Cokewhore Ch. 01


Kelsey grunted as the angry head of Johnny’s fat cock slid past her sphincter. Johnny was big, and it always hurt when he first put it in her ass. But her tolerance for pain was heightened, for the same reason her face was numb and her brain was buzzing: the fat mound of quality cocaine on the table she was bent over.

He pulled her blond hair back as strongly as he pushed his cock forward, uncaring of the pain he may have been causing his whore.

She was delirious, sniffing uncontrollably and gibbering nonsense. Globs of white powder were caked under her nose, eyes bloodshot from three days of no sleep. Dry cum matted her hair and tight on her skin. Fresh cum dribbled from her well used cunt. Her nipples were sore, her ass bruised.

Stacey was passed out, the redhead crumpled on the floor, naked and covered in her own filth.

Johnny was relatively sober, preferring to get off railing his coked out pets. Armed with a big dick and an endless supply of drugs, Kelsey and her friends had thrown themselves at him. They groveled to him, willingly enslaving themselves to the man who fed their insatiable lust and vice.

He used them, abused them, and they begged for more. In return they never suffered a day sober.

Kelsey was cross-eyed as Johnny had his way with her ass. She sputtered encouragement, begging him to rape her ass, screamed for more as he spanked her flesh red. In return, Johnny spit on her, choked her with his hand as he piledrived his favorite whore.

Kelsey loved every second of it.

Kelsey’s big blue eyes, naturally blonde hair, and large, perky breasts had guaranteed her popularity at school. She was invited to every party, and she quickly discovered just how much she loved to party. The more alcohol she drank, the easier she could talk to boys, the more fun she would have with those boys.

But being in the popular club meant keeping up with the popular girls, which meant bowing to peer pressure at every turn. Smoking weed, rolling on molly- getting high was the price of popularity. But when her friend scored some coke for the group for the first time, Kelsey’s life was changed forever.

She wasn’t an addict, but she started partying even more- finding ways to get invited to the good parties where coke would be available. She’d get fucked up, and almost always let the boys get handsy with her. Kelsey was no prude. She loved sex. And sex while high was even better.

Sure, she was getting a reputation around school. But she was eighteen years old with a stunning body- she could do anything she wanted.

And what she wanted was to get high and have hot sex.

School was lame anyways, she was ditching more and more. She moved out of her parents place, moving into a tiny apartment with Stacey- a ditzy redhead who shared her love of partying.

That’s when she realized how expensive her habit actually was. You could only suck off your dealer so much before they started demanding real money.

Kelsey didn’t want to work, but Stacey found a solution- hooking up with an escort service. At first Kesley was adamant she wasn’t going to be a whore, until she saw how much she could make for just a few hours of “work”.

She had been escorting for a few weeks when she met Johnny.

Technically she knew Johnny from school. He was a weird kid, quiet. She teased him for being a pervert. He just had the look. Hadn’t seen him in months though, not that she noticed.

She had just been dropped off at a new client’s apartment building. Ritzy part of town, super expensive. She was always wary with new clients, but perked up when she realized she was headed to the penthouse- which took up the entire top floor. It even had its own dedicated elevator and door man.

She exited the elevator and was shocked.

“J- Johnny?” Kelsey exclaimed. Fear shot through her. No one at school knew that she was an escort. Johnny could really fuck things up for her. She turned to run.

“Wait!” Johnny said, “hold up.”

The elevator had already closed, there was no way to flee.

“Kelsey right?”

Tears were welling up in her eyes. Kelsey had worked hard to keep escorting a secret. If it got out around school, it would get back to her parents. Shit would get complicated.

“Whoa, hey relax.” Johnny said. He was taller than she remembered.

“I… I can’t… you can’t…” Kelsey was stammering, unable to put the words together to explain.

Johnny motioned for her to calm down, acting as if she was a spooked horse.

“Listen, hey, look you don’t have to do anything. Here, you can take the money.” Johnny said, pulling a fat wad of cash from his pocket. “Here, it’s double. Money doesn’t mean anything to me. Just don’t say anything about this at school.”

He put the money in her hands. Kelsey blinked at the money, trying to process his words. Johnny, in a million dollar penthouse apartment, giving her double her rate and not wanting her to tell anyone at school.

“What the fuck, Johnny.” Kelsey asked.

He squirmed, obviously Örnekköy Escort not wanting to explain.

“Tell me what’s going on or I tell everyone at school.” She bluffed.

“Look, fine… Wait…” It was Johnny’s turn to stammer. “Look, I knew a guy a couple years ago, told me about bitcoin. It was like, worth less than a penny. Gave me a couple thousand just to get me into it. It was so cheap then. I set up a miner on my laptop. Forgot all about it.”

Kelsey arched an eyebrow, keeping her bluff steady.

“Well I found the harddrive a couple months ago and sold it.” Johnny explained.

“For how much?”

“Well. A lot. Not the top, but close enough to not really matter.”

Johnny was fucking rich, Kesley realized.

She decided she liked Johnny after all.

“So you buy some big penthouse, and what?” She said, staying on the offensive as she put her hands on her hips.

Johnny licked his lips. Kelsey was in a stunning black dress, cropped short and putting her assets on full display.

“Well… I figure with all this money I can do whatever I want…” Johnny said.

“So you phoned up an escort service.”

Johnny nodded.

Kelsey frowned.

“If I was using an escort service,” Kelsey said, “I’d be getting a bunch of girls. Go wild. You can afford it.”

Johnny blinked, nodded.

“Well, yeah, I mean I plan to. I just… I just wanted to have one girl… for my first time.”

Both Kelsey’s eyebrows arched at that. He was a virgin. And a millionaire.

Kelsey was wet with opportunity.

She smiled wickedly at Johnny, sauntering over to him as she squirreled the wad of cash into her clutch.

“Well seeing as you’ve already paid…” Kelsey said, biting her lip. “How would you like to lose your virginity to the most popular girl in school?”

She took his hand, and pressed into her breast, giving him her best “fuck me” look.

Johnny didn’t need anymore encouragement than that, squeezing her breast over her dress and grabbing her ass with the other hand. At the same time he kissed her, pushing his tongue in her mouth.

Kelsey squealed, he wasn’t a great kisser, but his eagerness excited her. She pushed him back though. He looked at her dumbly.

“Bedroom?” Kelsey asked. Johnny shook his head as if to say “of course”, realizing they were in the front foyer.

He took her hand and quickly pulled her through the spacious apartment. She looked around as best she could as he bee-lined for the bedroom. The interior was still pretty empty.

Kelsey decided Johnny would need help spending his fortune.

Getting into the bedroom, she pulled away. Kelsey knew she only had one opportunity to do this, and it required her to be in charge.

“Why don’t you sit on the bed?” Kelsey suggested as she flashed him a sexy smile.

Johnny cracked a huge smile, the tent in his pants proving his excitement.

Kelsey moved her hips slow, giving him a show. She needed to make him obsessed with her. Let him believe he was conquering not only the most popular girl at school, but the sexiest woman he had ever seen.

She drew out pulling her dress off, swaying her body just out of reach. He drank in the sight of a stunning blonde stripping for him. She was getting turned on seeing how hard it was for him to restrain himself.

She turned her back to him, unhooked her bra. Kelsey had a nice ass, but her tits were her secret weapon. She needed them to seal the deal with Johnny right now.

She turned just an inch, just enough for him to see naked side boob. She swayed her ass as she gave him her best sultry look.

Kelsey turned towards Johnny. She had her arms strategically hiding her nipples as she faced him, now dressed only in her thong. She was thrilled, Johnny was obviously hypnotized, leaning forward, eyes devouring her barely covered breasts.

“You wanna see them?” Kelsey crooned. Johnny could only nod.

Kelsey smiled, pulling her arms away as she pushed out her chest. She let out a light moan for effect.

Johnny moaned as perfect teenage breasts were pushed right into his face. Perky, pink nipples stood proud, outlined by perfectly sized areolas. Her round firm mounds defied gravity, standing at attention inches from Johnny’s face.

Johnny let out a sharp moan, which then cut short. Kelsey pulled back to see what was happening. His eyes were closed, his entire body tense, before his entire body relaxed.

“Sorry.” Johnny said quietly. “I uh… that was too sexy…”

Kelsey mentally cursed, realizing what happened. Just seeing her tits made had made him cum in his pants.

Kelsey cursed again, seeing the shame on his face. She needed to act quickly before this fell apart.

She straddled him, stroking his hair and pulling his face up to look at her.

“It doesn’t count until you’re inside of me.” Kelsey whispered to him. “And I’m not leaving here without your virginity.”

He nodded, obviously relieved she didn’t tease him for his overexcitement. Not that she would, it Örnekköy Escort Bayan made her feel great- she was so sexy he cum in his pants just looking at her.

He turned his face to her breasts, and Kelsey moaned just feeling his heavy breathing on her skin. She realized she was incredibly turned on.

“Yes!” Kelsey moaned as his mouth found her pert nipple. His hand cupped her other breast, thumb and finger finding her free nipple. Kelsey ground into Johnny as he stimulated her incredibly sensitive breasts.

He sucked each nipple in turn, back and forth, taking his time to worship perfect teen tits. He rubbed his face between them, rubbing his face in her soft, firm flesh. His tongue lazily licked every inch of her considerable chest, lingering and swirling around her sensitive nipples.

Kelsey cooed her pleasure, the stimulation driving her wild.

“Have you ever gone down on a girl?” Kelsey asked, her pussy unable to wait any longer.

She already knew the answer, pulling away from him. She crawled to the head of the bed, laying back on the pillows and spreading her legs.

Kelsey crooked her finger at him, her hips grinding an invitation.

“You’re going to make a girl cum your first time.” She said as Johnny crawled towards her slowly.

His gaze was glued between her legs, hypnotized by the small gyrations of her hips. Kelsey wasn’t lying, she was so turned on by the attention that it wouldn’t take much to get her off.

Her thong was soaked, the pink puffy outline of clean shaven labia clearly visible. As he got close she pulled the thong aside.

“You’re tongue…” She whispered, hoarsely, her body begging for release. She was gushing, and Johnny moaned at the sight of her dripping pussy.

Johnny dove his face into her, earning a squeak from Kelsey. He planted his face between her legs, inhaling pure female essence and moaning with pleasure.

His tongue shot out, planting wetly along her slit, and he dragged his tongue along the length. Kelsey moaned with pleasure and relief as his tongue hit her clit.

He did it again, then lingered at her clit when she moaned again. He was a quick learner, letting his tongue dance with her clit.

“YESSSS!” Kelsey moaned loudly, her clit singing with pleasure. “Don’t stop! Right there!”

Johnny dueled her clit, furiously working his tongue on her sensitive button. He lapped at her slit like a starving man, grunting with pleasure as he drank in her sweet juices.

His hand shot up to grab her breast, roughly squeezing a nipple. Kelsey’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as she ground her cunt into his face.

“I’m close…. Oh fuck baby I’m close… Yes… Yes… OHHHH!”

Kelsey shuddered as Johnny’s tongue drove her over the edge. She wasn’t faking a second of it, Johnny was a natural and Kelsey gushed. Her entire body shook from the earth-shattering orgasm.

Johnny devoured her pussy, not slowing for a minute, as wave after wave of pleasure cascaded though Kelsey’s body. With a final guttural moan Kelsey collapsed back into the bed, entire body glowing from a surprisingly intense orgasm.

“Was I good?” Johnny asked, a proud smile on his dripping face. Kelsey couldn’t manage to put words together, her pussy tingling with glee. He wiped his face with his sleeve as Kelsey recovered.

“You have way too many clothes on.” Kelsey informed him as she finally came back to her senses. She got up and started pulling his shirt off. He was a bit pudgy, but nothing she couldn’t work with.

What she was really interested in was in his pants.

“Let’s see what we have here,” Kelsey said, pushing him back as she unzipped his fly. His jeans were tight, even more so from the erection he was sporting. Kelsey was relieved to see he was still hard.

She yanked down his jeans, and gasped.

Johnny was big. Probably the biggest she’d ever had. Both thick, and long, with a fat purple head standing at attention.

Kelsey grunted a rude, stupid moan at the sight.

She decided she really liked Johnny.

“Is… Is it big?” Johnny asked.

Kelsey looked at him dumbly, not seeming to comprehend the question. She could see him clam up, obviously taking her expression as a no. Kelsey shook her head.

“Yeah it’s big!” She told him, but he didn’t seem to believe her.

“You’re huge.” She told him, matter of factly.

“You’re not just saying that? Girls will say guys are big just to make them feel good.” Johnny replied.

Kelsey laughed. “I’ve seen lots of dicks. You have a big one. How do you not know that?”

Johnny shrugged.

“I guess the only other dicks I’ve seen have been in pornos.”

Kelsey giggled, wondering what kind of horse dicked porn Johnny had been watching. She’d like to see it.

“Trust me,” Kelsey said, reaching out her hand to gently caress his shaft, “I would tell you if you were small. You are not small.”

His desire to talk was gone, attention now on her hand. Kelsey smiled, wrapping her delicate hand around Escort Örnekköy his veiny shaft. He was super hard, despite recently cumming. Kelsey bit her lip, slowly stroking Johnny.

Johnny’s breathing was ragged as he stared at the hand pleasuring him. Kelsey wanted to take her time with his penis, really get to know it. But she didn’t think he’d last very long.

“Have you ever had a blowjob before?” Kelsey asked, and the desperate moan told her he had not.

“Lay back.” She ordered, licking her lips.

One thing Kelsey had discovered about herself when she started partying is that she loved to suck cock. Maybe she had just been trained by all the guys to associate the good feeling of drugs with giving a blowjob.

Whatever it was, Kelsey loved sucking dick. She had cum a few times just sucking her dealer off.

This was the biggest dick she would have ever sucked, and her eyes twinkled with lust. It took all of her willpower not to devour him, stuff as much of it into her mouth as possible, impale her face on it until he popped.

But he’d cum too quickly, unable to handle such an intense blowjob. But she promised herself she’d get him there, train his cock to handle her getting good and sloppy with it.

She swirled her tongue along his head and shaft as she took his beast into her mouth. They both moaned- Johnny from the stimulation, Kelsey from the salty taste of cum that coated his dick.

She started bobbing her head up and down. She knew she should go slow, but the taste of cum always made her lose a bit of control.

She managed to restrain herself somewhat though, not going full throat-goat on him. His hand grabbed the back of her head, and she moaned appreciatively as he set a quick pace.

They were quiet, both of them fully concentrating on pleasuring his big hog. Kelsey moaned, slurping and gurgling, making happy slut noises as she slobbered all over Johnny’s massive tool.

Johnny got more intense, holding her in head in place as he bucked his hips into Kelsey’s mouth. Kelsey relaxed, letting him use her mouth like a cunt. She loved getting face fucked, all concentration focused on being a useful hole for a man.

“Ahhh! I’m-” Was all Johnny could get out as his cock started erupting. Kelsey felt her mouth fill with his bitter, salty load. She gagged, cum overflowing out her mouth before she got a handle on it. She started swallowing even as it coated her lips and chin.

Now Kelsey activated throat-goat mode, relaxing her throat and sliding his hard cock deep into mouth. In one smooth motion she pushed his cumming dick past her mouth and into the back of her throat.

“AHHHHHHH!” Johnny roared, virgin cock unprepared for how much of a slut Kelsey really was. His entire body flexed, every fiber of his being an extension of the cock cumming down Kelsey’s throat.

Kelsey’s eyes went wide. Nothing had ever filled her up so completely before. She couldn’t breathe, could feel his muscle flexing, could feel it stretching her jaw and throat. She could feel each powerful throb unleashing a torrent of white hot cum directly into her stomach. She didn’t dare move, all her concentration focused on being a good cum receptacle. Dick this good required her full talents as a whore.

After a few final jerks, Johnny collapsed back, ripping his stallion out of Kelsey’s mouth. Kelsey heaved, sucking in air, her face red from the lack of oxygen. She was lightheaded, her duty to his cumming cock almost making her pass out. She liked the feeling, it was almost like being high.

She giggled, curling up between Johnny’s legs, planting her face in his cock and balls. She nuzzled at the beast she had just tamed, face as wet and sticky as the cock she worshiped.

Johnny stared at the ceiling, his life flashing before his eyes, unable to comprehend how hard he had just cum. He was panting too, barely aware of Kelsey worshiping his beast with her face.

He groaned as she started jacking his dick.

“It’s still hard.” Kelsey said, not letting him deflate. She was coming back to her senses, and didn’t want him soft yet. It didn’t count until he was inside her.

Johnny tried to wave her off, spent, but his dick had a different opinion. That was the only opinion Kelsey was interested in.

She jerked him at the base of his cock, keeping the blood trapped in his dick and activating his erection muscles. Some of her dealers needed cock-rings to stay hard, hopped up on coke as much as they were, so she knew how to keep Johnny hard.

Johnny was still stunned, but Kelsey wasted no time squatting over him. She looked at the cock greedily, eager to feel his size stretch her insides.

She slid him inside her, sighing as if slipping into a hot bath. Worshiping his cock had her gushing again, and it slipped inside her easily. She moaned as she sunk down on him, could feel every inch stretching internal walls that had never had something so thick before.

The relaxing sigh turned into an animal grunt as she bottomed out on him. She just sat there for a moment, feeling him inside her, eyes closed and brows furrowed as she concentrated on adjusting to the size.

Slowly she slid back up, gasping, before settling back down on it. Every slide elicited a new sound from her, her pussy singing its praise of her first big dick.

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