Colonel’s Indiscretion


He was a test tube born Variant male. He was a Colonel in the military. She was a natural-born, a civilian beneath his protection. He knew that he shouldn’t and had even vowed that he never would.

Yet Bo found himself winding his hands into Cassie’s silky black hair drawing her up to her knees on the sofa between his legs as he moved his mouth over the fullness of her lips hungrily. Their charged emotions mingled with passion as they began to kiss each other urgently. Breathing heavily Bo tangled Cassie’s hair tighter, lifting his head he uttered with difficulty, “Cassie-you know where this is leading-make me stop and I will.” He paused heavily, nearly angry. “Christ Cassie, I’m a Variant,” he finished in a hiss.

“Oh Bo . . . please don’t stop,” she answered breathlessly, leaning against his chest to seal her embrace

“You don’t know what your saying,” he growled, yet she was caressing his shoulders and down his back urgently with her soft hands. Making him ache for what he’d held himself away from. “Christ, I promised myself I’d never do this again. Not with a natural born,” he muttered in a low hiss. However at that same moment his lips were conquering Cassie’s sweet mouth again as though he had absolutely no control over the inevitable.

With both hands he searched under her blouse finding her tantalizingly braless as he slowly cupped each of her full breasts into his hands. She moaned heavily against his mouth as he kneaded the weight of each breast trying to spill out of his palms-and then urgently Cassie began to tug his uniform shirt loose.

“Kiss me,” he ordered. She took a deep breath and her nipples raised tightly into the center of his palms while she tilted her head to do his bidding eagerly. He’d never seen a woman of more erotic beauty. She seized something inside of him that he was not sure he would have given away freely. Only the point was mute because he’d never experienced desire for woman like this before. He knew as he stroked her supple body for the first time that he would never have enough of her.

Her lips were full and hot on his as she opened her mouth to his sweeping tongue like a fully passionate lover would. She was uninhibited, urgent, and clearly enjoyed touching his strength as his uniform shirt was lost to the floor and her hands explored the padded muscles on his chest, moving lower to the ridges of sinew along his abdomen, and then around to his tight flanks. His muscles tensed, expanding as he held himself in control over the passion she inspired while she fondled and stroked his body like an artist working with clay. Intimate, sensual, and enthusiastic.

Then she reached for his thickly heated dick straining against the zipper of his trousers and he caught her wrist firmly. There was only so much he could withstand. She whimpered in disappointment beneath his devouring lips as he wound her wrist behind the small of her back and pulled her tightly up against him. Their position spread her pelvis over his turgid cock as he reached for the fragile lace of her panties beneath her skirt.

The fact that there was a skirt with fragile lace panties beneath and not military-issued boxer shorts, heated his blood even more. When he touched the lace of her panties and cupped her mound she wriggled into his hand invitingly, breathlessly. Her puff was warm, her panties damp. He traced her tender crease through the bit of lace.


He kissed her harder, squeezing her heated puff of femininity into his large hand. Searching with his fingertip under the edge of lace until his finger became drizzled with her wetting arousal.

“Ohm- mm,” she moaned beneath the heat of his lips as she scraped her nails down his back, then with a purely feminine undulation of her hips she mounted his finger more.

“Jesus,” he hissed lowly in appreciation as he bent her over his arm, mouthing one of her puckered nipples through the silk of her blouse. Her head fell back and she offered herself up to him as he buried his hand further down her panties. When he touched the swollen pearl of her clitoris she trembled and gasped.

“Touch me Bo-please more,” she mewled passionately. “Oh God-ohh hh!”

He circled her clitoris Konya Escort with his finger . . . harder . . . faster-faster then he hitched her up over him spreading her knees on either side of his hips until he had full access to her scorching puff. When he thrust his finger inside her tight vagina her fingernails dug into his flexing biceps painfully as she gripped him inside and out with a soft scream of pleasure.

“I want you to come baby.” He thrust inside her again and she mewled low and passionately as her head fell forward into the crook of his neck. “I want you to come in my hand.” Her entire body was quivering in his arms as he circled his finger deeper inside her molten sheath while the flat of his thumb rubbed over her taut throbbing clitoris. “Now, baby. Let me feel you come now.”

Bo took Cassie’s mouth beneath his just as she climaxed and the hot air from her scream of pleasure filled him as he felt her convulse and grow fluid and quivering in his arms. Her puff rippled in his hand, hot and moist, as her inner sheath clutched at his finger over and over. He was shaking with the force of his feelings as he continued to kiss her more slowly now while he held onto her tightly. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever possessed in his life and he felt overwhelming protective of her as he lifted his hand from her panties, then he took both of them to a stand with his more powerful Variant strength.

He tried to tell himself that he should not be doing this. That he should go no further, however Cassie was raining hot kisses on his neck and jaw line. She was crimping his short silver-gray hair with her fingertips. And then-

Then he had her sitting on the breakfast counter with her lissome bare legs hugged around his hips. One rip of lace and downward drag of his zipper and he could be inside her. Where he wanted to be. Needed to be hotly.

He broke their fevered kissing, breathing hard as he rested his forehead to hers with his arms locked on either side of her. “I can’t do this again,” he growled tightly.

“What Bo-what,” Cassie whispered pecking at his lips. Somehow her blouse had come undone and the sight of her naked breasts were-distracting. He heaved a raw breath and tried to straighten away from their tawny-pink buoyancy. But that had been a wrong move because Cassie’s hands were clutched around his neck and it only brought her flush up against him, plumping her breasts into his chest, down to her loved-heated puff cleaved over his rock-hard dick.

“Christ,” he cursed sharply then he grabbed her arms from around his neck and pushed her upper body backward until her spine was tilted at an angle away from him. “You are a natural born. I do not make love to natural born’s.” Or anyone else for that matter, he could add sadly.

Cassie did not look properly threatened as he intended or the least bit worried. Or the least bit hurt. She looked stunningly aroused. She looked as though she had found what she wanted and he was it. She reached upward to stroke his clenched jaw and he let her, loosening his hand from holding her back with his strength.

“You already have,” she murmured.

Cassie didn’t care about the racial bias between test tube Variants and the more naturally born humans. As far as she was concerned there was only prejudice if you allowed there to be- and she certainly had not been thinking prejudicial thoughts when she first looked into the graphic blueness of Colonel Bo Wyatt’s eyes. She knew from what he’d said that Bo must have had painful experiences with natural born women in his past. She also knew he was trying more to protect her than himself. The prejudicial statements and feelings about them being together could turn cruel, even violent.

But none of that mattered at the moment with the hard, muscular, and powerful feel of him wrapped between her bare clinging legs. She could feel the forceful ridge of his arousal pressing against her and she wanted him with a need so deep it made her tremble.

“Please,” she begged him shamelessly, holding herself out on a tottering emotional limb. He could crush her feelings with only a look or a word of denial. She let him see everything in Konya Escort Bayan her gaze, opening herself up to him completely to take or to crush. He growled harshly in his throat with his indigo eyes turning into blue fire.

“I’m not like the rest!” she cried-and finally he leaped over the barriers holding him back so strongly. He grasped her panties by the front waistband of lace, digging his fingers deeply, then he pulled roughly-there was a ripping sound! It didn’t hurt-it was thrilling as he bared her to his gaze. His other hand was in her hair dragging her aggressively up to his mouth and their lips slammed together in passion. She knew she should be afraid-terrified at his aggression, his need. And she was partially when she felt his aroused penis released from his pants, and laying like a scalding impression from her belly button down to the first curling hairs between her thighs! He was huge, so long and thick, she would never be able to take all of him she thought frantically. Yet still, she squirmed against him caught in the heat of his marauding lips and hands petting her body and challenging her to try!

“Christ, you’re so beautiful,” he uttered in a rasped tenor as his lips plucked hers repeatedly and his big hands worked their way beneath her wriggling buttocks. He squeezed her plump cheeks into his palms lifting her off the counter. She could feel the sizable head of his penis asking for entrance as he held her body poised.

“Look at me,” he demanded, as his knobbed firebrand prodded the opening of her very core. She could barely lift her eyelids they were so heavy with passion as her hands clutched his tough shoulders and she looked up at him. Everything was there in his gaze, his tremendous willpower holding back his lust, how much he wanted her, how much he needed her, and how willing he was to back away at this incredibly intense moment if she wished it. He was asking her with his gaze to show him what she desired, to show him if she could overcome her fear of his size, and he was asking her to trust him.

She answered him in the only way possible-she locked her ankles behind his back and pulled downward. “Oohhh!” she squealed in tremendous surprise.

“Whoa. -Angel!” he groaned sharply jerking his arms and holding her from completely impaling herself on his thick penis. “Slow, baby-slow,” he uttered in a low hiss. Immediately he was kissing her and rocking his hips slowly relieving the unbearable tightness inside her. But all she could think was that he was only halfway there and she’d never be able to take all of him!

“Please,” she whimpered in fright and passion combined.

“Anything,” he uttered and then hoarsely he asked, “Am I hurting you?”

“I don’t know,” she whispered sharply, clutching his shoulders as he moved in little increments in and out of her. They were wet together and the way felt full but not intensely painful. “I don’t know,” she whispered again rubbing her face over his neck and the side of his face as he rocked her on his towering penis.

“Its alright baby, I will let you go,” he murmured.

“No!” she exclaimed clutching him tighter. “No, I don’t want that,” she finished in a whisper.

“Jesus, angel, neither do I.” “God you are so tight,” he uttered and then there was a clattering sound and Cassie realized that he’d swiped the counter beside them clean of appliances. “Lay back, baby,” he urged. He helped her lay down even as he hooked his arms beneath the crook of her knees lifting her legs up and outward, spreading her thighs open wider. “There,” he hissed and she felt it, the slight easing of his fullness inside her. But at the same moment he rubbed her clitoris with his first finger.

“Ooo,” she squealed at the sudden electric shock of pleasure that contracted inside her. Cassie heard Bo chuckle deeply through the roaring in her ears as his finger smeared over her fevered clitoris faster. “Oh God!” she cried as he thrust inside her completely while her sex flowered open, instinctively begging to be filled as she tottered near a climax.

“Yes,” Bo hissed and then he was moving, thrusting inside her with long deep strokes.

“Oh Bo-Bo!” she cried as he Escort Konya rocked her on the counter top drawing her legs up over his shoulders until her feet brushed the side of his face on each side. His forearms held her thighs tightly as he invaded her with deep hot thrusts! The bursting edges of a climax deep inside her tottered . . . tottered-then exploded! “Oh God! OhGod!” she screamed. “Bo!”

But he wasn’t finished with her yet even as she convulsed and rippled along the length of his huge pitching shaft he began to change their position again. “More,” he uttered as he pulled out of her pulsating core and lifted her up-then off the counter. The back of the sofa was next as he urged her belly over its rounded back. Her knees were weak and wobbly from her lingering climax, yet the back of the sofa supported her stomach as Bo thrust into her from behind with one solid stroke. It lifted her toes off the floor as he held her naked hips with his hands and thrust solidly again. “OGod!”

“Christ!” Bo hissed, seeing Cassie’s nakedly displayed buttocks slap against his belly was nearly as carnal as her sheath clutching him like a clenched fist. He rode her up on her toes again and again with each thrust he took as she whimpered passionate cants beneath him. He clamped his tough muscular thighs over her thighs holding her to his driving motion and then he reached around her waist and down her belly until he was fingering the lips of her feverish puff. He kept the solid driving motion of his dick thrusting inside her even as she squirmed, trying to open her thighs to his fingering but he held her thighs clamped tightly and bent her over the sofa more.

“Bo!” she gasped when his fingers delved between the lips of her puff and found her swollen clitoris which he rubbed rapidly. “Oooo!” she shrieked. She was his complete but willing prisoner as he fucked her harder while bringing her to a climax with his fingers. He could not hold back any longer when he felt her quiver and clench all over his pumping cock with her third orgasm.

“Christ baby,” he groaned through his clenched teeth, as he swung his hips rapidly while his balls drew up tightly with his imminent ejaculation. He bent his knees and reared up deeply inside Cassie’s clenching sex. “Aaa-baby!” He spilled his seed, shaking his head and torso to keep his roar of ecstasy clogged in his throat. But still his cock rippled with pleasure as he panted a hard breath and he bowed beneath the pleasure. Bending over Cassie’s back, holding her throbbing puff cupped in his hand. Once . . . twice . . . three more times his dick pulsed inside her before the rage began to subside.

“Bo,” Cassie panted once beneath him as he rubbed his lips over her cheek, neck and shoulder. Christ. He could still feel little ripples of pleasure. It was incredible.

“Hush,” he murmured hoarsely, soothing Cassie with his lips now behind her ear and his hand gently circling her feverish puff. Each tremor that ran through her body calmed slowly and he knew the only thing holding her up was the back of the sofa. Still he was reluctant to break their connection, the one he could feel with his fingers. But he did a few moments later, lifting Cassie in his arms to carry her to the front of the sofa.

He had just laid Cassie down when-. RapRapRap! He tensed with his knee still bent on the sofa beside Cassie.

“Colonel Wyatt!” It was a man’s clipped military voice on the other side of Cassie’s door. “Sir! Your presence is commanded ASAP.”

“Yes,” Cassie whispered suddenly . . . urgently. “Tell him yes, Bo. Tell him we are here together.”

Bo tried to offer a grin-then managed a small one. “Alright angel, you and I, but it won’t be easy.”

“But we will be together,” she whispered.

He looked at her intently still spread out beneath him partially naked and open to his gaze. Everything in her look told him that she was his-. Perhaps he was a fool and loving it-but he vowed that he would protect her. He turned his head. “Affirmative Lieutenant Payne,” he called. “Give the lady and I five minutes, Lieutenant, and wait by the Jeep.”

“Ah-well, yes sir!”

Cassie smiled up at Bo as he lowered his mouth toward hers. “I’m walking you out to that Jeep, Colonel,” she murmured as she circled her arms around his neck

“Not if your completely naked ma’am,” Bo murmured over her lips. “And I intend to have you that way in about two seconds.”

“But we only have five minnn- . Oh-hmmm.”

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