Craving You


It was Friday, and after the long, dreadful week she had, Victoria was ready for the weekend to begin. She met with her last client of the day and started heading home.

While driving home, Victoria couldn’t help but to think of her love, Philip. She started counting down the days until she would lay her eyes upon him again. She missed the warm embrace of his hug, the way the scruff of his beard rubbed against her soft cheeks and the way his lips were always warm and wet when they touched hers.

She arrives home and is greeted by her cats. She kicks off her shoes and plops down onto her big, comfy couch to binge watch Netflix.

Glancing at her cell phone, she picks it up and messages Philip. She often texts him in the evening to see what he was up to. Sometimes he was busy and running off to a conference somewhere. She loved when his conferences were in Maine, where she lives, as he lives 3 hours away in New Hampshire and was finally close enough to visit her.

This weekend, Philip was in New York for a conference. Her heart ached for him. She told him early in their relationship that she loved him. Sometimes he couldn’t articulate the same feeling, but he always expressed his love in other ways. Victoria, having a big heart, understood it would take time for him to come around to saying it.

To keep herself busy, Victoria played video games or went on walks around her neighborhood. While on her walks, she would day dream about the Akbatı escort day Philip would say “I Love You” to her. Her heart would over flow with joy! She doesn’t want to push the issue because his actions always spoke louder than his words, she just knew she had to be more patient.

She got home late Saturday night, after hanging out with her mom, to a message from Philip saying that he had sent her something. They would often send each other gifts in the mail. She spotted the large box and wondered,

“Wow what’s in this box? I’ll open it later, I need to sit down and unwind”.

He messages her and asks if she has opened the box. She told him that she would open it later. After playing her video game for a while, she could no longer suppress the urge to open the package. She grabbed the pair of scissors laying on the table and began to open the box. Suddenly, the box starts to buzz, frightening her. She jumps backwards and drops the box. Reaching in she finds a small object with what looked like bunny ears. She giggles as she realized that he has sent her a vibrator.

“I wonder what other dirty things he has sent me?” she laughs to herself. She reached back into the box and finds an anal toy for beginners.

“Oh my, this looks fun!” she thought to herself. The grin on her face only grew the more she thought about Philip using this on her.

Before she had met Philip, she wasn’t at all interested Aksaray escort bayan in anal play. That all changed when she met him. It’s like he didn’t only possess the key to her heart, but to her sexual desires as well.

She began to touch her breasts. First, on the outside, then she reached up underneath her shirt and starts playing with her nipple. She grabbed the rabbit toy from its box and placed it on her nipple. Turning it on, she felt the vibration travel from her nipple all the way down to her toes. Blood rushing faster throughout her body, she lets out a soft moan and pulls out the breast from her bra, fully exposing it. Her nipples were both very hard now and she begins licking them. She quickly notices that she is standing in the dining room with her blinds half open, but she didn’t care about that right now, all she could think of was him.

If he was here, he would bend her over the table and fuck her. The neighbors would surely hear everything, but they wouldn’t care. The love and pleasure they would share, wiped out any fear and stress from their lives. Moving the vibrator down, she starts to play with her pussy.

“Oh fuck, that feels so good” she moans to herself, pussy dripping with juices. Pinching her nipples, she opens the anal beads and starts sucking on them while she removes her jeans and panties. Her mind wanders to the image of his hard dick getting ready to penetrate her ass. Her body Escort Ankara begged for him. She removed the toy from her mouth and inserts it into her ass. Moaning loudly as she pushes it through, she starts out slow and then eventually gets faster and faster.

“Oh, fuck this feels so good” she moans.

She imagines Philip taking the beads out of her ass and putting it into her wet pussy.

“Oh Philip, fuck me, fuck me harder!” she screams as he moves it in and out of her. Placing the vibrator back in to her ass, she pleads for him to cum in her.

Spanking her ass, he repeats her words back to her “You want me to cum in your ass?” he asks her devilishly.

“Oh, fuck yes, please cum in my big ass!” she exclaims.

Laying half naked in her dining room for all to see, she begins to thrust and ride harder on the vibrator.

The rush of pleasure came soaring through her body and down to her pussy, as she screams with pleasure, squirting all over her floor. She knew she had to get up, but she couldn’t move. She laid there, thinking, craving and missing him as the juices from her pussy drip down to her ass.

Her phone buzzed, and she realizes she missed a few messages from him. She takes a picture of the mess she made on the floor with the toy he had sent her and replies to him.

“Damn babe looks like I did a good job buying those toys for you!” he replies proudly.

“Yes, and next Friday we can use the double penetration one,” she replies to him.

He laughs and sends her “hugs and kisses” emojis.

She cleans up her mess and gets ready for bed as she starts counting down the days and hours until she seems him again.

“I can’t wait to see you again, until then I’m always craving you.”

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