Christmas Eve Striptease

Big Dick

Special thanks to Bigfun, my proofreader and biggest fan.


My mom always let me open one present on Christmas Eve. So I thought of one to give my boyfriend Chase. He is a lean, mean(literally), full blooded Italian. Who towers six two over my petite five four figure. He came home with me to spend Christmas with my folks. I was glad he managed to get the rest of the week off from the restaurant, where he is a chef. So it wasn’t unusual for my Gram’ma to share cooking tips with Chase as we all prepped for tomorrows meal. There is a breakfast casserole we make every year. Chase learned our family recipe.

After spending the day with my parents and grandparents I am looking forward to tonight. Normally my parents wouldn’t let us share a room but since my family is in town there is no other option. I told Chase to wait ten minutes before coming up. As I struggle into my outfit I hope it is enough time. I barely make it into my robe and get behind the door when it opens.

“Sit down.” I demand. I have placed my desk chair in the middle of the room. He obeys. I slowly untie the robe and let it fall to the floor. His eyes grow wide and his mouth hangs open to see my attire. I am wearing a red velvet negligee with white fur trim. White thigh high stocking with matching garter belt and red fuck me pumps. I’ve also have on white gloves that come up to my elbows and a Santa hat.

“Wow.” He whispers.

“You like?” He nods stupidly. “Would you like me to dance for you?” Another nod.

I think I shocked him so much he is incapable of speech. It took me a week going through his CD’s to find something suitable to dance to, since he likes heavy metal. I settled on “She Rides” by Danzig. Slowly I begin to move with the rhythm. He licks his lips as I slowly slide off one glove and toss it at him. I lick my lips back at him as I run my hands across my body before removing the other glove with my mouth. He groans as I let istanbul escort it fall to the floor. I crouch down and starting at my ankles drag my hands up my legs and inner thighs. Continuing up over my stomach, caressing my perky B cup breasts. Running my fingers through my hair I push off the hat then do the infamous hair flip. My hands roam over my body as I swirl my hips with the beat.

I begin to make my way to him. My hands have made their way back down to my legs. Sliding my hands up my thighs, pulling the short dress up I straddle him. He tries to touch me as I grind against his lap. I slap his hands away with a wicked grin as I rub my body up his then back down. I stand back up and seductively drop one shoulder strap followed by the other. Crossing my arms to hold the bit of material on I continue to dance before him. Turning my back on him , I let it slowly slip down my body. Wiggling my hips a bit to get it to drop all the way to the floor. Stepping out of it I back up to grind my butt on his lap.

I am now naked except for the garter, hose and heels. I let him run his hands up my back as I press hard into his erection. I lean back against him and rub my whole form on his. He is breathing hard when I feel his lips graze my neck and tongue flick my earlobe. Abruptly I spin around. Straddling him again I shove my breasts into his face. He moans loud as I rub them on his face. His mouth opens and he runs his tongue between them. I push them together in offering. He wastes no time sucking on one then the other as I continue gyrating on his lap. My hands move down his toned chest, grip the hem of his shirt and pull it off. Moving back to press my hard nipples into his bare chest letting his chest hair stimulate them more. His hands are lightly rubbing my thighs. My lips graze his and I flick my tongue out to lick his lips. When I do it a second time he sucks it into his mouth. Gripping my legs tight he pulls me down onto his excitement. escort bayan I reach back to unhook the garter belt.

“Leave it on.” He chokes out.

“You like it?” Giving him another naughty grin.

“Oh yeah.” He moans. “I want to bend you over the bed, heels and all.” Pushing up into me.

“Then take me baby” I purr still undulating in his lap. He pulls my mouth to his for a hard kiss before pushing me off. He spins me around, urging me to get on my knees. I climb on the bed, shaking my ass in invitation.

“Oh fuck.” He groans. He quickly sheds the rest of his clothes. Coming up behind me he runs his hard tip along my slit.

“Mmmm.” I moan biting my lip. With a hand on my hip he holds me still while he pushes in slightly before pulling out to rub against my clit. “Oh god. Fuck me Chase.” Pushing back on his cock.

“Patience.” He teases manipulating my sensitive nub with the head of his cock. When he moves down I push back aggressively. I am so wet his member slips right in. “Oh fuck babe.” Pushing the rest of the way in.

“Yes!” I hiss. He grabs my hips hard as he starts to fuck me in earnest. “Yes! Give it to me Chase.” His right hand is gripping the garter belt pulling me back on his stiffness. The left is rubbing my ass cheek.

“This is so sexy.” Left fingers snapping the strap on my thigh. Then his hand slaps my ass hard.

“Mmmm. You love it, don’t you?” Swirling my hips. “Do it again baby.” He slaps my ass again and I yelp loud. He shoves my face into the bed. At least one of us remembers we are at my parents. I pull a pillow into my mouth as I convulse through an orgasm. After a few more strokes he flips me onto my back. He pulls my left leg over his shoulder.

“I love these.” Starting at my ankle he runs his tongue over the stockings down to my core. Briefly he sucks on my pussy, flicking his tongue against my clit. I am shaking in his arms. My hands are tearing at his hair, trying to force escort istanbul his tongue where it is needed. After a few minutes of lavishing my cunt with attention he stands up shaking his head. Giving me a devious smile he grips his erection and pushes back in with force.

“Holy shit Chase.”

“Tell me how much you love it.” He demands. He pulls out, leaving just the tip inside. “Tell me how you want me to fuck you.”

“Hard.” I growl in Italian. I know how much he loves it when I used his native language.

“Like this?” He teases, pushing in without much behind it.

“Harder.” I say again in Italian. Gripping my thigh he shoves in a little harder.

“Like that?” Slowly moving in and out.

“No.” I sneer. I lock my heels around his ass and pull him all the way in. Squeezing his shaft with my vaginal muscles I enjoy the surprise on his face. “Now give it to me good before I make you lose control.” I threaten.

He wastes no time complying. I dig my heels into his ass as he pounds me relentlessly. His hands are mauling my breasts as I start to moan loudly. My nails digging into his arms.

“That’s right Chase…… Fuck me hard stallion.” Suddenly he shoves his fingers in my mouth. I explode as they match pace with his hammering. I’m looking into his eyes when he lets go. Clenching his teeth he grunts through his release.

“Merry Christmas baby.”

“That was unbelievable. You are the best girlfriend ever.” Kneeling over me on the bed he slowly removes my heels, garter and hose. Then after helping me slide up into bed he lays beside me.

“You think we woke my parents.”

“Probably.” Grinning at me.

“I hope not.”

“I’m not the one with the big mouth.” He jokes.

“I don’t hear you complaining when it is on your cock.” I tease. He fakes exasperation. When I squeeze his cock he jumps.

“Okay you win.” Pulling my hand off.

“Good.” I pull his arm around me as I roll over into the spoon position.

“Goodnight babe.” Kissing my head. “Merry Christmas.” As we fall asleep I worry that we really did wake my family. Besides the fact that I will be embarrassed, my dad will be pissed.

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