Confession Ch. 12


That whole night I spent thinking of ideas for photos. I found myself starting with a simple idea that always seemed to lead into more and more erotic poses. I had to stop myself from getting carried away. Reminding myself constantly not to get too excited as she may decide not to do it after all.

The next morning I really wanted to talk to Ben about it but he was at work today so I had to resign myself to the occasional text message. He seemed as excited as I was about the possibility and he kept throwing around ideas for portraits. By the time the doorbell rang I had enough ideas to fill a portfolio and more but I still didn’t have my studio stuff set up so I would be relying on natural light. Therefore I would be a lot more limited to what I could do. That probably wasn’t a bad thing because I knew I would need to ease her into it. Or so I thought.

I saw her walk past the front window before I heard the doorbell so I wasn’t at all concerned about answering the door naked but I wasn’t prepared for what I saw when I did. The door opened and there she was, blushing furiously, completely naked with the coat she had been wearing draped over her arm. She threw her arms wide and said in a dramatic flair.


We both laughed but I had to admit I was a little awestruck by her sudden bravery.

“Wow! Look at you girl. You look stunning.”

She did too. For a middle aged woman she didn’t seem to have the body I had. It certainly made me feel a little more conscious of my much curvier figure.

“As do you. Mind if I come inside? I’m feeling rather exposed right now.”

I laughed as I told her to come in and closed the door behind her. I watched her walk into the lounge room and the play of her back muscles and her smooth curvy backside captivated me, especially those two little dimples just above her butt. I knew immediately what photos I would be taking today.

“That was amazingly brave. I can’t believe you did that. How did it feel?”

She turned back to me and her face and chest were flushed, her nipples hard, and she had a real sparkle in her eye as well as a mischievous grin on her face.

“That was scary but so aydın escort damn good. I feel tingly all over. I felt the breeze on parts of me that I haven’t since I was a kid. God that’s good. I can see why you do it all the time.”

“I’ve got to admit that it drives me a little crazy going out with no panties on under my dress. I think we should go shopping together some time and see how much fun we can have.”

“Seriously? You want to do that? With me?”

I was feeling a little confused to be honest.

“Of course I do. Why wouldn’t I? It seems like a lot of fun, unless you don’t want to of course.”

“Are you kidding? I would love to. It just surprises me, I never expected to make a friend like this.”

“I know we haven’t really spoken much before the other day but I like you and you seem like you could be a lot of fun so yeah I would love to be your friend.”

Before I knew what was going on she had her arms around me. She hugged me tight against herself.

“Thank you. You have no idea how hard it has been to make any friends in this town and I have just been so damn lonely.”

I was shocked and to be honest I felt a little guilty. Why hadn’t I reached out to her earlier? I had no idea she was having so much trouble making friends.

“Oh I wish we had become friends earlier, especially if friendship comes with hugs like this. Not to be rude or anything but how come you have had troubles making friends? You seem pretty approachable to me.”

“Well unfortunately I don’t tend to think the same way a lot of people do in these smaller towns. People tend to not be very open minded in these places. We have moved around a lot in the last ten years or so and I’ve been burned a few times in small towns.”

“Why? What happened?”

“Well let’s just say, unless you fit in with the whole PTA crowd then you are an outsider and outsiders aren’t welcomed. I could never have kids so I don’t fit in there and I have a peculiar habit of calling people out on their bullshit. I just can’t seem to stop myself sometimes. I hate seeing people put down because they don’t fit in with a preconceived idea of how aydın escort bayan people should be. Racists, homophobes, misogynists, they all cop a tongue lashing from me if they push my buttons. Unfortunately in a small town they tend to be the people who hold the power.”

I felt a connection so strong with her right then, not to mention we were both naked and hugging. I did however feel a pang of guilt. How would she feel about me if she knew the truth of what I had been doing and what I was seriously considering doing?

“Well good for you. Forget all those PTA types. They’re as boring as bat shit anyway.”


I looked at her confused.


“Guano. That’s the proper name for bat shit.”

I started to laugh and I could feel her body moving against mine as she giggled too. It might seem weird to hug someone for so long but there was so much more than just physical support going on right at that moment. As she continued to hold me though I was becoming more and more aware of her naked skin on my own and just how delicious and naughty it felt.

I had never had a lesbian experience before. A lot of my friends did in high school and I’m positive it’s more common than people let on but for some reason I just never had the opportunity, or much of a desire to. Then when I got married the thought of having any form of sex with anyone other than my husband just felt wrong.

It’s not that I never fantasized about it but it was always just that. A fantasy. Never in a million years would I have envisioned the situation I now found myself in; completely naked in a full embrace with another naked woman. One who I knew was very aroused because of the way her nipples were pushing against mine. I couldn’t help but wonder if she was anywhere near as wet as I was right at that moment because my pussy was all but dripping.

It took all the self control I have in me to not reach down and touch her pussy. I reluctantly let go of her and took a step back. Our skin did that thing where it sort of sticks together and almost tickles as it comes apart.

We both made a sort of shivery movement escort aydın and then laughed again because we both knew we had felt the same thing. To break the tension I offered her a coffee and we sat down to talk about what she had in mind for her photos and I went through what I was actually capable of and what we could do with the light we had available.

I sat her on the stool that I use for my own photos in front of the window and proceeded to take some head shots just to get her used to the idea of posing for the camera and what I would require her to do. It was mostly just about getting her comfortable with it but I was really happy with some of the results I was getting.

When I showed her on the computer what we had done she seemed really pleased with them then pointed to another folder I had on there.

“Are those all your photo’s?”

“That’s most of them. There are some others that are a bit more risque but this is the majority of them.”

“Can I have a look at the ones you haven’t shown me yet?”

“Okay. But these are all just me. You are my first model.”

“Excellent. I feel honored. I would love to see the shots you have done though.”

I felt my heart rate speed up as I opened the folder then the first image. I scanned through them fairly quickly as these first ones really weren’t very good. As I got further on though you could see that my skill levels had seriously improved and that I had become a lot more comfortable in front of the camera as well as behind it. I could feel myself getting more excited and definitely wetter as we went further in to the files where I was becoming more daring. As we finished I looked at her and her face was quite flushed.

“So…What do you think?”

“Wow! Seriously they are beautiful. You are beautiful.”

I was blushing like crazy but it sure made me feel damn good.

“So would you like me to take these types of photos of you?”

There was a pause as she thought about it briefly and built up her courage.

“You know what? I think that is an excellent idea. If you can make me look half as good as you do in these then I’ll be rapt.”

My heart skipped a beat with excitement as I realized what this meant. Hopefully I would be spending a lot more time with my sexy naked neighbor. We spent the rest of the afternoon, well until three o’clock any way, discussing what we would be doing and looking up ideas on the internet for different poses and styles.

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