Disclaimer: The following story is true, the names have been omitted to protect the guilty. If you are under the legal limit for your state or are offended by literature with explicit and graphic details of sexually oriented material, go no further. This may be reproduced, distributed, and copied so long as no profit is drawn from this work. Thank you and enjoy.

A Choice -a true story-

Many things have happened in my life that have impacted me in one way or another. In sexual terms, although I was not a virgin, I was extremely green about many things, despite my extensive knowledge on the female anatomy. One thing I had never done, however was have unprotected sex. My studies did indeed turn up the consequences that overcome many my age and force them into a world of pregnancy, disease, or in general, a lifetime of regret for a few moments of pleasure. I had vowed to never succumb to such. To this day I have succeeded in not falling to this, though the path that I chose to achieve this vow has changed considerably. It all started my freshmen year at College.

I had met a girl in my fall semester. It was nothing special just yet, and through a sheer stroke of luck, we had both met each other’s parents within the first two weeks of knowing each other. Not to get me wrong, she was a short, curving elf of a goddess with a sadistic overtone, hiding a warm and beating heart, trapped in a body that I forever loved to touch, caress, and hold.

Early in our relationship, in fact before our relationship started, we began exploring each other’s body. One simple night of tickling during a study group, led one thing into another and we ended up in bed, spending many long hours trying to please each other. It was a bad time of the month for her, so nothing too serious happened, however it left us both very thirsty for more. A day later, we decided to start dating.

Soon after this, we both took purity tests to determine each other’s experiences, and were both Kıbrıs Escort disappointed to find such high scores (for those who know me yes it was around 70 % then, imagine that) and we both decided to use our attraction and affection for each other to corrupt our morals as much as possible. It was one of these adventures of corruption that led to one of the most earth-moving sexual experiences of my life. After a weekend at my parents’ house, we were returning to college via my car when she explained that one of the things she hadn’t done was give a blowjob while on the road, so with a little adjustment, a lowering of speed, and a major change of seat-belt arrangements, this adventure began.

At first, she simply flicked her fingers over the lump forming in my pants, knowing instinctively how to turn me on, using her nails over the denim to let the friction do it’s work. Soon I was squirming and swerving and she calmed me down as her fingers worked the buckles and I got the idea. Soon my cock was standing freely and she let the fingers run up and down it. She seemed to get a kick out of watching me strain to keep my eyes open and focused on the road, watching my fingers twitching, knowing that I wanted to touch her so badly in return. Soon she unbuckled her seat belt and leaned over and my eyes actually did close as I felt those soft lips kiss the crown of my shaft. I snapped them open and decided that I had to pay attention or kill both of us. The temptation to simply lay back and enjoy was so tangible, so close, the waves of pleasure sliding up and down my thighs and electrically twitching it’s way out to my finger tips, making me clench the steering wheel that much harder, the gas that much stronger.

There was one small problem with this. After years of extensive lubricated masturbation and anticlimax training, I had developed a small resistance to any stimulation short of vaginal. Namely, I’ve only come once in my life from a blowjob and tonight Kıbrıs Escort Bayan wasn’t her lucky night. Many people don’t believe this unless they’ve dated me and found out for themselves so just smile and nod. So for two hours of enduring one of the best back and forth hand-jobs/blow-jobs I’ve ever had, I drove on a long road to a stronger and stronger erection, wanting more and more, over-stimulated to the point of being rabid.

Through a strained growling voice, I whispered, “I need to pull over.”

She readily agreed, both tired of trying to taste my seed, as well as soaked from her own ministrations as she pleased me. We found an abandoned road on the highway, pulled over, and with a minimum of kissing and stripping, she rolled a condom on me and I slid my protected self into her tight sex. Again, as with every time I had sex, that sensation of incompleteness overtook me slowly, however after two hours of being teased and ground against, I refused to walk away without an orgasm. I knew that what I was doing was sending her to Nirvana again and again as I felt her sex squeezing around me, her nails digging into my back, and her voice ringing in my ears as she screamed her pleasure to the car-muffled world. Becoming more and more unsatisfied and frustrated, I kept up my pace for at least an hour, changing from being on top, to sliding her over a chair and taking her from behind, to even being under her.

Each position would have brought me to at least an orgasm before, however feeling her fingers and lips on the skin of my cock left me wanting more and it refused to release its load for what I was doing. Out of desperation from three hours of sensual teasing and prodding, I snapped and asked for the ultimate sin in my book, I asked if I could take the condom off. Without even wasting a breath to think, she moaned yes. It didn’t occur to me that she had never had unprotected sex either before this night, but as I pulled out of Escort Kıbrıs her and slid off the sheath, I knew that something was about to change. I realized what it was the moment I reentered her body.

The sensation was overwhelming for someone who never knew it. I could feel every fold of her vulva, of the tight tunnel winding deep into her body, straight to her womb, and I wanted to go deeper. She let out another moan as she felt my flesh touch hers for the first time, so deep inside her and pushed down to meet my thrusts up into her body. Sweat came, dried, and returned on our feverish skin time and again during our rutting spree, however even this soft movement of her bare skin over mine was amplified as I plunged myself into the true act of mating for the first time and I knew that I wasn’t going to pull out. Even if I wanted to, her thighs were tightly wrapped around my hips and her sex sucked greedily at my tool firmly encased inside her body. Our motions became faster and we both knew what was happening through a lust induced haze as I felt it starting.

With my fingers digging deep into the cheeks of her ass grinding her down onto me, I pulled up and into her for a last time and felt her throbbing sex churn around my cock as I began pumping my cum deep into her and I didn’t care…..

I didn’t care about her getting pregnant, I didn’t care about catching any diseases from this beautiful woman, all I could see were the white flashes of light behind my eyes, the pounding of my blood inside my very own ears, and the pleasure radiating out from my groin and exploding inside my brain and along every inch of my skin. My breath caught in my throat, and I was unable to breathe. I think I passed out. When I came to, I could still feel my prick twitching within her and I could feel our mutual fluids flowing out of her sodden slit and down onto me. Even now, she was opening her eyes and looking down at me and she smiled. No words were said, nothing could be said; we had no breath, and couldn’t regain it. Instead we held each other. Neither of us were virgins, but we both knew what we had just lost… What happened tomorrow was another worry but for now, I knew that everything I had wanted was right here…. In my arms and against my skin…

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