Cindy’s Surprise Ch. 01


Cindy had never been so scared in all her young life. She had no one to blame but herself. She’d pushed and pushed for this to happen and now that it was about to, she wasn’t sure if she wanted it to. It was wrong and immoral. This shouldn’t be happening. But Cindy knew it was all her fault and didn’t know how now to get out of it. It wasn’t until she looked behind her and saw for the first time her fathers giant cock that the fear took hold. Here she was, bent over the kitchen table, her minuscule mini skirt that she’d brought just for this purpose, well to tease her father with, hiked up over her pretty bubble arse, with her nineteen stone father advancing towards her and she suddenly realises that she’s pushed the tease to far. His cock looked big fat and angry and he had every intention of using it on her…………………………. We’re ahead of ourselves. I’ll go back to the beginning.

Cindy is nineteen, black and beautiful. She follows in the footsteps of all the women in her family and has a natural figure to die for. Full 36DD breasts, a non existing waistline, an arse that is impossible to hide, no matter what she wears and long legs that men and even some women long to have wrapped around their shoulders or backs. She always dresses to please and never fails to make some poor man wish he was in between her thighs.

Cindy currently lives at home with her mother and father and a geeky brother. About June, when it was a nice hot day, Cindy decided to go and sunbathe in the garden. She had the house to herself, her mother was at work as always. And her father had gone down to the bookies. Her brother Simon was at Uni and wouldn’t be home till Friday night. Her mother wouldn’t be back till that evening and her father would be gone for at least three hours. If she knew him, he wouldn’t come back until he had to. Thankful of the secludedness, Cindy quickly stripped off her clothes, smoothed lotion all over her exquisite body and donning her dark Rayban’s and laid down for her sunbathe.

She’d been laid there for about twenty minutes before she suddenly felt another presence about her. Through the dark glasses she quietly looked around. She couldn’t see anybody, but she was sure that she was being observed. Cindy had a built in second sense for these things. Ever since she realised that men would fall over themselves just to get to her she’d been aware of how men reacted to her. It turned her on no-end to know that she had this power over the opposite sex and never failed to use it to her advantage. No man was safe from her ministrations.

At high school, it had taken just weeks before most of all of her male teachers were clambering to taste her amazing attributes. They’d do anything just to be alone with her and she’d used this to her advantage and was soon accomplishing straight A’s.

At college it was the same thing, except now she was willing and able to physically torment her professors. She probably didn’t have to, but she had as much enjoyment from driving the men mentally nuts as well as letting them slide their engorged cocks in-between her sultry full lips. Again, for her second year, she was achieving straight A’s.

Cindy once again closed her eyes, but the feeling of being watched didn’t go away. She decided to get up and investigate. Slipping a beach towel around herself, she made her way to the back door. There she saw the back of her father as her headed into the downstairs bathroom. She was a little shocked. Why hadn’t he announced his presence to her? He normally would. They were close and normally he would of shouted that he was in and they would of chatted about everyday stuff. This time he hadn’t.

She walked over to the fridge and pulled out a cold beer. She shouted to her father,

“You want a beer dad?”

“Ugggg…. Errrrr…. thanks honey.”

“Strange.” thought Cindy. He sounded weird. Sort of strangled.

“Are you alright dad?…. You sound kind of weird.” Cindy called through the door. She could hear shuffling coming softly to her ears as she waited for his reply. It wasn’t forth coming. Instead, she heard a grunt and a sigh and a relaxing breath. Cindy stood at the door for a few more seconds to see if he replied and when she realised he wasn’t, she went back to the kitchen and her beer.

For a straight A student she was very slow on the up take and she was half-way back to her lounger before something clicked in her brain and she finally realised what had just happened. Her father had come in to find his teenage daughter naked in the garden and it had turned him on. She had turned her own father on. So much so that he had had to go into the privacy of the bathroom and relieve the pressure.

The realisation hit Cindy like a bolt of lightening. The only thing was, she had no idea how to feel about it. She laid back down and unwrapped herself. Thoughts of her father tumbling through her brain. The art of teasing was certainly nothing new to her. She’d been doing it well since she was fifteen. Escort When she first became aware of what her body could bring her. By the time she was eighteen she had it down to a fine art and was able to lure ninety eight percent of men under her power.

But her own father. Could she really have turned him on. Strangely, the thought didn’t disgust her. After all, most of her friends found him to be handsome enough to flirt around and a few of them had even expressed a wish to go quite a few steps further. At six foot four and rugged as all hell, she’d understood why. As far as she knew, none ever had. And she’d often wondered if he was ever tempted by the young nubile bodies that were often being bared around the garden.

She resisted the urge to look towards the house to see if he was again looking. Maybe he’d moved upstairs and was in fact looking down upon her. Maybe at forty seven, one off the wrist was enough for him and he was satisfied. Thoughts turned to her mother. She obviously got her looks from her, but being a year younger than dad, her looks were starting to fade. Even so, she’d been with her mother many times to find that men were captivated not just by her, but her mother too.

As the sun began to warm her body through again, thoughts of her father watching her started to have an effect on her. Her body responded when her mind was trying it’s hardest to deny what was truly happening. When at last she was honest with herself it was like a dam door opening. She reasoned that all men wanted a piece of her and some do, so why not her handsome father. Why shouldn’t he want a piece too.

She closed her eyes as she imagined her father following her around and snooping when they were alone in the house trying his best to get a naughty peek at her. She smiled to herself as she silently promised that he wouldn’t have to try too hard.

Looking towards the house she slowly brought her right hand up until it rested on one massive breast. She gently caressed it and then released it. She trailed her fingers through her succulent cleavage and agonisingly slowly across her flat muscular stomach. On reaching her lightly downed pubic area she gently caressed herself. Nothing too blatant yet. She wanted to take this really slowly. She knew it could never happen, but she was going to get so much pleasure in making her own father want to fuck her.

Looking at her watch she realised that her mother would be home very soon. Now was a good time to go inside and get him worked up. The beauty in all of this was the absolute innocence of it all. In the outside world she could be blatant and the recipient was left in no doubt about what was happening. A nice long look at a mans bulging cock piece and he was sure to understand what was going on. Here she had to be a little subtle. She couldn’t be seen to be ogling her own father, one because they had no intention of actually fucking, it was all fantasy. And two, maybe she had got it all wrong and he hadn’t been ogling her through the kitchen window and everything had been all innocent. She didn’t believe that for one minute, but you never knew.

Cindy put on a sheer shortened kaftan, her heels and headed back indoors hoping she would find her dad in his usual position in front of the sports channel. Sure enough, there he was. She could see him through the doorway and by the looks of the way he was sat, he hadn’t been there very long. She’d put money on the fact that he’d been watching her.

“Would you like a beer daddy?” she asked. Cindy hadn’t called her father ‘daddy’ in a long time. Since she was at least an early teen. But she had a feeling this would have some effect on his mind. Even if only mildly.

“Sure honey sounds good.” he replied.

Cindy’s heels clicked loudly on the floor tiles and she was sure it had distracted her father away from the TV and was watching her with bated breath. She couldn’t turn round. She really wanted to, just to see if he was paying attention. Pulling the fridge door open she bent at the waist to reach for the bottle of beer. As she did the shortened kaftan rose up the backs of her luscious thighs and she hoped revealing at least the bottom half of her bum cheeks. She stayed in that position for as long as she dared. After several seconds of pretence at finding something to eat, she closed the fridge door, removed the bottle top and made her way to the front room. Cindy was more than pleased to find her father avidly watching her every move.

With a pounding heart, Cindy stood before her father. She was fully aware that with the window light behind her, her dad would be able to see every curve of her hot body.

“Here’s your beer daddy.” she said in a surprisingly husky voice.

“Thanks baby………” he replied, his eyes everywhere but on her.

Cindy moved towards the window. With her hands on her shapely hips and her legs slightly apart she stood with her back to her father knowing that he could see her silhouette and hopefully her fat pussy Escort Bayan lips.

“What times mum home?”

“S….S….Sorry love, I…I…. didn’t hear you.”

Cindy smiled to herself. She was having so much fun.

“I said, what times mum home today?”

“Oh, any minute now.”

“Great, I’m starving….. Daddy?… I’m out with Sharon and Lisa tonight, would you mind dropping me off at Sharon’s so I don’t have to take the car and can have a drink.” her voice was pure silk now. She knew she was pushing pretty hard. Normally her parents would insist she take her own car and if she felt the need to drink, then to stay at her friends house and come home in the morning. She had a feeling that something was going to be a little different this time. But she also knew that the time to ask was now, before her mum came home from work and put a spanner in the works.

“I don’t see why not….. I haven’t anything planned.”

“Great daddy…. Thanks.” Cindy gushed and ran towards him. Fully aware that he was staring at her juddering breasts. She bent over towards him and kissed his cheek as she hugged her thanks. As she moved away, she couldn’t resist glancing down and looking for any sign of a swelling. What met her eyes was burned into her mind for all eternity. It wasn’t just a swelling, it was an engorgement of massive proportions. She had never before seen anything like it. It was truly a python running down the inside of his right thigh. She couldn’t for one second imagine what it looked like uncovered. But for now she was speechless.

All she knew was that she had to get away from him. Having seen that monster, her already turned on body was crying out for the huge cock to do its worst.

She slowly moved away, still doing her best to not look. Her father was doing the same and remained glued to the TV. Her breaths were coming short and her nipples were the hardest they’d ever been. She was at the point where she was debating ripping her kaftan in half off her body when she heard her mothers BMW come into the driveway. This brought Cindy to her senses.

“I’d better go and get changed.” she said still ogling her fathers huge cock bulge.

“Hmmm … Hmmm” her father grunted as he nonchalantly pulled a cushion on to his lap.

Cindy was finally able to drag her eyes away from his obvious hard on and quickly headed to her bedroom. She couldn’t let her mother see her like this. Not only was she wearing next to nothing, but was obscenely turned on. Her huge hardened nipples were pushing her kaftan out begging to be sucked.

As she closed her door she heard the bathroom door slam. Her father had decided that that was the best place for him, aroused as he was. Cindy smiled as she imagined her father trying to explain to her mother why he was sporting a massive erection when there had been just the two of them in the house.

Her pussy juices leaked as she pictured her father frantically rubbing himself to a massive cum and longed to do it herself. Not just herself either. Her hands slowly rose up her thighs and had just touched her short pubes when her mother knocked on the door.

“Honey….. Are you in?”

“Yes Ma…… you need me?”

“Great…. I’ve had a hell of a shift, would you mind helping me do dinner?…. I really can’t be bothered….. Plus I could use some company………. Have you seen your father?”

“Yeah…… he was watching the sport, I think I heard him go into the bathroom…… I’ll be out in a minute.”

“Thanks baby. Don’t be long.”

Cindy silently cursed. She so wanted to get into her knicker draw and use her favourite toy. It wasn’t going to happen. She’d have to wait for now.

Three hours later and the family have eaten. Cindy has showered and preparing to get ready to go out. This is normally an easy process for her. All of her going out clothes are provocative and she knows whatever she wears will be appreciated. This time it’s a little different. She hopes to have her father to herself as he takes her across town to Lisa’s. It’s about a thirty minute drive and she hopes to have her father in a lather as she give him something to go home with. She also hopes to see that log of a cock grow down his leg again. So she had to find the right clothing. She’d already taken a coat out of the closet. She couldn’t let her mother see what she was wearing. Even if she didn’t suspect what she was up to.

Hair done and nails painted, clothes picked Cindy got dressed and called her father letting him know that she would be about ten minutes. Coat on Cindy went down the stairs. Her father was waiting at the bottom. She was sure she saw a look of disappointment cross his features as he saw the coat hiding all her incredible assets. She smiled as she passed him knowing that by the time he got to the car, the coat would be gone and her assets would be there to be looked at.

Her father went into the lounge to see if her mother needed anything while he was out. This gave Bayan Escort Cindy the time she needed to get in the car unobserved. By the time her daddy got there the coat had gone and her long legs and huge tits were there for his hungry eyes. Everything was going to plan. She heard her father closing the front door.

“Wow!!!!……… you look stunning baby.”

A warm glow swept up her neck as her father paid her his compliment. She had a sneaky suspicion that although it had been a very nice thing to say, she suspected that he’d of wanted to say something completely different.

“Why, thank you kind sir.”

There was just enough light in the car for them to observe each other without it being obvious. As her father started the car, Cindy noticed that he couldn’t resist looking into her uncovered cleavage. As he reversed out of the driveway, Cindy slowly opened her legs, as she did this her already short black mini skirt rose up her slender thighs. All her father had to do was lean forward a touch and he would be able to see her naked pussy. She knew at the end of the road he would have to lean forward to check the traffic coming from both directions and wanted to be ready.

By the time they’d reached the junction, Cindy had taken her compact mirror out and was busy touching up her already perfect lip-gloss. This she knew would allow her father to have a nice long look at her gaping pussy and she could pretend that she didn’t know. It also allowed her to watch her fathers shorts front to see if any action happened. She wasn’t to be disappointed.

As soon as they reached the junction, Cindy raised the mirror and the charade started. It felt like an incredible long time to be sat at a junction. In truth it had only been seconds. Until it was enough time for Cindy’s aroused pussy to leak her juices onto the cloth seat and as she watched, her fathers huge python like cock eased its way down his leg.

They both let out an involuntary groan as they witnessed each others sexual actions and Cindy was finding it increasingly difficult to not want to fuck her own father. What had started out for her as the most highly charge tease she could think of, was turning into a lust filled frenzy and she was really trying hard not to grab her fathers hard cock and fill her face with it. She had never before been this turned on.

They finally pulled out into traffic as someone had pulled up behind them. Cindy didn’t close her legs though and her father was having a real good look. It didn’t go unnoticed by Cindy that he seemed to be driving really slowly and was taking his time. That was cool with her. She was definitely in no hurry.

“Oh… honey, did mum mention that she had to go back to work tonight. She’s been called in as one of the plant managers is off sick, so your mums got to do a night shift…….. So I was thinking, if you want, when your ready to come home you could give me a call and I’ll come and fetch you… only if you want though.”

“Hey that would be great….. What time does mum start work?”

“I think she said about eleven and would finish at eight tomorrow morning.”

“Well why don’t you pick me up at midnight. I’ll of had enough by then and be ready for home.”

“Sure. I think though that you should call first, just to make sure that you going to be in the right place.”

Cindy’s dads eyes were roving around all over the place. He was trying to keep his eyes on the road and still look at his incredibly sexy daughter. Cindy was more fortunate, she just kept her eyes on his huge cock bulge.

She wasn’t daft. She knew what her father was up to. She bet her mother didn’t know about him driving across town to pick her up. That was alright with her too.

All too soon, they arrived at Lisa’s house. Cindy had one more tease. She openly wriggled in her seat as he watched and made out to pull her minuscule skirt down. She knew he was watching and loved it. She leant over and planted a wet kiss on his cheek. Her hand resting on his thigh. If only he had dressed his cock on the other side, it would have been under her fingers.

“I’ll ring you as soon as I’m ready.” she breathed into his ear.

“Yeah, you do that.” His throat sounded tight. Like it had a lump in it.

Cindy smiled as she exited the car and made her way to Lisa’s front door. She could feel her fathers eyes on her as she walked away. She was so switched on. Teasing men had always been a mighty turn on for her. But this was incredible. Who would have thought her own father lusting after her would feel this good.

“Hi babe……. Wow, your looking fucking gorgeous tonight. The men will be all over you.” her friend said as she opened the door. Cindy gave a weak smile and then turned to wave goodbye to her dad. He waved back belatedly and Cindy had been sure that he’d been doing something with his right arm.

Soon Sharon arrived. Cindy tried to be herself. She was finding it hard. All she could think about was her father and what he was doing now. His huge cock was still making her stomach clench into tight knots. She’d been to the bathroom and put her thong on. She wasn’t prone to going out without them. That had been a treat for her father. She knew that he’d enjoyed it.

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