Subject: college ball-7 Jeremiah University is a predominately black college campus in Minnesota Maryland. It’s a large school, and very well received by the College Guide Association Of America. There was a large library, an auditorium, a sports center, a stadium, a student hall, an academic building where classes resumed, male and female dormitories, a clock tower, and several houses where the college fraternities and sororities pledge. ____________________________________________________________________________ COLLEGE-BALL-7 1 The next several games into the college ball season, Jeremiah University has been on fire, –beating every game they played by average of 10 points or more. Coach Brown was getting high accolades on the good results the Jeremiah Jaguars were performing, but credit was really due to the team’s two leaders: Tyrome Smith (team Captain) and Clarence Johnson (Rookie newcomer). Things between Tyrome and Clarence cleared up a lot once the two B-ball players reached some sort of mutual agreement. On the court Tyrome was team leader, calling the shots, making passes, running plays, and taking chances, –while Clarence took command in the bedroom. During the day they were celebrity college ball students, working on term papers and studying for exams, –but at night (in the privacy of Tyrome’s room) they were wild animals on the prowl for each other’s hot masculine bodies. It was during those times that Tyrome discovered a desire to try sucking dick. He’d laid back with his hands behind his head in bed watching Clarence enjoy his hot 9 inch python on many occasions, even going as far as eating his cum loads during moments of passion. Tyrome wondered what it would be like to take another man’s dick into his mouth and suck it to orgasm. But Clarence had an unusually long dick, making sucking it as expertly as Clarence does impossible. Clarence instructed Tyrome to “start off with just the head, keep sucking and licking the shaft until you feel comfortable enough to take more into your mouth”. Tyrome did as Clarence instructed, getting between the 6 foot 4 inch tall ball player’s long dark legs and positioning his head over the groin. He fisted Clarence’s foot long frankfurter before leaning forward to lick the tip. Clarence rested his head on some pillows as he looked down over his flat chest and stomach to watch the strikingly handsome Tyrome suckle his dick between his widely spread legs. Tyrome stared at the big juicy dick before assaulting it orally. He examined the fat round head and the long deep piss slit which was notorious for filling his innards full of thick potent cum. He jacked the big dick back and forth, his fingers barely touching as he encircled it. Tyrome licked the tip of the hard dick, tasting it for the first time. As a heterosexual he’d always loved eating a woman’s pussy, sucking her fat swollen clitoris while reaching up to play with and squeeze her firm tits. But dick was different. He wiped his tongue across the head several times before encircling his full sensual lips around the crown. Clarence gasped softly, feeling the warmth of his lover’s mouth. Tyrome swabbed the head with his tongue, washing the fat tip in spit as he suckled it like a new flavored popsicle. Liking the taste and the strange spongy organic feel in his mouth, he ventured further and began to bob his head slightly. Clarence watched contently as Tyrome put aside his masculine ego and serviced someone else, his handsome head bobbing up and down as he tried to take more and more of Clarence’s huge black snake into his mouth. Clarence knew Tyrome’s novice skills wouldn’t be enough to get him off and make him cum, so he pulled the man up off his dick that first time and positioned him for kissing. Tyrome straddled Clarence’s waist as they swapped spit for Giresun Escort several minutes. After awhile, Clarence greased up his frankfurter and Ty’s anus and positioned him over it. Tyrome sat down on the huge penile until his ass cheeks were touching Clarence’s balls. Tyrome slowly bounced his ass up and down on the 12 inch pole, his tightly clinching anal ring sucking heatedly at the thick girth like a glove. They fucked like that until Tyrome jacked a hot load of thick cum all over Clarence’s chest and neck, bathing him in a hot sperm bath. Clarence watched Tyrome moan and groan erotically as the cum shot from his flaring head in long streaks. Afterwards, Clarence rolled Ty over onto his back, pushing his muscular legs up to his defined chest and proceeded to deep fuck his gut with long fast penetrating strokes. Tyrome groaned and grunted with each deep thrust, his body trembling with ecstasy as he reached up and massaged his cum streaks into Clarence’s dark skin. Seconds later Clarence was white washing his bowels in thick searing gushes of thick white cream. 2 As time passed on, Tyrome became more and more relaxed with sucking Clarence’s dick. He was now managing up to 5 inches in his mouth without gagging. Clarence instructed him to “breathe in when you swallow it down, let your throat open up and allow my dick to pass through as if you’re swallowing solid food”. Tyrome tried several times to accomplish this, but the dick was far too thick and long for his inexperienced throat to accommodate. Clarence suggested that Ty practice sucking his dick daily, taking an inch more each time until he learned how to deep throat. Ty agreed, and thus began their daily blow jobs. The first time Tyrome actually tasted Clarence’s cum for the first time was when they were lying head to toe side by side, giving each other mutual blow jobs in sixty-nine position. Clarence (the more experienced one) was swallowing Tyrome’s dick from tip to base over and over while Tyrome fisted his mighty sword and fucked the first 6 inches with his mouth. Both men sucked furiously with Clarence completely devouring Tyrome’s dick until his nose was buried in his hairy balls. Tyrome felt his 9 inch long slightly curved dick slipping down into Clarence’s open throat over and over. He panted hard while sucking Clarence’s amazing piece, jerking the remaining 6 inches with his hands. He felt his body starting to stiffen as his loins bubbled over lustfully. Clarence could tell Tyrome was getting close to cumming by the large volumes of cum he was leaking in his mouth. He sucked harder, hungry for the brutha’s load as he doubled his efforts and gave it his all. Tyrome felt the cum shooting out of his dick and into Clarence’s mouth in rapid fire. He gasped around the swelling dick in his mouth, almost ignorant to its sudden explosion of warm salty fluids as his mouth filled with creamy spooge. Clarence swallowed everything fed to him, burying the rod full length in the very back of his throat as his throat muscles caressed the pulsing glands. Wad after pulsating wad flew down his throat to empty into his gullet, filling his stomach with the rich potent seed of his lover. Tyrome was so busy concentrating on his own orgasm, that he wasn’t aware that Clarence’s muscled snake had started pulsing out ropes of thick cum until his mouth was practically overflowing. He swallowed the salty sludge for the first time, tasting his very first mass of semen. Falling in love with the taste, he began drinking it down like cough syrup. 3 Tyrome became so enthralled by the delicious taste of his lover’s sperm, that he demanded a mouthful of cum with each daily practice session. Clarence saw nothing to argue about, as he had a plentiful supply of the creamy white nectar. Tyrome knelt before Clarence Giresun Escort Bayan everyday, taking his giant snake into his mouth as he practiced going down on it further and further. Learning how to relax his throat muscles to swallow a 12 inch dick would be hard for any man, but for a straight man with no prior desire to suck dick, –it was nothing short of impossible. But Tyrome gave it his all. Everyday he was on his knees after classes, after practice, after dates, sucking his friend’s dick as if it were the most important thing in his life. One day after untold hours and hours of constant intense practice, he felt his throat muscles slowly open as the head of the slick dick slipped down into his esophagus. Clarence sat up on his elbows as he watched with wide eyed amazement as Tyrome inched his face down closer to his groin. 7, 8, 9 inches passed into his throat before he had to pull back and regroup. He pulled up off the dick, panting hard as he gasped for breath before going back down on him again. “Careful baby…” he warned, knowing Ty could probably seriously injure himself if he did it wrong. Taking a deep breath, Ty went back down on the dick, taking it in his mouth as he swallowed it back down into his throat. He inched down further and further, taking more of the healthy ramrod down his gullet as he surpassed 9 inches and tried for 10. Clarence smiled at Tyrome’s tenacity, eager to get as much down as possible. He didn’t manage to deep throat Clarence completely that night, but he did manage to suck a full serving of seed from his pulsating piece, taking the full onslaught into his mouth like a cannon as he quickly devoured what he could. Clarence laid back on the bed, groaning madly as the essence poured out of him and into Tyrome. Tyrome felt his body warm over as the hot semen slithered smoothly down his throat. 4 The next several days Tyrome practically lived with Clarence’s dick in his mouth. Sucking dick had quickly become his favorite past-time. Once alone in his room, Tyrome would strip Clarence’s 18 yr old athletic body naked, shove him back on the bed, and kneel down between his legs and start sucking. It usually took Ty a few minutes to warm up to throat, bobbing his head up and down comfortably on the first 6 or 7 inches before opening his throat for the rest. Clarence was beginning to miss sucking dick himself, Tyrome had completely taken over the job as he loved gobbling down a fresh meal everyday. He forced the head down into his throat, swallowing 9, 10, 11 inches fully before pulling back in frustration. “Take your time baby, you’ll get it eventually…” encouraged Clarence, sensing defeat on Ty’s face. Ty looked up at his younger friend, determination written in his eyes. Clarence smiled deviously as Tyrome bowed his head and commenced to swallowing dick all over again. 9, 10, 11 inches passed into his throat. Tyrome could see the hairy pelvis just an inch or so from his lips. He stared down at the base of the dick as he forced his head down further, feeling the very last inch pass into his throat. “Damn baby…, you did it! You took it all!!” cheered Clarence gleefully. Tyrome buried his nose in Clarence’s pubic bush, breathing in his musky scent through his flaring nostrils before finally retreating back up to the swollen head. “Damn baby…, I think I love you!” joked Clarence, bringing a grin to Ty’s suckling lips. Without waiting, Ty went back down on the dick, taking it all the way back into his throat again. “Careful boi…, calm down! You ain’t gotta take it all in at once!” warned Clarence. But Tyrome was too far gone in his own power trip. Finally able to deep throat 12 solid inches for the first time in his life, Tyrome thrust his head up and down the full length of the anaconda, taking the Escort Giresun thick girth into his clinching throat over and over. Clarence fell back on the bed, enjoying the first time complete deep throating of his dick ever. No one had ever been able to eat his whole dick at once. He marveled in the feeling as he felt his entire dick taken all the way down to his balls. Tyrome couldn’t believe how powerful he felt. Sure he was in a submissive position between another man’s legs, sucking his dick like a bitch in heat. But there was also something powerful about being able to fully deep throat a man’s dick down to the curly hairs that made him feel like he had truly accomplished something special. Stopping only to suckle the pre-cum from the head, Tyrome deep throated Clarence’s meat again, and again, and again, and again, bringing him to an arousing orgasm as he unloaded a huge burst of heavy cream into Ty’s open throat. Tyrome was surprised to feel the dick pulsating thickly in his throat as tons of hot cum passed up the long hard shaft and emptied straight into his stomach, bypassing his taste-buds. “MMmmm…MMMMmmmm…MMMMmmmmm…!!!” he groaned with each burst, loving the feel of it going straight into his stomach. Clarence withered on the bed like a man who’d just lost his will to live. His balls contracted violently, churning out thick gushes of heavy sauce as his lover sucked and swallowed every drop. As soon as he was done cumming, he pulled Tyrome’s reluctant head off of his dick and pulled him up onto the bed. Tyrome fought to keep the rubbery sausage in his throat a little longer, but lost the fight due to Clarence’s overwhelming need to taste HIS cum. He flipped Tyrome onto his back and dove between his spread legs and swallowed his 9 inch pipe whole. Tyrome groaned aloud as his entire dick was swallowed to the root, Clarence’s throat muscles caressing his swollen column like a fist as he bobbed his head up and down on its length. It didn’t take Clarence long to bring Tyrome off in his mouth, savoring the salty seed as it splattered against his teeth and gums and slithered slowly down his throat like thick molasses. 5 For the next several weeks after every game, every practice, every class, grade, and term paper, Tyrome and Clarence shared hot sticky blow jobs, eating and sucking each other’s dick to total climax. Not to be outdone with the oral service, Clarence was also still fucking Tyrome several times a week, adding more semen to his bowels as he learned to take his dick easier anally. Sometimes after a mutual blow job, the two men would linger around in bed for a little while until one gained enough strength to start all over again. It was usually during this `second wind’ that Clarence would get Tyrome on his back or his hands and knees and eat his asshole until he was pleading to be fucked. He’d slide his dick all the way up into his asshole and fuck his bowels deeply for the next 30 to 40 minutes until he and Ty reached another climax. Tyrome usually lost his second load on his chest and stomach or on the mattress while Clarence usually lost his in his bowels. Tyrome loved feeling the thick dick shoot heavy bouts of thick cream into his body, leaving his innards sopping wet and leaking ball juice as he walked his way to the showers down the hall. Their friendship grew stronger with each passing day, as did their game on the court. Chesterville College, Ridgefield College, Morris College, Roosevelt College, Chaney University, LaSalle University, Philmore College, and Stanley University all fell to Jeremiah in first round matches. With only the top colleges left in play, there was little to stand in their way as they barreled through the competition with bulldozer force. Things were definitely looking towards the stratosphere as Scouts were spotted attending home games. If Tyrome continued on this track, he’d be sure to be one of the top drafts for the pro-leagues at the end of the semester. ______________________________________________________________________ For questions, suggestions, and comments, hit me up at aol

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