Cooling Off


You were out working in the yard today, some project of building a deck. I worked inside, protected from the warm sun, cleaning the kitchen thoroughly. Every so often, I glance up and see you – shirtless, skin tanning nicely. I hear the faint hum of the saw as you cut another piece of wood, and I see you wipe sweat from your brow. I glance to the rear of the yard and see you are almost finished.

A few minutes later, as I finish wiping down the sink, I see you are carefully cleaning your tools and putting them away. The deck is finished, my kitchen is clean. You close and lock your shed and start for the door. You pause when you step on the patio, thankful for the shade there, then open the door and come into the cool house.

“Looks good. You thirsty?” I offer you a cold Pepsi, and you twist the cap and drink it down quickly. I admire the smoothness of your throat as you swallow, muscles rippling. We have stepped to the middle of the kitchen so you can stand directly under the vent, where the air conditioning has come on and the breeze begins drying the sweat from your skin.

I move close to you and reach to your shoulder. “You Kütahya Escort have a wood splinter, here; let me brush it off.” I pick the offensive piece off and throw it in the trash; you toss the now empty bottle in the recycle bin next to the trash can. It is too much for me – I have been watching you all day, getting more and more turned on as the work finished. Now, I want to play, and decide to find out if you would like to join me.

I reach up and softly, find your lips with mine, drawing you into a kiss. You are a bit surprised but return the kiss, then suddenly break it off. “Let me shower, I am all sweaty and sticky from –”

I do not let you finish, but reach up again and claim your lips as my own. I nibble slightly on your lower lip, and place my hands on your hips, attempting to pull you closer. “I know” I murmur “and that’s how I want you.” Your hands move to my shoulders and slide down my bare arms, and you twine your fingers with mine. The kiss deepens, and our tongues begin a teasing motion, which increases my body warmth. I am aware of an increasing moistness between my legs.

You press your Kütahya Escort Bayan body to mine and release my fingers, to run your hands up under my tank top and down my back. Your hands, oh, how I love them. They are working hands, not afraid of hard labor, with slightly rough skin and calluses on the palms. The scratchiness of your hands pulling me close to you continues to excite me, and I press my hips to your body.

I am very pleased to feel a swelling, stiffening hardness through your shorts. In one move, I have unbuttoned and unzipped them, and as I slide your shorts and boxers down your strong legs, I gently push you down on the freshly washed and dried rug on the kitchen floor. You run the first two fingers of each hand down the inside waistband of my skirt, and discover what I have known all day – I am not wearing any underwear. I stand over you and spread my legs, flashing you a glimpse of the damp skin underneath. You are rock hard and sitting on the soft rug, knees spread, as I lower my body to yours. I moan softly as your length enters me, stretching me to fit you, sliding into my warm wetness, Escort Kütahya until we are completely joined and our hips are pressed together, as close as they can get. A small orgasm shudders through me, increasing the wetness enveloping you.

You balance our weight by leaning back on your hands, and begin thrusting, slowly at first, then increasing the tempo, then slowing down again as my breathing becomes more erratic and raspy. I am rising and lowering myself in rhythm with you, my hair loose around both of us. Occasionally our mouths meet for a kiss, until we are moving too fast and I feel my orgasm approaching. My head is back, eyes closed to fully enjoy the sensation, when I hear you gasp –

“I can’t take much more, I’m going to –”

My eyes open and our gazes lock, and I whisper to you

“Cum inside me, deep and hard and long and fast.” I want to feel you pulsing inside me-

My words are enough. With a guttural sound coming from within, you plunge into me, as deep as you can. On the way in, you rub against the rough spot inside me, sending me over the edge, and as my body spasms in an intense orgasm, massaging the length of you within me; your own release comes, furiously pumping inside me. My tightening pussy clenches, refusing any effort to you might make to leave, attempting to pull you in even closer. We ride this way together, hips in sync, until the last remnants of pleasure begin to fade …

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