Couples Camp Ch. 09


The sun gently stroked his face as Brad woke up. He rolled himself out of bed, his ass still burning from the night before. As he made his way to the bathroom he realized it was late by the empty dorm, and worried he was late for class. Between the empty dorm and the warm sun beaming in through the bathroom window he reckoned it had to be late afternoon.

As he reentered the dorm he realized he wasn’t alone. At the far end of the dorm was One, still fast asleep. Thanks to the sedatives they had been given the night before; they were both able to sleep through the night and most of the day. Although Brad’s ass still hurt, it wasn’t that bad, and he gingerly lifted up his shorts.

Was he late for class? There was no direction from the voice in the speaker telling him where to go. Was he going to get in trouble again? The fear was building as ten got himself put together and ready to start his day.

“How are you feeling?” One asked, startling Brad.

Brad learned from his new friend it was Monday their day off. The two talked about the previous night and admitted that while painful and difficult to process at the time, it was extremely arousing. The two continued talking as they left the dorm, determined to enjoy what was left of their day, in spite of the discomfort they both shared emanating from their ass.

One suggested a hike through the mountains surrounding the lake and Brad thought it was a great idea. The two walked the trails through the tall redwoods as they got to know each other a little better. Brad learned One had come to the Lake with his wife for their annual stay. It was a vacation they looked forward to all year.

“We love this place. It gives us something to look forward to each year, and helps us re focus on US.” One explained.

“So did you have to spend a whole month hear going through the couples training?” Brad inquired.

“Oh yeah everyone does, how far are you along?” One inquired.

“I just started second grade.”

“Oh then you’re at the beginning of your exploration.”

One went on to explain the five stages or grades that each new couple had to go through. Brad had already been through the first; changing how you view your relationship, and was solidly on his way through the second grade, changing your behavior with one another.

“The third grade was the hardest for me.” One explained.

“It’s all about becoming more emotionally aware. It was hard for me to come to grips with my emotions about the situation but once I did everything seemed to fall into place.”

One explained fourth grade was all about increasing communication and finally fifth grade focused on promoting the strengths of the relationship. Brad was soaking it all in, trying to ignore the warmth still emanating off his ass as the two walked along the path. One asked questions about Brad and Brooke and what got them interested in Pine Lake as the two got to know each other better.

Brad was explaining he wanted to take Brooke on a romantic getaway and how Brooke had found the Pine Lake website.

“Brooke was excited about the lake and the idea of us improving our relationship, and while I wasn’t all that thrilled about the idea of going to classes, I agreed to give it a try.” Brad explained.

One questioned Brad’s dedication to the program and asked if he had considered leaving early. Brad told him about the first night and how Brooke had begged him to stick it out.

“I was really confused and concerned she was trying to push me away, but she was so excited at the prospect of being here and participating in everything, and I found her excitement contagious quite honestly. I was frightened and turned on at the same time.” Brad admitted.

“Shhh, what’s that?” One whispered, as he pointed to a small clearing in the trees.

Up ahead there was a small open patch along the edge of the lake. It was surrounded by trees on two sides and there were a few large rocks between the path and the opening. As Brad and One approached, they could see two men standing facing each other completely naked.

“Let’s get a better look.” One whispered as he motioned for them to take a spot behind the large rocks.

As One and Brad got closer they could see a woman kneeling between the two men. She was trading back and forth working to get both men hard with her mouth and hand. Brad couldn’t believe it. It was Brooke. She was gently stroking both men at the same time as she bobbed back and forth engulfing their growing erections.

“Oh wow, isn’t that your girlfriend?” One quietly asked.

All Brad could do was nod as he looked on, watching the two men get stiffer and stiffer. He couldn’t help but notice her enthusiasm for both men to be impressed with her skill. She was working her way along the shaft with her tongue from base to tip, stopping only long enough to turn her head and attend to her waiting prize. Back and forth she slowly grew both men to full attention.

“Wow your girlfriend is one amazing taksim esc cock sucker. Isn’t she?” One asked of his silent partner.

Brad was too enthralled with the scene in front of him to respond verbally, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Her bare breasts swung back and forth in the warm afternoon air as she turned from side to side. Brad wouldn’t believe someone if they told him Brooke was sucking these two with this much desire, but he was seeing it with his own eyes. This time it was live and in person, not on a TV screen. It was like watching a baby bird in the nest feverishly devouring food from her mama.

Nick started teasing her pulling back out of her reach as she extended her tongue out trying to reach the tip of his now hardened dick. He reached down placing his hand on her cheek and guided her to his other partner, encouraging her to attend to him instead.

“Dam, you think she can take that whole thing?” One quietly asked Brad.

Brooke attention had turned completely away from her tanned and muscular Nick to his much larger pale friend. This man was easily six foot six and two hundred and fifty pounds. He wasn’t as muscular as Nick but certainly not in bad physical shape. What stood out though was the incredible size of his masculinity now receiving Brooke’s full attention. The enormity of what she was now attempting was overwhelming. Brad didn’t know there were men with dicks that large, but here it was trying to work its way past her lips and down her throat.

Brooke was giving it her all. She would gag and pull away only to quickly work her way back onto it, attempting to take more and more each time. Drool was overflowing, being forced out between her stretched lips and the massive tool invading her mouth as she pumped herself deeper and deeper.

Brad couldn’t help but gasp as he watched; the man placed his large hands on either side of her face, wrapping his fingers all the way to the back of her head, as he pulled her in closer. Slowly but surely Brooke was able to control her gag reflex and take his full length. Her throat was bulging as the large man pushed deep, but like a sword swallower at an old fashioned side show she took him all in.

Brad felt the pain of his own erection, once again straining against its steal confines, as he imagined his own dick sliding in and out of her precious mouth. Unfortunately it seemed like a fantasy, one that would never come true. Although Brooke had given him a blowjob in the past it was on rare occasion, and never with this fervor.

The sounds of the wind blowing through the trees and the water gently slapping the rocky edge of the lake added to the hypnotic clip playing out in front of him. Brad was confronted with the sight of her acting completely different with these two men then she had ever acted with him. She was filled with desire and it showed in the way she greedily devoured every inch of this large brute. Brad had never thought there was anything wrong with their sex life but this was a stark example of what could have been.

Brooke continued her assault, as she reached around grabbing his ass with both hands and pulling him as deep as she could.

“Now that’s a blowjob man. Look at her swallow.” One said interrupting Brad’s deep concentration.

One was right. Brad could see Brooke’s throat expanding as the throbbing of this giant let loose. Rather than pull off of him Brooke held her breath and pushed onward letting him fill her stomach with his hot seed. It was like watching animals matting. It was primal and fierce, as Brooke feverishly devoured every drop.

Nick was standing there with his dick in his hand, slowly stroking himself as he watched his prized possession perform her expertise for his viewing pleasure.

“That’s my girl take all of him.” Nick encouraged.

Maybe it was the solitude or maybe it was the thought of her swallowing another mans seed, but the totality of the last few days hit Brad like a wall of bricks. She was no longer the mild mannered girlfriend who put out for her boyfriend but wasn’t all that into it. She was a wanton slut. She was letting some stranger cum down her throat while her new man jerked off watching. Brad was playing tug of war once again with his emotions. On the one hand he was devastated watching her act like that with another man, but at the same time he had never felt more attracted to her. The mix of emotions was so overwhelming it almost caused him to cry out in panic for her to stop, but he just couldn’t. He wanted to watch her. He was too aroused to do anything to stop it.

“Bring that pretty little mouth over here.” Nick demanded, as he reached over and grabbed the back of Brookes head, pulling her away from her dripping trophy and directing her attention to his waiting dick still in hand.

Brad held firm to Brooke as he directed her attention just the way he wanted it. He pulled his dick back away from her teasing her with it, slapping her on the cheek with the head, as he taunted kağıthane esc her, covering the shaft with his hand and preventing her from engulfing him as she had her previous prize. He continued to stroke himself as she lapped away at whatever he allowed her access to.

“That’s it baby let me see that gorgeous little tongue of yours. ” Nick baited as he sped up his stroking.

Brooke was like a thirsty hiker that had been stuck in the mountains for days with nothing to drink. Finding a leaf with a drop of water dripping from it and desperately waiting to feel it hit her waiting tongue. Suddenly with one hand on his disk and the other cupped around the back of her head, Nick started to shoot his white prize all over Brooke’s greedy tongue. He pumped away as rope after rope shot out, hitting its mark and trailing off all over her bouncing breasts. Nick grunted like a mating bear as he let loose of a flood of hot juice all over Brooke’s slutty face and chest.

Brooke was holding her tits with both hands making sure to catch anything her hungry tongue let escape.

“God dam, that’s one sexy woman.” One exclaimed.

Brad didn’t say anything but he couldn’t agree more. Brooke was amazing. She was beautiful, sexy and Brad couldn’t love her more. It was the weirdest thing but Brad wasn’t angry or sad anymore. He was thankful. Thankful he had been able to realize how wonderful she was. He wanted nothing more than to tell her how much he loved her and wanted nothing more than to run to her and hug her. Then he thought of how Nick would react to his arrival and instantly knew it was a bad idea.

“You are the sexiest thing alive.” Nick said as he pulled Brooke to her feet and gave her a deep kiss.

Brad was surprised at Nick’s explosion and remembered the fact they were still playing Ten to One. Brad quickly looked down at Brooke’s bare pussy and noticed it was puffy and dripping as if she had indeed already cum a few times before he and his buddy One had arrived.

“Hey we better get out of here man.” One said as he pulled Brads arm.

One and Brad walked back to the resort barely saying a word the whole way. They arrived back at the main complex just as the sun was setting and headed to the dorms to get ready for dinner.

It was their day off and so everyone in the dorm was allowed to eat in the courtyard sitting around talking and getting to know each other. They were even brought some drinks and later on told they could watch a movie in the outdoor theater. It was a good break from the demanding attention the last few days and helped them all to unwind and relax.

Later that night Brad was back in his bunk and drifting off to sleep with the images of Brooke over the last few days flashing in his head, her being pleased and pleasing another woman, being fucked by Nick and begging for more, and the incredible blowjobs she performed today. Brad wanted so badly to jerk off to the images replaying again and again in his mind but he was unable. The steel bars prevented him from even touching let alone releasing his pent up desire. Brad couldn’t help but reach down and touch his cold confines though and felt the wet drops leaking from his crying dick, as he drifted off to sleep.

Brad was woken up by the familiar voice from the dorm speaker, and got up and ready with the rest of the room. The day off had done him and the rest of them good. Everyone seemed to have a little extra pep and prepared themselves and left for the gym eager to begin the day. After gym class and another run around the lake they all continued on to their respective classrooms.

Brad and nine were joined by two others in class making a total of four students now in the second grade class. While they watched a few videos about what it took to be a good lover the dark haired instructor berated one of the other students, telling him how pathetic he was and teased him for his small penis. She looked at both of the new men’s files and constantly picked at them making one of them cry. It was a little scary watching her work breaking them down but Brad was grateful she wasn’t picking on him.

After the afternoon break they returned to watch another video instruction, this time it focused on the different types of relationships people often have with their lovers and the complexity of those relationships. There were talks about threesomes, foursomes, group sex, swinging and something called cuckolding where only the wife was allowed another lover but the husband remained faithful.

Class finally came to an end when Brad was informed by his Latex instructor that later that night he would be required to do some homework and began to get scared. He was worried since the sting of the whip was just now wearing off.

“You will go back to the dorm and shower and get ready for dinner service, but after you eat tonight I want you to meet me in the courtyard by the fire pit. Is that understood?” She instructed.

“Yes ma’am.” Brad responded, uneasy about çapa esc what was going to happen later that evening.

Later that evening Brad found himself once again serving Brooke and Nick dinner and watching them swoon all over each other like long lost lovers. He was becoming accustomed to watching her with another man, and found he felt happy for her. He was no longer feeling the intense jealously he had before but instead was overcome with a sense of joy at her apparent happiness. She surprised him when she spoke.

“I’m looking forward to seeing you later tonight, ten. ” Brooke said with a sly smile on her face.

Brad was once again overcome with unease at the thought of what was to come. Was he going to be punished again? He hadn’t done anything wrong or even lost a race or anything. As he continued to serve the two he searched his brain for any hint of what might be ahead, but nothing came to mind.

After dinner and service of his own meal in the back with the rest of the servers he did as instructed and went directly to the courtyard fire pit.

“Ahh good Ten, let’s get started.” Brad heard from his eager teacher as she reached up once again placing his collar around his neck and firmly bucking it in place. Brad was surprised at the feeling that was washing over him. He was exhilarated at the feel of the collar around his neck. The fact it was placed around his neck again must mean only one thing. He was going to be close to Brooke again.

“Are you ready for graduation tonight?” She asked.

“Um, uh, yes, I mean yes ma’am,” Brad stuttered.

What did she mean graduation? It had only been his second day in class and already he was ready for graduation?

“You have done really well Ten I am proud of you. Second grade is all about learning how to behave with one another, and you have learned the basics of that haven’t you.”

“Yes ma’am.” Was all he could reply, still not sure exactly what it all meant.

“You are going to be challenged tonight Ten. If you truly love Brooke you will help her to get everything she wants. You have excepted your relationship is no longer what it once was and now you must prove that by showing you can support her in whatever she might want. Do you think you can do that Ten?”

Brad didn’t have time to answer when he heard the click of the leash to his collar and his sexy teacher began pulling him in her direction.

She led him across the cobblestone courtyard and to the glass door of the cottage Brooke was staying in.

“Now do exactly as you’re told and you will advance to third grade tomorrow. Screw up and you will find yourself punished twice as badly as the other night. ”

With that she opened the door and led Ten in next to her like a well-trained dog.

Inside was the room Brad had seen on TV, with the large bed in the center surrounded by chairs and couches for spectators to sit. She led him over to a chair close to the bed and pulled hard down on the leach indicating he should sit.

“Tonight you will learn how to interact with Brooke in your new role. You are not to talk to her. You are not to touch her. You are only to help her get what she wants, understood? ”

Brad wasn’t at all sure what he was being told to do but knew he better not ask too many questions either. As he sat waiting for more clues Brooke and Nick walked in. Nick was wearing a pair of silky black boxers but Brooke was already naked, and the two got on the bed together. Brad sat there mesmerized as Nick once again worked his magic hands up and down her naked body, gently kissing her, stirring her boiling pot. Nick was a master at working Brooke up into a flaming ball of lust and was pulling out all the stops. He was obviously trying to show off how good he was at manipulating her body and wanted to make sure Ten knew it.

“I’m going to release you, but you are not to touch yourself, understood? If you do you will be removed from this room, be severely punished, and locked back up for the remainder of your stay without any hope of getting out.” The tall teacher quietly whispered in Brad’s ear as she bent down pulling his shorts down exposing his caged cock.

Brad was shaking with anticipation. He had never considered he would be in a room with Brooke naked and un caged. This was perhaps his first opportunity to be with her for real. It felt like it had been years since he had been with her in bed and now he was only a few feet away from her gorgeous body. The few minutes he spent lapping at her delicious pussy a few nights earlier was in front of an audience and felt more like a performance to the crowd than anything resembling intimate time with Brooke.

Brad heard the click of the lock open and felt his freedom for the first time since the cage had been locked in place.

“Oh I need to be fucked so badly.” Brooke moaned.

Brad felt his heart beating in his chest like a race car at the starting line. He was about to get to fuck Brooke and instantly got hard at the thought. He was grateful that Nick had gotten her so prepared and could see her dripping with excitement as well.

“Of course you do, all sluts need to be fucked.” Nicked teased, as he looked over at Ten with an evil grin on his face.

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