Christine 4 – Going all the way.


Christine 4 – Going all the way.Where were we? Oh yes. Christine just kept on driving after I had made her cum in her car while she was driving me home. But as the other story says, she wanted me to be her slave for a few hours. You might remember Christine. Long legged aunt, who always wear skirts and nylons that just clings to her skin. So I sit back in the Mercedes’ warmed leather seats and I let her take charge. She’s driving, and I turn around a little, ogling her. Her breasts are pointing forward and, since she just came, her nipples are still poking out of her sweater. She didn’t even bother to bring her skirt down giving me an unobstructed view of the top of her nylons, the skin of her thigh and a little bit of her laced panties.We drive for about 20 minutes when she pulls into a hotel parking lot.“Wait here”. She goes in but I lose sigh of her. She comes out with her room electronic card key, smiles, reaches over and kisses me. You know like lovers do. A tender, warm, full of passion kiss. The type of kisses that aunts don’t normally give their nephew. “Follow me dear boy, I’ve got things to show you.”By now, I think I’m like a little puppy. I would follow her through quick sand, through a hurricane; I’d follow her anywhere. The room is three floors up but she wants to take the stairs and leads the way. All three flights of stairs, I’m looking at her ass and her legs. Her high heel boots, her nylons. I think she’s making a show of her ass, exaggerating the swing a little. We get in the room, oversize king size bed. The room is warm but smells wonderful, the curtains are drawn, it’s a little dark but we can see where we’re going alright. “Go take a shower while I get the place ready”, she instructs. Not domineering like, just something that I should do. I run to the bathroom, strip and get in the shower. I’m soaping away but the door opens and she comes in, stark naked. “Want company?” she asks. “… … …”, I can’t speak.“What, cat got your tongue?”“You’re beautiful aunt Christine”.“Why thank you Mark, that’s very nice of you.” Naked, she’s got legs that almost come up to her armpits. Long, perfectly formed with a waist that tapers off her hips just perfect. Flat stomach with just a hint that she’s had two boys. Round tits with nipples that point straight out. I already told you about her trimmed bush but now I’m looking at it and it looks trimmed a lot closer that I seem to remember from feeling it last night. To me, she’s what an ideal mature Escort woman should look like. So she gets in, and embraces me, kissing my neck, running her hands down my back down to my ass. “Oh Mark, I want to make love to you so bad. Will you fuck me later?”Does a bear shit in the bush as my dad used to say?I don’t think that an answer is needed. This is, as they say in literature, a rhetorical question. (OK I’ll stop the lessons right here folks, sorry). I still have my soap and I start lathering her back but she moves away a little and I soap up her tits as she closes her eyes. Down, to her legs, I bend down, wash her calf, go up the back of her legs and I go to lick her but she stops me. “No, not now. Just keep touching me all over.”I oblige. My warm soapy hands are all over her body. I go behind her, grab her tits from behind, run my hand down her stomach, hover over her trimmed bush with the tip of my fingers, inside the legs with both hands going down each thigh. Of course by now, I’m hard as a horse and I slip my dick between her legs. “OK my turn” she says. But she uses a different technique than I used. She goes behind me, reaches between my legs, grabs my balls and starts stroking my dick from behind. You know the feeling guys. Warm soap, a hand that is just firm enough. She’s playing with the shaft but every now and then strokes the tip. I’m sure my prick is going to rip at the seam. “I think we better stop here” she suggests. I want to keep you rock hard for me later on. We dry off, she takes my hand and takes me to the bed that she’s prepared for us. The white sheets are turned back, the pillows are ready, we get in. “Make love to me Mark, you don’t know how long I’ve waited for you to make love to me”. Of course, I think I’m dreaming. I start kissing her all over. Sucking a nipple, caressing her stomach, stroking her legs, She grabs my hand as lovers do. You know, fingers intertwined? I start kissing her, I get on top of her and naturally, hard as I am, I put the very tip of my prick at her entrance. “I’ll fuck you when you ask me my dear aunt, not before”. The tip of my prick almost enters, fuck she’s wet and hot. Her lips open a little and she raises her hips to meet me but I pull back. “Oh no you don’t.” I say which makes her groan. A deep a****l groan. “Oh come on you little fuck, don’t make me beg for it.”I give one push. Ball deep and then I come out as she takes a deep breath. “Oh that was deep, of fuck, I love it, Escort Bayan Oh shit, fuck me Mark.” Instead down I go, kissing her tits, kissing her stomach making my way to her cunt. You cannot imagine this feeling of having my aunt, fully nude, writhing almost under me. Her cunt lips are moist, open; and her closely trimmed bush is inviting. My tongue brushes her lips, opens them and slowly, from her asshole to her clit I lick. A full wide tongue lick, covering her total hole, both her lips and then I feel her clit. By now she can’t stop moving her hips. Up and down, while I grab both nipples and squeeze a little. I move my hands to her ass, grab both cheeks and lift her up a little. Now able to push my tongue into her cunt, I enter her and lick some more. “Don’t stop now you little fuck. Don’t stop, Oh I‘m gonna cum with your tongue inside of me. Oh shit. Oh you little fucker, you’re making your aunt come with your tongue. Oh Mark, Oh Mark,” she sighs, “Oh shit I can’t believe my nephew is eating me out. This is so fucking nice and depraved. Oh fuck this is nice.” I put one finger in her ass and start playing with her G spot. My little trick works. She scream. “Ahhh, what is that?, How are you touching me?” But by then she can no longer speak. There are just noises and grunts coming from her. My tongue massages her clit, my finger is rubbing her from within her ass and Christine lets go. Her stomach contracts, her legs shake, tears are running down her face. She pees a little in my mouth. “Sorry, I’ve never done this before, I’m so sorry”, but since I keep licking she knows I don’t mind. Another wave hits her but she’s flat out on the sheets, only her stomach is moving. I snuggle her clit and graze over it with my mouth. Another small wave, she’s just out for the count I guess.“Come up here and fuck me. This was so intense, I can’t even move.”I go up, start kissing her face, her neck and her mouth. I take her in my arms and start rubbing the length of my shaft between her cunt lips. Moving ever so slowly, she raises her legs and puts them behind my back. “Mark, make love to me, take me right now.” My prick goes in balls deep and I stay there, sucking her tongue, playing with her right breast. “Hummm”, she groans and starts moving her hips to take me further in still. This is so fucking sexy. We fuck for about 10 minutes like that. Slllllllow and sexy. Deeeeep, so deeeep. At one point she just lays there, looking at me and smiling. Bayan Escort “Oh Mark, this is so fucking perfect. You’ve been hard for at least ½ an hour and you just keep going. Let me ride you.”We don’t even decouple. We roll over, aunt Christine still on top of me. I lay back when she sits up showing me her perfect firm tits. This is when she does what drives me fucking crazy. She doesn’t go up and down, but rather she rotates her hips. This I cannot stand. She puts her fingers inside of mine and looks down with this smile of hers that just drives me in lustful ecstasy. “Oh aunt Christine, don’t. Not like that, I’m going to cum in a minute of you keep this up, I’m so deep inside of you.”“I now, I want you to cum deep, I’m not getting up until you cum.” And she keeps rotating slowly until my balls tighten, then she stops. I groan. “Like that do you little one?”“Oh, it’s my turn to beg now, please Christine, make me cum, I’m so hard, I’m going to spew blood”We’re so wet, you can hear the sucking noises our coupling is making. Christine bends down, kisses me, sits up, puts my hands on her breasts. “Here you come my darling”. Rotating ever so slowly, she takes me deeper still, it that’s possible, I can feel my balls rubbing against her ass. I’ve got a handful of her full breasts, she’s smiling down at me when I come. Oh man, this is fucking intense. When she feels me cuming, she stops, closes her eyes and smiles again. “Hummm I can feel you inside of me Mark. Ohhh wow. Oh fuck, you hot little stud. You’re mine now.” Feels like I’ll never stop cuming but of course I do. This ended with my aunt and I laying in each other’s arms, kissing. I grab the blanket, cover us up and we fall asleep. THAT part wasn’t not cool. Remember the song “Wake up, little Suzy” by the Everly brothers? Some bits goes like this:“We’ve both been sound asleep, wake up, little Susie, and weep The movie’s over, it’s four o’clock, and we’re in trouble deep” Except I’m not at the fucking drive-in with my girlfriend. I fell asleep in a hotel, some morning with my aunt. She drove me home early afternoon, decided to come in to say hi to my mom, her sister. When I got in my mom says: “Where you guys been, your husband is looking for you.” My aunt grabs her cell phone, ringer was off and he had called 6 times. “Oh shit.” she says, “I took Mark shopping and then lunch and I had my ringer off. Was there anything special?” My mom’s an old mind reader I think. “No he didn’t say. Anything special on your part?”“No, we just went shopping and then had lunch. That’s all” Of course we did not kiss good by. Not even a aunt’s kiss. When she left my mom says: “Mark, you and I need to talk.” You know the mom look?But that’s for another time.

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