Come Together Ch. 03



Waking up the next morning with my oldest daughter in my arms would be considered highly unusual by any metric. Sure, when the children were a lot younger, they’d often come join mother and father if they’d suffered nightmares, or were feeling under the weather. But it had been many years since those days, and holding her in my arms naked was something that never happened.

I wasn’t the first to wake up the next morning. Caroline was already awake, Charlotte now spooning against her, my daughter’s head tucked under my chin as I held her tightly in my arms. I was rock hard, like I was every morning, my daughter’s body only slight pressing into me, so I didn’t have to worry about that too much.

“How are you feeling, Daddy?” Caroline asked lightly.

“Okay. Still dealing with all this, to be honest.”

“I know, handsome. Take your time. Your daughter isn’t going anywhere.”

“I did enjoy our roleplay, Carol. That might help me get my mind around it.”

Running her hand up and down my arm, she leaned over Charlotte to kiss me. “I’ll get breakfast ready. You lie here with your daughter until she wakes up. Just snuggle with her, okay?”

“Are you sure you’re still okay with this?”

“Mark, I want to be intimate with her too. I love your daughter dearly. She’s grown into a beautiful young woman.”

“I know. I think exactly the same thing.”

After another kiss on the cheek, she put on a silk robe, making sure it showed a hint of cleavage and it barely covered her perfect little butt, showing off her lovely smooth legs. Blowing me a last kiss, she quietly left the room, leaving me alone with Charlotte. Gently caressing her back, she murmured something as she snuggled into me more.

“I love you, Daddy,” she whispered, “Morning.”

“Morning to you. How are you feeling?”

“A little tired. I came really hard last night.”

“More than once, from what I can remember,” I replied, trying to find humour in the fact I’d watched my little girl orgasm more than once. Each time, her eyes had been on me.

She lifted her eyes to mine, noticing mischief immediately. “It was because of you, Daddy,” she breathed.

“I know, sweetheart. I’m still trying to wrap my head around everything.”

“Did Caroline help last night?”

I felt the smile form. “I did enjoy our roleplaying. And she did look very sexy in her school uniform.”

“Maybe I could wear my old one for you, Daddy?”

“If you want to, sweetheart.”

Feeling her press into me, she couldn’t hide the slight moan that escaped her. “I can’t wait until you’re inside me, Daddy,” she whispered, “But I know it’s a big deal for you.”

“Rest assured, no matter what happens, I love you, Lottie.”

“I know, Daddy.” She kissed me on the lips. Not quite a peck. Not quite those I’d share with Caroline. But it was no regular daddy-daughter kiss either. I kissed her back, tightening my arms around her. She eventually stopped kissing me, giggling away as she leaned up to my ear. “Going to dress like a naughty, slutty school girl right now, Daddy.” I’ll admit, the thought turned me on quite a bit. “Want to shower together first?”

Two minutes later, we were naked together in the shower. She took great delight in soaping me up and down, but when it came to my cock, her hesitation was obvious, considering I was still rock hard. Assuring her it was okay, she ever so gently soaped me up, taking far longer to soap up there than anywhere else. Her small, soft hands did feel rather nice, though I eventually told her to stop, turning more into a handjob than cleaning.

Returning the favour after she’d washed me off, I noticed her eyes gaze into mine as my far larger hands soaped up her smooth, delicate body. My little girl had always kept herself fit, but seeing her naked before me, I couldn’t help but gaze upon her in wonder. Her breasts were delightfully perfect. Her stomach was flat but not overly toned. Didn’t miss the fact her pussy was smooth and I couldn’t help run a finger along her slit, making her moan softly.

“Daddy,” she breathed.

“Just cleaning my little girl,” I murmured back.

After washing her body, I shampooed her hair. That’s when she almost started to cry. I knew it was something I loved doing with Caroline, telling me that it felt incredibly intimate. By the time I was finished with my daughter, she needed a hug from her father. Stepping out once we were done, she wrapped at towel around her body and wandered off to her room. Throwing on a t-shirt and shorts, I met Caroline in the kitchen, standing behind her at the stove, lifting her robe so I could get a feel of her pert little bottom.

“One track mind sometimes,” she said softly as I nuzzled her neck, “I loved last night, Mark. I feel so close to Lottie now.”

“Once I make love to her, show her how much you love her too.”


“I don’t know, Carol. We just had a shower together though. I do feel a lot of love for her, and in my heart and mind, it is İçerenköy Escort changing. But it’s still a big decision to make. Once we have sex, our relationship will change forever.”

Caroline turned around to face me, her soft hand caressing the stubble on my cheek. I rarely shaved using a regular razor nowadays, instead using an electric razor that ensured I kept my stubble, thankful it wasn’t turning grey just yet. “She watched us make love last night, Mark, and the roleplay was rather obvious. Be honest with me, did you think about your daughter while making love to me?”

“It was hard to miss the fact she was masturbating considering I watched her orgasm each time.”

“Mark, did you think about her while inside me?”

I looked away for a moment as I had. Of course I had. Caroline spent all night calling me ‘daddy’. She’d dressed like a schoolgirl. And the insinuation had been all night that Caroline was my daughter. I’d been surprised how into the role she’d been, but then again, she hadn’t been shy in letting me know that she wanted to be intimate with my daughter. The surprising thing to me was that I liked that thought. My imagination ran wild and I knew that my daughter was keen on exploring her bisexuality, while Caroline admitted to being ‘family bisexual’, but she’d been honest that, while she loved fooling around, she wanted to be with me permanently.

We were still cuddling when my daughter appeared, wearing just what she said she would. Lifting the front of her skirt, she showed off her smooth, bald pussy, and I knew she was excited as it was clearly glistening from her excitement. Noticing my eyes widen, she giggled. “I played with myself while getting ready, Daddy,” she told us.

“As I’ve said before, you have a delightfully pretty pussy,” Caroline stated, “Take a seat. Breakfast will be up shortly.”

“Maybe daddy would like my pussy for breakfast?” my daughter asked, loving the smirk that appeared on her face.

“Later, sweetheart.” Tapping the side of my head, I added, “Still wrapping my head around all of this.”

We ate breakfast together, chatting away but anything that came to mind. Thankfully, there was no talk of our relationships. As soon as we were finished, we washed everything together before heading to the living room. Caroline pushed me to sit on the couch, watching as she slowly took off her robe to reveal her naked body. Kneeling between my legs, she helped lower my shorts. Charlotte sat next to me, sitting sideways and lifting her skirt, showing me her tight little pussy again.

“While I’m blowing you, I want you to watch your daughter,” Caroline stated, “Watch her orgasm.”

I knew we weren’t picking the kids up until early afternoon so we had some time. Groaning as I felt Caroline’s tongue run up my shaft, I turned to watch my daughter open her shirt to reveal her perky breasts, licking her lips seductively as she teased her nipples. Putting a hand on her chest, she almost jumped from the contact, moaning softly as I stroked her stomach.

Moving her hands down her body, she ran her fingertips over my hand before she started to ever so softly play with her pussy. I could smell her arousal. I hadn’t forgotten what Caroline was doing. Hard to forget when my cock was in her mouth, but she was blowing me ever so slowly, glancing to see her watching me intently, perhaps wondering what I was going to do.

“Are you going to play with your little pussy now, sweetheart?” Charlotte chewed her bottom lip, only capable of nodding. “Maybe a couple of fingers inside?” She nodded eagerly at that idea. “Would you like me to taste you afterwards? Maybe your fingers?”

“So much, Daddy,” she whispered.

“My little girl has such a pretty pussy,” I whispered back. I heard the choked sob, before she released a soft moan. “Make yourself cum, sweetheart. Cum for your daddy.” Moving my other hand to caress Caroline’s hair, I ran my fingers through it before I whispered, “And you have to make your daddy cum, Caroline.”

“Oh fuck yes, your little girl loves her daddy’s big cock,” Caroline murmured.

Caroline was soon blowing me with a desperation that suggested she wanted my cum. But my eyes were only for Charlotte, just as she wanted. She was now thrusting two fingers deep into her pussy, recognising her curling her fingers so she could hit the right spot inside her. She was rubbing her clit at the same time. Her eyes gazed into mine the entire time, whispering very suggestive and naughty things regarding what she wanted her father to do to her. I knew my willpower wasn’t going to last long with the dual assault on my heart and mind.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned as I could feel myself getting close to climax. Caroline’s lips were tight around my shaft, her tongue driving me wild, one of her hands now fondling my balls.

Charlotte climaxed first, crying out ‘Daddy’ as her body convulsed, watching her thighs quiver, her back arch quite acutely. But she didn’t relent on her pussy for a second, now having no problem Escort İçrenköy telling me exactly how much she loved me, how much she wanted me, how I would be the only man she’d ever want. Enough to bring a tear to the eye.

“Charlotte,” I murmured… Then I came in Caroline’s mouth. She swallowed every drop as always, gulping audibly. Charlotte continued to masturbate as Caroline cleaned me up with her tongue before she put a side to either side of me, sitting on my lap. I could feel the heat of her pussy against my cock.

“Imagine your little girl doing that,” she whispered into my ear.

We both watched Charlotte get herself off again and again. It was one of the most beautiful things I’d witnessed in my life. What I learned very quickly is my daughter knew her body well. Knew exactly where to touch herself. I almost smirked, figuring she’d had a lot of practice considering she was still a virgin. When she eventually stopped, I leaned across and took the offered fingers, tasting my daughter’s pussy for the first time.

She tasted exquisite. A sweet and slightly tangy taste. Charlotte almost sobbed when I ran my tongue over her fingers, leaning forward to kiss me softly. “Thank you, Daddy,” she whispered.

Caroline started to ride me once I was hard again, Charlotte content to just watch. Not wanting her to feel left out, I gestured and she happily snuggled into my side, curling her legs as she watched her auntie ride me. Caroline leaning over to share a kiss with her wasn’t a surprise, going so far as to joke it must have turned me on. Two attractive women kissing will always be arousing.

It didn’t take long for Caroline to orgasm as she loved riding me, my hands now all over her body as she kissed me. I heard Charlotte sigh next to me, and I knew she was happy. I’d been miserable for a long time while married to Christine, oblivious to her affairs, but it had been Caroline who had helped mend my broken heart. I’d denied to myself how much I cared for and loved her, thinking it would be weird, even wrong to fall for my sister-in-law.

In a way, she’d been right all along. Frankly, I married the wrong sister. The only good thing to come out of my marriage to Christine was my four children. I wasn’t thinking of marriage to Caroline, it was still far too early, and our relationship hadn’t started on the greatest foundation as I knew, at heart, I still committed infidelity myself. But she’d admitted to being in love with me for a long time, and I’d always adored her. I didn’t want to wait to be with a woman who genuinely loved me.

“I can’t wait until you move in,” Charlotte said, “I’d love to watch you two again and again.”

“You’ll be involved soon enough, Lottie,” Caroline replied, “And, soon enough, your father will take you to bed and you’ll experience what I’m enjoying right now. A big daddy cock.”

Snorting, I broke out into chuckles. Caroline giggled with me, leaning forward to kiss me. “I love you both so very much,” I stated, feeling my daughter snuggle into me tighter.

Caroline eventually slid off my lap, the three of us sitting naked together until we agreed to get dressed and collect the other children from her place. Arriving home with all of them in tow, they were clued up enough to know why we’d kicked them out of the house the previous evening, at least in regards to Caroline and myself. Charlotte had to tell a little lie, stating she’d gone out with friends though had returned home late the previous night.

Sitting down at dinner later that evening, Caroline and I discussed the living situation with our children. I think they appreciated the fact we sat them down and treated them like adults, letting them all give their opinion, even the youngest children had an opinion and we took it seriously. We even asked for their honest feelings about the relationship between their mother and myself.

The end result was that all six children wanted us to live together and they all loved the fact Caroline and I were together.

Over the next couple of weeks, we started to organise our lives, agreeing a date that she would move in with her two kids. Sitting down and discussing the situation with my parents was somewhat amusing, considering my soon to be ex-wife’s sister was moving in. Her mother was far more involved in our lives than my parents, so sitting them down to discuss everything opened their eyes to the fact we were genuinely in love, and they could see how happy we were together.

The night before the planned moving in date, we were in bed together. Charlotte had slept in my bed occasionally, but apart from her masturbating next to me, putting on quite the show for her father, I still hadn’t touched her intimately. Well, maybe a little bit as we did shower together every so often, and I did enjoy soaping her up and washing her down, but never lingered anywhere erogenous for too long. She wasn’t with us that evening, telling me that she would like to join Caroline and myself more often than not once she was moved İçerenköy Escort Bayan in. Caroline loved the idea.

“Have you spoken to your sister lately?” I wondered, “I’m just wondering if she knows about all of this.”

“I have nothing to do with her anymore, Mark, at least regarding our personal lives. But Jessica is keeping lines of communication open. Mum’s already softened her position. She’s incredibly disappointed, but she’s still her daughter. Repairing the relationship won’t be easy though. I suppose anything with you and the kids goes through your lawyer?” She asked that last question with a knowing smirk. “Yes, professionally, I do need to speak to her, but I make it known I will only discuss anything to do with the divorce.”

“What’s her personal situation?”

“She’s shacked up with one of her affair partners. That’s where I send any correspondence.”

“Has she admitted to anything else?”

“No. She’s admitted to plenty of affairs, but it was this last one where she actually fell in love and made the decision to leave. She has no remorse over what she’s done.”

“I’m not overly surprised by that. She’s just like her father, from the sounds of it.”

“That’s the main thing stopping our mother from ever completely forgiving her. And don’t forget that our mother loves you to bits, that’s why she never had an issue with me and you starting our relationship. She’s known how I feel about you for years, and aware of what Christine was doing, she insists you should feel no guilt for needing my comfort and love as your marriage was over except for the legal paperwork.”

The next day wasn’t too difficult as Caroline had put her house on the market to be rented out, so most of her furniture remained in the house. We did need the two beds for her kids, plus a couple of pieces of furniture. I’d spent the past few months redecorating my own house after Christine left, and offered Caroline the chance to add her own touches to what would be our house going forward.

Natalie and Crystal were ever so excited to move in with us. Natalie was best friends with her cousin Alyssa, my middle daughter loving the idea of a roommate, but I knew it could affect her close relationship with her twin. He doted on both of them anyway. I knew how much he loved his twin sister, and Natalie was only a couple of months younger than the pair. No matter what happened, my son always made me proud. As for Emily, I just knew she was going to love having Crystal in her room permanently. I’d already heard of all her ideas for what they’d do once settled in.

Enjoying dinner as a fused together family that evening was a lot of fun. The five youngest were ever so excited about the new living situation, discussing school for the next day. Charlotte was now attending university, but her week wasn’t exactly packed, having all day Wednesday and Friday afternoons clear of lectures and classes.

Asking Charlotte to remain at the table once everyone else departed, I took her hand and led her to my bedroom, Caroline following us in and closing the door. Sitting between us on the edge of the bed, my oldest daughter met my eyes, expecting me to say something. Instead, I leaned down and kissed her softly. It soon turned into quite a deep and meaningful kiss, the first real kiss I’d ever shared with her. When I slid my tongue into her mouth, she couldn’t resist moaning.

“Your father is ready,” Christine stated next to her while I continued kissing my daughter, “He’s taking the day off on Wednesday. So am I. He’ll make love to you in the morning. Then, if you’d like, I’m hoping we can have some fun in the afternoon before your siblings and cousins get home from school.”

Charlotte broke the kiss, unable to stop smiling as I gently caressed her cheek. “Daddy,” she whispered, before turning to kiss her auntie. It was quickly as passionate as the kiss I’d just shared with her. Running my fingers up her thighs, she spread her legs a little so I could caress nearly all the way up to her panties. I could almost feel how hot and wet she already was.

Pulling back, Charlotte turned to me, biting her bottom lip as I continued to stroke her soft skin. “Daddy,” she moaned softly, “Are you going to touch my hot, little pussy now?”

“Not yet. But I will on Wednesday. I’m going to touch and kiss your entire body.”

“I’m going to buy us some toys,” Caroline added, “Ever seen a double-ended dildo?”

“I’ve seen them used in porn,” Charlotte replied, “Want to do that with me?”

“God yes! And I’m hoping your father will film us so we can watch it later together.”

“My own little porn stars,” I stated with humour.

“Charlotte, I told your father I would do anything for him. I would be a whore, but only his whore. I don’t like the word, but when I’m with him, it is appropriate. I willingly do anything for him. I love him so much; I will give him anything he desires. I have a very open-mind. He will be my only man, but I intend on having a lot of fun with some of the women in our family.”

“What I’d love to see is you make love to my daughter,” I admitted, “Honestly, I think it would be absolutely beautiful to watch. But I think, just like my first time with her, your first time should also be in private.”

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