Coffee to Go


“The usual, guys?” enquired the server.

Her name badge declared her name was Hailey in large, curly and friendly letters.

“You bet!” Billy replied.

Hailey turned from the counter and busied herself with cups and coffee grounds. She worked with the enthusiasm that her corporate chain demanded but she was young enough, based on the rainbow colours in her hair, not to have realised the irony and conflict of her Greenpeace pin badge on her apron had with the morals of the profit chasing company she seemed so happy to represent. How can it cost 4 dollars for a friggin’ cup of beans and water Billy thought to himself.

“Good weekend?” Billy asked.

“Fucking no!” Shot back the response. Billy could tell there was something on Joanna’s mind.

“What’s up?” he offered sincerely.

“That bitch at work, the one I told you about” she fired back. “She only chewed me out in front of everyone last night!”

“What are we talking about here?” Billy enquired cheekily, raising his eyebrows quickly up and down akin to Magnum at the start of the quintessential 80s TV show.

“You dick. I’m being serious here. I’m properly pissed!” Billy looked apologetic.

“I’m sorry” he put a friendly arm round her shoulder and squeezed gently. She leant into him, accepting the comfort.

Billy could smell her perfume. He couldnt place it but nobody he knew wore it, which meant there was a strong, subliminal association that meant he always knew his friend was near.

“Come on then, what happened”.

Billy knew something was up but he also enjoyed being a councillor. He was never good a following advice but was happy to give it and Joanna knew he always said the right thing at the right time. ‘Mostly’ she thought quietly to herself.

She was wearing a dance vest and sports bra under a black jacket with black leggings. She adjusted the straps on her top as if going through final preparations for getting ready for a fight.

“I’m gonna kill her, I swear!” Joanna vented.

The 50 year old woman behind them in the queue stepped back ever so slightly. Joanna was in her early 30s. Slight, not much more than 5″4′. But with her platinum blond hair and dark eyes she belied her small stature with a presence that said ‘back off, I’m dangerous’. Billy knew she was fully capable of kicking serious A if she had to but knew that wasnt all she was about. He knew that when she wasnt in full battle-mode she was a sweet and caring woman who had dug him out of too many holes, too many times.

“Coffee’s up” interjected Hailey.

“Can we get those to go?” said Joanna. She turned to Billy. “We’re going outside. I need to smoke!”

Joanna wasn’t a woman you questioned in this mood. He knew if he didn’t follow her, she’d leave him standing right there.

“Sure!” proclaimed Hailey who proceeded to grab to paper cups to transfer their drinks to.

“You know it’s better for the environment if you bring your own cup for that. “Billy informed Joanna. “It just goes in landfill”.

“He’s right you know proffered Hailey, acknowledging the support for her green credentials.

“Miss, thanks for the coffee.” said Joanna replied sternly, knowing this kid didn’t have a clue about the real big issues. “You!” she grabbed Billy by the arm, “we’re going to smoke”.

With that she turned, grabbed her cup and moved swiftly to the door.

“I’d better…” tried Billy before he could say goodbye to the server.

“I think you’d better go after her. See you tomorrow” she said cheerily.

“Yeah, thanks” replied Billy and swiped his coffee from the bar and headed after her.

The morning was cold but sunny. Birds circled overhead. Nothing songful or exotic but grey, vulturish pigeons that were waiting patiently for the early morning rat racers to drop a flake of croissant as they hurried to their trains and buses. Joanna was on her second cigarette. Billy often worried about how much she smoked but also couldn’t help but notice how sultry it made her look as her eyes narrowed as she inhaled and how the smoke cascaded upwards from her full, red lips as she let it out.

“You just need to talk to her.” said Billy. “If you don’t say something it will go on and on.” Joanna considered the words as she took another drag on her cigarette.

“I’m not saying anything to her, she can damn well come and apologise! And if she can’t say sorry then she’d better stay the fuck out of my way.”

“Let me speak to her” Billy suggested. He was ever the councillor and the diplomat. Billy often worried that Joanna thought he was a bit of a pussy given his aversion for rows.

“Don’t you fucking dare!” She smiled and the thought seemed to break the mood.

“I will, you know!” Billy stood up and motioned to start running.

“You couldn’t run to the end of the street!” Joanna broke into a full laugh.

A suit with a briefcase walking by considered she might be slightly unhinged but then thought nothing further of it and continued on his way to whichever desk he currently occupied in whichever ataköy escort accountancy firm he worked for.

“Look, I know you’re the fitness guru.” Billy conceded. He knew Joanna liked to keep fit. It explained her ass that looked like a peach carved out of rock in her sports leggings.

“But I used to be quite an athlete at school” he said proudly.

“You’re my fucking hero!” Joanna laughed again and punched him hard in the arm. The grin on her face made Billy at ease but didn’t prevent him feel it hurt.

“I do boxercise now”, Joanna told him. “So you’d better be nice to me.”

“Yes ma’am!” he saluted like a soldier at attention.

“Come on you idiot. I’m going home to get changed. You can make me breakfast.”

Joanna’s apartment was big. ‘So much space.’ Billy thought to himself. The flat he shared with his housemate, Grant, was small in comparison and ten times as untidy. Billy set his work bag down on the chair by the door. Joanna was half way across the lounge. She took off her jacket and threw it on the sofa. Her place was clean as whistle but Billy smiled to himself as he watched Her do it.

‘She doesn’t give a fuck!’ And then he remember that’s why he liked her. She was cool. Different. Crazy. Which ever way you cut it she was unique and that made her both special and precious to him.

Joanna disappeared from view and returned from the kitchenette with two small glasses and a half drunken bottle of vodka.

“Something to start the day?” She offered a glass.

“It’s 7.30am! It’s breakfast time not lunchtime!”

‘You pussy’, he thought as soon as he’d said it.

“That’s why I brought this.” Joanna slung him a carton of pure orange juice that Billy caught clumsily.

“Well they do say vitamin c is good for you” he considered. Billy poured two drinks.

“Hasta la vista baby” he proposed in a passable Schwarzenegger accent.

“God. You are a knob, but your my knob” Joanna mused but couldn’t help but smile again.

The alcohol at that time in the morning had double the effect. Billy started to relax and quickly. Work was an hour away from starting. Plenty of time to sober up he thought to himself. They chatted and laughed like old friends. And they were. They were both comfortable in each other’s presence and knew more about each than most of their mutually exclusive friends.

Joanna looked beautiful Billy thought to himself. Shit where did that come from, he thought. But she did. He always thought she was attractive. So did loads of other guys, he frowned momentarily. He’d already noticed her butt in the street. It was a marvel of science and hard work in the gym. But without her jacket on he could see the outline of her breasts in her top. Breasts that had to be restrained by sports bra that looked as though it was up to job.

‘Pity’ he thought to himself. What she was wearing wasn’t sultry or sleazy like traditional lingerie but was still sexy. He shook his head as if to clear a slightly dazed head.

Joanna put her arms by her side and grabbed the bottom of her vest and pulled it up over her head. As she did so her torso stretched upwards making her seem much taller and very elegant.

“Jesus” Billy exclaimed.

“God Billy! it’s only a bra!” Joanna said, encouraging him to chill.

Standing in her leggings and the sports bra showed every curve of her body. She was fit and she was beautiful. Billy felt a slight warmth in his groin. His eyes were drawn to her tits and then down to her exposed abdomen. She was tanned and looked a picture of health. She wasn’t skinny but she was firm. Her skin looked smooth and warm.

His gazed wandered down to her crotch. The fabric of her leggings folded tightly around her hips and round between her legs. Billy imagined what was underneath them. Was she shaved or did she trim or just let things grow like nature intended.

As she walked around the apartment Billy could feel that things were happening downstairs. He’d always liked Joanna but they’d spent so much time together that if something would have happened between them it would have by now. But today, there was no stopping his erection. What had started as a containable issue was now a big, hard problem. He tried crossing his legs but it was just uncomfortable. He grabbed his bag and put it on his lap. Phew! He thought.

“Where you going?” Joanna enquired when she noticed him sitting with his bag.

“Er, nowhere!” he replied.

“Well put that bag down and make me a coffee” Joanna ordered.

They knew each other so well there was no real need for pleasantry any more.

“I, I…” he stuttered. In two quick strides Joanna was across the floor and grabbed the handle and pulled. The bag as flung across the room and hit the wall with a dull thump.

“Jesus Christ, Billy!” Joanna exclaimed. In front of her she could see someone had built a tent in Billy trousers.

“It just happened”, Billy murmured in embarrassment.

“Wow!” was all Joanna could say. She looked away but was drawn back bakırköy escort to the bulge before her. “Well what are we going to do now?” she said.

“You are going to turn round and close your eyes!”

Billy stood up quicker than she was expecting and he spun her round. He was much taller than her and she immediately felt his wand resting on the curve of her bum.

“Close your eyes Jo.” he said. “I need to tell you something.”

He leaned over her from behind and bent forwards and down toward her right ear. She could feel his breath on her cheek.

“I’ve always wanted to fuck you”, he whispered calmly in her ear.

Before she could respond she felt his lips glide gently over her neck and then unmistakable sensation of a kiss. He repeatedly kissed and gently nuzzled her.

“You’re giving me goosebumps!” she managed to say in a quiet staccato.

“You’re giving me a massive boner!”

Joanna had never heard Billy talk like this but she did not resist what was happening. It felt good and the shot of booze from earlier made the sensations tingle even more.

Billy put both his arms around her waist and move then upwards until he was able to hold her boobs in his hands. He didn’t fondle with them like a child, too eager to play, but squeezed them gently and found her nipples through the fabric of her bra. They hardened to his touch, sitting proudly on top of the soft tissue.

With his left hand Billy let go of her breast and slid it smoothly down her tummy. It tickled slightly and she let out a whimper. He kept going and found her love triangle. She felt his fingers glance over her clit and lips. She moaned softly, acknowledging it felt good.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, we can stop now and I’ll leave?” Billy enquired.

“Why, want did you want to do?” Joanna’s defences were down and she was eager to know what came next.

“I want to French kiss your pussy!”

“Ooh la la monsieur!” she was shocked and intrigued but the giggle in her voice confirmed what he hoped and he picked her up easily in his arms and carried her to her bedroom.

The bedroom was a woman’s bedroom. Clean, filled with soft furnishings and candles, mirrors with a neatly arranged duvet laid out on the mattress.

“On your knees!” Billy ordered authoritatively.

She obliged, lifting her body up on all fours. Billy grabbed a pillow from the top of the bed and laid it in front on her.

“Hold on to that”, he suggested. Joanna leaned forwards her head on the pillow which pushed her pert ass into the air. Her back curved downward and she panted with expectation.

Billy grabbed the top of her leggings and pulled them gently down over her bum. With each millimetre, more of her smooth round rump was revealed. Billy could see her arse crack emerge and wondered what he was going to find. He found quickly she wasn’t wearing any panties.

“No thong?”

“Can’t stand them”, replied Joanna.

He pulled the pants down more over the crest of her ass and they slid quickly down. Firstly exposing her brown asshole and then just a little further a neatly trimmed pussy that looked simply perfect.

“Fucking hell!”

Billy gasped as he admired the view in front of him. His hands let go of the leggings and moved straight to her arse cheeks. They were warm, firm and smooth. The way he liked them. He leant forwards and sank to his knees. Joanna could feel him breathing heavily over her exposed derrierre.

He began kissing her bum. Softly. She could feel his stubble on her smooth skin but not so it hurt or tickled. He moved his hands over her cheeks and his lips followed, jumping from one to the other.

“Tuck your knees in!” Billy commanded.

She pulled her knees towards her chest and her ass cheeks tightened and lifted her tush higher into air. Billy raised himself slightly and then ran his tong over her. Starting low she felt him hit her clit, ever so gently and then further upwards to her vulva. He ran his tongue up and down her entrance. Joanna groaned. She knew it felt good and was happy to let him know he was doing okay.

He continued upwards. He ran his tongue round her asshole. It tickled and she jumped ever so slightly when he licked her hole, flicking the but not trying to penetrate her. Without warning he moved back to her pussy and kissed it hard. Billy turned his head sideways slightly. This served to turn her labias into the shape of a mouth.

Billy was able to use his lips and his tongue at the same time. He took turns to kiss and gently suck, first the left side and then the right side. Sporadically returning to her pussy hole and sticking his tongue in as far as it would go. Joanna groaned and moaned as the sensations hit her.

Billy could taste her. It was almost addictive. Sweet and slightly salty. He could see her pussy was soft and red inside. Beads of her juices were forming around the edge of her tight hole.

“I haven’t tried this for years!” Billy mentioned softly.

“What, eating pussy?”

“No, this…”

With that Billy slipped onto his back, pushing his body onto the bed. He head resting against her legs. With his hands he prized her legs slightly further apart so that he could see her furry mound above him. Billy grabbed her arse cheeks and pulled them towards him a few inches so that could get closer to her. He thrust his head backwards to get an angle that allowed his tongue to flick her clit.

He licked it fast, faster than Joanna had experienced better but gently too. To Joanna it felt like someone was holding an ethereal vibrator to her most erogenous part.

Billy continued to flick her bean with a fast rhythm. Getting a girl off turned him on. Doing it orally even more so. He felt his cock straining in his pants. He was desperate to free it from the confines of his trousers. But right now this wasn’t about him, it was about her.

He could sense that Joanna was getting into it as the frequency of her whimper were getting closer together. He reached up with both hands and fumbled for her bra strap. It wasn’t a conventional fastening as for a regular bra and Billy knew he wouldn’t win this fight.

“What it is with guys and bra fastenings?” mused Joanna. “Here!”

With one hand she freed the clasp and the bra fell away and released her ample bosom. Her tits dropped down and Billy cupped them as he continued tingling her clit. They felt warm and yet were firm and soft at the same time.

Joanna moaned approvingly. Billy took his left hand away and reached round for her. He’s thumb found her pussy and his index finger lined up with her asshole. In a pincer movement he rubbed gently over the double delight.

Joanna could feel all three sensations at the same time. All different yet thee cumulative effect accelerated her pleasure.

“Don’t you dare fucking stop! I’m so close” she exclaimed.

This reinvigorated Billy. He was proud of his oral technique. He’d had sufficient reviews to know out worked but there were limits to how long you could keep up the pace with a tongue.

Joanna was getting wet now. He could feel her pussy was fully lubricated with her juices and he took some on his finger and rubbed it over her asshole. He dipped his ring finger inside her honey pot so it glissened. He started to rub her bumhole round and round before pushing the end of his finger just slightly inside her ass. That was enough for Joanna.

“Oh my god I’m coming!” she shouted with little warning. She raised herself off all fours so she was upright now. She was shaking and trembling. The warm fuzzy feelings overwhelmed her brain temporarily.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” was all she could pant for a few seconds.

“My turn!” Joanna commanded.

She jumped to the floor and pushed Billy further onto the bed. Anticipating what has about to happen he unbuttoned his shirt down to his naval and grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it over his head, discarding it randomly on the floor. He settled back on the bed.

Joanna knew what she was doing. She pulled the free end of his belt over to the right, releasing the buckle and pulled the two ends apart. Her hands moved to the single button for his trousers and she dextrously opened it as quick as thinking. With a fluid movement she pulled the zipper on Billy’s fly downwards and reached inside.

Her hand found cotton boxers and she professionally grabbed his hardened shaft and pulled his bulging cock into the open air.

Before Billy had time to draw breath her lips settled over the top of his dick and she drew him into her mouth. Billy took a sharp intake of oxygen and let forth a restrained groan. Starting slowly and deliberately at first Joanna let her lips glide over his shiny helmet. After 6 or 7 repetitions Joanna grabbed the base of his cock and began to lick him.

Billy could feel her tongue expertly following the contours of the underside of his bellend. He raised his head and opened his eye to look at what was happening. Immediately Joanna’s powerful gaze met his eyes. She was staring at him, watching for clues. She took him back into her mouth and started to suck firmly without breaking eye contact.

Holy shit, he thought. The locked gaze they held deepened the connection and sensation. Billy felt his cock harden and his balls tighten.

“I’m gonna come, Jo” he conceded. She stopped what she was doing momentarily.

“Yes you are. But not just yet”. She smiled back mischievously. “But not before you fuck me”.

Joanna was still turned on and she knew she could climax again herself.

“On your feet and take those clothes off!” she instructed.

She jumped back on the bed on her back. Her head on the pillows. Her right hand reached down to her pussy and she started to play with it in the way she’d optimised after learning her body for so many years. She watched Billy inelegantly remove his trousers and pants.

“It’s like watching a new born horse Trying to stand up!” She teased.

“Fuck off!” he shot back, with a grin. Billy reached down and pulled off his socks. His cock was still hard and stood out from his body. He looked at Joanna on the bed. Her tanned skin and naked beauty was a wonder to behold. He watched were slowly wanking herself.

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