Cody and Daisy Pt. 02


I had plans for that night. It had been a while since we had been together, between him being out of town then me getting sick. A while for us is a week. As a rule, we are a three to four times a week kind of couple.

I waited in bed for Cody to pee off the deck. It’s his nightly ritual. Our house faces a river and woods beyond, so there are no neighbors. He says he does his best thinking with his dick in his hand, and who am I to question that? He’s too old to change the habit now, so I just wait for him in bed. He came in and closed the screen, then climbed into bed naked. I slid over into his waiting arms and burrowed into his chest. He smelled like outdoors; like pine and fresh air.

We snuggled like that for a while, Cody idly running his hands over my body. I was thoroughly enjoying the play of his fingertips on my skin. He flicked my nipple and gave it a love-pinch then stroked the side of my tit as an apology, but it was my turn to do him a favor, the kind of favor his wife didn’t much enjoy giving, back in the day. I like to show Cody how much I love him, so he gets a lot more of those kinds of favors nowadays.

To Cody’s surprise, I interrupted our session by sitting up and pulling my long hair into a ponytail.

I could see him smiling in the moonlight, “A ponytail in bed means good things for me!”

“Yes, it does!”

I pulled back the covers and crawled between his legs. Cody’s dick was starting to stir. I nuzzled my face in the place between his balls and his thigh, planting little wet kisses and feeling him get hard against my cheek. I teased and kissed some more, breathing in his musky, manly scent, before turning my attention to his dick. Cody was well on his way to hard by now. His fingers thrust into my hair, trying to guide my head. I shook him off and approached at my own pace.

First, a little lick on the tip, and some wet kisses around the head. Then a slobbery French kiss. My tongue circled the head, and finally tonguing that special spot on the underneath. I opened my mouth and slid him in and out, savoring the smooth skin on his penis head.

My small hand slipped to the base of his cock and began stroking as my lips tightened around the head. I paused to run my tongue around the bottom of his cockhead and up through his pee-hole to get a taste of his pre-cum and resumed stroking and sucking. I fell into a pattern of tonguing his dick-head, mouthing the first few inches, sliding my tongue up the underneath of his dick and then gathering a taste of pre-cum. I increased my speed based on Cody’s breathing becoming louder and faster.

I moved down his dick two more inches. I was licking and stroking and sucking most of his dick when I moved my hand to his thigh and I took his whole dick into my mouth. It hit the back of my throat and caused me to gag a little. The thought that he was filling my mouth turned me on a lot. I tightened my lips and moved up and down the entire length of him while teasing the underside with my tongue.

Cody bucked and pushed his dick into my mouth as far as he could. As he started groaning, I tightened my lips and waited for the flood. When it came, he filled my mouth with his mild, salty sperm. I waited for him to finish, then I sat up and swallowed it in one gulp.

A tiny bit had escaped onto my lips. I caught it with a fingertip and licked my finger with relish.

“I love the way you taste.”

“I still can’t believe you would do that for me!”

“I enjoy it. Believe me.”

“Well, I enjoy it too, more than you do.”


I went to the bathroom to get a drink then I crawled back into bed with Cody who was holding off sleep until I came back to him.

“You are the best sister ever, Daisy,” he mumbled.

“I love you, big brother,” I replied as I spooned back into his embrace.

We drifted off to sleep, two siblings who had been through the wringer in our personal lives. If you are curious as to how we got together, it’s another story, already published and easy to find.

The next morning I woke up to Cody nudging my ass with his hard dick. “Ya wanna poke?” he whispered into my ear.

“Mmm. After last night, I could use a poke.” I rolled to my back and Cody began fingering me.

He’s a big one for morning sex, and who am I to complain? Escort We happened on our favorite morning position several months before. He was nudging me from behind with his dick and stroking my breasts with his right hand, when he moved his fingers down to my pussy. I shifted around to give him a better angle, and finally ended up on my back. From here, he had more room to finger me if threw my right leg over his hip. By doing this, I ended up crossways to him- Cody was on his side, I was on my back with one leg between his legs and the other thrown over him.

That morning I scooted around so we were in our morning sex position. I threw a leg over and reached for Cody’s thigh, pulling him towards me. He pushed his dick through my pussy lips, teasing my clit. I matched my hips to his motion to get the most out of it. Next thing I knew, he slid into my pussy and we were having lazy, morning sex. Cody stroked into me as we fitted ourselves together like a puzzle, one male piece, one female piece making a whole.

Cody slipped into me like we were made for each other. I arched my back a little to receive him. I don’t wake up very fast, so I lay there sleepily meeting his thrusts with my hips and reveling in the pleasure of our illicit love. Cody slipped a finger to my clit and began teasing it to the rhythm of our sex. It had been a few days, so Cody’s fingers really hit the spot, so to speak. “Yeah, oh yeah, right there. Mmmm,” I encouraged. The tingles started in my thighs and moved to my pussy, finally erupting in an orgasm.

Cody continued to fuck me as the sunlight streamed in through our window, bathing our bodies in the beautiful early morning light. He came with a groan and we collapsed on the bed, recovering from our exertions.

I like this position in particular because either one of us can play with my clit easily. Cody likes it because he can watch my tits jiggle as he shoves into me. The feeling is fantastic, he can get further into me with that position than any other we’ve tried, and it’s delicious!

Finally Cody got up to go to work. He didn’t shower, so everyone at work would know what he had been up to. I had the day off, and I had chores around the house I needed to get done, so I didn’t shower either.

Although we are siblings, Cody and I don’t look much alike. He is stocky, dark and on the tall side. I am slim, short and fair. My blonde hair reaches to the middle of my back, and while I should wear an A cup bra, I rarely do. My breasts are tiny but my nipples are fairly prominent, and they are usually “on.”

In my former life, I worked at a topless bar, so I got in the habit of not wearing a bra. The job removed a lot of my inhibitions about my body, so I often spend my weekends in Cody’s old wrestling shirts with the sleeves cut out. This is actually how I secretly seduced my brother last year. Don’t tell, because he thinks it was an accident. Sometimes it is better to let the guy think he is getting away with something, you know, like a little sisterly side-boob.

Cody kind of likes it when other guys notice my body, so he doesn’t ask me to wear a bra. In fact, I think I only have one left.

I slid on my favorite shirt, the one with the deep arm holes, dabbed at myself with a towel and decided today was a commando day. I grabbed a pile of clothes and went down to the the laundry room. I put a load of laundry in and went back to the kitchen to read the paper. When the dryer buzzer went off I went downstairs to the laundry room. While I was down there, I heard some rustling upstairs.

“Cody must have forgotten something,” I thought as I climbed the stairs with the full laundry basket. When I got to the top, I saw it wasn’t Cody at all, but our cousin, Jeff.

“Dang, girl! Nice nip!”

I looked down, to see my breast was exposed. “Oh, crap,” I thought as I shifted the laundry basket to see if that would shift my shirt back and cover me a little more. It didn’t. I set the basket down on the table and adjusted my shirt.

“Perv! What are you doing here?” Cody and I didn’t really have any family left, just a couple of cousins we saw once or twice a decade. I hadn’t seen Jeff since my high school graduation, five years ago or so. Jeff definately didn’t know that everyone here thought Cody and I were married.

“I Escort Bayan was coming through town and I ran into Cody. He told me you would be here and that I should stop in to say hello. Looks like I should have called first.”

Like I mentioned, Cody kind of liked to give other guys the opportunity to appreciate my body, so he surely thought something like this would happen if he didn’t warn me about Jeff. The damage was done, so I asked Jeff if he would like a cup of coffee before I thought it through.

Jeff did indeed want coffee.

Cody, being tall, keeps the coffee on the second shelf, which I can barely reach. I knew what was going to happen, but I thought if I stalled by getting out cups and cream Jeff would have to use the bathroom. He did not. I filled the coffee pot with water and then opened the coffee cupboard. The coffee was where it belongs in the corner cupboard, but shoved further back than usual. I stood on my toes and reached up for it. It was just out of reach. I stretched just a little further and brushed the canister with my fingers moving it back further on the shelf.

I could feel a chill on my ass. The shirt had ridden up and I was standing with my back to my cousin and my ass hanging out for his viewing pleasure.

Jeff took pity on me and stepped behind me to get the coffee. Instead of letting me slip out of the corner, he pushed against me and reached over me to get the coffee.

“This what you are looking for?”

“Yes, thanks! Cody pushes it back too far sometimes.”

“I can see why.”

I waited for Jeff to step back so I could finish making the coffee, but he didn’t. When the length of time he was pressed against me became awkward I lowered myself from my tiptoes, turned, and stood facing him. When I lowered myself, my shirt stayed put against Jeff’s body, when I twisted, my shirt rode up around my waist and across so I could feel the air conditioning on my bare breasts.

I was backed into a corner with my tiny tits exposed and my cousin’s dick pressing into my bare pussy. What the hell was going on here?

“You are just a hot fuckin’ mess, aren’t you Daisy? Cody told me you used to work in a topless bar, but he didn’t tell me you ran around the house half naked.”

“Well, I wasn’t exactly expecting company this morning Jeff.” I couldn’t help myself, I was feeling tingly and breathless. My heart raced in my chest, my cousin was turning me on!

Jeff set the coffee behind me and reached his arms down to my thighs. He tickled my legs with his fingertips. The light tickling caused my pussy to clench in anticipation. Without notice, he scooped my shirt over my head and off.

He took after Dad’s side, like Cody did, so he was tall and strong, to my petite and slender. I barely came up to his chest. I stood like a statue (a nude statue) and looked into his eyes. Jeff looked back at me, his eyes going from my face then down my chest and resting on my pussy. Cody likes to keep me trimmed and he had recently given me close trim, so my pussy was bare. It was pretty wet too, from Cody’s donation that morning. Jeff reached out and then caressed my cheek. I tentatively put a hand on his bicep, feeling the bulge of his muscles under his tight shirt.

“Jeezuz, Daisy, I don’t know if we oughta be doing this, but you are so damn hot, I just want to take you!”

“I’m not so sure we should be doing this either,” I replied, thinking to myself, “you have no idea, Cousin Jeff, what kind of moral dilemma I am facing here.” I looked up into his eyes, so very much like Cody’s and smiled timidly.

His fingers traced a line down my jaw to my neck and along my collar bone. He looked at me with need and unmasked desire in his eyes. I continued to explore his arm, moving to his shoulder and his pec.

Jeff leaned over and planted a kiss on my mouth. I arched my back, lifting my chin into his kiss. His kisses became more urgent, his tongue probing the depths of my mouth. His hands ventured down my arms, hesitantly brushing against my nipples.

I slid my arms up and around his neck, giving him permission for exploration.

Jeff broke the kiss. “We’re cousins, that should be okay, shouldn’t it? It’s not too icky, is it?”

I didn’t respond. After the life I was living, a Bayan Escort little cousin to cousin lovin’ was nothing.

Jeff lifted me onto the counter and covered my face with kisses. I lifted my chin and he worked his way down my jaw to my ear and then down my neck. I leaned back on my arms, giving him better access to my willing body. Jeff began mauling my nipples with his lips and teeth. Taking turns with each, he nipped and rolled my nipples between his teeth until I cried out in pleasure.

While his mouth was busy, his hands moved to my thighs, his thumbs grazing my pussy. I moved my knees apart in response, eager to feel my cousin’s fingers on my bare pussy.

“You want this Daze? I wanna fuck you so bad!”

“Oh yeah, I want it!” I panted, as Jeff stuck his fingers in me.

“Damn, girl you are so wet for me!”

I didn’t tell him part of that wetness was from my brother an hour before, but I responded by fumbling for Jeff’s pants button. Getting that unfastened, I reached for the zipper, but Jeff beat me. He unzipped, then slid his dick from his pants. It was hard and ready to go. He laid it up against my pussy so I could admire it then he pulled back and leaned into me. His dick parted my pussy and slid in easily. It was larger than Cody’s, but not by much. I bucked my hips back against him and rode my cousin like I had nothing to lose.

“You’re a fuckin’ wildcat Daze!”

I leaned back on my arms and met his every thrust. I hooked my heels behind him and pulled him into my pussy as far as he could go. “Fuck me Jeff, fuck me!”

He did. He pounded me on the kitchen counter until my head was banging into the cupboard behind. I leaned forward and reached my arms around his neck, clinging to him like a monkey. Jeff straightened up, with his dick still in me and carried me to part of the counter where I could lie back. I sprawled on the counter. Jeff slammed into me again, moving my legs so my heels were on his shoulders. Our hips met with each thrust.

The slurp, slurp sounds of our screwing echoed in the quiet house.

Jeff parted my pussy lips with his fingers and gently flicked my clit, using the homemade lube from my pussy (it’s a family recipe- ha ha).

“Oh, oh! No, don’t stop,” I panted.

Jeff matched the rhythm of his dick with his fingers, pounding me with his dick and rubbing my clit until I exploded on him with a primal groan.

I slid to the floor and collapsed into a spent heap. My cousin curled up next to me, holding me in his arms. We panted in each other’s arms for a bit, while I felt two men’s cum leak out of my swollen pussy, and run down the back of my thigh.

“Fu-ckin- A. Dammit girl, I want me some more of that. When can we screw again?”

“We can’t. This was a one-time kind of thing. I’m afraid you’ll ruin me for other guys,” I threw in a joke to ease the news. I was hopelessly devoted to my brother, although screwing our cousin was like screwing a wild version of Cody.

When we had relaxed in each other’s arms a little, I got up and made Jeff some coffee.

I had slipped the shirt back on, and we sat at the high top table, drinking our coffee and eating a cookie. “You sure ’bout that?” Jeff asked again.

“I am. You were awesome, but I just can’t do that again.”

“If you change your mind, you let me know. That was about the hottest sex I ever had.”

“It was pretty hot for me too, Cuz.”

“What time is it? Oh, jeez, I better be getting back on the road. You gonna stay with Cody for a while? I don’t want to loose touch with you again.”

“It looks like I’ll be staying with Cody for a long time. We kind of need each other, I guess.”

“Yeah, that makes sense. I’ll stop by next time I’m in town then. Maybe if Cody isn’t around…you could make me some coffee…”

“Maybe. We’ll see.” I gave him a cousinly goodbye hug and a deep, non-cousinly kiss and closed the door behind him. I had cum dripping down both my thighs, so I hurried to the laundry basket and got a fresh towel.

That night when Cody came home, he asked about Jeff. I told him we had shared a pot of coffee. Cody gave me kind of a weird smile, and I changed the subject.

Several weeks later, Cody and I were spooning in bed when Cody groped my breast.

“If I didn’t know better, I would swear your tits are getting bigger. Is that possible?”

I moved my hand down to my belly, and smiled a secret smile, “Might be.” I continued the thought in my head, “might be yours, might be Jeff’s. That’s what happens when you play roulette.”

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