Christmas with the Count Pt. 05

Big Dick

This is the fifth part of the second story following the exploits of Maggie, her friends, and the enigmatic and vicious Count Pyre. This story is mainly set in Romania. I only used this country because of the joking Count Dracula similarities. All of the people and places are purely imaginary, and if they bear any resemblance to real people that is unfortunate and unintended. If the story line upsets anyone from that great country I apologise unreservedly.

There are some old characters who make a reappearance, plus plenty of new ones that will hopefully keep you interested. The story contains elements of extreme BDSM that may upset some people. If that is the case with you, then please move on. Apart from that, there is something for everyone. Straight sex, lesbian, toys, lingerie, anal and group sex. I hope you enjoy it. Constructive criticism is always appreciated. If you hate it just leave a bad rating and move on. I am not a professional writer and just do this for a bit of fun. For me the main enjoyment I derive from writing these stories is in creating the characters. If you have strong feelings about any of the persons in the story and would like to read more, or less, about them please leave your remarks in the comments and I will try to accommodate your wishes when Maggie & co. come back for the third story. From the ratings I received for the first Maggie story I know that some of you like my stories, so I hope you like this one. As always, thanks for reading. I wish to emphasise that this is a pure work of fiction and I hold all rights to the work.


December 22nd

Maggie woke to a chilly room. The fire that had been blazing when she had fallen asleep was now just glowing embers in the grate. Maggie slid from under the covers and threw two large logs onto the last remnants of the fire and then retreated under the duvet. She watched as the fire took hold and gradually she felt the warmth radiate throughout the room. Once she was happy that it was warm enough, she quickly ran to the bathroom and started the bath, before wrapping a robe around her and reentering the warm bedroom.

Maggie stared out of the huge window in her room. A winter landscape stretched as far as she could see. Deep snow surrounded the pine forest around the chateau. In the distance was a huge mountain. Looking down she could just make out the murky water of a moat that seemed to travel around the entire structure. It was beautiful.

Then she noticed that there was a huge fence, at least twelve feet tall, topped with three strands of razor wire. It started out of her view behind the building and disappeared from sight around the trees. There were two guard towers situated in the four hundred yards of the fence that she could see. They were similar to those she had seen in old war movies featuring prisoner of war camps. She could see movement in the enclosed housing at the top.

Looking closer she could make out trodden paths in the snow that ran the length of the wire fence, and as she stared, she witnessed two heavily armed men with a Doberman pinscher dog walk slowly along the perimeter. They stopped at the bottom of one of the towers and a man walked from the shelter on top and onto the balcony. They shouted greetings to each other, before the dog patrol moved on.

Maggie shuddered. Was it the still cool room or the fact that she seemed to be staying in a virtual prison. Either way she could change neither, so she went into the bathroom and lay for twenty minutes in water that reddened her skin, it was so hot.

A quick detour to the shower where she washed her hair and ran her shaver over her body, and she was ready for a new day. Dressing in a T-shirt and thick jumper, jeans, and a pair of Uggs that she had brought with her she left the room.

She went next door and knocked on Charlottes door. Her friend opened and Maggie saw Gabrielle standing behind her. They were both dressed similarly to Maggie in Jeans and heavy wool jumpers. The three walked together down the massive wooden staircase and followed the smell and noise towards the dining hall they had used yesterday. Franky was sitting there by herself, her usual cup of coffee clasped in her hand. She waved a good morning to the three girls and then pointed to a buffet that consisted of toast, eggs, cold cuts, cheese and cereals. A flask of coffee and a pot of tea stood in the middle of the large table.

After all three had filled their plates and poured themselves drinks Franky told Maggie, “Your appointment with Dr. Sterling is fixed for two o`clock. I have also arranged for a car to give you a tour of the town. The driver should be here anytime now. He is one of Tony`s men. His name is Ken Wright, and he is Tony`s project leader here.” Franky took a sip of coffee and continued, “A very nice young man. Tony`s company have over two hundred people here. They are responsible for all of the security here demetevler escort in the Chateau and also at the mine. In an agreement with the town council, they also act as a supplement to the local police, although that is not really necessary as the crime rate is virtually nil.”

Just as the four of them were finishing their breakfast a good-looking man in his early thirties walked into the room. Over six feet tall and clad in a military style uniform, he was an imposing figure. Maggie thought the huge smile on his face did little to hide the fact that he was probably capable of killing someone in twenty different ways. This was reenforced by the pistol at his waist. Ken introduced himself before saying, “The tour is ready when you are ladies. I suggest you dress up warm as it is brass monkey weather out there.”

Gabrielle looked at Maggie before asking, “What is this brass monkeys?” in Italian.

Maggie laughed as she explained that it meant very cold.

Maggie, Charlotte and Gabrielle ran quickly to their rooms and returned in thick coats, scarfs and with woolen bobble hats that they had all bought at a Christmas market the week before. Ken gave them a good-hearted laugh and then led them outside to a large Mercedes painted the usual black with the Count`s emblem on the rear doors. He opened the back door and they all piled in with Gabrielle in the middle.

When they were all settled Ken started the engine before nosing the big car through the archway and over the bridge. All the roads had been cleared of snow so there was no problem there. Once they were driving Ken began his tour guide speech, “Welcome to Novi Pyre ladies. The town is named after the Count`s family and he owns everything within the fenced area. This amounts to around thirty square kilometers. In return for fifty percent of all revenues from the mine the Romanian government have given him full autonomy over everything that happens within that fenced area,”

The big black car pulled onto a street that was not unlike one that you would see in London or Paris. Pine trees lined the pavements and there were no holes in the street and streetlights were positioned at regular intervals. A team of three men dressed in cold weather uniforms were clearing snow from the sidewalk as quickly as it landed.

Ken carried on with his monologue. “There are ten thousand inhabitants including women and children. All men are employed apart from if they are seriously ill or handicapped to the point that working is not possible. Every family has their own house. The standards of which exceed anything found elsewhere in Romania. The houses are constructed and maintained by a German company, who have thirty full time employees permanently on call. There are plumbers, electricians, gas fitters and construction specialists. There is a fully staffed hospital with doctors and nurses recruited from around the World. All of this is provided and paid for by the Count. In return he asks only that the people work hard and obey his rules.”

The car glided through the semi-deserted streets. There were small groups of workmen carrying out cleaning duties or maintenance jobs, but mostly it was quiet. They passed a three-story building with two brand new ambulances parked in the bay outside.

“That is the hospital,” Ken remarked. “Ms. Rossi, I will bring you here later for your appointment with Dr. Sterling.” This brought a questioning stare from Charlotte, but Maggie offered no explanation. Turning onto another road the car passed a brightly lit supermarket and Maggie watched people entering as others left with laden carrier bags.

“We are now heading towards the main reason for all of this,” Ken started, “The mine at Novi Pyre.” Maggie saw the mountain she had seen from her room fill up the windscreen of the car. “The mine produces gold nuggets, over a thousand people work at the mine, either underground or in management and processing.”

“The Count has used this money to invest in projects Worldwide and he is now probably the richest person in the World that no one has ever heard of,” Ken laughed as he pulled into a car park before the mine. Another fence surrounded the mine area and Maggie could see at least twenty personnel dressed in the same uniform as Ken milling around the guard hut at the entrance.

Ken left the car and walked over to the guard hut. All the men saluted as he approached. After speaking to the group for a few minutes he returned to the car and backed out of the parking area. Two minutes later and they pulled up in front of another large building, “This is the sports hall,” he explained. “There are gyms, saunas and an internal hall for volleyball and the like. There is also an Olympic sized swimming pool. The Count supports any athlete that shows promise and already Novi Pyre has provided ten competitors in the Olympics for Romania. One bronze and a silver medal so far.”

“Are the people happy?” dikmen escort Charlotte asked

Ken thought for a second before he answered, “In general yes. The standard of living here is twenty times better than anywhere else in the Country. It is still a dictatorship. The Count`s word is final and to go against him means banishment. There are also certain……… um………. rules that some of the people don`t like, but they see that the overall benefits far outweigh the negatives, so they go along with it.”

“Like what?” asked Gabrielle.

“That`s not my place to say miss. I am sure that you will see for yourself over the next days some of the more unpopular rules. Having said that, most people are happy as the place is safer than any city in the World, the healthcare is something people in neighboring towns can only dream of, there is full employment, and everybody has warm, clean, affordable housing. Women are free to stay home and look after their kids if they don`t want to work. There are day cares and kindergarten for those that choose to follow careers. The schools have the best teacher’s money can buy, and all those that wish to study, and achieve the correct results to do so, receive a full scholarship paid for by the Count to study at whichever University they wish. The one condition is that they must work in the town for five years after they graduate, or they must repay the money. That way the Count always has the best people working for him.”

The car was now pulling to halt in front of the hospital, “Well that concludes my little tour. Ms. Rossi, if you go through to reception, they are expecting you. Ms. Cassoni and Ms. Collins, I can drop you back to the chateau. Then I will be outside in about an hour to pick you up Ms. Rossi. Is that, Ok?”

Everybody agreed and Maggie stepped out of the car and pulled her woolen hat over her ears and her thick coat tightly around her as the biting wind hit her. She walked the ten yards into the brightly lit foyer and welcomed the change in temperature and the protection from the wind. There was an older woman sitting at the reception desk. “I have an appointment with Dr. Sterling,” Maggie said and received a nod and a smile from the woman.

The woman spoke into a microphone on her desk and Maggie heard, “Dr. Sterling to reception please,” boom out over the speakers on the wall.

Two minutes later Maggie watched a man in a white coat walking down the corridor towards her. As he came nearer Maggie could see he was very handsome and in his late thirties. A mop of curly brown hair topped his strong features and his striking green eyes seemed to sparkle as he gave her a welcoming grin and extended his hand. “David Sterling, Ms. Rossi. Franky told me you`d be stopping by.”

Maggie shook his hand after saying, “Maggie, please,”

David turned on his heel and started walking back down the corridor after a brisk, “Follow me please,” in an accent that was definitely American or Canadian.

They walked in silence for a few minutes before he pushed a door open, and Maggie followed him into a small room with an examination bench in the center. Sitting on a stool to one side was a stunning chestnut-haired beauty dressed all in white. David introduced her, “This is Stella Atkins, my nurse.”

Maggie watched as the gorgeous woman rose gracefully from the stool. She was wearing a white dress with a blue belt around the waist. White nylons and white shoes with five-inch heels that Maggie had never seen any nurse wearing apart from in cheap pornos. Her blue eyes were highlighted with smoky grey eyeshadow and her lip stick was a pale pink. “Hi Maggie,” she said in a husky voice with a trace of a Mancunian accent.

“So, Maggie. Franky tells me you forgot your pills in London. Do you know what the brand name was?”

Maggie showed him the name that she had saved on her mobile phone, and he spoke briefly to Stella before she left, presumably to pick up what was needed.

“I don`t like to administer things without at least a cursory examination Maggie, so if you could remove all your clothes and lay on the bed here, we can get started. Stella will join us in a minute.”

Maggie was a bit startled by his request, but she needed the pills so began to pull off her clothing as he continued, “So, you are obviously sexually active. How many times a week do you have sex on average Maggie?”

Maggie was now topless, her Jumper and t-shirt lay on a chair in the corner as she turned to him and answered, “I suppose between ten and fifteen times a week.”

David wasn`t looking at her, just writing notes on a paper attached to a clipboard. “I see. What kinds of sex? Oral, vaginal, anal. With men? With women? With both at the same time?”

Maggie blushed a deep crimson as she placed her jeans and panties on top of her jumper. Totally naked now she stammered, “Y-y-es. All of those.”

As she lay on the bed Stella came elvankent escort back into the room clutching a small box that Maggie recognized as the same contraceptive pills, she had left in the bathroom back in London. Maggie could have sworn that Stella licked her lips as her eyes roamed over Maggie`s naked body. David placed the clipboard on the table next to the wall and cast his eyes over Maggie`s body.

Maggie was starting to feel a little uncomfortable now as David approached her and cupped both her breasts in his hands. He massaged them gently and Maggie could feel her nipples responding to the coolness of the room and his gentle manipulation.

The examination took a few minutes and David mumbled the odd comment such as “Yes. Yes. Very nice. Very nice indeed.” He glanced over at Stella and held his hands out and the nurse squirted some clear gel onto his hands.

Returning to her breasts he smeared the gel over the mounds of Maggie`s chest and began once more to massage the slimy gel into Maggie`s skin. Despite herself Maggie could feel a familiar arousal start in the pit of her stomach as David skillfully kneaded her breasts. Maggie had her eyes shut as she tried to relax, then she gasped as his strong fingers gently clamped around her hardened nipples and exerted pressure, pinching them between his thumb and forefinger.

Maggie`s eyes were open now as she looked up into his smiling face. His hands left her breasts and Stella provided more gel. This time his fingers spread open the folds over her pussy. The gel was cool against her stiffening clitoris as his finger made small, slow circles around her sensitive nub.

Maggie was holding her breath and had closed her eyes again when she felt two hands resuming the breast massage whilst David`s finger continued to move around her clit. Maggie was biting her lip as she squinted up and saw Stella smiling at her as she played with Maggie`s nipples. David was now sliding two gel covered fingers inside her tunnel that was lubricating rapidly at the joint stimulation from Stella and David.

Stella was standing with her groin pushed against the top of Maggie`s head as both her hands worked Maggie`s nipples. Looking to her left Maggie could see the bulge in David`s trousers as he continued to work two fingers in and out of her pussy.

Stella`s hands left her breasts and Maggie watched in disbelief as the nurse quickly moved to David and unzipped his pants and freed his belt, before pulling the doctors pants down and allowing a reasonable sized penis to bounce into view.

David`s fingers were now moving rapidly inside Maggie as Stella guided his dick towards Maggie`s face that was turned sideways towards the pair. Maggie felt the tip of his cock brush her lips and she automatically opened her mouth to allow him to push the tip inside.

Maggie felt her climax arriving speedily as Stella resumed her tit massage. This time with more vigor as David added a third finger to her dripping tunnel. With her mouth full of cock Maggie could only manage a stifled, “Aaah!” as she came. Her eyes closed and her tongue moved quicker over his purple head. His salty pre come was on her tongue as he pushed himself deeper with his hips.

Maggie had hardly noticed that Stella’s hands had left her breasts until she felt David`s fingers leave her and being replaced by Stella`s tongue lapping at her wet snatch. David`s cock was pulled from her mouth and as she opened her eyes and looked down between her legs, she could see that Stella had removed her dress and was now wearing only a lacy white bra and white thigh high stockings.

Stella`s tongue stopped momentarily its actions between Maggie`s thighs as David penetrated her from behind. When Stella resumed, she sucked and nibbled on Maggie`s clit as Maggie watched David`s face contort from concentration as he powered into Stella from behind. Maggie could feel her second orgasm building in her core. When Stella pushed one slimy, gel covered finger into her arse Maggie exploded, “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!” as David grunted as he too came almost simultaneously.

Stella spun around causing his cock to be pulled from her cunt and hastily enveloped his sticky cock in her mouth as Maggie looked on incredulously. After a minute or so David pulled up his pants and Maggie giggled as he pronounced in his professional doctor’s voice, “Well everything seems to be in order Ms. Rossi,” and handed her the box of pills.

Between giggles she managed to say, “Thank you doctor. That`s the best examination I have ever had!” Stella was replacing her dress as Maggie added, “And thank you nurse!”

Maggie got off the bed and dressed quickly. The sweat was cooling quickly on her body and Ken would be back to collect her soon. She thanked David and Stella once more before heading back to the entrance. Ken was already there and chatting with the receptionist. “All done?” he asked as Maggie walked up.

“All perfect thanks Ken,” she said with a small smile.

The drive back was made in silence and Maggie thanked him before walking into the foyer and up the stairs to her room. It was nearly four o`clock so she decided to have a quick nap before dinner at eight. Maggie set her alarm for six and snuggled under her duvet. Someone had rebuilt the fire and Maggie soon drifted off into a contented sleep.

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