College Roommates Ch. 04: Mall Trip

Adriana Chechik

“I love you,” she whispered a huge smile on her face. I smiled too pulling her into my arms for a kiss.

“I love you too,” I cooed stroking her cheek. I took her hand and she grabbed her purse and we headed down to meet Rebecca and Stacey. My aunt let Rebecca keep a car on campus so we all just took her jeep to the mall. Rachel and I sat in back, Rachel lying down her head on my lap. Stacey kept looking back at us then Rebecca turned up the music to stop a confrontation. Rachel sat up then singing and dancing Rebecca joining in. I missed this, the group of us hanging out. Summer was so hard on me… Rachel danced Rebecca and her singing together and laughing at Rachel’s goofy car dance moves. She and I knew that she was a terrific dancer but her in a car and that just was not the case! I kept noticing Stacey glaring at me and it was getting really obnoxious.

“Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods?!” Rachel turned to me dramatically, “Where’s the streetwise Hercules to fight the rising odds?” she took my hand, “Isn’t there a white knight upon a fiery steed? Late at night I toss and I turn and I dream of what I need!” then she did jazz hands as the temp picked up screaming out in sync with all the ahh’s! I laughed then and Stacey did too watching her as well. “I need a hero! I’m holding out for a hero til the end of the night!” she sang along dancing and I shook my head covering my face in embarrassment. There were a lot of things I loved about this girl but I swear when we were in an open car and she just spazzes out it is not adorable. It’s embarrassing. She knew it too. And she worked it anyway!

“Hey ladies!” we pulled up to a red light and Rebecca turned the music down looking over at the car next to us. Stacey crossed her arms staring dead ahead and Rebecca waved flirtatiously. I waved too, Rachel giggling as my hand crept onto her thigh. She nudged me and I leaned toward her to whisper in her ear.

“Too bad they don’t know,” I mumbled and she giggled turning and kissing me suddenly. I was shocked then I kissed her back and the guys hollered as Rebecca took off at the green light. They honked but Rebecca lost them and we all started laughing, except of course Stacey who just stared dead ahead her arms still crossed. We got to the mall a few minutes later and got out all talking animatedly. Stacey was really pissing me off though, the way she kept glaring at me.

“Hey, Rachel, let’s go get some pretzels!” Rebecca grabbed her arm and tugged her along as I stood in line to get myself lunch at the SubShop. Stacey cleared her throat stepping up behind me and I turned.

“You have been angry all freaking day so far and I’m pretty sick of it,” I said and she rolled her arms crossed.

“I didn’t appreciate walking into a lesbian love fest in my room!” she snapped and I threw my hands up in the air laughing.

“Unbelievable! That’s your cop out?” I kept laughing shaking my head and she grabbed my arm stopping me from turning around. “What?” I demanded and she stomped her foot.

“I was making her better, she was obsessed with you. It was unhealthy and I was helping her get over you!” she said and I rolled my eyes trying to turn way. She stopped me again. “She was going to have sex with me you know?” Stacey said her eyes now feisty trying to hurt me. “Yeah, the other night. I had gotten out of the shower and was drying off and she got all over me, trying to have me. I was about to let her when she stopped saying she just couldn’t. She had to try and get over her feelings for you before she could do anything with me,” her smug smile really pissed me off more. I felt my lips purse my eyes narrowing.

“Well, either way, I have her now. Deal with it,” I said and turned away. I ordered my food and found Rachel and Rebecca at a table, sitting down with them. Stacey came later with a tray and some italian food. We all started just talking as if nothing was wrong but I wanted to freak out on Stacey. She just kept flirting with Rachel and making it obvious to everyone that she wanted her. Rebecca was even getting uncomfortable and sexual behavior was the most natural for Rebecca out of all of us. Rachel excused herself to go to the bathroom and we said we’d wait here for her to get back. Rebecca turned to Stacey immediately.

“Grow. Up.”

“Look you don’t understand! She wanted me too! Then she comes back into the picture,” Stacey pointed at me angrily and Rebecca pinched her nose.

“You’re delusional! Rachel came running to Nikki, not the other way around. In fact Rachel spent the entire night in her bed and confessed her apologies and her love. Rachel even told her about the fact that you’ve been trying to get with her!” Stacey’s face went red with anger and embarrassment. Rebecca grabbed her arm both aggressively and comforting at the same time. It was a weird gesture but Stacey got the picture. “Move on. Okay? Rachel is not someone who can handle this type of stuff. She is sweet, and innocent except when it comes to Nikki. And that’s because artvin escort Nikki is meant to be with her. No one else. Got it?” she stared at Stacey who just sat there silently. Then she nodded slowly and pouted picking at her food scraps. Rachel came back her hair now up in a cute bun. She saw Stacey’s sad expression and looked at all of us.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” I said standing up taking her trash and mine throwing it out. We all headed to the arcade and played games for a while, waiting for the movie time. According to Rebecca there was an event planned for our school to all meet at the movie theater for a showing and there were buses transporting tons of students. When we headed to the theater I realized she wasn’t crazy. There were tons of students, a lot of them being freshmen. Some students walked up to Rachel and she hugged them.

“Hey! Guys this is Dom, she’s my,” she paused and looked up at me I took her hand and smiled.

“Girlfriend,” I finished and we both smiled at each other for a second. The group of girls giggled and they started talking about Rachel’s work in her music theory class. I guess she was really popular among the music department. I was feeling a little left out but also really proud of her.

“You have to see her perform!” a guy said who joined the conversation a bit late. He was staring at Rachel with absolute love, lust, and admiration. I was getting irritated all these people doting on her. It made me want to just take her away and hide her. She was my love, and I was tired of people doting on her so obsessively.

“She’s performed for me,” I said proudly and Rachel blushed deeply clearing her throat. Rebecca snorted with laughter at the guy’s expression. Rachel nudged me playfully and I kissed her forehead. There was some brief chit chat and the guy was just staring at us totally unsure how to handle this turn of events. Rachel ran ahead with the girls to get our tickets and some snacks. Rebecca, myself, and the guy stayed back.

“Hey, so you and uh, Rachel?” he asked me. I nodded still amused at his dumbfounded expression. Rebecca spanked me playfully.

“We’re just a bunch of lesbians over here!” she hollered and I lost it. The guy laughed too and Rebecca smiled pleased with herself. She always knew how to make things better. Stacey was watching us from afar standing on the outside of the group. I’m not sure if she was staring at me with envy or if she was still just angry at me for “stealing” Rachel from her but I didn’t care.

“My name’s James,” he said reaching his hand out. I shook it still trying to calm down from Rebecca’s outburst.

“Yeah I’m Dominique. Rachel calls me Dom, everyone else pretty much just calls me Nikki,” I said. He nodded shoving his hands into his pockets.

“Sorry about, uh, you know, coming on to her?” he said and I shrugged staring at Rachel now.

“She’s smoking hot, she’s talented, she is so nice, and lovable. I’d be more offended if you didn’t like her,” I said and that wasn’t wrong either. It felt amazing knowing I had the one girl everyone wanted. He scratched his head laughing nervously.

“I asked her out a week ago, you know?” he said and I looked at him shocked.

“Yeah? What did she say?”

“She’d think about it,” he admitted and I laughed looking at her. She waved at me excitedly pointing at a jumbo bag of M&M’s. I laughed giving her two thumbs up.

“She doesn’t know how to hurt people. In fact she punishes herself worse than anyone ever could when she hurts someone,” I looked back at him and he nodded. I punched his shoulder playfully and he smiled. “If you want to take her on a date you can, I guess? But that’s up to her. I’m not gonna stand in her way of happiness just know that she does love me. And if you ever hurt her, I will hurt you,” I said sternly and Rebecca coughed on her drink looking at me terrified at my threat. James rocked on his feet uncomfortably then and Rachel came skipping to us which was an incredible feat in her heels.

“Let’s go! I sent them in to get seats for all of us!” she grabbed my hand and we followed. She made everyone happy. It was unbelievable. I was still so surprised she never had any friends in High School. This girl was meant to be around people. Her love was so amazing to experience, even if it wasn’t romantic it still made everyone around her happy. Rebecca and I had a long talk about it one day when she had gone home for a long weekend to see her mom and Rebecca offered to sleep over last year to fill the empty room for me. We talked about her the entire time. It was when we really first started calling each other our girlfriends. It still surprises me to this day. We joined the crowd filing into the theater and I pulled her close my hand on her hip my lips at her ear.

“You are the most amazing woman here,” I whispered and she giggled shaking her bag of M&M’s.

“Stop it! You are!” she teased staring excitedly at the amount of chocolate she had in her hands. We shuffled escort artvin in and the girls I met earlier were all hollering at us from the middle of the theater. We hurried up to them James sitting on the other side of Rachel. I was pretty grateful he snagged the spot before Stacey could to be honest. She sat on the other side of him next to Rebecca who was flirting with the boy next to her. I rolled my eyes not surprised in the least bit because that was just Rebecca. She tried dating last year but as it turned out her suspicion was right, John was cheating on her. I felt so bad when I found out, but we loved her enough that she realized she didn’t need a guy.

“So we want to thank you all for coming. We are glad to introduce this new tradition for the school! We’d love your support and feedback on ideas for the Student Events Group to plan things like this in the future. We got the movie theater to play a special showing of the Romantic Comedy,” he paused and there was a playful drumroll in the crowd. “Other Woman!” a lot of people cheered some people grumbled, but I was excited. I loved this movie. Rachel looked at me offering me her chocolate.

“You’d really share your chocolate?!” I teased my hand on my chest in shock. She laughed then we got shushed as the lights went down the movie starting. We held hands and snuggled innocently through the whole movie. James kept glancing at us, very curious about our relationship. I felt very intrigued about his interest with us. I wasn’t sure if he had ever seen two girls together, or if he had it probably was only in a porno. I reached around her my arm pulling her closer to me, seeing him watching me. I don’t think he realized I was watching him watch me. She snuggled up leaning into me letting my hand rest on her leg. She sighed happily and I started stroking her leg softly teasing her dress up inch by inch. His eyes were locked on my hand and I smiled feeling her squirm. She told me before she loved risque things like us being a little too sexual in certain settings, so I felt like maybe this would be one of those time.

“You okay?” I whispered to her looking down feeling her tense up. She looked up at me with a smolder in her eyes and I bit my lip smiling nuzzling my nose against hers. She twisted a bit, her butt coming up off the seat. I reached down to her ass, seeing his eyes following my hand. I rubbed her leg and her ass lovingly and she sighed content. Then I felt a little more daring. I slipped my hand down further a devious smile on my lips. She didn’t protest but I felt her squirm again as my hand moved up between her thighs pressing up against her pussy. She was soaked. I felt my stomach knot up then and I was instantly turned on. I bit my lip groaning so softly. Her hand squeezed my thigh and I took that as a go ahead so I pushed her thong to the side with my fingers letting them slip up against her soppy slit. She tensed up trying to stop herself from trembling. We were pretty discreet in these kinds of settings but I know James was enjoying the show, and it definitely wasn’t the one on the screen. He eyes were locked on my hand. I moved it just enough to show him her pussy and I watched his mouth open just ever so slightly. He had a bulge in his pants too. I rubbed her slowly then. She had gotten so good about being quiet in public.

Her hand massaged my thigh, and that was my signal to keep going. So I did. I slipped my fingers into her feeling how ridiculously wet she was. I worked my fingers in and out slowly and she sighed moaning so quietly. I watched James trying to gauge his reaction to her. He crossed his legs to hide his bulge but continued to watch. I felt her pussy tightening and realized she was about to cum on my hand. I went a little faster and she went rigid her fingers clawing at my leg. She shivered and I looked at her playfully confused.

“You cold?” I whispered and she nodded not able to make any noise or say anything for fear of giving us away. I scooted closer to her getting my fingers deeper and she twitched then shuffled to look like she was adjusting too. I sat there with my hand pressed up against her pussy my fingers in her for a while longer, turning to watch the movie occasionally playing and teasing with her sweet little sex. Soon though she reached to move my hand to readjust and I let her knowing she was done. We still cuddled but she sat up more just holding my hand that was covered in her juices. She was so naughty, it was amazing.

“That was a wonderful movie!” she gushed when it ended turning to me with a huge smile on her face. I giggled giving her a quick kiss. James stood up then and we all did too following Rebecca out of the row. Rachel, Stacey and Rebecca ran off to the bathroom with all the other girls leaving me with James. I wanted to tease him.

“You enjoy the show?” I asked and he looked up at me horror in his eyes. “What? Were you not watching the movie?” I asked pretending to be confused. Relief struck him and he shrugged.

“The artvin escort bayan movie wasn’t really that interesting,” he said and I nodded pursing my lips hugging myself kicking my foot.

“Yeah, I wasn’t really interested in the movie either. But I do those things to make Rachel happy you know?” I said and he coughed uncomfortably shifting his weight his hands shoved deep into his pockets. “She just loves seeing movies with me. Said it makes her reeeeally happy, even if I don’t care for or watch the movie. You know?” I pushed and he nodded.

“That’s really nice of you,” he said then and I shook my head laughing.

“It’s completely selfish though. Because bringing her pleasure brings me pleasure so,” I changed my phrasing and he tugged at his shirt collar rocking now. “You alright? You look like you saw something that really shook you up,” I said in concern putting my hand on his arm. He stared at it then, remembering it was the same hand that was just inside Rachel. I saw Rachel coming back and I took my chance leaning toward him to talk softly. “She likes it when people watch, don’t worry,” I smiled as he looked up at me in a panic then his eyes bulging.

“Rebecca said she and Stacey wanted to run to Victoria’s Secret to go shopping for some ‘perfume'” she giggled putting air quotes around it. I took her hand and looked at James then back at her.

“Why don’t we all go. You could use something new and sexy,” I said to her and she blushed deeply biting her lip.

“Is that really appropriate in front of James?” she said looking at him apologetically. I punched his shoulder playfully and he rubbed his arm smiling forcefully.

“Sorry if I’m freaking you out,” I said and he shook his head then pursing his lips.

“Let’s go!” he chimed in, more excited than he should have been. We headed to the store making small chat and I kept dropping subtle hints about James watching me finger Rachel in the movie. He kept blushing every time I brought it up and we made it to the store and I let Rachel go crazy with Rebecca.

“Surprise me!” I called after her and she giggled with Rebecca going crazy. It felt so good to have her back.

“So, did you do that on purpose?” he asked looking at me.

“Do what?” I pretended to not understand his question then he looked at me like I was stupid. “Oh you mean finger her in front of you?” I said blatantly and he looked around quickly to see if anyone was listening. “You looked desperate to know what our relationship was like,” I admitted pretending to look through the thongs. Some were pretty cute but I was really excited to see Rachel in whatever she picked out.

“What do you mean?” he pressed and I shrugged holding up a thong to him.

“Wouldn’t this look good on her?” I teased and his cheeks went red.

“Stop avoiding my question!” he demanded and I laughed.

“Relax. She is really dirty, not as innocent as she comes off. She loves it when people watch in fact she plans movie dates just so I can do that in the theater. She loves the idea that people may be watching or at least that’s what she told me. I figured since you liked her it would be nice to give her that,” I shrugged and he looked shocked. “Besides, you do seem extremely curious about how she and I are together,” I said and he looked down embarrassed. “You want her don’t you?” I pressed and he shrugged not wanting to look at me.

“I guess yeah, she is amazing!” he finally admitted and I smiled pleased with myself. I set down the underwear and leaned toward him.

“Yeah, she is. Especially in bed,” I said feeling evil. His cheeks went red and I chuckled.

“Why are you doing this?” he asked and I shrugged.

“Because I feel like you’re really interested and even though you won’t admit it you like hearing me talk about it,” I said and he didn’t argue. Rebecca stepped up to us and I smiled at her.

“You ready?” she asked me and I nodded letting her lead us to the fitting rooms. She pulled me into the room James having to stand outside since he was a guy. I saw her then she was twisting and turning in front of a mirror. She was wearing her own thong but she had on this sexy black corset with a lace bodice her skin looking so smooth. Her hair was down and she teased it to look all wild and sex ridden. My heart stopped when she smiled at me posing.

“What do you think?” she asked sweetly and I bit my lip afraid if I went near her I wouldn’t be able to contain myself.

“I think you should put something decent back on before I,” I stopped then and she nodded giggling. “Wait,” I pulled out my phone and took a picture of her. She posed innocently and it made her even sexier, if that was possible! She slipped back into the dressing room and I turned to Rebecca. “For the love of God, please make her buy that,” I demanded and Rebecca laughed pushing me out.

“Okay well at least I know what you like now,” Rebecca sounded devious and I assumed Rachel and her were planning something special for me so I didn’t protest and continued perusing while they ran around giggling and hiding things from me. James was talking to some girls who were picking out some thongs and I guess they were asking his opinion which amused me. I found one that looked like the one Rachel was wearing today so I walked over to the girls and held it out.

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