusion, and I lifted my hips just enough to shift my cock and balls against her thighs. She gasped and clenched again, and I grunted from the strain of her legs sliding against my precum-slicked equipment.

“Oh!” She gasped, spreading her legs apart fast enough to make my balls gasp for air. “I’m sorry, Daddy! How can I help?”

“Carefully,” I chuckled, my mirth just a little strained, “Slide up and get those sexy legs from around my dick, and then let me stand up so that I can take care of this.”

“Okay…but, Daddy,” she said as she pushed up and slowly slid herself over me, “I meant how can I help you take care of it. Can’t you…use me, to feel better?”

I had to wait to answer until she moved further off of me, her heavy breasts sliding over my face with enough warm pressure to make me squirt precum over the back of the couch. “There’s an idea,” I grunted once she slipped off, slid off the couch entirely and knelt on the floor, letting me gradually push myself upright accompanied by a twenty one gun salute from my spine. “You won’t mind?” I asked once I could sit up, looking down at her with my dick standing between us like a veiny telephone pole. The change in position rolled my balls between my thighs; the size and color of two bowling balls in a canvas bag, gurgling LOUDLY.

Cassie shook her head and beamed up at me. “Nope! After all, shouldn’t this be a daily occurrence for us? If I don’t at least help you to soothe your morning wood, won’t you want to have sex instead?”

“…Eventually,” I assented after a bit of a surprised pause. “Did your mother give you that idea?”

“Nope! The internet did,” she happily replied as she scooted closer and lifted up her titanic breasts, pressing them around my thick cock without pause. “I’m not a little kid, Dad,” she murmured as she squeezed her mounds around me, even her impressive chest struggling to fully encompass my girth; she had to get me all the way into her cleavage before she could wrap me up. “I’ve done my homework, looked up things to do…things I’ve wanted to do. You said that you liked my big breasts…doesn’t this feel good?”

“Yes,” I grunted, voice low and thick as I let her give me a titfuck, “But I like it better when I get to control these,” I rumbled as I eased her hands off her breasts and took them in my own, squeezing her huge, creamy orbs tighter around me and kneading into them, “And you work with your hands and mouth. Unless you wanted something other than cum for breakfast?”

Pavlov couldn’t have gotten a dog to drool faster than Cassie did at the mention of my cum, her bright eyes flicking all the way up to the twitching head of my dick, her pink tongue tip flicking across her lips. She pushed up onto her knees to lick up the precum drooling out of my tip, and I squished her fat breasts around my cock as she moved, rubbing her thick nipples together and groaning lowly as I watched them ripple and jiggle in my hands. Her flesh looked so pale against my dusky olive skin, and when she brought her hands up to cradle the crown of my dick between them, the smooth black and white patches gloving her fingers looked so clean and neat next to the angry nest of veins pulsating under my skin. She moaned from the play with her breasts as her tongue slid out and coiled around my head; even with her long appendage, she could just barely reach all the way around it, lassoing my cock and sucking on it hungrily.

“Mmmf, Daddy, you taste stronger,” she murmured after swallowing a mouthful of slimy precum; it glistened on her lips when she spoke. “Is it just because it’s your first of the day?”

I shook my head as I slid her breasts up and down, grunting with every movement, hips lifting to thrust up into her cleavage and mouth. “It’s because I’ve been pent up all night,” I growled, grinning down at her. “Having you on top of me all night long? More than enough to get me this way.”

“I’m sorry,” she murmured. Gods, the way she looked as she kissed my tip in apology…those wide, wet eyes staring up at me, her fingers rubbing slickly around the edge of my crown, her head bobbing as she took me deeper into her mouth…

Frankly, if she wasn’t my daughter, I’d want to kidnap her and make her my slave. Fortunately for me, she was my daughter, and seemed to be thinking exactly the same thing as I was.

“Open wide,” I grunted, hands squeezing tighter into her breasts, flesh spilling through the gaps in my fingers. Not surprisingly, it took almost nothing to get me off; less than a minute of her huge titties squeezing my meat and her lips sliding down in a tight ring around my head, and I was there. She pushed down further to sink my whole head into her mouth as my balls clenched, and I took one hand off her breasts to hold the back of her Niğde Escort Bayan head as I blasted down her throat. The noise was incredible, the wet, sloppy splatters of my jizz shooting into her paired with the greedy slurps and swallows as she happily took it. Her tongue was gradually catching on to what it could do, wriggling against the bottom of my head to stimulate me further, and her hands helpfully dropped down to cup my massive balls, stroking and squeezing them excitedly as I pumped into her. I couldn’t see her throat this time, but my hand on her breast could feel the tension and the shivers chasing through her as each huge squirt slid down her gullet and stretched her skin.

I had to stand up before I finished cumming, grunting and growling as my hips rocked forward with each pulse from my cock, looming over her. “Breakfast of champions,” I groaned once I could speak. “You can come wake me up every morning with that tight little mouth if you want to get fed, babygirl.”

“Mmh!” She hummed in answer, nodding as far as she could with her head locked around my cock, throat bulging wide around each huge wad of baby-batter. She didn’t let me go until I was completely spent, nursing the last thin streams of jizz from my tip with a devotion that would have been adorable if it weren’t so goddamn hot. When she pulled off, her eyes were just a little bit hazy and her lips were swollen from the pressure she had put them under, looking up at me and panting softly. Her belly had swollen more than before, which made sense considering that she took the entirety of my orgasm this time; the broad dimple of her plump tummy smoothed over the bulge of her cum-filled stomach, making her appear as if she were five months pregnant. She seemed appreciative.

“You fill me up so nicely, Daddy,” she murmured, her hands stroking over her bloated tummy. “Will I get bigger than this once we have sex?”

“We’re going to find out today,” I grunted as I sat back down, close to panting myself. It seemed that my crazy daughter was picking up on how to give head even faster than her mother had. “After last night, I’ll be damned if I don’t get into that sweet little muff by midnight.”

Cassie smiled and nodded happily as she stood, and then crawled up onto the couch to sit in my lap, leaning back against me and wiggling her chubby butt into my groin. “I’d really like that, Daddy,” she hummed, head leaning back to kiss my cheek. “How long do you think it will take before I’m ready?”

“No way of knowing until we start getting you ready. Speaking of which,” I rumbled as I reached around her, “No time like the present.” She squeaked as I slipped two fingers between her thighs and pushed them past her thick, soft lips, starting to finger her fat pussy with one hand while my free arm wrapped around her waist and snugged her back against me. My fingers made her noticeably bloated belly gurgle and squish, and feeling the mass of my seed filling her was more than enough to get both Cassie and I excited; her pussy was already soaked when I touched it, and squirted a little when I toyed with her full tummy.

“Daddyyyy,” she moaned, hips starting to roll into my hand as I pressed more firmly to her sex, fingertips finding her entrance and pushing inside with ease. She was tight, very much so, and while it was very clear that she enjoyed what I did, she was also clearly unsure of what to do. Her muscles flexed and clenched around me sporadically, and she started shivering after a few seconds, trembling as I toyed with her.

“Daddy, it feels weird,” she whimpered, squirming in my lap and grinding her slippery ass against my cock. “You’re stretching me!”

“Going to do a lot more of that before the day is over, babygirl,” I rumbled in her ear. “Relax,” I said calmly, my fingertips slowing and stilling inside of her, palm resting over her thick lips. “Take a deep breath. You’ve fingered yourself before, haven’t you?”

Cassie nodded and took a shaky breath; I waited until she could take a smoother one before continuing. “It’s just like that, except my fingers are bigger…you’re going to have to stretch a lot further for Daddy to fuck you. You want that, right?” She nodded, and I felt her walls quiver around my fingers.

“It feels like…it’s going to hurt,” she whimpered softly, and even my cock, which was ready to pull a full-scale Leeroy Jenkins on Cassie’s twat, had to soften a touch at her fear. “It feels like you’re going to tear me, if you go too fast.”

“Relax,” I murmured again, gently sliding my fingers back and forth with just an inch of penetration, slowly repositioning to lay back flat with my shoulders on an armrest, cradling Cassie against my chest and hips, her legs spread around mine. “I am going to stretch you very slowly, very carefully, babygirl. I’m not going to tear you, aside from your hymen…that’s going to sting, and I can’t do much about that. But it will pass, and it will pass all the more quickly if you let yourself relax and enjoy what else I Escort Niğde do.” I demonstrated by bringing my left hand from holding around her waist to cupping her right breast, forearm pressing underneath her left mountain while my hand started to slowly massage and grope at her tender flesh. Her natural sensitivity there made her arch her back against my chest and spilled her long black hair over my neck and shoulders, a soft little moan working from her lips as I toyed with her.

“There,” I murmured, gradually spreading my fingers into her pussy, scissoring them slowly against her clenching walls while working my thumb between her plump lips. “Focus on that feeling…you know what it feels like when you cum, babygirl; you know what pleasure feels like. Concentrate on that…I’m going to make you feel a LOT of it, too much to let you feel any real pain. Can you feel it?”

“Yessss,” she moaned as her nipples tightened and stiffened quickly under my arm and hand, her pussy getting even wetter and warmer around my fingers. “I-I can feel- OH!” She interrupted herself with a cry as my thumb slid over her swelling clitoris, my middle and ring fingers pushing deeper into her pussy while my index and pinkie fingers held her lips apart. She started panting, softly at first but with escalating speed and heat as I kept my fingers working slowly at her breast and pussy. Her hips started to lift up at my movements, pushing her sex into my hand and grinding her ass into my crotch, my stiff cock trapped between her cheeks and against her back. My balls were getting steamrolled under those globular cheeks with each rock of her wide hips, but I wasn’t fucking complaining. I’m not a fan of torturing my own junk, and getting squeezed underneath my daughter humping at my hand hardly seemed to qualify.

Cassie gushed like a fountain after a few minutes of very tender fingering, gasping out a quiet cry and soaking my whole hand in her honey as she squirted. The wet squishing sounds were incredible, and had me shooting streams of precum across her back and my cheat in my eagerness. The sounds were not nearly as good as the tactile sensations of her muscles clenching, her fat, silky lips fluttering and squeezing around me, all that bubblegum-pink flesh squirming and flexing as I got her off. Fantastic.

“Good girl,” I crooned in her ear, smiling and kissing her cheek without stopping my hands. “Very good, cumming nice and wet for Daddy. You gonna make Daddy’s dick that wet tonight?” She paused before nodding again; whether she paused because of nervousness at remembering that she needed to stretch to fit my cock, or from being made loopy by a really good orgasm, I did not ask.

“Your body knows what to do, babygirl. Your instincts will carry you through this, if you let them. Listen to your body; tell me what it’s saying.”

Cassie closed her eyes and took another breath, her trembling easing very slightly. I kept my fingers working in a slow, easy cycle of thrust and scissor, close and retract, purposefully keeping a steady rhythm to help her concentrate; sexual meditation, if you will. It worked, her bright eyes opening after another minute of warm, wet squishing, her hands reaching down and back to grab at my hips as she got her own into gear again. The spastic clenching around my fingers took on a rhythm of its own, her muscles rippling more cohesively, timed with the slow rolls of her hips and the workings of my fingers.

“My body…likes it,” she murmured, turning to smile at me. “It’s…familiar, but new, too…and it feels really good.”

“Attagirl,” I rumbled, grinning and clenching my fingers a little inside of her; her eyes widened and she jumped a little, giggling after a moment and clenching harder around me in response. “Starting to get the hang of it?”

She nodded, her brow furrowing a little as she tested the muscles I was waking up inside of her, touching deeper than she knew she could, introducing her to parts of her she didn’t know she had. Actually, that’s a lie; in this day and age, I’m sure that Cassie knew the exact anatomy of her junk years ago, but googling your vagina and having it explored are two very different things.

So I’m told.

“Think you’re ready for the next step?” I asked.

“Sex?” Cassie asked with a teasing grin, pussy clenching around my fingers. I shook my head and flexed my fingers inside of her again, pushed them just a little bit deeper and felt the new tightness of her hymen close to my fingertips; I could feel how tenuous it was, porous and thin. Cassie must have felt it too, her fingers digging into my hips and her bottom lip catching between her teeth. “Daddy…?” She murmured a little uncertainly.

“Breathe,” I muttered, my middle finger sinking deeper, the girth of my knuckle spreading her lips wider, my pulse rising as hotly as the eastern sun. “One brief bit of pain, and then all the pleasure you can possibly feel, babygirl…now, be a good girl and tell me if you would like me to take your virginity.”

My daughter, adorable, beautiful, precious star in my sky, took a deep breath and looked me straight in my eye before she spoke. “Daddy,” she murmured, and I swear to you that I felt her fat little pussy flutter at the word, “Please take my virginity…please make me yours.”

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