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College Sex AdventuredeleteddeleteddeletedMy parents and my brother had to move to Delhi due to my dad’s work-related issues but I insisted on staying back in Mumbai. I joined for MBA and spent one year in the college hostel itself. That year was below average for me because I hardly made any friends and rarely anyone spoke to me.Guys never used to acknowledge my existence. Even in my hostel, life sucked. Being alone in a small shabby room questions your existence. Even porn wasn’t helping. It was just a put-off and even fingering was just like an exercise. No feelings whatsoever.But it all changed when I went home for vacations and happened to visit my friend’s college back in Delhi. I was surprised by the fact that everyone there was super sexy.The guys were so damn hot with gym body, sexy beard and really well dressed and girls were, as usual, hottest in their short clothes. It was as if it was straight out of a Karan Johar movie. That’s when it struck me..Sexiness is the key.I made sure to put my vacation to good use and hit the gym. I made sure to burn down all the excess fat in my body and be fit. I then neatly waxed my legs and hands and got my facial done and I was feeling a lot better already.I looked at the mirror and spend some time looking at myself. I was sure I wasn’t looking bad and couldn’t wait for my classes to begin.As soon as I reached back, I made sure to vacate my hostel and moved to a 1BHK for rent. The new place was a breath of fresh air for me. I could do all I want more freely. I also bought many dresses which I could wear to college.For the first day, I wore a strapless bra with a cream-colored tank top. The neckline was just near my cleavage and on the backside, my back till my bra strap was visible. And my top would just end near my waistline so I managed to just tuck it into my pants.I wrote my eyes with some kajal and put on some lipstick. And I looked at myself in the mirror. Slim waist, big ass, and pretty big boobs.I went to college and could instantly see guys staring at me and dissecting me from top to bottom. Some were just looking at my boobs. Suddenly, I was called by a gang of boys sitting together. It mostly happens as seniors call juniors for ragging and all that. So I went near them.The gang consisted of Ashqar – a Muslim guy, average looking, Escort son of a wealthy businessman and from Indore. Rakesh – from Delhi, really slim, average looks. Mohit – the gym freak of the group, also From Delhi, with a beard. Sreekanth – the fair, cute smile guy, really nice to everyone kind of guy, from Kerala and Sameer – the bad words guy (acid), not that good looking, from UP.Ashqar was kind of the head of the gang, like the alpha male.They looked at me, head to toe for quite some and as a punishment just for fun, they asked me to raise my hand. I did and my top flung up till my navel and my fair belly along with belly button was in full display.I was liking the cold wind that touched me from underneath and they were staring at it for quite some time. Then they said enough and enquired to me about my class, stay and all and I realized we would be classmates.Then Ashqar said, “Okay. Don’t worry. If anybody else troubles you, just say you are Ashqar’s girl. Okay? Chalo. You can go”.I realized where this was heading. I shook my head and went to class.Days passed by and we had become one gang within a very short period of time.Ashqar had already proclaimed me as his girlfriend and would always hold me together. But honestly, I had a crush on Sreekanth because he was always sweet to everyone and his dimples just made me fall for him. But I never told anyone because I knew Ashqar wouldn’t like it.I used to always catch Ashqar getting jealous at Sreekanth whenever I give him a hug or hold each other’s hand or something.One day, I and Ashqar were just sitting and smoking during break time in my room when Sreekanth came and gifted me an iPhone which he got but doesn’t want since he already had another phone with him. In that excitement, I jumped and gave him a tight hug.I was so overjoyed that while saying thanks, I also gave him a kiss on his cheek. He said that’s okay and left the room. That’s when I realized that I had forgotten Ashqar sitting and watching all this in anger.He stood up, snatched the phone from my hand, threw it on the couch and pinned me to the wall, choking me. I was really weak in his strong hold on my neck and was gasping for hair.“You only belong to Ashqar”, he said and started kissing my lips really deeply. He was being rough and vigorously biting Escort Bayan and chewing my lips. I tried to murmur some words which meant leave me but it wasn’t audible to him because he was busy biting my lips and forcing his lips and tongue into mine.His right hand was still on my neck choking me lightly while his left hand had moved all the way down to my pussy and was teasing it above my pants. I started moaning due to the sensitivity and he knew I had begun to enjoy it.He removed my top and started pressing my boobs tightly and started licking all over it and biting them. His choking in my neck was getting tighter again and even when I was gasping for air. His licking on boobs and his hands on my pussy was making me wet as hell.He pulled down my pants and removed it and I was only in my inners begging him to stop choking me even though I was pretty sure his other actions were not gonna stop.He pushed me towards the wall, spread open my legs while still standing and started playing his mouth on my pussy over the panties. I am pretty sure it was all wet by then because even I had started enjoying it to the core.In a swift movement, he tore my pantie from down and started vigorously licking and biting up and down my pussy.He inserted his tongue deep inside and started licking like a dog. All I could do was moan and hold his head tighter and closer to my body. His facial hair moving was also giving me a tickling sensation which was just adding to the sensation I was having.He stood up, kissed me on my lips and looked me in the eye. Even I looked at him, panting and recovering from the mini-orgasm I just had.He licked my lips one more time and took his hands and placed them on my boobs. He started pressing them while looking at me. I just closed my eyes.“How big and soft they are”, he exclaimed. His pressings were getting stronger and he removed my bra and were pinching my nipples hard. I was shrieking in pain and he was enjoying it. He was pressing my boobs really hard and biting and leaving marks on my nipples and boobs.He pulled down his pants and held me by my neck and pushed me down and made me kneel and shoved his dick into my mouth. It was a fairly big dick and was really thick and black.He started stroking his dick into my mouth and I was finding it hard Bayan Escort to accommodate that thickness in my mouth. I could feel the head of his neat, circumcised dick hit the back of my throat and I was gagging over it.After a few strokes, he took it out and I started sucking it properly. I sucked it from head to end by applying some saliva and he already started moaning. I licked just the head to tease him and he began moaning louder and jerking.He was holding my hair and pushing my head closer to him and thrusting as far as possible. Soon enough, he let out a huge moan and I could feel the hot liquid filling my mouth. I had to drink it.He then held me and put me on my bed and pounced on me. Without wasting time, he inserted his dick in my pussy and started ramming while using both his hands to play with my boobs.He was licking, biting and sucking my nipples hard while fucking me hard. I was over the moon. I was just enjoying with eyes closed, moaning and leaking my juice in between.He fucked me hard for the next 15 minutes straight and then removed his dick from my pussy. He held me by my waist with his strong hands and twisted me and made me lie on my back. He smacked my ass a few times and held my ass cheeks and widened them.I could sense what was coming and pleaded him to leave me but wouldn’t listen.He spat on my asshole and thrust his big dick deep into my ass. I was screaming and howling due to the pain it was causing but it was falling on deaf ears as he kept ramming my ass and smacking them in between. In between, he would also knead my boobs really hard.After 20 minutes of fucking, he removed his dick and made me sit on my knees and cummed all over my face and boobs. He wanted me to swallow it all and as usual, I obeyed it like a good girl.My asshole was paining from the fucking but I managed to get up and walk. I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself.He said he wanted his dick to be cleaned there itself so I had to lick clean his dick again and make sure not a drop of cum was left behind.I was feeling damn tired. He didn’t allow me to wear my clothes so we lied in my bed naked under the blanket. And he was still playing with my boobs. Soon, I passed out.A few hours later, I was woken up by sounds which sounded like some people were in my room and talking to each other.When I slowly sat up, I was shocked. Mohit, Sameer, and Ashqar were smoking and talking to each other but to my horror, I was still naked under the blanket!Wait to know what happened next. Thanks for all your love and I hope to see you soo

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