Christmas Round



For several years now my brother and I host the family for Thanksgiving and then at Christmas we go to their homes. That allows them to celebrate Christmas in their familiar surroundings and it gives us opportunity to have time with each family separately. I confess it helps me by my not having to make hosting preparations, do all the cooking and the cleanup afterward.

This past Christmas day we started at the home of my older daughter Caroline. My younger daughter Marcia was there from Pittsburgh with her adopted son Cody, his wife Barbara and their son Cody Jr. Also there for a half day were Caroline’s daughter Willa with her husband Jerry and their daughter Jeannette, all grownup and either in college or graduates.

I love fucking Caroline with her double-ended dildo. We’ve been doing that since she was young and we can kiss and fondle and suck each other’s tits while we rock back and forth on her “toy”. So we did that a couple times and Marcia and Jeannette tried it once while we all watched and petted on each other.

Bobby really enjoyed fucking Barbara as it was the first time those two had been together. Of course Marcia had to have some mommy time and we did slip off to a bedroom to do a 69 and I got a good fisting with her tiny hand.

It was fun watching Cody Jr. fuck Jeannette as they have so much energy at their ages, Jeannette was somewhat aggressive and so limber she could put both legs behind her head and had Junior fuck both her holes, telling him, “harder, harder”, and when she cummed while he was fucking her butthole she clamped down on Junior’s dick and held him in her until he got so limp he slipped out.

We stayed 2nights at Caroline’s where I got to fuck both the Codys, have some tribbing with Barbara, and then went on to my son Harvey’s home.

Harvey and Angela adopted Callie and they were all there along with their natural daughter Chrissie. Chrissie is almost finished with her degree to be a Physician Assistant, I am so proud of her. She and Callie are near the same age and get along well and sleep together when Chrissie is home on weekends. I loved having Escort them both for a session of fingering and daisy chaining.

The two really big things for me were the two times Harvey and I got to fuck and the two times Bobby and I got to have Mylie sleep with us. I can’t explain what fucking Harvey does to me but it’s wonderful, I cum and cum and he speaks the loveliest words to me while we’re coupled.

Angela and Bobby and I did a 3-some with me eating Angie and Bobby fucking her then switching around and finishing off with both of us sucking Bobby off. Angie has a wonderful technique tonguing my butthole while rubbing my clit with her nose and I always get a good cum with her and give as good as get I hope. 2 nights there and it’s off to Bobby’s older son Mike’s house.

Mike and Teresa have a son and daughter but only Robert and Angelina and their son Robie were there for the 1 night we stayed. Robie is so sweet and considerate with his big 10 inch dick, he knows I can’t take it all and he keeps a hand around it to not go too deep in me. But I have to have him, lordy it’s so “filling”.

Bobby and Teresa have always been very close and they had to have some private time but when they came out again I was on top of Mike and Angelina was getting his mouth as we two kissed and petted. Bobby and Mike love sucking each other and we all watched as they got each other off.

I had to stop after fucking Robert and went to shower and rest but at breakfast heard that both Teresa and Angelina had gotten Robie and that Robert and Bobby had done a 69 show for them. Next stop Bobby’s daughter Carla’s home.

Carla and Lars have a huge house with 6 bedrooms and 4 baths and it was full. Their 2 daughters were there, Mekla with her husband William and Amber with her husband Jonathan. We were there only the one night but Carla had cleared their big den and covered the carpet with cushions and pillows and we had just one big family love-fest there.

I had William and Jonathan in me and all the women on my mouth and I gave Lars one of my famous toothless blowjobs and I must have been fucked by everybody but Bobby, poor Escort Bayan baby, I was so worn out I just fell asleep but when we woke up I did give him a good suck to start the day off. Many hugs and kisses and licks and strokes after breakfast and we headed out to Sherry’s place.

Sherry is Bobby’s younger daughter and is married to Jack and they have a son and 2 daughters and a crowd of grandkids. None of the grandkids made it since it was a few days after Christmas and they have jobs, but their daughter Linda’s twins, Betty and Barbara were there still out of college, so was their grandson Charles Jr. , a deputy sheriff no less.

What fun to play with them. I got to lick and be licked by the twins and suck Charlie up so he could fuck his great aunt Jeanne. I love the younger generation, they tell it like it is and are so verbal. Their fuck-talk was itself a turnon.

Bobby and Sherry went private for a time the first night, I understand that, and Sherry made it up to both Jack and me with her very hot mouth and pussy on the second night.

I love Jack’s style, he starts slow and varies his speed of thrusting and depth too and his dick is curved upward and it feels so good in me, I cummed a half dozen times that second night with him.

While Jack was doing me Bobby was fucking Sherry and they got really emotional, both of them teary-eyed from the daddy-daughter feelings, it was beautiful to see.

One more home to visit so after 2 nights away we go to Tom and Dee’s.

Dee is my really special friend. After my heart attack she came and stayed with Bobby and me and took care of us both during the weeks of my recovery. Her husband is Tommy, Bobby’s younger son, and he’s an over the road truck driver but had gotten a week off so he was there as was their daughter Patricia.

Patricia is 28, and wheelchair bound from muscular dystrophy, but she manages all of her personal care and does a lot of the household work, she’s just amazing in all that she can do, and she loves sex sex sex in every way she can get it, talks about it all the time and plays with her pussy almost constantly.

Her powered Bayan Escort wheelchair has been reworked so she can recline the back and make her pussy and her mouth available. If you can imagine it, there was Bobby holding his dick to her mouth and me licking away at her pussy.

She likes to say fuck and would pull away from Bobby’s dick and say it 5 or 6 times and then go right back to sucking. When I had gotten her off Tommy came over and as soon as he got his dick in her she cummed again and maybe 3 or 4 more times as he fucked her. It was so exciting to see her get so much pleasure.

I wanted to sleep with Dee so Bobby and Tommy slept together and enjoyed sucking each other while Dee and I loved each other to sleep.

The second night, I wanted to have Tommy, so he and I got in the hot tub and played around and took turns sucking each other using the edge of the tub for a seat.

I have a special feeling for Tommy too, he’s such a good daddy to Patricia, and I know he drives more than he should at his age to provide her and Dee with everything they need. So, I like to love on him and make him feel good.

We both enjoy a little pee-play and He peed in my pussy after he cummed in me and I love that and I peed on him in the bathtub while sucking him off. He’s a sweet man and was so good to let Dee take care of me and Bobby for so long.

In the morning we had a leisurely breakfast and as it was a nice morning, we took Patricia outside to the deck and we all took turns making her a happy pussy. I wish you could have heard her laughter and felt the love that was coming from her.

Then, it was time to head home and oh my was I ready. This old woman was about worn out. Bobby is a very caring man and did all the driving and let me snooze in the shotgun seat, and along the way we’d stop and walk about a bit to stretch muscles and loosen joints.

One of those times I was feeling a little guilty about him doing all the driving so I suggested we stop for the night and we did. While in the motel I tried to make up for not carrying my part of the load. I think by the time he got the second cum he was a happy but tired old man and this old woman wasn’t feeling nearly so guilty.

On to home the next morning after a hot breakfast. I hope you enjoyed our Christmas round as much as we did and that you all have a very happy new year.


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