Christmas Carol


Carol was the new face in the office. A hired temp to help out with the Christmas rush that always caught the firm sleeping.

Her new boss, Jeremy, was a handsome hunk of 6’2” muscle. He obviously worked out regularly and along with his good looks, made him a prize for any single girl who had the balls to catch him. And that was the problem, women don’t have balls, and Jeremy didn’t like women because of that very reason: he was gay.

Carol couldn’t believe it when Jane, Carol’s senior, told her he was off limits. “You can try girl, but he’ll brush you off like Debbie, Sandra and Helen were. They thought they could bed this man, but they were wrong.”

“We’ll see,” replied Carol as she pressed a pencil against her luscious red lips.

Carol had the perfect figure, 36-24-36, and her strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes and perfect teeth complemented her flawless skin. She had worked for a model agency, but work had dried up lately, “Something to do with the downturn in the economy” her agent told her after her last assignment.

Carol had never failed to get her man. She had bedded two millionaires, and one of their wives; three rock stars, four film stars and a handful of film producers in attempts to further her career. After every immaculate performance, it was the same old story; “We’ll keep in touch babe, and let you know when something comes up.”

She did succeed in a run of successful television commercials and had a minor part in one of the James Bond movies, but that was about it. Her primary source of income was modelling for clothing, swimwear and cosmetics.

“Hello girls,” greeted Jeremy as he arrived early. He smiled and placed his briefcase on his desk. Closing the office door behind him, Carol could see him through the plate glass as he sat in his leather chair, and picked up the telephone, calling his secretary into the office for dictation.

It was three days to Christmas and the last day at the office before breaking for the festive period. It was also Carol’s last day as a temp there too. That night was the office’s Christmas Office Party. ‘Tonight I’m going to fuck Jeremy,’ Carol thought to herself as she watched his secretary take dictation.

Late afternoon, Jeremy and his immediate boss, Clark, called for everyone’s attention. They had several envelopes in hand and began calling individual’s names. The envelopes contained cheques, Christmas bonuses for those whose face fitted in. Jeremy held the last of the envelopes and called, “Carol.”

Carol was taken by surprise. She shook hands with Clark, then as she was handed the envelope along with Jeremy’s right hand for a handshake, she leaned forward and kissed Jeremy on his cheek. The office erupted with spontaneous laughter and applause. Even Clark cheered. Jeremy blushed with embarrassment.

“Wow, a thousand pounds,” Kıbrıs Escort Carol gasped as she opened the envelop. There was also a letter explaining why she had received the bonus. In the last paragraph, it asked if Carol would like a full time job in the office. Carol decided to think it over.

Clark announced the end of the working day and that the party was now about to start in the main conference room. The conference room had been decked out with Christmas decorations and a table filled with snacks and drinks. After an hour of chitchatting and general niceties, the party began to liven up as the effects of the alcohol began to kick in.

Music played and Carol’s favourite tune played. She decided to take the opportunity to ask Jeremy for a dance. As she took his accepting hand, Carl winked at Jane. Jane had told several of the girls that Carol was going to try it on with Jeremy, so there was an instant audience.

They danced for a couple of songs and generally chatted about everything from the weather to where was the best nightclub in town.

“I quite like the Roxy,” Jeremy told Carol, “it’s not to rowdy, they have a good DJ and the beers ids good too.”

“I’ve never been to the Roxy,” lied Carol. “How about you take me there this evening?”

Jeremy didn’t want to go to the Roxy, but Carol insisted. “After all, it is Christmas,” she persevered. Jeremy finally gave in to Carol’s demands.

They left the office party shortly afterward. Two other couples joined them and soon they were dancing once again, only now it was in the Roxy.

All were now drunk, and mixed with the Christmas Spirit, found themselves flirting with one another. All, that is, except Jeremy.

Carol could see that Jeremy was a no hoper, so she decided to go for it. If he wasn’t going to play, then now was the time to find out – it was still early enough to move on.

Carol took hold of Jeremy’s arm and escorted him to the dance floor again. She had arranged with the DJ to play something a little slower. The DJ played an old ‘70’s song “Lonely This Christmas” and Carol placed her arms around Jeremy’s neck as they smooched slowly to the music. Her head rested on his strong chest, she could feel the heat from his body through his cotton shirt. She lifted her head, then pulling on the back of his neck, she kissed his lips.

Jeremy didn’t resist. He liked this woman, but he didn’t want to make out with her. There was no harm in kissing someone; after all, it was Christmas.

Carol let her hands drop to her side, then as they continued their long, slow kiss, she touched his flaccid bulge through his trousers. Jeremy flinched. Carol’s forwardness took him by surprise. He felt his cock stir as he pushed her hand away.

“Come on Jeremy, you know you want to fuck me,” she whispered in her ear.

“I Kıbrıs Escort Bayan don’t know if you’ve heard, but I’m gay,” Jeremy informed Carol.

“I’ve fuck gay men before Jeremy, and they’ve enjoyed it as much as fucking their boyfriends,” she replied.

Jeremy didn’t know what to say. His cock had stirred and swollen slightly. He hadn’t had sex in over two weeks since he’d split up with his lover.

“Where?” he asked, “Your place or mine?”

“Yours,” Carol whispered, “Now!”

They jumped into a taxi and thirty minutes later, Carol walked into Jeremy’s apartment.

She unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor. Her firm breasts, freed of her bra, were perfectly formed with small nipples that were now hard and erect. Her red g-string panties dropped to the floor moments after her dress. Carol stood in her heals, looking every bit the beautiful model she was.

Jeremy turned from pouring drinks and gazed at this beautiful woman stood in front of him. His cock began to grow and he wasn’t sure what his senses were telling him. He had never really felt this way in the presence of a female before. He loved to hold a hard cock, to feel it penetrate deeply into his ass. He wasn’t sure he would like the soft wetness of a vagina. He was a virgin.

Carol ambled over to him, taking a glass and sipping the wine. She leaned forward and kissed his lips. Then, she placed the glassed on the table and started to undo his shirt buttons. Soon, his shirt was in a small pile on the floor. His trousers were unzipped and Carol reached inside to feel semi-hardness in her hand. Pulling it free, she knelt and took it into her mouth.

Jeremy undid his trouser button and let them fall around his ankles. He felt the hot breath of Carol as she took his cock into her mouth. Then, she pulled off his shorts, letting his balls expose themselves to the coolness of the room.

Carol inspected his cock. Jeremy was a hulk, but his cock wasn’t. It was hard now and barely four inched in length. But his balls were the biggest she had ever seen. It took two hands to hold them and this made his cock look even smaller.

His size didn’t deter her eagerness to fuck. She stood, kissing him again, allowing him to explore her body. His fingers traced her back, resting briefly on her ass, then, he gently squeezed each cheek. He lead her to his black satin sheeted bed. They both fell onto it. Carol was surprised to find that it was a waterbed. She had never been on a waterbed before.

Again, she took his cock in her mouth. She realised that this small member fitted nicely in her mouth and that it was easier to please with her tongue. She moved to allow Jeremy access to her pussy, taking the 69 position.

Jeremy looked closely at the vagina, inches away from his face. He explored the folds Escort Kıbrıs of skin with his fingers, probing the deep tunnel, feeling the hot wetness and taking in the aroma. He extruded his tongue and tasted Carol’s pussy. It was sweet, something he didn’t expect. He liked it. He buried his face into her pussy, lapping and probing. Carol liked what he was doing, but she knew he was inexperienced at pleasing a woman. She reached down between her legs and exposed her clitoris, lifting the hood. Jeremy placed his tongue on he little hard button and gently run his tongue back and forth. Carol enjoyed this more. She began to cum. Jeremy, not realising it, was making Carol cum. As she climaxed, extra fluid was released into Jeremy’s mouth, which he drank. He like what was happening and wanted more.

Carol stood and lowered herself onto his cock. He penetrated her and she could hardly feel him inside. She squirmed on his lap, rubbing her clitoris against his pubic hair, making her cum once again. This was all too much for Jeremy, and for the first time in his 30 years, he ejaculated inside a woman.

Carol felt a small throb from Jeremy’s cock and her pussy became wetter and more slippery. She realised he had cum. I the excitement, Jeremy managed to stay hard. Carol’s pussy was now soaked with his semen. It worked its way all over their genitals and the cheeks of her ass. She was becoming frustrated that she couldn’t feel him. There was too much lubrication, she was too big for him and her was too small for her.

She raised herself and placed the tip of Jeremy’s cock at the entrance to her ass opening. It slipped in without any discomfort. Now she could feel his cock inside her.

Jeremy felt his cock gripped by her ass. He was used to this feeling having fucked several other men. Because his cock was only four inches, it felt extremely comfortable inside Carol’s ass. She fucked him hard, feeling every penetration. This was the best ass-fuck she had ever received.

She felt herself cumming again. Jeremy too was close to another orgasm. They came simultaneously. Collapsing on the bed, Carol began to rub her clitoris with her fingers. Occasionally dipping a finger into her wet pussy for lubrication, she masturbated, bringing herself to another orgasm as Jeremy watched.

“I’d better go,” announced Carol. “I’m supposed to meet my girlfriends in town,” she lied.

Jeremy handed her her clothes as she dressed. She was beautiful and he was now no longer a virgin. He now wanted to fuck a woman and he began to question his sexuality.

Christmas came and went. In the New Year, Carol showed up at the office to say farewell to her friends and to tell all to Jane. Carol turned down the offer of full time working; she had been offered a role in a TV soap.

Six months later, Carol bumped into Jane in a coffee shop. Jane told how Jeremy had now been through almost every girl in the office. The girls want to see if the story about his size is true and Jeremy thinks he’s so good in bed, all of the women want him. Whatever the excuses, Jeremy was getting his share of heterosexual sex.

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