Christmas Party Then Drinks


We arrive at the party right at start time. There’s maybe 10-15 people there and I can feel it’s going to be an awkward two hours for me. The kids find some other kids and are off playing and I’m making small talk with the couple of people I have met before. The party ends up being a good time for the staff, the kids have fun and I don’t hate it but by the end I’m ready to leave, it’s Friday night and I’m ready to relax in my chair at home.

My wife finds me sitting near the exit keeping an eye on the kids running around outside the door.

“Some of the girls want to go out for some drinks after, we could ask my parents to watch the kids for a bit if you want to go?”

“I’ll just take the kids home with me and you go with the girls.” I say. I’m wearing my work clothes and don’t want to go through the hassle of running the kids across town unplanned.

My wife asks if I’m sure, I reply yes, go it’s your Christmas party and you never go out with the girls it should be fun. She tells me she will go for a couple drinks and someone will drop her home.

Over the next 4 or so hours I get a couple of texts here and there. I can tell she has had more than a couple as the sentences are starting to become harder to decipher. Finally I get in bed as it’s not almost midnight and the kids don’t understand the idea of sleeping in. Just as I’m about to drift off I get a text. “I’m on way home”. I think about going to sleep for a minute but decide to get up and see what kind of state she is in.

As I exit the bedroom I find my wife leaned against the wall halfway up the hallway trying for her sexiest drunk pose. There isn’t a stitch of clothing left on her body. I look past her and can see the trail to the door of her discarded items. I make my way to her and decide to see exactly what kind of mood she is in. I pin her between me and the wall and begin to kiss her. Her Adana Escort hand immediately reaches for my cock and she squeezes me hard. We continue our passionate kissing to the bedroom, once inside she drops down and takes my soft cock between her lips.

She is in the perfect drunk state where all inhibition is thrown to the curb. She wants my hard cock in anyway I’m willing to offer it. Her animal instincts have taken over. She needs my cum and won’t be satisfied until she has it. My cock begins to harden as she starts massaging my balls with her left hand and her right hand is pumping up and down my shaft in unison with her mouth. Her saliva is dripping from her chin, she is slurping and gulping with every thrust. I can feel my cock swelling now to it’s full 8″. My thick mushroom head is pushing into her throat but she doesn’t care. My pleasure is more important than air for her right now.

Now that I am fully hard she stands up, right hand still with a firm grasp on my shaft continues to stroke and squeeze me. I take her left nipple and suck on it hard, I flick my tongue back and forth while trying to get more and more of her big juicy breast into my mouth. She is moaning loudly now and nipple sucking it’s her kryptonite. They are connected directly to her pussy. I pinch her right nipple hard, hoping the stinging pain will be overcome with a wave of pleasure on my release. She doesn’t flinch and allows me to torment her breasts as I please.

I push her backward onto the bed and mount her. I attack her nipples again briefly before making my way down her body. I clamp down on her pussy with my lips and begin to suck and lick her all over. She pushes back firmly against me. I feel her hand behind my head pulling me into her clit as she begins to grind against my tongue. I can feel her body begin to shake as her first orgasm takes over her. She lets Adana Escort Bayan out a loud moan as I continue to lap up her sweet juices.

Once her orgasm has subsided I make my way back up to her nipples. I roughly suck and bite them. She has lost all control of body now. She pulls me up to her mouth and says with a smile. “Fuck me now baby, I need your cock in me.” I rub my knob the length of her pussy one time and then enter her. Her pussy is so hot and wet for me that I bury into her with one thrust. I feel my balls rest against her. She reaches back and pushes against the wall to meet my thrust. I slide all the way out until I can see my thick head stretching her opening again and drive back into her.

As I slam into her with every inch I have she is biting her bottom lip, bucking to meet me while pinching and pulling at her breasts. It amazes me when she gets like this how hard she can tug at her nipples. I can feel her juices spreading to her soft ass cheeks every time our bodies meet. I sense she is getting ready to cum again by her moans and the way her pussy is clamping down on me. With one more violent assault of her own nipples I know she has reached yet another drunken orgasm.

My wife then pushes me back spins around on all fours and presents herself to me.

“I want you to fuck my ass baby, make it yours”. When she’s had a couple of drinks anything and everything is on the table.

I spread her cheeks and run my tongue up and down her dripping pussy once again. I nibble on her swollen clit and then drive my tongue against it. I run it in big circles ensuring to keep her wanting more. I then run my tongue up her pussy to her sweet winking bud. It has been a long time since she has had this much liquid courage and she doesn’t resist this move at all. I continue to eat her ass like it is the only thing keeping me alive. Escort Adana Driving my tongue in and out of her sweet back door is beginning to drive me as wild as her. I need to feel it around my cock.

I reach for the lube next to the bed and apply a good amount to her awaiting hole and my now semi hard cock. I feel the head stretching her and a good amount of resistance. I ease a little more and the head “pops” past her tight ring. I stay still to allow her to adjust, she then starts to push back toward me and more of my cock is now disappearing into her forbidden hole. She continues until my balls are now resting against her soaked pussy.

“Take it baby, it’s yours”. She says into the pillow below her. I pull out until just the end is still inside and bury into her. I start with long, smooth strokes ensuring not to pop out as I know the head is the worst part for her. She begins to adjust to my thickness and pushes back to meet my thrusts. I firmly bring my left hand down and spank her right cheek, then take my right hand and do the same to her left cheek, she is bouncing against my hips now. I continue to alternate spanking each cheek. I can see them reddening, faintly make out the shape of my fingers.

My cock feels like it’s made of steel now, I feel like it could pop with the amount of blood filling it. Her tight hole is clamping down with every stroke, the heat from inside her ass feels amazing as I ready to unload into her. I grab onto her hips one final time and drive it deeper with every once of strength left in me. A torrent of cum erupts into her bowels, her hole spasms with every pulse from my own orgasm. My legs are shaking as my balls completely empty into her. I slump over her, with even more love for her than before our blissful evening.

I’m glad she went out for those drinks and came home ready to jump my bones. She may be the one with the hangover tomorrow but I will awaken with even more lust, passion and love for my hot wife.

In the morning she is indeed firmly on struggle street but she remembers our encounter vividly and mentions she is wanting to purchase some toys to continue building from our evening.

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