Concert Fling Pt. 01

Big Tits

I love my man so much. And I love men so much. I never intend to be a bad girl, but somehow the bad has a way of finding me. Usually in the form of a well endowed man. They seem to sniff me out and i just go weak in the knees. I can’t say no and some men just seem to know.

I had bought a ticket for this show months ago. I had talked it up cause this was one of my favorite bands. But I wasn’t at the show. I never made it. Instead I was a few blocks away, in an apartment, bent over an unfamiliar couch. My jeans were still around my thighs. My panties simply pulled to the side. A thick shaft soaked with my horny cream was in motion. A few minutes earlier my phone had buzzed. It was probably my boyfriend checking to see if I was enjoying the opening set. Pleasuring this thick shaft though was my going concern.

He was a stout man. Thick arms and calloused hands. He knew how to treat a woman too. He had that old fashioned manliness about him. Some men just have that power over me. They can take me. I know I am safe. I know they need me. And I know that it is what I want.

But I also want a normal relationship. None of these men are good to come home to, nor are they desirable for a stable life. The men I go bad with are soldiers and sailors, adventurers, or just common class hard working men with old souls. My boyfriend is my age. He graduated college. He comes from a good loving family. I picture myself growing old with him. And my terrible fear is that he will someday realize the wild side of me that I keep all to myself.

Gary is what I will call the man behind me. He came right up to me and started talking sweet as I was coming out of a coffee shop. His simple shirt tucked into his work jeans, showing up a stout muscular frame. His plain rugged features framing those lips that were telling me how beautiful I was, filled my heart. My body got warm. My tongue got thick. I couldn’t say anything about my concert plans or my boyfriend. I just listened and let my body get more and more aroused. Then he kissed me. We were sitting at a sidewalk table, my coffee mostly forgotten.

The public kiss was exciting, causing haramidere escort a mixture of anxiety and anticipation. That set off a real throb and instinctively my legs clinched together even though my desire was to feel them being spread open. I was right in the city center too. Sure it was a decent size city, but friends could be going to the same concert. Sensing my reticence he said, “come with me.” He guided me by the elbow and led me to his apartment a block away. It was a simple home. Modestly furnished, but I barely noticed. I was glad that it was clean, just as he was. Simple and clean.

Once inside, with door closed, he turned me toward him and the kissing began in earnest. And I kissed him too. In my mind it was a playful detour. The concert still seemed a possibility. My hands found his shoulders and his rested on my hips. Nice kisses too. We kept kissing for a while, which kept my juices slowly building. Every once in a while he would whisper at me for being beautiful or thanking me for talking with him. We weren’t doing much in the way of talking, but I understood his sentiment. He was afraid I would bolt. He needed me, but didn’t want to scare me with that.

The longer we kissed the wetter I got. Most men are so eager to get my clothes off, but Gary was content to kiss and explore my curves through my clothing. So it was me that undid his belt. I unbuttoned his pants. His breathing got quicker with my hands roving down there. I unzipped his pants and opened them. He gasped in relief as my fingers slid down inside his boxers and found a handful. I brought his member into the light, gently stroking it, continuing with the kissing.

The concert idea still tickling my mind, I was getting ready to go to my knees and pleasure him. Then make my way to the show without getting too messy. I would be extra hot for my man when I got home. In my mind it seemed a good plan, but I guess I lingered on the kisses to long. His cock so hard in my fingers, my yoni so wet. I had no resistance to him turning me around. His hard cock pressed into my ass, kissing me still, with içerenköy escort my face turned over my shoulder. He hooked his fingers over the waistband of my jeans and surprisingly they just slid down off my hips.

Then he slid a hand up under my shirt and with his powerful paw bent me over the back of his couch. With his other hand he adjusted my panties to the side. Lining himself up to enter me, I watched him over my shoulder. His blocky, powerful form turning me on to no end. In my front pocket I felt my phone buzz. And that added to my rising desire. I knew it was my man calling. Gary’s cock sliding into me pressing my thighs into the back of the couch, increasing the sensation of vibration from the phone.

I could hear Gary whispering praise to the gods. One hand roving across and around my ass, the other pinched around my shoulder. His thickness working in and out of me in a slow, powerful rythum. My yoni releasing its juices to accommodate him. Sighs of deep pleasure. Something about not being with a woman in a long while. Something about being a deep sea fisherman.

Long as it may have been since his last taste of woman, he was patient and in control of his body. He was in no rush, he wanted to appreciate all of me. I knew the concert was a loss, and thanked the heavens cause this was music from beyond. My groans were thick now, my ass and hips working their own magic around his thrusts. Wetness seeping down my thighs. I felt him strip my tee shirt off and unsnap my bra. He pulled me up, buried inside of me, kissing me hungrily and cupping my breasts. A few minutes of that and I cummed, feeling my juices christening his horn.

Hearing me cum, feeling my body shudder on his cock, he pulled me off the couch and guided me to the floor. Down on my hands and knees, I arched my ass up for him, watching his eyes and face light up in wonder. He growled entering me. Hands on my hips he began. He fucked me so hard. I cummed on his furious shaft. Somewhere in that madness I felt my phone buzzing against my shin. The thought of my man seeing this only turned me on more. innovia escort Dropping to my elbows I worked my ass and hips around for him eliciting more grunts and groans from him and a fresh passion.

After a few minutes of this I felt him build and break, pulling out just in time he laid his cock between my ass cheeks and shot a thick load onto my lower back. I could feel it travel around my curves and slowly seep around my waist. “Rub it in”, I told him. His thick paws made quick work of his seed, smearing it into my smooth skin. For whatever reason I enjoyed having a man’s seed on me. It really turned me on to go home and fuck my man with another man’s stick on my tits or dried onto my ass cheeks.

Gary held me to him, catching his breath in ragged gulps, punctuated by relieved sighs. I could feel his relief. He had needed a woman.

I felt my phone again, and being naughty, I put my fingers to my lips, shushing Gary. I left my jeans around my knees, but rolled onto my ass sitting against the back of the couch and answered my cell.

“Hey baby, how is the show?” My man asked.

Gazing over at Gary’s stoutness, still soaked with my juices, “good!” I answered with complete honesty. “So far it is a really good show!” I winked at Gary. “Jealous?” I asked teasing my man and Gary simultaneously.

I reached out and wrapped my fingers around Gary’s half-shaft, pulling him toward me. “I just stepped out for a smoke, good timing. I couldn’t hear your earlier calls.”

Feigning a drag I put my lips on Gary’s head and listened to my man talk about the band I was supposedly watching. I let him chat, suckling on Gary and looking into his eyes. He had a bit of the deer in the headlights look. He wanted to run, but his feet were glued to the floor, his cock having spasms in my mouth and hands. I enjoyed holding his junk while talking so pedestrian with my man. Moments like this really turn me on.

“Baby, I am gonna head back in to the show. I love you. Might go out for drinks afterward. Don’t wait up.” I hung up.

I pulled Gary closer, fingers tight around the base of his shaft, sucking on his head until it was deep in my throat. Releasing his shaft I wrapped my hands around his ass and let him sink his cock all the way down my throat. Groaning he placed his hands in my hair. His timidity evaporated. The man thing had surprised him, but his thickening cock was convincing him all was well. He couldn’t walk away and we both knew it.

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