Closure Pt. 02


Author’s note: This is the second part in a multi-part story detailing a couple’s final hours together. Please start with Closure Pt. 01. I purposely withheld too many extraneous details regarding external description and background because, for me, it is the eroticism, the sex and the connection that fuel my stories and my characters. I find that writing about short flashes of intense intimacy is what works for me. This is me.


The orgasm you just gave me was merely a reflection of the intensity with which we felt for each other, of our relationship. As I admired you there, on your knees, staring up at me from between my legs, your lips covered in my cum, my heart yearned for more, for all of you. I knew that in the mundane reality of our daily lives we could not be, we could never exist together. But in our moments of intimacy, our connection was so strong that we could not resist the pull no matter the pain it caused for everyone.

You crawled up onto the bed from your knees, naked and vulnerable, and laid down beside me. You carefully untied my hands and leaned in to gently kiss my lips for the first time in what felt like forever. I savored every moment of your warm soft mouth and sweet taste, knowing this would soon be over. You stared into my eyes for a long time, absorbing all that you had missed since we had last been together months before. I reached down and grabbed your beautiful cock which had softened a bit since you last fucked my swollen red lips just moments before. Before you devoured me and then swallowed all of the sweet cum I had built up for you.

I stroked your length, slowly at first, enjoying feeling it grow in my hands. Precum dripped from your thick shiny tip and I dragged it onto my finger and pushed it into my mouth eagerly, wanting to taste you. I love your taste. Your texture. You began to swell again as I jacked you off intently, long thorough strokes. My hips instinctively gravitated towards you. One of your hands istanbul escort covered mine on your hardening dick, guiding me how you liked. The other squeezed my full breast and pinched my erect nipple, making the slit between my legs warm and moist once again.

I sat up and placed both hands on your muscular chest while I straddled your torso. Feeling your soft dark body hair between my fingers. Your cock rested under my dripping opening. I moved up onto your perfect tip until it was pushing against my clit and then my opening. I rocked back and forth slowly, gliding in my juices, teasing us both. You moved your hands to my ass and pulled me forward across your chest and neck until my thighs straddled your face. Your trim beard tickling my lips, your tongue tracing every fold, you began to eat me. You plunged your fingers inside me, pulling hard against my bone, while the other hand gripped my ass. There was no space between us. My hips circled into you as I quietly moaned and I began to fuck your face as you wanted. We both wanted.

My movements were deep and intentional. My fingers grasped your hair at your scalp, holding you in place as I fucked harder. Your hand dug into my hips pushing your face deeply into my center. I moved faster. You worked my clit perfectly with your skilled tongue as your fingers fucked my insides. My excitement rose, I heard you moan with need and I wanted to give you all of me. My cum was only for you. My walls contracted tightly around your fingers, I said your name over and over. My cum gushed into your mouth and down your chin for my second orgasm. I had so much for you. So much I needed to give you. I fell forward exhausted with pleasure.

I slid back slowly and longingly kissed your salty mouth, wanting to taste me, to taste my cum on your lips. You grabbed my head and kissed me deeply as your hand moved down to your cock. I pulled you upright so we were facing each other. Your erection was pressed in between our escort bayan bodies, your hand grazing against my stomach with each stroke. I sat up higher on my knees, my supple round breasts in your face. You sucked hard on each one as you yanked harder on your cock.

I guided your tip in between my soaking slit as you continued to pump your fist furiously around your cock. You were incredibly hard and I gasped at your width as you entered me. I slid down inch by inch, taking my time engulfing your entire length. Your lips kissed and sucked every inch of my chest and neck as I moved. When my mouth finally reached yours we kissed passionately, you explored my mouth with your perfect tongue. I moved slowly up and down your shaft with my pussy wanting to feel you inside of me forever. When I reached the base again, your cock fully engulfed, I tightened my walls and slowly moved in circles rubbing my clit against your pelvic bone as your dick hit me deep inside again and again. I fucked you like this until I felt you getting close, our bodies completely intertwined. You began to moan and pull me closer into you urging me to go faster, fuck you harder. Then I stopped. I looked you in the eyes and asked you to fuck me in the ass.

I climbed off of you. You asked me to get on my knees on the ground…’please.’ I complied. Your hand was on your dick, stroking it as you knelt down behind me. Your pulsing tip brushing against my ass. You admired your view from above me. My heart shaped ass and trim waist waiting patiently for you to fuck my tight hole. You pushed my face firmly into the floor and spread my cheeks open wide as your fingers moved the wetness from my front up to my ass. The smell of my want for you was intoxicating and you couldn’t wait any longer. Your tongue went to work sucking and licking and eating my ass as your fingers penetrated both of my holes. You spit on my tightest hole and watched as you let the moisture seep in.

You asked me if escort istanbul I was ready and I relaxed deeper into the floor. Your huge tip moved in slowly as it opened me up. I moaned with the pain but I had never felt more fulfilled. You pushed in slowly, gently, fucking me in small movements as you grabbed my hips and waist pulling me into you. When you were all of the way in you made long slow thrusts, watching your dick penetrate me over and over. Your movements became faster. You fucked my ass hard groaning with every movement as you thrust over and over. You wanted to come inside me. To fill me up but you stopped. You pulled out, turned me around and lifted me up to face you. You pulled me close, your cock throbbing in between us and you squeezed me. You just held me tightly not wanting to let go, your cock wanting more.

I reached down to feel your cock between us. I cupped your balls in one hand while the other went to work stroking you like only I knew how. You abruptly stood up above me and wrapped one hand in my hair while the other took over on your shaft. I grabbed hard on your muscular thighs and felt your entire body harden as you got closer. You pulled my hair back so I was staring up into your eyes as you pumped faster.

‘Fuck, I’m going to come.’

I nodded wanting nothing more. I opened my mouth wide, sticking my tongue out, staring up at you from below, and waited for your cum

Your breath quickened and your moan became deep.

‘Oh fuck!’ Your orgasm exploded into my impatient mouth.

Your muscles convulsed around me. I watched as the hot steamy cum erupted from your tip over and over, covering my mouth and lips, dripping onto my heaving breasts. I licked it and sucked, milking it all as your orgasm continued. You gripped my hair and thrust your hips. I kissed and suckled your pulsing softening shaft, not wanting to be finished. Your body relaxed and you pulled me up close to your face. Taking all of me in with your eyes. You softly smiled as you looked deeply into me, like only you do.

‘What do you want to do next?’ you asked.

Every unfulfilled fantasy ran through my head. I closed my eyes imagining what I wanted.

It was going to be a long, beautiful night.

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