Cheyenne 2


When I got home from Hawaii, I sat down and confided in my uncle. I told him about my little problem, and by that I mean my tiny dick. Keeping Cheyenne in mind I told him about it and told him that I didn’t want that to be the reason she dropped me should we become exclusive and had sex. So he and I did a tremendous amount of research, visited doctors and finally he ordered male enhancement pills. A whole shit ton. Good thing since I was less than 5 inches long and very thin. It was overnighted and I started taking it immediately. So as the school year went on, I was getting bigger. I was excited as hell. I also had put quite a bit of weight of nothing but muscle on. I weighed 215 pounds and I was solid muscle. Cheyenne loved my body. She had no idea that I was making my dick bigger, but she didn’t need to know.

During the school year I realized that Cheyenne was getting so much more touchy feely. She was all over me to the point that we were close to holding hands. My 17th birthday came and she took me out to dinner that night. She was very sweet to me and every time I looked into her eyes she would smile. I could feel the chemistry getting more and more stronger. That night ended with her kissing me on the cheek. Then Christmas came, and boy did I spoil her like crazy. On New Years she had to work since she had gotten a job. I made it a point to call her and wish her a happy new year. After she got off of work she came over and spent the rest of the night with me. We slept together, no sex, just slept, and that’s when I knew that we were in love with each other. We kept trying to hide our feelings for each other but we were starting to fail miserably.

Then spring came and so did the spring formal. She asked me to it and of course I said yes. She never stopped hanging all over me, or looking at me the way she did. I still loved it. It sucked worse when summer came and I left for Hawaii. She all but sobbed when we said our good byes at the airport. My auntie did all she could to calm her down. I cried as I walked away from her. While I was in Hawaii, we talked every night. We would fall asleep on the phone together. It was then that she started to drop hints to me, and it seemed like she was scared to tell me something. It was at the very end of Summer and it was almost time for me to go back for my senior year. Two weeks before I was to board the plane I called her and we had a very good conversation. Then the conversation I hoped we would have, finally happened.

“God I miss you.” She said.

“Yeah I miss you too. I thought I would never say this, but, I can’t wait to get home.” I said.

“I can’t wait till you get home to me. I need you.” She said softly.

“Well Summer is almost over so I’ll get to see you soon. In fact about two weeks from now.” I said.

“That’s true but two weeks seems to long though.” She said.

“I know, it’s killing me.” I said.

“So let me ask you something.” She said.

“Ok go ahead.” I said.

“What would you say if I told you that I am ready for a serious relationship with a guy now?” She asked.

“I would ask you how long you had been ready.” I replied.

“Since the spring formal.” She said.

“Why didn’t you say something?” I asked.

“I was scared to. I mean this guy has been the best friend I have ever had and I don’t want to loose him.” She said.

“Now what makes you think you would loose him?” I asked.

“Usually that sort of thing happens when one good friend tells the other that they have feelings for them, and the other friend doesn’t feel the same way. It’s usually a one sided thing and I’m scared to death that it’s that way with me and my friend.” She said.

“Who is the lucky guy?” I asked feeling kind of defeated.

“You.” She said softly.

“And how is it that you think you would loose me?” I asked.

“Cause you’re the friend I was talking about. I don’t think I could handle loosing you.” She said.

“For what it’s worth, you will never loose me. The thing is babe, I have had the exact same feelings for you since the spring formal.” I said.

“Really?” She asked as she started crying.

“Really, I’ve wanted to be with you for so long.” I said.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” She asked.

“For the same reasons you had for not saying anything to me.” I replied.

“So we don’t have to hide our feelings for each other any more right?” She asked.

“No we don’t, and I don’t want to anymore.” I said.

“So does this mean that you’re my boyfriend and I’m your girlfriend now?” She asked.

“Yes, oh god yes.” I said.

“You make me so happy.” She said as she cried.

“You make me happy too. And I want to keep making you happy.” I said.

“I think I like that idea.” She said.

“Now we can say yes to everyone that asks if we are going out.” I said.

“I already have been.” She said.

“Good, cause so have I.” I said.

“I have a boyfriend. I’m so excited.” She said.

“God so am I. I can’t wait to finally kiss you.” I said.

“Neither can I.” She said.

“I’ve wanted to kiss you so many times.” I said.

“I know, I’ve been wanting to kiss you too.” She said.

We talked for the rest of the night. I was so damn happy that we were finally together. So much so that I was counting the days till I could see her. She was just as happy about us being together. We were on the phone a lot and even when she was at work. We started sending non nude selfies to each other. We face timed and chatted every single night and some times in the mornings. The day before I left to go home to my Cheyenne, I went to a hair salon. Don’t judge. My hair was down to the middle of my back so I had them trim it to between my shoulders. They washed it and did a whole bunch of stuff to make it very soft. I only did that to impress my new girlfriend.

Once I got home from the salon I took a shower. As I was in there I admired my new dick. I knew it was much much bigger, because I still got horny as hell and did jerk off. The thing was that I didn’t know how big I had gotten, because I never measured it. I knew I was a hell of a lot longer and thicker, a lot. When I was hard before I was only five inches and it was not thick. I had been taking the enhancement pills for almost a year now. So I got myself hard just to see how big I was now. I tried to think of anything else but my girl friend out of respect for her but it didn’t work. Boy did I get hard thinking about her. I measured myself and was happy about my new dick size until I thought of Cheyenne again.

“Mother fucker.” I said quietly.

I started to get very worried that she was going to leave me because of it. I measured just over 8 inches and I was very very thick now. Now look, I know that some girls like them big, but is there such thing as too big? If so I think I was there.

I know what you’re thinking, yeah right, eight inches my ass. Yeah I wish to god I was lying! I started to go soft as I got more pissed of with myself because I’m the one that did it. Here is what’s worse, there was no reversing it. I was stuck with a monster dick. Most guys would not complain about being that big, but you’ve gotta understand, I was thinking about my girlfriend Cheyenne. I got out of the shower feeling sick from disappointment and threw the rest of those enhancement pills out. I flushed them all down the fucking toilet. I dried off and hobbled to my room with my crutches. I got dressed and dried my hair. My body had changed too, but I already knew she liked it, a lot. I was finally ripped like crazy and was covered in tattoos. I just hoped she wouldn’t freak out about my fucking dick. I was so pissed off about that. I just put my boxer briefs and shorts on. I put my leg back on and sat on my couch and watched TV fuming and cussing myself out a few times. I just hoped against all hope that she liked it.

Then finally the day came that I got to go home to her, and I had calmed down a little. She had to work so she didn’t get to come to the airport. When I got off of the plane I was greeted by my cousins and my auntie and uncle. I got a lot of hugs and compliments on my hair. My cousins couldn’t get enough of it. We got my luggage and started the long drive home.

“So are you two exclusively together now?” My Cousin Amy asked.

“Yes we are.” I replied with a huge grin.

“It’s about time.” She said as my uncle nodded in agreement.

“You aren’t kidding there.” I said.

As we drove home my palms began to sweat. I started to get nervous the closer we got. I was also excited as hell. I finally was able to see the girl I had fallen in love with. I’m not saying that it’s her fault that I fell for her, but she made it very easy for me to do so. Just by the way she talked to me, the way she acted around me, how gentle and sweet she always was around me, the way she constantly had her hands all over me, the way she would always get so close to me making me want to kiss her, but most of all, the way she always looked at me, and the way her big blue eyes just beamed as she stared into mine. As we drove home that was all I could think about. I sat there and grinned. I was deeply in love with her. The feelings she gave me were unlike anything I had ever experienced. Those feelings started in Hawaii when she was there but I fought them. I fought them hard mainly to keep her in my life. Once we had become friends I new at that moment that I didn’t want to loose her, even if that meant that we never dated. Her happiness was all I cared about. But, now, now we were together the way I had hoped we would be.

As we drove into town I started to get even more nervous. As we neared the shopping center I got butterflies. We drove past the shopping center where she worked and went home. My uncle and auntie had purchased some land and a new house. It was huge and it had a guest house. They bought that after I had to spend a very long time basically arguing with them about it. They flew to Hawaii and spent two weeks there and that is when they told me that I was loaded. I was the one who suggested they get a new place. That’s when the argument started. I had to explain to them that they took me in and didn’t have to. They have given me a great life and did so much for me. The argument was over when I told them, respectfully, that they better have the house and land of their dreams or I would be pissed off with them.

I got to live in the new guest house, which in and of itself, was pretty damn big! I was excited about it! They helped me take my stuff in and as I walked through I realized that it was fully furnished. It had a very large fire place, big enough for my girlfriend to stand up in. I had my own place and I wasn’t 18 yet. Apparently my auntie and uncle trusted me enough to let me live there by myself. I went and unpacked then we sat in these Escort very plush brown leather couches. It had four large bedrooms, and each had it’s own very large bathroom. The showers in all of them were huge, and they all had huge jacuzzi tubs in them. The room I had, had a shower that would work for me since I am an amputee. This was basically my house. They took me on the grand tour of my place and I asked them how much I owed for rent.

“Rent?! Are you kidding me?!” My uncle asked.

“You’re the one who bought this you dork.” My aunt said.

“But still it’s your place.” I said.

“No that over there is ours, this is all yours.” My uncle said.

“You’re a damn nut job if you think we are going to charge you rent on YOUR house.” My uncle said as he laughed.

“And just so you know, your girlfriend decorated. You’ve only known her for a year and a half and she knows you very very well.” My auntie said.

We walked around and I looked at all of the Polynesian decoration she had put in my house. I was amazed to say the least. Every room in that house had a lot of Hawaiian decor, but it also had a lot of stuff that reminded me of my dad. I stood there in awe. It brought me to tears almost as I walked though and felt my parents. There were pictures of them everywhere. This girl, god I am going to marry her one day, I thought. My uncle took me to the basement where there was a very nice safe. He gave me the code and when I opened it it was all of my dad’s guns and all of the amo. He had a very nice collection. My uncle put his hand on my shoulder.

“These are all yours now. Your girlfriend put all of these in here for you.” He said.

“I swear to god I am going to marry her one day.” I said.

“You need to go see her.” He said.

“I’m gone.” I said as I grabbed my keys.

I got into my truck and started driving to go see her. As I pulled into the shopping center I got anxious. I really wanted to see her and bad. I walked into the store and stood there looking around. All of her female friends looked over at me. I walked in and watched as my girlfriend walked out of the back room carrying some boxes. One of her coworkers walked up to her and said something to her and pointed at me. Cheyenne looked at me, smiled really big and started to cry. She handed her co worker the boxes and started to walk towards me with tears welling up in her eyes. I bent down as she wrapped her arms around my neck. I lifted her off of the ground and held her tight as she sobbed on my shoulder. I held her tight as everyone watched us. After a while of holding her I gently placed her down. She looked into my eyes and smiled.

“Hi.” She said as I wiped her tears away.

“Hey beautiful. Can I take you to lunch?” I asked.

“Yes.” She replied looking at me in disbelief.

Her boss let her leave and go to lunch with me. I took her across the street to the local diner.

“You’re so beautiful.” I said making her face turn bright red.

“Thank you. You are really handsome.” She said.

“I missed you so much.” She said.

“I missed you too. I’m so glad I’m home now.” I said.

We sat and ate and talked about us. She was so happy that she made the decision to actually date me. It turns out that a lot of her friends told her to make a move before they did. There was just one problem, I had my heart set on Cheyenne, so their efforts would have been in vein. As we walked back to her place of employment she interlocked her fingers with mine. We walked slow and took our sweet sweet time. She rested her head on my arm as we walked. Once we got to her work I picked her up and put her on a block that was used for landscaping. She was eye to eye with me then.

“Thank you for decorating my house for me.” I said as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

“You’re welcome. Your aunt and uncle said that they built a house for you and asked if I wanted to help decorate it.” She said.

“I absolutely love what you did with it.” I said.

“Good.” She said.

“I need to go back to work.” She said.

“Will I get to see you tonight?” I asked.

“Are you sure you want to? You just flew in today.” She said.

“I’m very sure. I need to see you.” I said.

“I’ll come see you tonight. I’m going to go home and take a shower and change and I’ll be over there k?” She asked.

“Promise?” I asked.

“I promise.” She replied.

She started to turn around to hop off of the block until I stopped her. I pulled her to me gently and brushed her hair from her gorgeous eyes and looked deeply into them. I caressed her face, and she started to caress mine. She rested her forehead on mine. I put my index finger under her chin and lifted. I pressed my lips against her upper lip and kissed it very softly. I held on for a few seconds and felt her body melt against mine. I released then kissed her bottom lip softly. I kissed each one of her very soft full lips brushing my tongue against her lips. She started to kiss back opening her mouth allowing me to slide my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues slid together and twisted slowly for a minute or so. I broke the kiss to look into her beautiful eyes.

“Oh my god. More.” She whispered as she exhaled.

We started to kiss again and everything vanished around us. Her arm slid along my shoulder as she started to rub the back of by head, down and across my neck and back to my face. Her other hand was caressing my face as we kissed. I broke the kiss again and smiled.

“More.” She said keeping her eyes closed and breathing hard.

This time we couldn’t stop kissing. We continued to kiss slowly and softly. I felt her legs get weak. She exhaled hard and a very small quiet whimper escaped her mouth as we kissed. We had been kissing for quite a while when we were snapped back to reality when we heard a loud speaker.


We broke the kiss and she buried her face into my chest.

“Oh my god…dad.” She sighed.

I looked over to see him laughing his ass off. I stepped away from my girl and she looked at me. Her face was beat read but she was smiling.

“I have to got back to work.” She said as she pulled me against her.

“Ok, I’ll see you tonight then.” I said.

“Count on it.” She said.

I started to step back but she stopped me.

“Hey….Um, just so you know. Uummm, I’m in love with you.” She whispered.

“It’s funny that you say that because I’m in love with you too.” I said as we both smiled really really big.

“Yay.” She said as tears rolled down her face.

I kissed her soft lips multiple times just slow soft pecks before I helped her down from the block. She looked like she was floating as she bounced back into the store. Her dad got out of his cruiser and walk up to me.

“Welcome home son.” He said as he hugged me.

I was shocked, I thought for sure he was going to kill me for kissing his daughter like I did.

“Thank you sir.” I said.

“Hold on a second.” He said as he all but chased his daughter into the store. I watched him give her a high five and hug her before he came back out.

“So how was your flight?” He asked.

“Great, I flew first class this time.” I said.

“High roller huh?” He asked.

“I wish, but it was awesome. I could actually breath.” I said as we both laughed.

We stood there and shot the shit for quite a while. As we were shooting the shit he got a call so he had to leave. I turned around to see Cheyenne smiling at me. I blew her a kiss and left. I went home and got comfortable. My cousins all came over and we all relaxed. It was so great to be around them again. As we sat there I got a text from her.

Cheyenne: god! I can’t stop thinking about you!

Me: I can’t stop thinking about you!!

Cheyenne: I can’t stop smiling! My cheeks hurt!

Me: me either lol!

Cheyenne: I never knew you were such a great kisser!

Me: me?! You’re a great kisser! My god!

Cheyenne: I’m so glad we are together now.

Me: me too, finally!!

Cheyenne: I gotta go, see you soon baby.

Me: stay beautiful

Cheyenne: I love u

Me: I love you too!

Later that night she was going to come over. My cousins wanted to stay the night so we weren’t going to be alone. I was ok with that mainly because my cousins loved her to death. When I told them she was coming over, the younger one, Jenny begged and pleaded to stay there at my place for the night. They picked which rooms they wanted and since it was early afternoon, we decided to have a barbecue. I wanted to use my new out door kitchen. My parents knew I loved using charcoal over gas any day of the week. So my uncle and aunt put a very nice grill in for me that wasn’t gas. They went to the store and bought some really good steaks. I sent a text to my girlfriend.

Me: hey beautiful don’t eat when you get off.

Cheyenne:ok why?

Me: I am making dinner. Your fam is invited we are having steaks!

Cheyenne: ok I will tell them. I can’t wait to see u

Me: oh my god I can’t wait either I’m going crazy. I love u

Cheyenne: so am I, I love u too!

We marinaded the steaks and as soon as her time to get off was close I started to get really really excited. I started the grill to get it ready. My auntie put together a salad and started to make other sides. This was all going on in my house! After a while my girl called me. I got so excited that I answered on the first ring.

“Hi baby.” I said.

“Uummm…Hey baby I’m on my way home now. I’ll change then we will be over.” She said. I could hear her smiling.

“How was work?” I asked.

“It sucked until you came, then it was the best day I have ever had.” She said.

“Were you surprised?” I asked.

“Yes I was, but what surprised me the most is when you kissed me.” She said.

“Was it ok that I did that?” I asked.

“Of course it was silly. Why wouldn’t it be?” She asked as she giggled.

“I don’t know, I just thought it might have been too much too fast.” I said.

“Baby, don’t worry about it, besides I think we’ve moved slow enough don’t you think?” She asked.

“Yes I do.” I said.

“So do I. In fact I don’t want to go slow anymore, I just want to be with you now.” She said.

“Good then we are on the same page.” I replied.

“Well I’m almost home, I’ll see you soon, I love you.” She said.

“I love you too.” I said.

That whole time I could hear her smiling and I think she could hear me smiling too. After a about an hour I started the steaks. I was starting to go crazy thinking about Cheyenne. I never though she and I would actually be friends after what happened let alone being together exclusively. I have always liked her but as I said before, I never approached her since she had a boyfriend. Then after she Escort Bayan yelled at me when she got out of the hospital I was convinced that she would never talk to me. I could not even tell you how happy I was knowing that I was WRONG! We weren’t only friends, we were dating. She was my girlfriend and I was her boyfriend! Can you feel my excitement yet? As this all started to really sink in the more I just stood there and grinned. I was cooking the steaks on my grill when my auntie came up to me and put her arm in mine.

“You’re thinking about her aren’t you?” She asked.

“Yes I am. What was your first clue?” I asked.

“You’re just standing here grinning from ear to ear and you are glowing.” She said.

“I can’t help it.” I said.

“You’re in love with her aren’t you.” She asked.

“Yes auntie, I am.” I replied.

“You know she is in love with you too. She told me while she was decorating your house. You should probably tell her honey.” She admonished.

“I already did.” I said.

“It went well didn’t it.” She asked.

“Well, being as how she told me first, it went very very well.” I said.

“Good, you can thank me. I told her to tell you, she was scared to and she talked to me and her mom and we both told her to tell you.” She said.

“Well, thank you. She makes me so happy.” I said.

“It’s obvious.” She said.

The time passed slowly as hell. By then I was feeling anxious and excited. I needed to see her and hold her again. I had only a pair of shorts and a t shirt on. I cooked the steaks and as I did so I got a text from my girl. It had been a while.

Cheyenne: we are here baby!

“Uncle can you watch these?” I asked.

“You ok?” He asked.

“I’m great, she is here!” I said as I shot through the door, through my house and out the front door. Her dad had gotten off of work by then also and was with them. She drove since she knew where to go.

I ran down the stairs as fast as I could, which wasn’t very fast since I didn’t have my good prosthetic leg on. I walked up to her as she got out of the car. She lifted her arms up as I bent down. I lifted her off of the ground and hugged her. Her hug was amazing! We held each other and then kissed very slowly and softly. I placed her back onto the ground breaking the kiss.

“Hi.” She whispered.

“Hi, you look so beautiful.” I said.

“You look really hot.” She said as we looked into each other’s eyes.

She had her long thick auburn hair up in a high pony tail. She was wearing a sundress and flip flops. We didn’t realize that we were being watched by her siblings and parents. We looked over at them and her parents were smiling really big. Her fingers interlocked with mine and we all walked back to the house.

“So how was your flight Ikaika?” Her mom asked.

“It was great, I flew in first class this time.” I said.

“Aren’t you tired?” She asked.

“I’m exhausted, but I will be fine.” I said with a huge smile.

We all went in and we were finally able to eat. I hate to toot my own horn, but those steaks I made, oh my god they were so good! All the sides were really good too. My girlfriend was all but sitting in my lap the entire time. She kept looking up at me over and over again with a smile. I would always looks into her eyes and smile.

“You’re really really hot.” She whispered in my ear.

“So are you.” I whispered back.

I kissed her and we continued to eat. This was the first time since my parents died that I felt whole again. Like I said, I had dated other girls before but not one made me feel like she did. I could not keep my hands off of her, but it was ok, she couldn’t keep her hands off of me either. We held hands the entire time. That night we broke out the guitars and started to jam. I introduced my houlie Ohana to awa that night. My girl and her parents were champs, they kept downing the stuff. Music had always been a huge part of my life so I could play and sing. I started to play songs from some of my favorite reggae groups that were very popular in Hawaii. If you’re poly, you’ll know who I am talking about. Cheyenne kept gazing at me almost like she was in a trace. We sang a lot of country music songs as well. Before we knew it, it was 1 in the morning. By then my mom had everything cleaned up. I attempted to help her but she stopped me and told me to go spend time with my girlfriend. Which is exactly what I did.

I handed her dad my guitar and we started to sing a bunch of of country songs. I laid back on my new lounger and Cheyenne sat between my legs and laid against me. I held her as we caressed each other’s arms. She kept reaching up and kissing me every now and again. Despite the fact that I was exhausted, I was on cloud nine. I had a beautiful girl who loved me in my arms. We sat like that for quite a while. Then it was 3 am and they decided to go home.

“I really don’t want you to go.” I whispered in her ear.

“I don’t want to go either. I don’t want this night to end.” She whispered.

“Me either. I want it to keep going, I’m so happy right now.” I whispered.

“So am I. No guy has ever made me this happy.” She said.

I leaned down and pressed my lips against hers. She exhaled hard through her nose as she slipped her tongue into my mouth. My body shuddered as I kissed her back. After a minute or so we stopped and her parents and my uncle and auntie were watching us with big smiles.

“God you two are really in love. It’s so cute.” Her mom said.

“You two look really really cute together.” My aunt said as they went into the house.

As we stood up Cheyenne looked up at me.

“Hold on I am going to see if they’ll let me stay here tonight.” She said.

“Ok.” I said.

She bounced into my house where auntie uncle and her parents went. I watched her pull her parents aside as I walked into the house. After a minute or so her dad pointed to auntie.

“It’s up to them sweetheart, but as far as we are concerned we don’t have a problem with it.” He said.

“Is it ok if I spend the night with him?” She asked my auntie.

“It’s up to him sweetie, this is his house.” She replied.

“I think you already know my answer.” I said as I smiled.

“I need to go home and get some stuff.” She said.

“Why? You’re not that much smaller than I am. I have some cloths you can wear.” My cousin Amy said.

“Are you sure?” She asked.

“Very, in fact come with me and I’ll help you pick something out.” Amy said.

Cheyenne walked up to me and kissed me as my cousin pulled on her arm. Before I knew it both of my cousins had whisked her away.

“Do you think you can behave yourself tonight?” My auntie asked.

“Well being as how they are staying here tonight also, and I’m exhausted, I don’t think I’ll have a problem.” I said.

“Ok then.” Her mom said with a huge smile.

Her dad pulled me to the side.

“Listen, normally I would say hell no to her staying here tonight. But because it’s you, I have no problem with her staying here. I personally have never seen her this happy, and neither has her mother. I just want to let you know that I trust you with her. You’re a good man.” He said looking up into my eyes.

“Thank you sir I really appreciate that” I said.

“You’re welcome. I just know that she is very safe with you.” He said.

“What time do you want me to have her home?” I asked.

“It doesn’t matter buddy. Just whenever.” He said smiling.

“You probably shouldn’t have said that. I may not bring her home.” I said we both started laughing.

“As long as she is with you I wouldn’t have a problem with that so long as you let her visit us.” He said laughing.

“Oh trust me, she would be allowed to do what she wanted, I’m not a controlling person.” I said.

“Very good to know.” He said.

My auntie, uncle and her family left after giving me hugs. I was excited because I got to sleep with my girl for the first time as a couple. I went into my house leaving the front door opened for my girl and my cousins. I went into my room and sent Cheyenne a text.

Me: hey beautiful I’m going to take a shower.

Cheyenne: ok We will be over in minute. Can I take a shower too?

Me: you can do what ever you want babe.

Cheyenne: god I love you.

Me: I love you too.

Cheyenne: don’t brush your hair, I want to do it.

Me: ok I won’t. I love u baby.

Cheyenne: I love you!!!!!

I went to my room and got my things and went into the bathroom. I took my leg and stuff off in there and took a really good shower. Once I was done I put my leg back on and put my boxer briefs and shorts on. I elected to not wear a shirt just so I could be more comfortable. As I walked out of my bathroom my girl was sitting on my bed with my cousins. She had night cloths on my bed. She looked at me and did all she could to keep her jaw from hitting the floor. My dick twitched when she looked at me the way she did. She bit her lip and looked away. She stood up and grabbed her stuff and as she walked my way she had a very difficult time not looking at my chest and abs. She looked up into my eyes and smiled. I leaned down and kissed her as my cousins awwwed.

“You know that if we are going to be together, you’re going to have to get use to seeing me like this. I am after all, your man.” I whispered in her ear quietly.

“Ok I’ll try.” She whispered as she giggled.

“Should I put a shirt on?” I asked.

“How am I suppose to get use to seeing your hot body if you do that?” She asked.

“That’s what I thought.” I said.

I kissed her softly and gently for quite a while before letting her go into the bathroom. While she was in the shower I sat on my ridiculously large bed. I chose that room because of my custom bed. It was the size of two king sized beds put together, plus it was a lot longer too. I laid there chatting with my cousins.

“Hey Ikaika, you should know that she is in love with you.” Amy said.

“I already know actually.” I said with a huge smile.

“She told you already?” She asked.

“Yep, earlier today when I got home from Hawai’i.” I said.

“So are you in love with her?” She asked.

“Yes I am and I already told her that.” I said with the same smile.

“So are you going to marry her?” She asked.

“I’m not sure yet, but at the rate things are going now, probably.” I said.

“All the guys are going to be so jealous of you, you know that right.” She inquired.

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

“Because every guy says she is the hottest girl in school and she is your girlfriend.” She said.

“Sucks to be them huh.” I said.

“Yep! Sure does. She is so much nicer than anyone has ever said about her. She is so far from stuck up that it’s not funny.” She said.

“You Bayan Escort are very right. The problem is there are those who see someone like her and they immediately start passing judgement on them without even so much as trying to get to know them.” I said.

“Did you ever think she was stuck up?” She asked.

“I did, but I also understood why. She was with an asshole who controlled every aspect of her life, up to and including who she was allowed to associate with.” I said.

“She doesn’t have to worry about that anymore.” She said.

“Truer words have never been spoken.” I said.

“You know that you’re a really great guy right?” She asked.

“I try to be.” I said.

“No I’m serious, you’re a great guy, if anyone deserves someone like Cheyenne it’s you.” She said.

“Thank you so much Amy.” I said as I hugged her.

“You really think that highly of her?” I asked.

“Yes. I’ll be honest, before I met her I thought she was so snooty, and stuck up. But then you two started to talk, and I thought what the hell is he thinking? Then this past Summer I actually ran into her at the mall and she and I became really good friends almost instantly. After she dropped the looser boyfriend she had and started talking to you she seems like a whole different person. I feel really really bad for hating her.” She said.

“That little bitch she dated was extremely controlling. I didn’t know him before but that night I was able to get to know him instantly by how he treated her. It wasn’t her fault that she came across as snooty.” I said.

“Well I know that now.” She said.

“Did you know she and I actually became official two weeks before I came home?” I asked.

“Yes. She had been hanging out with us and she decorated your house. You were all she talked about.” She said.

“She is amazing.” I said.

“And she is all yours now, and to be perfectly blunt, I’m really really happy about that. I approve.” My cousin said.

“Thank you. That really means a lot coming from you.” I said as I hugged her again.

“Well as I see it, you’re not my cousin, you’re my big brother.” She said.

We all sat on my bed and watched TV, and before long Cheyenne came out of the bathroom. Oh god, I thought as I looked at her. She had a tank top on that barley showed her flat pale white stomach. Her cleavage looked so so good. I just stared and my cousin had to hit my shoulder to snap me back to reality. I looked up to see my girl smiling and biting her finger nail. She had on a pair of loose pajama pants. Her hair was wrapped in her towel. God damn I wish you could have seen her. She looked amazing even with no make up. I loved her freckles. She walked up to me and kissed me.

“You know, if we are going to be together you’re going to have to get use to seeing me like this.” She whispered in my ear.

“Yes, yes I do. My god you’re so beautiful baby.” I whispered in her ear.

“Thank you.” She said as her face turned Bright red.

For several hours more all three of us just sat and talked as Cheyenne brushed my hair and my cousins brushed hers. We talked about everything and anything. After a while both of my cousins had passed out. It was just me and her. She started asking me a lot of questions, one of which kind of broke my heart, and you should know why. We were laying together facing each other. We were in each other’s arms.

“Baby?” She asked quietly.

“Yeah.” I said.

“Would you care if I started to hang out with my friends?” She asked.

“Baby, why would you even ask me that?” I asked.

“Well, I’m just use to my old life I think, I always had to ask for permission to do anything.” She said.

“Listen carefully sweet heart. You need to know that I will never be like that. We are together and all but please know that I know that you have a life. The very last thing you need to do is ask me for permission to live it. If you want to hang out with your friends then go ahead, go have a good time. The only time I would hope you would ask is if we had something panned already.” I replied.

“Really?” She asked.

“Yes, I’m serious baby.” I said.

“Wow I’m a lucky girl. You’re going to have to be patient with me, I am not use to being free even though I have a boyfriend.” She said.

“I will be as patient as possible. I am going to do all I can to make you happy.” I said.

“You already make me happy.” She said.

“You make me happy too. I’m a very lucky guy.

We laid there talking about other stuff and she caught me dozing off. She just smiled and kissed me very softly and sat up. I sat up and started to take my prosthetic off but she stopped me.

“I want too.” She said.

I ended up showing her how to take it off she took it off gently and started to rub my stump.

“Just so you know, this will never bother me. I love everything about you including this.” She said as she helped lay me down.

We kissed softly for quite a while. The sun was coming up when we finally fell asleep. I was out completely when Cheyenne called in sick for work. We all slept for the better part of the day. When we woke up we all met Cheyenne parents at a nice restaurant and we all had dinner. That night Cheyenne went home. It sucked but we were on the phone together all night long. Then Monday came and she and I went to enroll for our senior year together. Her fingers were constantly interlocked with mine, and she was all over me. As we were all there her friends came up.

“Hey um, can we take her shopping?” One asked.

“Baby, can you please explain to these ladies what I told you?” I asked.

“You don’t need to ask him that.” She said with a smile.

“Yeah but he is your boyfriend now, obviously, and the other one always made you ask.” They said.

“He isn’t him, so yes I’ll go shopping with you.” She said glowing.

“Yeah but…” They said as I interrupted them.

“Did you head her?” I asked.

“Well yeah, but like..” They said as Cheyenne interrupted her this time.

“Girls, I’ll explain it to you all on the way to the mall.” She said as she squeezed my hand and smiled brightly.

“Did you know that you glow like crazy now?” One of her friends asked.

“So I keep hearing.” She said as she giggled.

“I’ve never seen you like this before.” Another said.

“Well, I have an amazing guy.” She said.

“So can we like go after we are done, would that be ok Ikaika?” One asked.

“Did she really just ask me that after everything we just said?” I asked as I smiled.

“Yes she did baby.” She said.

“Girls, you do not need to ask me for permission to take your FRIEND shopping.” I said.

“I’m so sorry, we are way to use to having to ask. We are also use to the word no.” One said.

“So was I, it’s going to take a while for us all to get use to my amazing boyfriend.” She said as she looked up at me and smiled.

I just kissed her softly and we finished enrolling. She walked me to my truck and she kissed me really good. She turned me on kissing me like she did. I started to kiss her back the same way. We kissed for quite a while before her friends honked snapping us back to reality.

“I love you.” I said.

“I love you too.” She said smiling.

“Be careful so you can come back to me.” I said.

“K, stay sexy baby.” She whispered.

“Stay beautiful.” I said.

I watched her get into the car and then drive off. I went home, and then hung out with my friends. That was when they found out that Cheyenne and I were together. They were shocked as hell and very excited for me. I had a few friends that were female who were all also very happy for me. They recalled how they thought she was snooty and stuck up. I explained to them why and it was basically an aha moment. I explained to them that she was nothing like they thought. It worked out that my point was about to be proven.

It just so happens that we all went to the same restaurant as her and her friends, and didn’t even realize it until we heard my name called. Cheyenne walked up to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. I picked her off of the ground as we kissed. Here is where my point was proven. She took the time to meet every one of my fiends. And even though her friends were, for lack of a better term, on a different level as far as leagues are concerned, she introduced all of my fiends to hers. So much so that we all shared one very large table. After dinner we all went our separate ways. My friends all fell in love with her! They noticed that she treated them the exact same way as she did her friends.

My friends and I went to my house and as we all sat there and they started talking about her.

“God Ikaika, you changed her big time! I love that girl now!” My friend Julie said.

“She is getting the aloha spirit. That makes me so happy.” I said.

“How long have you two been exclusive now?” My friend James asked.

“Since July 18th.” I said.

“Weren’t you in Hawaii then? He asked.

“Yes I was.” I said as I smiled.

“Have you had sex with her yet.” James asked.

“C’mon James, have a little respect, she is his girlfriend for god sakes!” Julie said smacking his arm.

“Thank you Julie!” I said.

“Well I think I speak for all of us when I say that we definitely approve now.” Julie said as they all nodded in agreement.

“Thank you.” I said.

“It’s obvious that you are very happy, you can’t stop smiling.” My friend Britney said.

“I couldn’t be happier.” I said.

Two hours passed by and my girl and I texted back and forth the entire time. After another hour my girl came over. My female friends all got up and hugged her. They made it very clear that they approved of our relationship. That night we all hung out and she sat in my arms the entire time. We would kiss often. We all laughed and they all ended up staying the night. Cheyenne went home even though we both wanted her to stay. We did talk all night and fell asleep on the phone.

As the school year began we were inseparable as we always were, but this time we were a really together and everyone knew it. It took her quite a while to get use to the idea that she didn’t have to ask me for permission to hang out with her friends. She was a very very happy girl. Her personality had become more infectious and everyone started to really see the real Cheyenne, the Cheyenne that I fell in love with. As a test some of the unhappiest people talked to her just to see if she was “fake”, they found out pretty quick that she wasn’t fake. She had become far more popular and she had a lot more fiends, which in turn I had a shit ton of friends. Everyone “blamed” me for her transformation. That made me feel really really good. Cheyenne and I were always together, always. Everyone loved seeing us that way because she always glowed. When home coming came along she and I were home coming king and queen. Like I said we did have a fair share of problems, but we always worked through them.

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