Closing Time


I met him in my favorite bar one night. The moment I saw him, I knew I had to have him. I set out to do just that, talking, flirting, dancing… the things we do to get a man’s attention. Let me tell you what he saw… A slightly overweight woman, long legs, large breasts, curvy hips, rounded belly and the face of an Indian maiden doll. Deep brown eyes, meeting a small rounded nose, pouty full lips, and high cheekbones framed by long curls of jet black hair cascading down my shoulders and back

At closing time, I invited him to go out to breakfast with myself and several friends. He accepted, but on the drive out to the restaurant, we decided to go to the store and buy steaks and make food at my house instead. There were 4 or 5 of us, and it took a little while to shop, and cook breakfast for us all. We had steaks marinated in Amaretto, and finished the bottle.

As I served the food, we spread out between the kitchen and living room to eat. He and I sat on the couch together drinking and eating. Part way through our meal, a bit drunk, I decided to say screw manners and put down my knife and fork, no longer wanting to struggle with them. I picked up my rare steak with my hands. I apologized half heartedly and ripped into it with my teeth pulling chunks off enjoying it much more this way. He laughed and put down his utensils as well, and we enjoyed our meal in more ways then the freedom that comes from ignoring the rules.

I watched him eat with lust burning in my eyes, I had never seen such a sexy sight. He was several inches taller then my 5’8”, and very muscular. I watched as the muscles moved under his skin in the simplest motions. He ripped meat from the steak in his hands, blood ran freely down his fingers, making tiny red waterfalls trailing down his hands and forearms. I moaned as the urge passed through me to lean over and lick the beautiful salty red liquid from its path down his arms. Torn between wanting to watch it drip, wanting to taste it on my tongue mixed with the taste of his skin, and the nervousness in my pounding heart, I simply watched as he ate. My eyes met his and he could see what he was doing to me.

I took in the whole sight before me appreciatively. His head was shaved, tiny prickles of hair covered his head like a shadow in the twilight hours. His features handsome in a grown up version of Kocaeli Escort that neighborhood boy down the street, seeming to defy his shaved head and hard exterior. His chest broad, firm and slightly exposed giving me a glimpse of the hair covering, but not burying his chest. His stomach rippled as he laughed, not harshly at my open appraisal of him. Further my eyes drop hungry for each hard shape of his body. A growing bulge in his tight jeans told me, I did in fact have his attention. His legs strong and hard seemed to be pointing to his manhood as I tried to pull my gaze away. My eyes moved back up to his sexy grin, as he watched me watching him.

I tore into my steak, as I wanted to tear into him. Blood dripping from my lips, down my chin, flowing from the warm meat in my hands down my arms. I stopped chewing long enough to look him in the eyes and raise my arm slightly to lick the red salty droplets, in a long slow motion back to my hand before continuing to eat. His passion now nearly equaling mine we ate in a series of animal gestures, enjoying the taste of the blood, warm meat and drink.

We made little pretense as we finished eating and I took him to my room. Closing the door, and falling to the bed he grinned that sexy grin again, and growling took me in his arms. His lips coved mine in a crushing, searching, demanding kiss. He claimed my mouth as he would claim my body as his. As his first embrace slowed to a passionate searching and then a sensual kiss, I moved back and sat up on the edge of the bed.

Pulling a few bobby pins from my hair, I turned and looked him in the eyes, and took off the wig I had been wearing to reveal a shaved head with only scarce bangs to frame my face. His lazy smile changed to a welcoming grin as he pulled me back to his chest muscles rippling under his skin against my face as he ran his hands over my head in the most sensual massage I have ever felt. I lay against him purring as his hands explored my head, and then my body. Taking in my soft curves with his fingers he squeezed and stroked my flesh into a hot mass of trembling desire. Raising my face to his he claimed my mouth again, before laying me down to access those places he couldn’t reach, with his fingers he uncovered them and with his mouth he found them all.

I closed my eyes, lost in Kocaeli Escort Bayan the passionate sensations of this man learning my body, each secret and unexplored place he touched and claimed in his physical praise of my flesh. I was nearly melting into the bed when I felt his touch grow harder, more searching, more demanding.

He pushed me back against the end of the bed near the wall, and suddenly I was looking at my room in a vision I couldn’t quite understand. My heart was pounding and my breath came in panting gasps as I realized he had turned me upside down against the wall. His hands firm and strong, holding my thighs above the knees, he spread them wide open to his gaze and his hungry mouth. And there hanging upside down, with only his strength and will keeping me there I felt him taking new pleasures in my body. His teeth found my inner thighs, nipping and biting, quick powerful bites, reminding me of his meal only a short while before… I was his meat now! A low moan came up from deep in my throat, begging for more of his sweet torture. The pain bringing its own seductive brand of pleasure to and extent I only dreamed of.

Then all to quickly the bites and exquisite feeling of his teeth pressing into me ended. As a cry filled my lungs in protest, I felt it. His warm mouth closed on my sex covering it all as if he was trying to take my whole being in his mouth. Slowly I felt his tongue move from its place nestled in my curly black hairs, to stroke its way over my sex in a long slow lick. Raising his head the slightest bit, he inhaled, breathing in deep my scent, the scent of passion and heat combining to make the smell that is me, that is only woman.

Feeling his grip on my legs tighten slightly he lowered his head to me again, his tongue darted out in short teasing strokes, opening my lips to his touch. Finally his tongue finds my center, slowly circling it, he pauses the shortest moment to breathe in my scent once again, and lets his tongue dive into my depths. Probing, exploring my inner walls with his tongue he takes me to new levels of passion, higher and higher we soar. Withdrawing his tongue he turns his head slightly and licks from my dripping hole, to my clit and all the way back to my dark little asshole.

Returning his attentions to my clit he circles it with Escort Kocaeli his tongue, his breath hot on my lips, his tongue teasing and light. Suddenly his mouth is around my clit, hot and wet, sucking it in his mouth. His lips release me and his tongue presses down firmly, licking back and forth over my hard clit. Faster, then slower he laps at my clit, harder then softer he presses his tongue against me. Just as I feel my belly tighten in the beginning of orgasm his tongue slows tracing circles around my clit and dips down to my center again drawing my juices from inside spreading them along my slit with his tongue back up to my throbbing hard clit. The heat of my own juices and the pressure of his demanding tongue bring me to an incredibly hard orgasm. My pussy clenching down on itself, my body trembling, and my vision fading to a series of black and white dots as the blood rushes through my body.

Dizzy and floating in time and space, I feel his grip loosen and his tongue slow. He lowers me to the bed for a moment, resting mostly on my shoulders legs against the wall, I catch the first glimpse of his manhood as he frees it from his jeans. His strong hands circle my legs again as he lifts me against the wall again, lower this time. He Claims me in one striking thrust, and suddenly I am stretched and full of his raging hard cock. His upper body pressed against the wall between my spread legs he pounds into me thrusting in short and deep strokes. My mind is a blur of flashing images as I try to match the feelings spreading through my body with the reality of what’s happening. Blood pounding in my ears, my breath in deep gasps He takes me there, hanging upside down supported only by his strength.

Moments, hours, years later, he lowers me to the bed again. Claiming me slower now, but with all the passion of moments earlier. He raises my legs to rest on his chest, lifting and turning my pelvis to a steep slant. Now I feel him slamming into my cervix, pain and pleasure collide once more battling inside me. I feel it give, tilting back with each of his powerful thrusts sending hot darts of pain/pleasure through me. In long, slow, hard strokes he takes his rough pleasure inside of me.

It is all one great pleasurable blur to me after that…There were more positions, he took me on my knees, hands gripping my hips, pulling me back on his hardness. He took me from the side, arms wrapped around me, stroking my clit, squeezing my breasts. Over and over he took me, demanding things from my body I didn’t know were possible, and yet I gave them freely letting him take me to new heights, and depths of pleasure and pain.

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