Coworker Amy


My wife and I have been married four years now. Before we got married we dated and lived together for almost two years. She was always completely nuts in bed during this time. She was my anytime, anywhere, anyway girl. I was constantly going to work with a sore dick from her. Needless to say I was well satisfied. This story takes place a few months ago.

I had become quite a go getter at work and was promoted to a supervisory position with responsibilities well above my pay grade. On top of being the shift supervisor I was also the primary trainer of new hires. Several new people would be assigned to me for initial training, and then once seasoned they would move along to other supervisors or shifts, and I would get new ones. One of these new hires was a twenty year old named Amy. She was a cute girl although her tits were a little smaller than what I was used to. They were medium sized B cups where as my wife and most other girls I had dated were larger D cups.

What made Amy stick out above all of the others was she was the first that obviously looked up to me like a role model. Truth be told, she wanted to get to my level and knew that by paying attention to me and following my lead was the only guaranteed way to do so. Once trained Amy was transferred to night shift and I only saw her occasionally at work. She was doing very well on her shift and had even progressed above others she was hired alongside. I was temporarily assigned to her shift for a few months and began getting reacquainted with her.

Often times on night shift we simply delivered parts all over the area so the other shifts could have what they needed during the main production hours. Of all those on the shift she was the only one I really liked, so I began scheduling her with me as often as possible.

During this same time my wife became pregnant and her sex drive went from full blast to OFF. This caused some friction between us but I was doing my best to be supportive. However, it made me start noticing things I had not before. For example, I noticed that when Amy was around others she was cold, and all business. However, as soon as we were alone she was much friendlier and more down to earth. I wouldn’t say flirty but at times I could almost see it.

One night when we were making a parts run, we began talking. Apparently we were both in a horny mood because the topic soon turned to our sexual likes and dislikes. I think it was actually a billboard along the highway that started the topic, but regardless once started it was like a raging river that couldn’t be contained.

I complained about my sex life at home going down the drain, and she complained about her soon to be ex-boyfriend. She really surprised me because of how blunt she was with her discussions. She said she enjoyed giving head and tasting cum. However, she said her boyfriend refused to let her blow him except occasionally. She said he was great in bed but wished he was a little more adventuresome. (No this isn’t leading to her relieving me with a BJ). Our conversation continued until we got to our destination, and then resumed as soon as we left. I got her talking about herself and what turned her on. She told me she got herself off at least every other day while shaving her pussy. She told me she liked to have her ass rubbed, and her nipples pinched but nothing made her cum harder than having her pussy licked. I was really enjoying the conversation and was glad it was dark so I didn’t have to worry about my hard-on being obvious.

The sexual tension in the van was thick. While talking she would kind of lean over towards me and tell me about her likes and dislikes in a quite tone. She wasn’t trying to be sexy; I just took it that way by the way she talked about taboo topics. She told me she really wanted to save up and get implants one day. I told her I didn’t think she needed them, and she immediately disagreed. I reassured her I didn’t see a thing wrong with them. Once again she disagreed, and told me that what I saw was completely the result of a good bra. I really didn’t want to push my luck with her so I just told her “whatever” and we moved on to a new topic until we got back to the main plant.

I went home that morning, horny as hell, and as expected had to take care of my own problems once again. The following night we had a large parts run to a distant plant (about an hour and a half one way). The normal work small talk lasted only a few minutes this time and it was right back to where we were the night before. She started off by telling me thank you that she was so worked up the night before that she went home wanting to get fucked, but her boyfriend wouldn’t wake up.

She said she was disgusted with him for turning her down and instead used her trusty “little friend” to relieve herself with. Well this got us started on the topic of how big her “little friend” was and what all it did. She was getting really into it and then she started to talk and then stopped and bit her lip. I asked her what and she said, “Never mind.” Well that doesn’t fly with me I said. I went further by saying, we’ve had Malatya Escort all these intimate conversations and I’m pretty sure you can tell me anything by now. She then said she had an honest question for me and when I agreed to answer it, she asked me if I really liked her boobs. She wanted to know if I really liked the size of them or if I thought she should get bigger ones. I said Amy, look, I have seen you on and off duty, I’ve seen you at the pool with a bikini, and I’m a guy, I do look. I said not only are they a great size, but they also look very firm. You’re a little hard body I said, now quit acting like you have something to be ashamed of.

She was beaming with pride when I got done and told me thank you for being honest. She then started asking me what I like specifically when it comes to tits. I told her I liked small pink nipples, and that I liked them from B cup to D cup but no bigger or smaller. She was really smiling now and I asked her what was so funny. She said well, you’d like mine then. Why I asked, although I already knew what she was going to say. Because for one I have light pink nipples, for two, they’re so small my boyfriend told me if I ever try to breast feed a kid he’ll starve. Well now she had my attention.

Bullshit I said. No, no, no seriously, she replied. I have very small, very light pink nipples she replied. I was just getting to the point of thinking I needed to behave when she said,” So tell me about your cock”. What? I asked in genuine surprise. Tell me about your cock, she repeated. How long are you, how thick are you? Are you circumcised? Do you shave, trim, or what? Ok this did it for me. After not having any interest at home, having a young hottie I had been getting to know rather well lately asking about my cock. Well I couldn’t help it and decided to play along. To start with, right now its rock ass hard and throbbing thanks to you I said. She laughed and slapped my arm and said “Don’t worry I know your safe” besides, my panties have been soaked since we hit the interstate. I described myself to her. I told her I’m a slightly above average in length but thick, and the head gets bigger than the shaft. And, I told her just so you’re not offended I would let you suck it anytime you asked if I was your boyfriend. This got another laugh out of her and then we had to turn to business as we were nearing the plant.

We made our delivery, and then were told we would have to wait for parts going back to the main plant due to a power outage. We sat in the truck and made small talk, but the whole time I was anxious to get back on the road and see what our next conversation would be. As luck would have it as our parts were loaded we received word that the interstate was being closed due to snow and we would have stayed the night at a local hotel. The company had rooms contracted out for normal drivers so this wasn’t odd just annoying. We bitched about it but I was secretly hoping this would give me more time alone with her.

Amy seemed to change some and got a little quiet. She seemed to be getting nervous as we drove towards the hotel. We each called our significant others and explained the situation to them and then checked into our rooms. The rooms were surprisingly nice. I was expecting a super single but instead received a three room suite. Amy’s was a little smaller and I teased her saying I had more seniority. We had a quick bite to eat at Waffle house and then decided to turn in. I showered and stripped down to boxers and a t-shirt. Just as I was settling in a knock came at the door. I slipped on my pants and answered it to find Amy standing outside with a small bottle of whiskey and a two liter of coke.

My TV doesn’t work. Can I bribe yah with a drink to let me chill in here with you, she asked? I didn’t believe her for a second about the TV but told her to come on in, as that is what I was doing anyway. We sat side by side on the bed watching a movie and slowly getting a little drunk. Something about mixing drinks in those little plastic hotel cups makes downing them that much easier. The movie soon went off and we were talking about this and that when one of those girls’ gone wild commercials came on. Well of course it immediately had my attention and she started ribbing me about watching it. She quickly turned her attention to it and began comparing the women, well hers are fake, hers are nice, She’s a whore etc…

This got our conversation turned back to boobs and she started to pull her shirt over her head. I looked down and saw a flat stomach with a belly ring, and she quickly told me don’t get my hopes up she has a shirt on underneath. I responded that she would never get on Girls gone wild like that and she laughed as she continued pulling it over her head. What she called another shirt turned out to be sports bra. Since she told me about her tits I had been thinking about them and I could see the outline of very small nipples poking out slightly under the thin black “shirt”. I had to concentrate on looking at her face when we spoke, but I kept stealing glances down at her sports bra.

We Malatya Escort Bayan went back to watching TV and she asked me to rub her back. I found a small “complimentary” bottle of lotion in the bathroom and came back to find her laying on the bed with the comforter over her legs, laying on her stomach facing the TV. I began to rub her neck and then down to her back and she was definitely enjoying it and complimenting me throughout. I moved down and pushed the back of her shirt up and worked my hands across he smooth skin of her back. She seemed to melt in my hands with the rub down and I looked in the mirror to see her face. She had her eyes closed and was biting her lip. I was hoping I could melt my way lower and moved down to her feet. She had pulled her pants off and was wearing a pair of men’s boxers under the comforter. My first thought was WOW, my second was, I thought she said she had panties on earlier. Sorry she said, but I’ve had those pants on for twelve hours other than taking a shower and I’m tired of them.

Now picture this. I have a young hottie that I’ve been dirty talking to in a hotel room, in my bed, half dressed, and were both little drunk while I’m rubbing lotion on her. To say I was turned on is an understatement. My dick was throbbing, and I was doing my best to keep it from touching her legs. I didn’t think I was going to get anywhere with Amy but the last thing in the world I wanted was to scare her off. After all she thought of me as “Safe” right?

I worked my way up her legs to her, thighs on the left side then moved to the right. As I moved over I noticed she parted her legs a little wider. I began working my way up the right side and lingered on her inner thigh. She was breathing heavier and the tension was so thick you could almost taste it.

I scooted up between her legs and she parted them to give me access. I then went back to rubbing her lower back and just pushing the top of her boxers down until I was at the top of her crack. I moved my hands beside me to the outside of her thighs and worked my way under the leg openings of her boxes to the outside of her ass cheeks. She had been silent for the last ten minutes and she shocked me when she said, “Oh My God that feels so good.” I bragged on myself and fought the tremor in my voice as I put more lotion on my hands and began rubbing her ass cheeks. She inhaled deeply as I did so I got lost in playing with her ass. She was just perceptibly moaning and I was staring at her ass cheeks as they were exposed when I moved a hand up on either side. I noticed that as I moved my hands around it also caused the material in the crotch of her boxers to move and I could almost see the soft skin of her pussy. “Having fun? She asked. I looked up and saw her grinning from ear to ear in the mirror. Sorry, just got a little caught up I said, trying to play it off and turning what I’m sure was nine shades of red. I put the lotion bottle on the nightstand, patted her leg, and laid back on the bed to sip my drink.

She began complementing me and telling me how good the rubdown felt and she was moving to face the same way I was. While she was doing this I noticed with the lighting I could almost perfectly make out her breast through the thin sports bra. She hugged me and told me she was so relaxed. The hug turned into her laying her head on my chest, and we sat a few minutes like that in an awkward silence. I was absolutely killing my drink trying to forget her cute face was only inches from my throbbing dick. She asked if I like getting backrubs also. I told her I preferred to have my stomach and chest scratched. She told me to lie back all the way and as I did she pulled my shirt off.

She began running her fingernails all over my stomach and chest, and I noticed as she went over my nipples she would lightly pinch them. I was in pure heaven. I think at this point my whole body was throbbing. She lifted her head off my chest and said your hearts racing. “Yeah, yeah” I replied, I really hate this. Poor thing, she said smiling. She continued my torture, err pleasure and we went back to “watching the movie”. Funny but I still can’t tell you what movie was on. She sipped on her drink some without getting up and then moved her arm from my stomach to my adjacent leg. What shocked me was the fact that she let her arm slide over my hard on covered cock to do it. Take these off and I’ll scratch you legs too, she offered pointing to my slacks. I did and while I was doing that she pulled the covers out so I could cover up. My hard on was more than obvious, I saw her staring but she pretended not to notice. She got under the covers some herself and curled back up on me rubbing her arm across my hard on again while scratching my legs. I was about to pop when I noticed she was sliding her head down very slowly and only stopped once she had her face laying on my belly button. I reached over and ran my hand down her back and began rubbing her ass. She exhaled loudly and moved her hand up to my hard cock. She squeezed it through my boxer and then began stroking it while scooting up to give me better access Escort Malatya to her ass. We both were working our hands into the others boxers and as I touched her hot pussy and she slipped her fingers around my aching cock we both flinched. She pulled my dick all the way out and was stroking it slowly (thank goodness or I would have cum right then). This went on for a few minutes in a deathly silence. I continued playing with her pussy and finally she broke the silence with a hushed compliment about my cock.

I was leaking pre-cum in huge drops and she was lazily rubbing them around on the head of my dick with her thumb. She threw her elbow across me and began lightly scratching and tickling my balls with her left hand as her right stroked me. Wow you are really hard she said. So you still going to let me suck it like you said, she asked? Baby, you take your shirt off and you can do whatever you want. She stood up and turned to face me and then slowly pulled first her shirt, and then her boxers off. She allowed me to bask in her beauty only a few minutes and then she moved down between my legs. With a gentle hand she pushed my boxers down and spread my legs apart to give her room. She began nibbling the V of my crotch and then moved to licking the pre cum off the head.

My cum was boiling inside me and she made it worse by lightly nibbling on the ridge that runs up the bottom of my shaft. She had taken me to the edge and back several times before she ever took me into her mouth. Her tease was torture but also pure heaven. Finally my cock found her lips and she took me in slowly. She was an absolute master, and was obviously getting off on what she was doing. She took me shallow, then deep, and then stopped to look up at me. My hips were bucking with each swirl of her tongue and I was panting. She stroked me slowly and looked up at me with lust in her eyes that said cum for me baby. I pushed her head back down on my dick and she started going to town up and down as fast as she could with one hand jerking me off and the other squeezing my balls. She sucked faster and harder, and her fingertips were tickling my sack with one hand as the other stroked up and down just under her lips. I felt the first huge load of cum squirting up my cock and she pulled me from her mouth and pointed my dick at her face. The first squirt was huge and went from her chin to her eye. The second and third went straight into her mouth, and she let out a loud moan. She quickly took my dick into her mouth and she sucked it hard until I was done and then began gently cleaning it of any further cum.

I tried to slow down my breathing and had to pull her away from my cock as it was getting very sensitive. She sighed as though she were disappointed about being pulled away and I rolled her over off me and climbed on top of her. I had committed to this now and there was no backing out. I held her wrist above her head and kissed her hard, and she wrapped her legs around me pulling me tight against her. I let go of her wrist, pushed her legs off of me so I could see her nakedness from above. She had a shaved pussy that was obviously swollen. Her lips were tucked neatly inside and she was moist all over from her excitement. I moved up beside her and as she reached for me I pushed her arms back over her head and pinned her wrist again. She arched her back as I did and pushed her pussy up like she was humping the air. I leaned down and licked her right nipple, making sure my tongue was the only part of my body touching her other than were I had her wrist pinned. She had very small and very light pink nipples about the size of a nipple. I was fascinated with them and lapped the same nipple again. I was impressed that she had told me the truth about them earlier. I backed off some and gently blew on the first one to make it harden. Once it was hard I did it again, and then moved to the other one.

She was getting impatient so I threw a leg back over her and rubbed it up against her hot little pussy. She was so wet I swear it squished when my leg pressed against it. I leaned back down over her and began nibbling her nipples back and forth, scraping them with my teeth as I teased her. I used my free hand and began twisting them as she was moaning and thrashing underneath me. I strained my eyes up at her face as I was teasing her, and saw her head going from side to side. I started backing down her, nibbling sporadically along her belly to her belly button (no belly ring go figure). I slowly licked down continuing towards her pussy. I moved to the side of it where her leg meets the crease and licked her soft skin there. I could taste her juices where they had smeared and it was intoxicating. I felt my dick hardening again and I moved over to lick the opposite side of her pussy. She was bucking and trying to push my mouth towards her pussy. I lifted my head to look up her body and saw she was covered with goose bumps. I grabbed her by the inner thighs and forced her legs wide apart and assaulted her dripping pussy. She screamed out and immediately started climaxing as I batted and sucked her clit. I continued until she seemed to be getting ticklish and then moved down to lick the nectar that was flowing down onto her ass. This seemed to excite her more and I licked from ass to clit over and over. I tickled her ass with my tongue and she pushed down towards me moaning again.

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