Cody and i 3



I finally did it. I finally been with the one boy that I really wanted to do anything sexual with. One thing still worried me though. Was this just a one time thing. I hope not. Cody was the one night stand guy. He would screw any girl and hightail it out of their in the middle of the night. But in my mind I was hoping that it would be different.

Cody hardly even looked my way now thinking of what he had done and knowing that he liked. I thought to my self I had to at least try to get him to do it all again. We only had one class together and that was gym. I waited until we had gym last class so there would be no interuptions from anyone. In the middle of class I snuck into the lacker room and hid away one of his sneaker over behind the bench where he would not be able to see it from his locker.

When class ended he all headed of the locker room to change. Since Cody couldn’t find his sneaker he was the last person there, that’s when I made my move. “Hey Cody,” I said walking up to him. “Oh, hi Max,” he said quietly. ” So did the Habs win the other night?,” I asked trying to make conversation. “Yeah. Have you seen my sneaker,”he asked. “No,” I responded. I started to change right in front of him. He also started to change. I looked over Escort to see that Cody had a full erection and I loved it.

“So, the habs are playing tonight on payper view. My dad got it and said that I could envite a friend to over to watch it. So you in?,” I asked. “Yeah, I’m there,” he said almost instantly. I known about his little obsessin of the Montreal Canadians and played it to my advantage. ” It starts 7:30 okay,” I said. “Okay! Thanks,” he replied.

God I couldn’t wait for 7:30 to roll around. But finale at 7:20 he arrived. Dad had a couple friends over to watch it which I expected he would. Plus, with the lack of volume comtrol the living room became a bit overwhelming. ” Its a bit crowded down here. Do you want to go up to my room to watch the game?,” I asked. “Shure,” he replied.

Once up to my room I turned on the game and sat on the bed. He sat next to me. I turned off the lights and sat down to watch the game. Half way through the game I gently placed my hand on his crotch and started stroking it. “What the hell are you doing?,” Cody shouted. “I was a little hungry and I thought I would get a snack,” I said with a grin. ” Oh, I forgot you love that flavor don’t you?,” he said with a smirk.

I unzipped his jeans and took out Escort Bayan his dick throught the hole in the front of his boxers. I immediatly started licking his dick all over like before. I then took his dick in to my mouth very quickly. ” Oh, yeah! Suck my dick,” Cody moaned. While deep throat him I also started stroking his balls. We paused for a minute to take off all of our clothes. Before going back down to his dick I climbed on top of him and kissed him.

I then started to lower my self to his dick. “No! I want to cum in your ass!,”he said. I lifted my self up and started to lower myself onto his amazing dick. God I loved the fealing fealing of his dick in my ass. ” God yes! Your dick is so big!,”I moaned when I got all of it in my ass. I lifted my self and lowered again. I didn’t waste no time picking up speed. He placed his hands on my hips thrusting me downwards each time. “Oh god! Shit I’m cumming!,”Cody moaned as he pull my ass all the way onto his cock and shot his hot cum in my ass once again.

Once all of his cum was in my ass I climbed off. “That was great!,” Cody moaned. Then he rolled over and spred his legs. ” I want you to fuck my ass!.” he said. I wasted no time positionng myself on top of him. I spit on my hands and then rubbed Bayan Escort it onto my throbbing cock to lube it up. I rubbed his ass with both hands. I then slowly moved my cock towards his ass. My dick was now touching his ass. “Are you shure?,” I asked. “I want to feel you hot cum in my ass. Go ahead fuck my virgin ass!,” Cody shouted.

I then started to push my 8 inch dick into his ass. I got half of it in no problem. When I tried to push more in to his ass he started screaming in pain. “You want me to stop?,” I asked. “Keep going!,” he moaned. I then push more and more of my dick into his ass. I finale got all of it into his ass. Cody never said anything but I knew he was in pain by the way he clenched the sheets and through my own experiences.

I slid my dick out and then back in again. Then again faster and faster. After a while I was really giving it to his ass. “Oh yeah your ass is so tight!,” I moaned. I then started feal my climax starting to build. “God yes! That feals good!,”Cody moaned. “I’m gonna cum!,” I moaned as I shot my load into his ass.I shot at least five shots of hot cum into his ass.

We just rested there for a while. “That felt better than I thought it would!,” Cody said as beads of sweat was pouring off both of us. I then got the strength to get up. Once up I then realized that my older brother was standing in the doorway stroking his massize dick. “So which one wants to go first?,” he said with a grin.

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