Coed Turned Housewife Ch. 04


Ch. 4 – “Lab Love”

The fourth in a series about innocent Chelsea Pelham and her handsome professor, Dr. Mark Benning.


The next few weeks were full of delicious encounters between the lovers. Chelsea had never felt such a passion for a man. At 18, she had only had a little kissing and petting with boys her age before meeting the strapping Dr. Benning, ten years her senior, the head of the lab she was working at for her university internship.

All of the girls in Dr. Benning’s lab had developed oversized, bulging, heavy breasts as a result of exposure to chemical compounds. Chelsea had planned to confront Dr. Benning with her knowledge of his covert breast-augmentation research, when he impulsively seduced her — quite possibly after using drugs and alcohol to put her in an extremely suggestible state.

Chelsea’s sexual initiation had happened quickly after that. From her first uncertain virgin fumblings a mere few weeks ago, she now confidently unzipped Mark’s pants and brought his flaccid member to her mouth, working his cock hungrily like a practiced sex industry professional. Mark loved fucking her. His enthusiasm for her never waned, and he quickly grew hard again even after spurting his powerful jets of cum down her throat or deep into her hungry, wet, tight little downy pussy.

Following a week-long break, this was the first time after their initial tryst that they were both back in the lab together. There was a chemistry in the air between them bostancı escort that the other large-breasted girls seemed aware of, and sensitive to. The male grad students seemed more aware of Chelsea also, as she exuded sexual confidence, her big breasts straining against a beige cashmere sweater that made them look like delicious soft touchable globes, begging to be fondled.

While not addressing each other directly, she and Dr. Benning (“Mark” she caressed his name in her mind) exchanged glances more than once. She bent over to pick up a pencil and he stared at her gorgeous heart-shaped ass spreading in front of him in tight jeans. A male grad student caught Dr. Benning staring, and Mark turned his head away with a slight cough.

As their work days continued, they found themselves unable to be cautious. Chelsea had to enter the supply closet regularly as part of her administrative tasks, and on one of these trips Dr. Benning followed her. She was reaching up for a box of slides when she felt his large hands around her waist, sliding up to her breasts.

“Oh Mark,” she purred. He turned her toward him and his mouth descended on hers lustfully, their mouths opening against each other, his tongue lapping deeply into her sweet mouth. As she kissed him, her pussy felt like it was melting, slick vaginal juices lubricating her pouting pussy lips.

“I can smell you,” he murmured into her ear, reaching down to undo büyükçekmece escort her pants and finger her pouting lips. He teased his big fingers into the tight wet channel. “Oh baby, I need to fuck you now.”

Their kissing grew more chaotic as they both unsecured their clothes, her pants coming down as he exposed his stiff, swollen cock, a pearl of pre-cum glistening on the large flushed head. He pulled off her sweater and unclasped her bra, her rampant breasts springing forward and wobbling sexily as his cock found the entrance to her well and he thrusted upward sharply to fully penetrate her.

She gasped into his mouth, their kissing as wet and rhythmic as their filthy fucking, her ass perched against some boxes as he destroyed her pussy. His strong hands were gripping her hips and massaging her smooth round ass as he tightened her up again and again, his precum leaking heavily into her, her own juices bathing his gleaming shaft. Their animalistic thrusts continued for minute after minute as the heat in the small closet grew unbearable.

“Baby, I’m going to cum inside you now” he growled against her ear, his hot breath and deep thrusts bringing her over the edge. She wailed in abandon as she came with him, her pussy seizing and gasping around his cock as he flooded a warm wet gush of cum deep in her belly. His mouth covered hers as they breathed raggedly, wet kisses and sweat covering their faces, the çekmeköy escort smell of sex and heat permeating the small dark enclosure.

Outside, business in the lab had gone on as usual, a few of the male grad students exchanging glances when they saw Dr. Benning disappear after Chelsea. The sound of boxes crunching rhythmically was almost too subtle to hear from across the hall, but Chelsea’s wailing orgasm left no mistake. The female assistants looked uncomfortable, some (especially those who had been there the longest, their voluptuous melon-like breasts brushing the table as they worked) with jealous expressions, others frankly disgusted. One male grad student licked his lips, a visible bulge straining his pants.

Nearby, Dr. Benning cracked the door of the closet to let in some air, and he helped Chelsea smooth down her sweater and hair before heading to the ladies room. He brushed himself off as best he was able and went to his private office bathroom.

Alone briefly, smoothing her hair, Chelsea felt embarrassed about facing the lab – the whole lab, she knew, had heard her cumming hard on Dr. Benning’s dick – and she also knew some of the girls would give her a hard time, maybe even get them reported to the administration. “But they can’t prove anything,” she smirked.

For his part, Dr. Benning was having similar thoughts as he washed the smell of Chelsea’s fertile cunt off of his fingertips. “This can’t go on forever. I have to take action soon,” he thought to himself.

They re-entered separately and only a few mild coughs punctuated the muted work environment. Dr. Benning walked by her station, leaving a stack of reports at her desk. “Chelsea, I need these reports to be redone. I need you to come for my office hours tonight for revisions.”

Everyone in the lab heard him, but only Chelsea saw his mischievous wink.

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