College Bar Hook-Up

Cock Shot

Having lived the student lifestyle for a couple of years I knew what it was all about. Endless sessions of drinking, sex and occasional studying mixed with a perpetual need for cash. For myself nothing has really changed. I still go in for the regular drink and sex sessions, and I even have studying to do, whether out on the road or in the office I rarely get to see.

Mary was one student who epitomised this lifestyle and practiced the drink and sex part as often as her budget would allow. However Mary was not a woman who accepted the Male student into her bed. She liked her man to be successful and older, not much older, but she set a limit at no man under 25. I was 27, I was a rep, I fitted right in.

Mary was not the tallest of women, but her diminutive 5’4 frame was full of curves, highlighted by her well toned bum. Her bubbly personality was at first intimidating, but soon her continuing laughter had you enthralled and you found yourself laughing with her.

I had arrived into her bustling student city with a hunger for young blood. Nothing perverted jut a nice 18 – 20 year old who was broad minded enough to try anything or anyone once. Mary fitted right into this category. She was a nineteen year old piece of well defined pussy who had gorgeous dimples whenever she smiled, which was all the time.

She first approached me in one of the renowned student bars in the city. I had spotted her in passing and hadn’t expected her to leave the big bunch of girls she was with to talk to me. I grossly underestimated her lust.

After an enthralling evening spent in her company the bell finally sounded for last orders. She asked me did I want a cocktail to finish the night off. I asked her what sort. She replied a Slippery Nipple. Having said yes she grabbed me by the hand and led me along the crowded bar and into the men’s toilets. She found the nearest empty cubicle and pushed me inside.

When the door was safely bolted she began undoing her blouse and revealing her firm chest. She was employing the help of wonderbra but she didn’t need any directional aids for her small yet tight breasts. She unhooked her bra and revealed her nipples, pointing them at me like some double barrelled weapon. And then she cracked probably her best line of the night. “They’re only slippery if you wet them.”

I didn’t need another cue. I latched my mouth around her hardening nipples and began to suck and nibble for all I was worth. The sheer force of my tongue lashing was causing her to moan and her growing arousal tested the strength of material in my own boxer shorts.

Mary was busying herself lowering her hipsters and knickers. When she finally pushed my head away from her engorged mammaries, she beckoned me downwards with another classic line. “Now let’s see if you past the taste test.” With one arm on my shoulder and one foot on the lid of the toilet she hoisted herself up onto the cistern. She grabbed the tops of the adjoining cubicles and latched her petite legs around cevizli escort my shoulders, drawing me in closer to her sweetness.

When my tongue first snaked its way over her cunt lips she almost fell off her perch with pleasure. All my waist up activity had obviously been having an effect below the belt. I continued my probing using one of my hands to prise apart her outer lips while the other reached up the short distance to fondle her breasts.

After licking her cunt in long strokes I eventually just concentrated on her swollen clit. About three minutes of this constant bombardment was enough to send her over the edge, bucking her hips and grunting with a wild animal lust.

I continued to lick her pleasure spot and her grunts of orgasm induced joy were reduced to whimpers of submission as the last ripples of her climax ebbed away. Kissing me on my perspiring brow she whispered breathlessly “Congratulations, you’ve passed the taste test… and you’ve won the top prize. Me! I’ll say goodbye to my friends, you get yourself a ten pack. Oh, and a bottle of Bailey’s.” It was a bit of a strange request, but I knew what was being presented to me so I didn’t argue.

As any man will tell you one of the hardest things to do is to walk through a crowded bar with a massive hard on. My recent encounter and the thought of things to come made my eight inches strain against my trousers and as Mary led me out of the bar I was swivelling and turning to avoid pranging anyone with my prick. I avoided almost all, apart from a middle aged woman who gave me a scowl at first and then checked me out as I mouthed an apology.

Mary avoided the usual decrepit Student flats by staying with her sister in a rather plush semi detached house in the sticks. However the lady had cleverly crafted her seduction to coincide with her sister’s holiday in Ibiza, so we had the house, and all its possibilities to ourselves.

Just like before, Mary was the first to act when we entered the house. She told me to leave the Baileys on the coffee table in the sitting room and take a seat. She raced into the kitchen and came back a moment later with two glasses, filled with ice. She poured me a large measure of Baileys and herself the same.

She then sat down beside me and began stroking the inside of my leg. She started making small talk at first, saying how packed the pub was, that her friends had gone clubbing, etc. But then she got that devilish look in her eye and said to me. “Do you know why I like Baileys? Because it’s smooth and creamy, just like spunk.”

With that she left the glass down, took mine from me and began to undo my belt and release my engorged dagger. With my cock exposed, and stroked to make sure it was at full rigidity, Mary reached around and fished an ice cube out of one of the glasses. She pressed it gently on the tip of my helmet, letting the liquor and the melting ice, dribble down the full length of my prick.

She erenköy escort moved it down the underside of my cock and let it rest on my red hot sack. Only when the ice was fully melted did she take my length into her mouth, slowly at first, but then increasing in rhythm.

Not even her mouth at full stretch could accommodate my eight inches of meat, but she gallantly swallowed at least five inches of it before withdrawing and going down again. I sat mesmerised as her cherry red lips moved smoothly up and down my thick shaft. Having waited in expectation for so long it didn’t take much to push me over the edge.

However despite telling her I was ready to explode, Mary did not pull away. She latched on even tighter with her mouth, using one hand to grip the base of my prick while the other cupped and gently fondled my balls.

True enough, a few moments later I exploded, filling her mouth with my cream as she so wickedly desired. She never let up though, rasping her tongue around my still swollen helmet in an almost unbearably pleasurable way.

Eventually Mary relented on my dick. She pulled away and washed my load down with a mouthful of her drink. She gave me another devilish look and dared me to do the same to her. I willingly agreed.

She hastily stripped down to her bare skin and sprawled herself in front of me, panting with anticipation. I told her to clear the coffee table and lie back on that, this she did by swiping the magazines off it in one go with her arm, she lay back on the cold wooden surface of the table and slowly parted her legs, realising I was staring at every sopping inch of her crack.

As she had done to me, I fished an ice cube out of one of the glasses and began to drizzle it slowly over her pussy lips. She let out a yelp in delight and shivered briefly as the ice cube made contact with her clit. I let the ice cube and the Baileys it was covered in, dissolve completely before lowering my head to again taste her sweetness.

This time the Baileys only heightened the experience. Mary was even more wild than before, she was abandoning all restraint and was urging me on to make her come with every breath. I decided to concentrate on her clit with my tongue and allowed two of my fingers to slip effortlessly into her snatch.

When Mary eventually succumbed to climax it was in the wildest fashion I had ever seen. She was writhing on the coffee table, with her head tilted over the other end, shaking from side to side. When the second or third wave of pleasure hit her she just rose in one smooth movement and took hold of my hair with both hands, forcing my head closer to her wet mound.

When she relented we both sat back, silent except for her heavy panting. She breathed an almost inaudible thank you before raising to her feet. She wandered naked into the bedroom and moments later walked back out, clothed in a bathrobe. “I always have a shower before sex” she esenyurt escort said, looking at me. “Well no that’s not strictly true” she continued “I always have a shower during sex!”

It sounded like a superb idea and I was keen to try it out. I stood up, my quickly stiffening dick still protruding from my trousers. I stripped off on the way to the shower, discarding my clothes on the floor, the bed, wherever was handy. All Mary had to do of course was to untie the bathrobe and let it drop provocatively off her shoulders.

The shower was already running, so both of us just stepped inside and immediately began caressing each other. For over twenty minutes we stood exploring each other’s bodies. Mary’s skin was flawless, and the curve of her stomach and thigh had my cock standing to attention throughout.

For her part Mary never let her hands stray from my shoulders, chest, backside and of course, cock. She left the shower first, neglecting to put on the bathrobe this time but spreading out a couple of towels on the bedroom floor. She sat down, her legs folded under her in the lotus position, and beckoned me over.

I sat with her, trying to adopt the same position, much to her amusement. “This has been a great night” she said, for the first time adopting a serious tone. “I would like to finish it on a high.” I was keen to do the same and so the two of us lay down and began petting, as if the activities of the night had not happened and we were being intimate for the first time.

Eventually she asked me to get my condoms, which I did. I lay on my back and she gave my cock a stroke or two before rolling the rubber on and then lowering herself onto my engorged member. Like the shower moments earlier, this was slow and sensual.

Mary controlled the pace and was keen to keep going all night. Her breasts set up a smooth bouncing rhythm in line with her thrusts. I was responding with thrusts of my own, relishing the feeling of all eight inches of my cock being engulfed in Mary’s lubricated tunnel. Not even the extra layer of rubber could take away from the sensuality of the occasion.

After what seemed like an eternity, Mary eventually picked up the pace, thrusting against my hips even faster and harder. My own explosion was imminent and by the concentration on Mary’s face her’s was arriving shortly too.

Both of us came within a matter of moments. Mary came first, wailing out in long lingering, exotic groans and then I, clasped by her convulsing pussy, could hold on no longer. I exploded, feeling my own cock convulsing, pushing my spunk into its rubber prison.

Both of us lay still for a few moments. I was still on my back, still inside Mary, but she was no longer thrusting, instead lying on my chest, whimpering occasionally as she shifted her position. I took a long time for my cock, despite its exertions, to lose its rigidity. Eventually it did, and I arose to leave. I found my clothes where I had thrown them and quietly got dressed.

All my energy had gone, but my appetite had gone with it. I had had my taste of young blood and Mary had her fill of older men. I gave her one last kiss as she lay, exhausted and asleep on the towels. I threw a blanket over her naked form, appreciating for one final time the exquisite line of her thigh and midriff. Both of us had passed with first class honours.

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