Coming Home


I am so desperate for your beautiful body that as I write this for you my cock is swollen and aching for your wonderful tight little cunt, my heavy balls feel full to bursting and almost tingling with anticipation.

I am fantasising about getting back to you and can imagine myself kissing you deeply as I walk through the door, my cock stiffening for you instantly as our tongues meet and feel for each other. Horny as I am for you I also feel dirty and tired so I take my things upstairs and run a shower to relax and freshen myself up for you before we go to bed.

I drop my clothes on the floor and settle into the warm spray, enjoying the feel of it and luxuriating in the warmth as you come into the bathroom holding a bottle of beer. As you hand it to me I take your hand and pull you towards me kissing you again as you watch my cock harden and start to thrust eagerly out from my body. Your hand reaches down to encircle my hard flesh while I reach up to feel your gorgeous pert little tits, teasing your nipples as you begin to slide your hand up and down my hot straining cock.

You pull away from me and leave the room closing the door saying flirtatiously “Don’t be long!”

I wash myself, standing up, my hard cock swaying heavily and throbbing for you as I soap myself. I lean back against the wall touching my warm throbbing cock as I imagine pushing myself between your thighs, opening you up with the smooth sensitive head of my hard burning prick before forcing myself deep into your soft yielding body.

I cannot wait any longer for you and step out of the shower, drying myself quickly and open the door, my cock heavy between my thighs. Walking eagerly to the bedroom I open the door and see you lying on the bed, already naked, your hands resting between your legs as you feel your excited pussy, anticipating feeling me thrusting deep between your open thighs.

You look beautiful, wanton and adorable, gorgeously dirty and divine, making me want you even more, as if that were possible. I walk slowly to the bed, my swollen cock bouncing as you watch, your fingers moving idly over the soft hairs and delicate lips of your moistening sex.

As I near the bed I pull your legs around so that they are hanging over the side and spread them apart so that I can see your beautiful cunt. I tell you to carry on touching yourself and watch as you begin to rub your succulent Konya Escort lips between your fingers, squeezing your clit as you begin wanking yourself for me. I reach down to my own body with one hand, wrapping my fingers around the hot throbbing flesh of my cock and start to slide it up and down, pulling back my foreskin and making the dark head swell and release a shiny drop of clear nectar from the tip.

With my other hand I pick up a pillow and slip it under your head so that you can watch me more easily, then let my fingers drift down to your pert little tits, squeezing your nipples into hardness, pulling them gently as I ease my other hand slowly up and down my upright cock and wank myself for you. I can feel your hungry eyes on my excited body as I look down on the stunning erotic sight of you touching yourself for me.

Your eyes close and your pleasure starts to peak. Soft moans escaping from your lips as your fingers work frantically on your beautiful pussy, eager to come stretched out and writhing under my gaze. Your hips push your excited sex onto your moving fingers as I lean over you and pinch your nipples harder, the intense sensation of pleasure and gentle pain push you to new levels of ecstasy and you start to come, crying with pleasure and I immediately want to come with you, letting my sperm flood over you as we join in our orgasms. Feeling your eyes on me my cock pulses in my hand and a flood of thick white come erupts from me in a spasm of pure pleasure, falling heavily between your legs, over your frantic fingers, into the soft hairs on your beautiful cunt and onto the soft skin of your stomach. I look down and see the white pearly strands of my sperm nesting in the soft curls covering your rounded mound and running over your fingers as you massage it into your skin and use it to lubricate your aching clit.

I carry on squeezing your nipples, now using both hands. My right hand wet with my own sperm which I rub on your nipples to make them slippery with my creamy juice, making them slip easily between my pinching and gripping fingers, twisting and pulling at your tight sensitive flesh, harder and harder as your excitement mounts again, your fingers sliding over your lips now slippery with my glistening cream, your pleasure becoming more and more obvious and your moans getting louder as your passion mounts and you edge Konya Escort Bayan towards coming again.

Hard again already, at the sight of you pleasuring yourself in front of me despite my recent orgasm, I eagerly kneel between your legs and guide my cock towards the apex of your thighs, pushing aside your moving fingers and pressing into you. I can immediately feel your soft swollen lips parting and the wonderful wetness inside you and push more firmly to feeling you open further and stretch around me. The feel of your fingers moving your soft lips around the head of my engorged cock is almost too much form me to bear, while you moan at the touch of my probing cock between your delicate lips and tight little hole. I enjoy the sensation of your fingers but instinctively want to push myself deeper and start to ease into you, thrusting the curving shaft of my cock into your molten core and filling up your eager body with my thickening shaft. You thrust back at me, cramming my cock into the tight heat of your beautiful little cunt and start to come on me almost immediately as pull hard on your nipples, drawing your whole body down onto my upright probing shaft.

As you come I drive myself into you feeling your muscles contracting around me and gripping me, forcing me to myself go, as I drive myself deep inside you seeking my own release, and coming with you, your cunt milking my cock, squeezing a flood of creamy sperm form my pumping cock.

I rest my head on you, kissing your beautiful soft skin as I soften and start to slip out of your body. As I slide out of you I sit back on my heels and look back at you, pushing your knees apart to see your delicate little cunt, still reddened and swollen from our sex, your pink inner lips still spread apart, stretched wide by the thickness of my cock and glistening wetly with our juices. I watch my sperm start to run from your body. You try to close your legs to stop it but I hold your legs apart and lower my head to lick you, already turned on again by the sight of my musky sperm running from your body.

I lick you gently, avoiding your sensitive clit for now, but letting my tongue slip between your lips to taste my own cream deep inside you. You push against my mouth, your passion growing once again and I keep my tongue moving over you, gently but insistent and slipping deeper and deeper inside you.

Pulling Escort Konya my mouth from you I lean over the bed and kiss you, letting some of my sperm run into your mouth from your own sweet cunt. Then I make you kneel at the side of the bed and tell you to open your legs and lift your bottom in the air. I stand behind you at first and then kneel, enjoying the sight of you so wantonly exposed. Just the sight of you like this has my hard shaft throbbing with excitement, my cock rearing up and achingly hard again for the wonderful release of your wonderful body. I bend and start to lick your exposed slit again, taking long slow licks, starting up from below your clit, up between your parted lips and right way up to the tight ring of your arse. As I lick you thrust back at me, eager for more and I work on you, speeding my licking up and probing you more deeply with my tongue. Teasing your sensitive anus and pushing my tongue into your gently opening hole,

You look between your legs and see me wanking, running my hand up and down my cock, already wet and lubricated with our juices. You watch as I lick you and become even more excited. I stand again and carry on rubbing myself and tell you to do the same. I want to watch your fingers reach back and open your lips, exposing yourself to me as I wank. I want to watch you push one, then two fingers into your own body while your other hand pinches your nipples and then, with your fingers still in place, I want to press the head of my cock against you and slide deep into your body alongside your moving fingers.

I want to feel how wet and open you are inside having been so recently fucked and I want to enjoy your body working on mine stretched obscenely wide by my cock and your own fingers as we work together to please each other.

I hold you hips and fuck you hard, driving myself right up inside you, enjoying your moans of delight as we approach orgasm together, The walls of your cunt grip me and your cervix rubs the head of my cock as I bury myself Inside you, watching your cunt swallow my thick cock, your soft delicate lips stretching and wrapping themselves eagerly around the wet glistening shaft as it thrusts deep into your body until I reach forward and pinch your nipples feeling you start to come as my cock pumps inside you. I groan and start to empty myself deep, deep inside your body, my aching balls tightening and releasing my sperm in pulsing waves of pleasure along the length of my achingly sensitive cock,

You are perfect for me and I want to share this and so much more with you. I want to be with you and have you every day for the rest of my life.

I love you.

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